Flashback: Gallup Had Carter Up 4 Points Over Ronald Reagan in September 1980

Gallup polling today put Obama ahead of Mitt Romney by 4 points after the godless DNC Convention.

Back in 1980 Gallup had Jimmy Carter up over Ronald Reagan by 4 points in mid to late September… And, Carter was up 8 points in October. In fact there was a published Gallup poll showing Carter up six among likely voters in a poll conducted Oct. 24 to 27.

Ronald Reagan ended up winning by 9 points and taking 44 states.

More… (Via Drudge) Flashback: Dukakis Led Bush By 17 Points After 1988 DNC

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  • Gallup’s poll results would have more credibility if it hadn’t been reported that David Axelrod called them after they showed Romney ahead by two points. From reports, he told them he didn’t like their polling methodology and suggested they change it. When they didn’t, the DOJ has subsequently brought a lawsuit against them for charges having something to do with a disgruntled employee. I thought it was peculiar that their rolling seven day poll stayed static for so many days (Obama 47%, Romney 46%). Now it has changed, and I cannot help but think it is entirely due to the Obama campaign’s intimidation.

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  • (Didn’t realize when I wrote my last comment that you had a link to the story right next to it. Am I oblivious or what!)

  • Sarah

    Not to be a bummer, but, Andy Mccarthy has an extraordinarily thoughtful piece related to this topic. In sum: It ain’t 1980 in America, times have changed, and these changes will have a profound impact on the outcome of this election. I would encourage everyone to read this:


  • bg


    Elizabeth Erwin #3 September 8, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    well i can’t seem to find it, so here i go.. 😉

    Obama sues Gallup


  • Sean

    McCarthy is such a staunch conservative he backed Rudy Giuliani in 2008.

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  • Highlander

    Sarah, McCarthy has some valid points, and we may not win in a landslide, but we will win. The bottom line is that Obama only won in 2008 because he convinced so many people in the middle to come to the left, and over the last three years, he has lost those people. They weren’t expecting Obama to be a full-blown Marxist (why I don’t know) and now that they realize what his true ideology is, they’re running scared. Meanwhile, he has also lost many of the people in his base, who expected a huge push to the left and got “liberal lite”. They’re disappointed and unenthusiastic about this election, and while they aren’t going to come out and vote for Romney, they probably aren’t going to come out in huge numbers and vote for Obama either.

    Conservatives however, are firmly united . They know evil when they see it, and are champing at the bit to vote Obama and anyone associated with him out of office. Every able-bodied conservative I know is going to vote come hell or high water. Meanwhile, the bulk of the people in the middle are either coming out for Romney, or staying home. That adds up to a Romney victory in my book …

  • Hey_Ange

    As an IBEW member in the Peoples Republic of Ill-Annoy i can reassure you that MOST of the members of my local along with many other trade union members I have talked to HATE what BHO has done to this country. They finally get it.

  • Cblesz

    I agree, this isn’t 1980. I mean, we have the same crappy economy, but Reagan attacked Carter for being an incompetent idiot. Romney is afraid to do that…instead he sits back and lets Obama and the Dems lie through their teeth and never challenges them…plus, the media won’t do it either. Romney needs to say, “you are lying” in the debates. Case in point: headlines Friday:”Unemployment drops to 8.1%”. The average idiot sees that and thinks Obama is doing a good job. They don’t realize that number is terrible and 368,000 people dropped out of the workforce. People today want something for nothing. It’s pathetic.

  • SM-WI

    #9—As a former Illinoisssss resident of over 25 years—-Wow—never thought I would see the day. But, my husband lost his Chicago-land construction management job end of 2010—-and we know many union members in the same boat. According to my husband’s former work contacts, things are still pathetic in Illinoisssss. But, nice to know that people are finally waking up.

  • Patty

    This election has Carter and Reagan written All over It.

    There are so many similarities it would curl your hair.

    Polls will swing back and forth and that is just the way they are, but when push comes to shove, Obama is done.

  • bill mitchell

    Don’t worry about Gallup right now. They are still polling registered voters and not likely voters. As soon as they switch over Romney will immediately gain 4 points. Their approval poll just polls adults soon that is really pathetic.

    All the other pollsters are using huge dem oversamples.

    Just watch Rasmussen. Romney has this in the bag, trust me.

  • Hey_Ange

    So how much have things changed from 2010 when we in IL booted Hare, Bean, Foster, Halverson, and put Kirk in “Obama’s” senate seat? Remember Bobby Rush called that a “black” seat. Once you vote black you never go back, just like the buttons said at the DNC. Maybe IL won’t go GOP but look what happened in WI. How many of the Walker supporters will vote for BHO? Really? A 4 point Bubba bounce and the RINOs are soiling their diapers. Like Clinton said about Obama in 2008, give me a break!!!

  • xkaydet65

    What’s different from 32 years ago? Carter had approval numbers in the low 30s. Obama hasn’t gone below 42. Carter was not only a Washington outsider, he had to fight the Left and teddy for renomination. Reagan had been pilloried as looking to start WW3 and was only then successfully introducing himself as a reasonable and affable candidate. Reagan produced a meaningful vision,not only of what he would do, but a vision of America that Americans longed for. Romney has not as yet produced any coherent vision except that he’s not Obama and he is a businessman. Looking for a positive spin by going back 32 years isn’t going to work. What’s needed is a candidate with a vision and I don’t know if Romney has that. Very often it’s those who want to be POTUS who can’t explain why you should vote FOR them. Remember Teddy and Roger Mudd in ’80.

  • Sean

    The Democrats in Illinois thought they would clean up thanks to redistricting. They totally redrew Joe Walsh’s district(which was Phil Crane’s) for Tammy Duckworth. They made Mark Kirk’s old north shore district even more liberal.
    Still,I have seen real signs of Obama weakness. He will lose DuPage and McHenry counties. He will lose NW Cook co too.

  • Patty

    #16 September 8, 2012 at 10:52 pm
    Sean commented:

    In three words: Obama will lose!

  • Patty

    The ads are coming from Romney Camp. watch for them and many are coming. This will change everything.

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  • Patty


    I am sure everyone here will be upset by this! (sarc)

    ‘Still got a crush on Obama’? Obama girl nowhere to be found in new 2012 web video

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/09/08/still-got-a-crush-on-obama-obama-girl-nowhere-to-be-found-in-new-2012-web-video/#ixzz25wRaCwtg

  • Practical Jane

    They told us Reagan was losing right up until election night in 1980.
    That said, make no assumptions. Vote!

  • Hey_Ange

    #16. Don’t give up on Joe, but Foster must be defeated, he has fed at the trough too long as an employee of federal largess at Fermilab. And Lipinski can get rolled out as well, his district stretches out into Orland and Homer Twps. Madigan and his pet monkey Quinn have screwed the state’s finances and are pissing off the PEU leeches they better worry about their own jobs.

  • Patty

    #21 September 8, 2012 at 11:04 pm
    Practical Jane commented:

    I would be shocked if anyone here doesn’t vote. insert a smile here.

  • FurryGuy

    #21 September 8, 2012 at 11:04 pm
    Practical Jane commented:

    They told us Reagan was losing right up until election night in 1980.
    That said, make no assumptions. Vote!

    I remember the media was so smug about a Carter reelection and they were in shock that Reagan won so handily. The “how could Reagan win, no one I know voted for him” syndrome of liberals and progressive elites is on stark display again.

  • dwd

    There’s a sleeping giant that is going to awaken and go to the voting booths in November. The only poll that matters is the final vote.

  • Hey_Ange

    I remember the night Reagan won, I worked at the EMD plant on the south side if Chicago. Newspaper headline: Reagan Romps!!! 2 weeks later I got laid off, Carter killed industry and locomotive manufacturing took a hit as well. Lotsa UAW member there, upwards of 14,000, nada 1 left.

  • Flintstone F.

    Interesting too that Gallup has Obama at 52% approval. Rasmussen has him at 49%.

    Prior to the convention he’d been hovering between 43% and 47%.

    So with my own non-scientific method I subtract 2% from Gallup for the above mentioned intimidation plus the “likely voters.” Then I subtract 2% for the poll sample. That puts Obama at 48% post convention. Not good.

    Rasmussen has him at 49% and that is close to my simple minded analysis, so I’m sticking with it.

  • Bubba

    It’s getting pretty sad, now, this thinking by the Right (and I’m about as anti-Barry as it gets) that it’s not all but over. Obama is clearly ahead–in national polling, and, in all the swing states. Intrade (which has a truly amazing record of projecting winners), has Barry a virtual lock). The conventions are in the rear view mirror, and Barry clearly bested Romney, there.

    Now, all that’s left are the debates. Does anyone really think Romney is going to take the gloves off and give Barry the “Newt and Santorum” treatment? No way. He’s already shown for months (and in his nomination speech) that he’s totally bought into the “you can’t criticize–attack– the black man in office”

    But so what if he does? Barry may be an empty suit lightweight, but he knows how to handle himself in a debate. These guys are masters of not making a mistake. Barring the inexplicable, the debates will most likely come and go in forgettable fashion.

    What about the October surprise? If Israel attacks Iran, look for the US to quickly fall in line and throw it’s support behind Israel (because Barry will have no choice–since Iran will hold the US just as accountable and responsible as they do Israel). And, anyone who thinks Barry won’t get a “war time President” explosive bump up is delusional. So, forget about an Israel October surprise helping Romney.

    And, you can forget about some kind of a economic shock October surprise. Look at the stock market–it just made a 4 year high. The first sign of a swoon, and Bernanke will be rushing in with QE3, which will result in at least a short term (ie through the election) boost to the stock market). And, the economy may be falling in the sh*tt*r, but it’s not going to get much worse in the next two months. The reports coming out between now and November, aren’t going to shock anyone.

    So what’s left to move the election in Romney’s favour?

    Face it–unless something pretty major (ie miraculous) happens, as unbelievable as it seems, Barry is going to be re-elected.

  • spotted reptile

    We don’t have to go back as far as 1980, remember 2004, Kerry was going to win handily until he didn’t. I remember the media calling all the voters stupid, moronic, every name under the sun because their guy didn’t win. I remember all the celebs who were going to up stumps and flee to another country.

    Well, they’re still here, and they will do it all over again in November when Romney wins.

    Just say the words Registered Voters and Adults every time you see a poll. If Obama was up with Likely Voters they would be shouting it from the rooftops.

    Watch the ad buys in places like MN, northern VA, Nevada, WI, MI, PA, (esp. Philly) etc. If you’re in any swing areas and get polled, tell your story. We want to know!

  • Flintstone F.

    Oops. I meant “registered voters” above ^.

  • Baby Clock

    “About Those Polls”

    Fake a poll, fix a poll, ‘Bama’s man,
    Phony up a poll as fast as you can,
    Scam it, and slant it, and mark it with a “B”,
    You can sell it to the Media, BUT NOT TO ME!
    With apologies to “Pat-a-Cake”

    OBastard has BILLIONS of slush and graft funds at his disposal. He can influence any flippin’ poll he wants to. He can BUY any pollster he wants to.

    BUT, he can’t buy the people. And we, the people, are going to vote him out BIG TIME THIS NOVEMBER!

    Ignore the polls; keep working hard. We will the White House; the Senate; expand our lead in the House; kick out the czars; install honorable cabinet appointments; WHOLE LOTTA WORK TO DO. GIVE R & R TIME TO PRIORITIZE AND BE PATIENT IF THEIR CONCEPT OF WHAT IS LIFE OR DEATH CRITICAL DISAGREES WITH YOURS.

  • Pablo

    Big difference: back in 1980, you could criticize the president without being drummed out of public life.

    This is barely an exaggeration. There were several articles this week about focus groups run by Luntz & by Romney’s people. The findings were the same–going negative on Obama didn’t work at all, because these squishy “swing voters” have been conditioned to recoil at criticism of a black guy. Even an incompetent, clueless disaster of a black guy.

    So what we’re left with is one side saying the other candidate “is a nice guy, just misguided.” Meanwhile, the other side’s pitch is “the other guy is a soulless devil who wants to kill your wives and daughters.” Which one do you think works best?

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  • SM-WI

    In 2010 Illinois, we helped to get Kirk and Joe Walsh elected. Since moving to Wisconsin, we voted to keep Walker. And, the local Romney/Ryan office said they’re here to win.

  • Sam

    That’s why Ronmey and Ryan are going after his policies, their taking the personal, and saying his policies are what are soulless devils .

    I just don’t think at the end of it, when it comes to the vote they will look at the last 4 years and think the next 4 will be an different with Obama in office and they know he will keep spending and Obamacare will be permanent, and he will be using executive privilege to bypass the laws, and we will never be able to tackle our problems with the stick of Obama around………

    But the polls do worry me , just vote convince people you know on the fence why to vote republican, donate, time and money.. And if you know people voting democrat tell them the election is Nov 7.

  • Sam

    All you do is make us laugh, ,” master of not making mistake”, are you taking about the same Obama off his TelePrompTer , is the master of making mistakes

    And if your friend Barry is so confident why us he paying trolls like you to a spin for him, only pol that matters is nov 7….. And every finincal crisis that happened , did in October.

    would people reelect Obama with all the problems America has, which he only added to, massive more debt, Obamacare, stagnate econmy , jobs crisis…would America want Obama there, when he will be a lameduck from day one and America wouldn’t be able to move into 21 century and resolve any of our crisises with Mc Lameducks sticking up the White House, and still determined to “Transform America” to some welfare state .

  • Expect the same result propping this one up, Gallup

  • Oliver

    #5 – Sarah: great article, thanks for the link. There’s another reason for the poll numbers, I think. Despite the fact that everyone says the #1 issue is the economy, listen to what’s being discussed: Social Issues.

    Oblamer lies & spins to cover up his economic mess, and his loyal followers believe whatever he says about the economy because what they really care about is gay marriage, don’t ask/don’t tell, the Dream Act, “women’s rights”, etc. Just listen to what the pundits are talking about — and for the most part, it’s not the economy. Obama knows his supporters well, and plays them like a fiddle.

  • Bubba

    If you think I’m a troll, Sam, well, whatever gets you through the night, I guess. All I can say to that is, read some of my previous comments. Guarnteed I make you look like a Barry kool-aid drinking groupie.

    Why would America re-elect Obama when the economy is blah blah blah? That comment by you just shows another problem (disconnect) that exists. News flash, sport–most Americans are not reading Gateway, Hotair, or any other Right Wing blog. When it comes to politics–and this is something you (and most other “in tune” people on the Right) won’t be able to grasp–WE are the ones out of touch. We’re out of touch with how Johnny Average thinks. For the average distracted slob out there, this ISN’T the great depression. Most people have jobs. Sorry, but true–most people aren’t hurting. And, those that are, have been set up to make sure they vote for Obama. Do you think more than 5% of the tens of millions of adults on foodstamps are going to vote for Romney? There are 108 million Americans benefiting from some kind of welfare program. They’re the so called “hurting ones.” And, they are grateful for the “caring government.” Who do you think they’re likely to vote for in November? Someone extending the safety net…or someone they’re being told is going to cut the size of government and slash the programs they’re benefiting from?

    We (the ones reading Gateway–the truly informed and clued in) just don’t get it. The dems have seen to it that the big chunk of the population that is feeling the sting of the economy are likely to vote dem. And, thanks to the fed monetizing the debt, interest rates are not a factor (unlike 1980, where people were trying to survive with mortgage rates of 14%, and rates just as high for things like car payments). Tens of millions of renters don’t care about the collapse of real estate. And, for those underwater, unless you’re looking to sell, hell, you don’t notice it–out of sight, out of mind.

    Hell, if you own stocks, you sure don’t think the economy is all that bad. Same thing if you own gold. Or Silver.

    Don’t kid yourself, Sam. For a huge chunk of the population, their just not overwhelmed with how bad the economy is.

  • US Navy Corpseman

    After the DNC fiasco in Charlotte, I’m sure Axeldork’s panties were in a wad and knew they couldn’t afford to see Pantload slip further down in polls. This shows Gallup is a hack and can be bought.

    Only pollster I trust is Rasmussen. In the end though, polls won’t alter the way I intend to vote. I’ll never vote for a Democrat in any race – state / local / national level.

  • Mari

    It’s not who casts the votes it’s who counts them. And these votes are going to be counted by a George Soros company in Spain. Barry will come out on top at the end from all the fraud. We are already done…

  • Monkey Wrench


    Good insight. I agree with pretty much everything you say. Just one caveat. I don’t have any data to back this up, but I’m guessing that most of the people on food stamps do not vote.

  • Limousine Barry

    The Gallop poll has me up only 4 crappy points! It should be 40 points given my strong-arming! I say let’s have Eric Holder file another lawsuit against the Gallop company!

    Let me be clear, I not only strong-arm the Gallop company I strong arm the crappy highly regulated electric company Duke Energy! And, still my campaign is going bankrupt!

    Sure, the DNC convention was a bust. I lost about 15 million on that one. But, it’s only my donors money… and the Duke Energy shareholder! Screw them!

    “Democrats ended their convention in Charlotte $5 million short of their budget even after being forced to draw down a $10 million line of credit from Duke Energy Corp. (DUK), according to a Democratic Party fundraiser. That will leave a $15 million bill that eventually will have to be paid by President Barack Obama’s campaign…”


    If you like the way I waste my Donor’s money then send me more! And, the is important! Send me $10,000,000.00 before midnight. My campaign has some IOUs to pay! Good day.

  • Grandma Perkins

    Reagan 2012!

  • SoLongSong

    #20 Patty’s OT:

    ALONG THOSE SAME LINES (but in a better way):


    We need a little lightness here…

  • SoLongSong

    Thanks, Limo Barry – I needed that…I truly believe that even with the EVIL MSM there’s so much wrong with obama and his cronies that he won’t be able to keep it all under wraps.

    Not only that, there’s the unexpected social media. Little gets by THAT.

  • Militant conservative

    History is repeating itself.

    During Carter admin: Arabs

    Killing people and causing

    Hate and discontent. Gas

    prices up. Inflation, food up,

    No jobs, gold up, military cut,

    Energy up. See any

    similarities?!! Obama is toast.

    He has retuned us to carter

    Years and has caused a real

    American (Romney) to come

    To the aid of HIS country.

    Obama is a bad joke Muslim

    $hitbird. Time to flush this


    Powder is dry

  • Jpmn

    The only poll that counts is in November. Get out and work for a candidate you support. If you don’t like Romney, pick a Senator, Congressman or a local race.

  • Limousine Barry

    #46 I am just doing my part 😉

  • mg4us

    The Democrat Party of JFK, Robert Kennedy & Tip O’Neil is no more . . .
    Teddy was a leftist loon and nothing like his brothers. . he was a Loser.
    Clinton was also a loser, a manipulative, triangulating, Womanizing Loser

    Then there is Barack Hussein Obama mmm mmmm mmmmm
    The most Leftist and Radical of them all. . .(see 2016: Obama’s America)
    Assisted by Pelosi and Reid!

    No wonder there are few Blue Dog Democrats left
    No wonder there is no room for Joe Sixpack and other hard working Blue Collar White Males
    No Wonder the DNC is a freakshow of Sluts, Abortionists, Welfare junkies, and Commies

    Don’t believe the poles. . .
    Don’t believe MSM. . .DemocRATs are demoralized after a downer of a speech
    So Demoralized that 15 min after Obama’s speech, over 80% of venue was vacated
    The RATs are jumping ship. . .

    Need to shine a light on these RATs and roaches.

    They are the Party that divides and spew envy and contempt
    They are the Party of reckless spending
    They are the Party of Dependency and BIG Government

    Time for some R&R from this Obamanation
    Time for real Leaders to Lead and Restore & Renew America
    Time for Romney/Ryan

  • David

    Number 28 – excellent post

    I would like to add that today, 29pct of the country is either black or Latino. They are not going to vote for Romney

    Romney absolutely needs to take the gloves off now

  • mg4us

    #4 Sarah

    thanks for the link

    Need to Help the indoctrinated to see
    Hope & Choice

    Hope & Chains

  • mg4us

    #51 agree. .Gloves Off Time – – – NOW

  • jim

    The problem for Romney right now is that Gallup, Rasmussen and Reuters all have him down by 2-to-4 points.

  • RickZ

    The Dems couldn’t fill a 70,000 seat arena for Owebama’s coronation in Charlotte. Enough said. Preference cascade.

  • bill mitchell

    Well even Rasmussen is confirming Obama’s 4 point bounce.

    So Clinton speech that was one lie after another gets huge bounce. HORRIFIC employment report gets no effect.

    Lord what have we become? People KNOW Bill Clinton is a liar. They KNOW this and yet they still fall under his spell. Purely amazing.

  • lizzy84

    mg4us commented

    Gloves Off Time – – – NOW

    related..Stanley Kurtz’ analysis is right on the money: Are Republicans Fooling Themselves?


  • Sean

    Bubba mist be a Brit or a Canadian. Favour?

  • BS61

    #10 September 8, 2012 at 10:34 pm
    Cblesz commented:
    I agree, this isn’t 1980. I mean, we have the same crappy economy, but Reagan attacked Carter for being an incompetent idiot. Romney is afraid to do that

    Lucky for us that Ryan is not afraid!

  • Restless

    I pray history repeats itself. My only worry is that we have a LOT more people on the government dole this time around… people who will vote to keep the freebies coming. Still, I think there are enough frustrated swing voters out there who just won’t be able to pull the lever for Obama once they’re in the voting booth.

  • BS61

    #16 September 8, 2012 at 10:52 pm
    Sean commented:
    The Democrats in Illinois thought they would clean up thanks to redistricting. They totally redrew Joe Walsh’s district(which was Phil Crane’s) for Tammy Duckworth. They made Mark Kirk’s old north shore district even more liberal.
    Still,I have seen real signs of Obama weakness. He will lose DuPage and McHenry counties. He will lose NW Cook co too.

    Glad to hear this Sean – Maybe someday I can move back home!

  • Granny

    #60 September 9, 2012 at 8:57 am
    Restless commented:

    I pray history repeats itself. My only worry is that we have a LOT more people on the government dole this time around… people who will vote to keep the freebies coming.


    I wouldn’t count on that. Sure, there are always some proportion of people who like the freebies, but a good share of people “on the dole” really do NOT want to be there. For them, the prospect of fixing a broken economy in a way that will lead to a job and take-home pay in their pocket is FAR more attractive.

    I think we do a huge disservice to a whole lot of people by assuming that the entire public welfare sector is a dem “base”.

  • Valerie

    #39 September 9, 2012 at 2:55 am
    Bubba commented:

    Well said. I would add, however, that not everybody here is a right-wing nutbar; the blog has more than its fair share of liberal wieners (like me).

    This should give you hope.

  • bg
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  • BS61

    #32 September 9, 2012 at 12:34 am
    Pablo commented:
    Big difference: back in 1980, you could criticize the president without being drummed out of public life

    Here is the good news for you Pablo – the polls that say Nobody trusts the media. No Dem, No Rep and No Independents. 🙂

  • BS61

    #41 September 9, 2012 at 3:38 am
    Mari commented:
    It’s not who casts the votes it’s who counts them. And these votes are going to be counted by a George Soros company in Spain. Barry will come out on top at the end from all the fraud. We are already done…

    I don’t believe that Michael Savage is correct. He obviously doesn’t listen to other news agencies. I do believe that if we get out the vote as we did in 2010, Soros will be the loser!

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  • nadadhimmi

    I think the voters are getting ready to throw another Peter Jennings type “hissy fit”. Of course, the exit polls will show Obama winning big, nobody wants to be called a raaacist on national tv by fascist Progressives. But the private union people, and stupid self loathing whites are scared enough to vote sensible for a change. The riots start after Obama looses, and the 2nd, slow motion, Revolution starts after Romney looses. Damn, that Obama sure is a “Uniter” isn’t he?

  • nadadhimmi

    Most polls other than Rasmussen are 6-9 points weighted for Dems and poll registered. Gallup is intimidated by the DOJ lawsuit and I will never respect them again. That’s pretty damn Soviet, isn’t it!

  • History is on Romney’s side. Pre-convention leader has won 12 of the last 15 elections. Romney was the pre-convention leader. http://tinyurl.com/9cvym68

  • Dale

    That was before Reagan and Obama had given amnesty to so many illegal aliens. This election we’ll have people casting a vote 10 times over for Obama and illegal aliens without having to present ID voting as well as all the newly minted Americans from Obama’s amnesty rewarding their guy for the favor. Let’s be crystal clear, we need EVERY REPUBLICAN and a miracle to get Romney elected!!!!

  • Sandy

    The internal polling done by both parties tells the real story. Romney and Ryan don’t look stressed while Obama is suing Gallup, changing the Dem Platform, speaking in smaller venues and looking like a man in a state of panic.

    Obama tells us that life will become more miserable for most of us but that we should follow him to a better place. Its not the American way to follow a leader who promises us misery. He has lost the white vote, the middle class vote, the independents, he is tied with Romney for the women’s vote and only retains huge majorities among the braindead welfare recipients.

    Obama promises higher taxes as his Healthcare debacle goes into effect with thousands of rules and regulations but not enough nurses or doctors to care for all the people added to the Healthcare rolls.

    All Obama has left is to depress the electorate with his inevitability. It’s not enough.

  • Sandy

    Rush says that even with all the illegals voting and the cheating — at most its only 2% of the electorate. We just need to win by 3%.

  • mg4us

    This is perfect. .pollsters and media are living Jimmy Carter II but on steroids. . .

    Behind every blade of grass is a silent majority. .

    Key is the turn out and whether the silent majority will show actions are louder than words. . .

    As Romney needs to remind us. . .
    I agree with Clinton, It’s the Economy Stupid!
    but More. . .
    It’s about jobs Stupid. . with 23MM americans UNemployed and millions more UNDER employed

    So ask yourself are you better off today than four years ago. .
    Is the Country Better off Now than four years ago
    But most of all
    Will your children be better off Four years from now on the path we are on?

  • SoLongSong

    I think of all the back and forth, Sandy #73, I agree with yours the most – especially that last line.

    Both Ryan and Romney are taking today (the Sabbath) off – although they’ve done some pre-taped interviews. Not stressed indeed.

    I think the media and polling places are going to be downright surprised. There will be great gnashing of teeth at Chris Mathew’s channel, poor dear.

    Poor thing.

  • mg4us

    In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh ,
    had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior:

    “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent
    form of government.
    A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can
    vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.
    From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the
    most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally
    collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.”

    “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has
    been about 200 years.
    During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

    From bondage to spiritual faith;
    From spiritual faith to great courage;
    From courage to liberty;
    From liberty to abundance;
    From abundance to complacency;
    From complacency to apathy;
    From apathy to dependence;
    From dependence back into bondage.”
    The Obituary follows:

    Born 1776, Died 2012
    It doesn’t hurt to read this several times.

    Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul , Minnesota ,
    points out some interesting facts concerning the last Presidential election:

    Number of States won by: Obama: 19 McCain: 29
    Square miles of land won by: Obama: 580,000 McCain: 2,427,000
    Population of counties won by: Obama: 127 million McCain: 143 million
    Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Obama: 13.2 McCain: 2.1

    Professor Olson adds: “In aggregate, the map of the territory McCain won was
    mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country.

    Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low income
    tenements and living off various forms of government welfare…”

    Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the
    “complacency and apathy” phase of Professor Tyler’s definition of democracy,
    with some forty percent of the nation’s population already having reached
    the “governmental dependency” phase.

    If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal
    invaders called illegal’s – and they vote – then we can say goodbye to the
    USA in fewer than five years.

    If you are in favor of this, then by all means, delete this message.

    If you are not, then pass this along to help everyone realize just how much is at
    stake, knowing that apathy is the greatest danger to our freedom..

    This is truly scary!
    Of course we are not a democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic .
    Someone should point this out to Obama.
    Of course we know he and too many others pay little attention to The Constitution.
    There couldn’t be more at stake than on Nov 6, 2012.

  • David

    If you want to throw up, take a look at today’s Rasmussen

  • Archy Cary

    I lack confidence in Gallup. Having done business with them in a commercial environment, I don’t find them to particularly reliable.

  • suzanna

    I remember well!!!!!!!!!!!! the same will happen this time, a landslide for Romney.

  • mg4us

    And in Obama’s DNC speech when he pretended (yes pretended) to quote the Declaration of Independence, what rights did he say we are endowed with?

    If you said INalienable. . you are right. .

    As in owned by a government or a slave master/dictator

    The correct word is UNalienable. .

    And do not hink it was a freudian slip with a speech reviewed by many many people multiple times including the President Himself. .
    The Harvard Scholar. . .

    Starting at 11:54 mark

    So I checked:

  • A. Valencia

    It is transparent that the Democratic Party Convention was deeply divided with maybe a tilt toward the left when they had to restore God in their platform for political reasons. But that should not surprise anyone. Obama is a godless president. Obama has not even cared to select a church close to the White House to visit and in that way set the example (at least). That is why he is not in the American mainstream. Obama says he is a Christian, well, that looks to me like a label he wears for political reasons. At least a big part of his life he was a muslim. The balance of it is mere secularism. Although that is not bad by itself, Obama has been developing a secret war against religious institutions. Under Obama we would soon be a Nation Under God no more!!

  • fred

    The “ads” (brainwashing) are coming from filthy rich people who essentially shouldn’t be citizens, who have bene watching our country struggle and doing everything they can like the gop controlled house, to see our country’s citizens suffer. And the people know this, evidence of that is everywhere. They’re not blaming one man, they’re blaming filthy rich people for having the biggest holiday from responsibility in history and doing nothing to see it benefit this nation. The gig is up, and the people know it. The indies like me have seen everything we need to see to decide once and for all no more support for liars. Take mcdonnel in va who is prepared to tax highways. Cantor who has massive stock in questionable places. We;re not voting FOR obama you dunces, we’re NOT voting for you and your spoiled rich little golden goose.

  • mmilesll

    America had had enough of this jerk in one term and will repeat this action with the clown in November

  • Dutra

    Gallop gets paid to poll. And they poll what they are paid to poll. Who do you think paid them to publish this poll?

  • getalife

    They cling to hope for change but it is four more years!

    Vote out the gop failed congress too.

  • Joel Weymouth

    I read Andrew McCarthy’s piece about the reality in the US concerning the youth and the college campus. There is another marked difference of 1980. Unemployment is higher, inflation, even though they deny it, is much higher. They haven’t raised prices, they have “lowered the size of portions. For example, a lb of coffee is actually 10oz. A 1/2 gallon of ice cream is actually 3 pints – if you are lucky. If you factored all of this in, inflation would be 30%. Add to that the credit card rates are much like loan shark rates – some of them 25%. And the chances t hat these “progressive” graduates will vote for Obama over ideology is certainly a gamble. James Carville says that Democrats don’t vote over ideology, they are lemmings that can be manipulated. Unfortunately for these young college kids, have $50,000-100,000 in student loans to pay for and no job prospects. They may “vote” for the outside chance that Obama will ‘forgive’ the loans – at a prices of indentured servitude for 10 years of their life. Or they simply may wake up and realize, I need a job and vote for Romney. That is the problem with liberalism, it never encourages loyalty.

  • getalife

    President Obama is up by 7 with a 52 % approval rating thanks to President Clinton and the truth told at the Dem convention.

    The gop deserve to lose and they will.

  • Dave G

    What turned the election in Reagan’s favor was the last debate. Romney needs to do well in the debates. He needs to get obama off teleprompter and get him to say what he really believes.

  • nowswimback

    Unfortunately, Romney is no Reagan.

  • getalife

    You cons can start acting like Americans and show the President respect.

    The gop plan to get our President after a collapse and refuse to help on jobs failed.

    Telll your failed party to stop this unAmerican and unpatriotic action.

  • Rob

    I can’t get over how the stupid are now running this nation. The losers, the welfare suckers, the parasites are going to destroy this nation. I really don’t understand how there can be so many dumb people.

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  • NEWS FLASH: This should signal a Romney win with 50 states to Obama’s 7 empty states, where Obama will receive all electoral votes from the absent Electoral College members sitting in those empty chairs.

  • getalife

    I think moderate Republicans will vote for our President and vote out the radical rw gop congress.

    Country first not failed party first.

  • I have not believe Gallup for years. They continue to indirectly (sometimes directly) provide poll data that favors Democrats & Obama by the way they design their questions, in my opinion.

  • owl

    #91 I have watched as many Presidents as almost anyone, and I can assure you that Obama does not deserve my respect. Never thought I would live to say that sentence. And before anyone starts with the racism, white voters put that man into office so that is all bogus.

  • Joel Weymouth

    One scenario that terrifies me is that they will keep posting these polls and in November, Obama loses. I can see the whole lot of them claiming fraud by the Republicans (they actually did this in 1980). This time these supporters of Obama will get violent. I would even suggest that Obama may just say, the election was a sham, I was elected and I am not stepping down. The UN would pressure us to “compromise” and China and Russian – who want Obama re-elected – would even offer troops to “keep the peace”. We still have a bunch of troops in the Middle East. Strange Obama never did want to bring them home. This is what happened in Kenya in 2005, Odinga (a friend of Obama) lost and his followers started to “butcher” Christians. The UN forced Kenya to compromise and they put Odinga into a power sharing arrangement. The government declares martial law, the guns that everyone is buying are collected (like during Katrina), except from those Muslims that are training with automatic weapons in Pennsylvania and Up-state New York, and the New Black Panthers. When they come to take your guns, are you going to fight? Are you going to start shooting down National Guardsman? We are one crisis from a totalitarian state and this election might create it.

  • No One Important

    I don’t think these polls are accurate at this time. Think about it this way. NC – new poll, Romney ties Obama with women. (Yep, horrifying development for team Obama) . . .another poll, Romney leads working women with 3%, married women by double digits. . . men by 11%. . . .and independents by 12%. . . .seniors also by double digits.

    The coal miners’ union refused to endorse Obama this round – but couldn’t quite endorse Romney, so the members are supporting Romney. . . .

    Virginia independents give Obama a much higher disapproval rating than the rest of the nation. . .52% disapprove. . . .

    Locally elected Democrats in PA are supporting Romney. . . .

    Romney leads in Illinois everywhere but in the City proper, chicago. Romney leads in chicago suburbs, and down state Illinois. If Illinois doesn’t even like their hometown guy – does anyone believe the swing states will be even more dumb than the voters in Illinois? Comonnnnnnnnn. . . . . . .

    We don’t hear any more college polls do we? Ever since the last one out said more than 50% of students polled said Obama didn’t deserve re election. . . . he’ll still take a large chunk of those that vote – but he’s not flying high with them anymore. . . . .

    Now, which groups is Obama actually growing support in, hmmm? None. Zero.

    So think that through – Gallup (now having been threatened) is still humping an “adults” model (in 2008, they were already releasing “likely voter” polls). . . .Reuters/Ipsos that was 1,700 “registered” voters. . . . .not likely voters. . .and it was an “on line” poll. . . . .and they won’t release the weighting or the questions?

    Tell you what. . . .lets wait and see what more “respected” polling groups say. . . .I’m not buying to polls that are using random adults and on line “registered” voters. . . .

  • AliVonGoldberg

    Conservative Americans outnumber liberals 2 or 3 to 1. When conservative Americans feel the country is in jeopardy, they come out and vote as they did with Reagan. R will carry the day.

  • Ron

    The DIRTY SLIMEY tactics of THIS administration are the ONLY things consistant . Don’t be TOO shocked if a ” TERRORIST ATTEMPT ” happens on or around the Septmember 11 !

  • Hey Rob: # 92 :::: Visit a public school, infested by union protected teachers, who cannot pass a test in their own subject matter; then ask that question again. As soon as we get unions out of schools and we put merit based teachers in the classroom we will have a fighting chance to produce talented children across the board.

  • owl

    I even showed that awful President Carter respect, even after he left office until he absolutely deserved not to be shown it anymore.

    Carter and Obama are not good men.

  • Joel Weymouth

    Getalife, Americanism is not “showing the president respect” by agreeing with him. There is a difference between the office and the man. And the man is this case is only a man because he has a male sex organ. All the other attributes of manhood are lacking

    He is not the emperor. Just because you are slave material, doesn’t mean the rest of us are.

  • Dude

    This just furthers my belief that modern polling by groups like Gallup are not sampled properly, or at the least fail to capture trends among voters. Maybe voters change their mind at the last minute or perhaps lie to pollsters (very possible). But more likely the pollsters over sample Democrats or some other group. Carter pollster Pat Caddell accurately saw the trend in his polling (in 1980) and broke the news to Carter just days before the election. He told him it was going to be a landslide. I believe the same will happen here but not as large…

  • TJexcite

    1. Gallup has a bad poll for Obama
    2. DoJ makes a visit
    3. ?????
    4. Gallup has a good poll for Obama
    5. Profit

  • owl

    #99 From your mouth to God’s ear.

    I still have a problem with it. I can feel it. Laugh all you want but this election is too close. They can steal it this close.

    It is because Romney is not getting into the mudfight. Yes, when they let all their seeds hatch, it will be a mudfight. They will sling so fast and keep him so busy that it will be too late if he does not engage now.

  • getalife

    The election was never close and the polls are correcting for credibility.

  • xBeth

    As we talk of polls… FYI: I am a Conservative… I have been polled by telephone on three occasions over the past two months. On each occasion I professed to strongly approve of Mr. Obama and the job he is doing. I put the blame for our woes on the Republicans wherever the questions allowed. I answered questions on the state of the economy accurately, but reversed the parties wherever the opportunity was present. I started doing this after Rush Limbaugh suggested it on his radio program. I know of one other Rush listener who says he is doing the same.

  • Soozie

    Gallup was summoned before the King’s Men just last week. Looks like the intimidation worked, but the American people are not fooled!

  • When Gallup does their polling, they begin with questions that are skewed to the left, and then they sample a slight bit more Democrats in their sample size. This gives a small skew to the outcome of the poll and can be misleading. Dude #105 has a good point, people lie when polled. This is absolutely true in heavily populated areas where Obama was voted for in the last election. Many people are talking about what a disaster OB is and that they made a mistake. They say they still like him but, actually tell friends they will not go out to vote and or they may actually vote Republican. Either way – that spells trouble for the Dems.

  • Jim Bob

    Keep the puff polls coming. The demos can’t resist flattery, true or false. Their favorite household item is a mirror. Their god is their reflection…keep tell’in em how great they are. Meanwhile, unbeknowngst to many of them there is a growing and deepening desire for leadership in this country. Let them be transfixed on their reflections until late late on Nov 6 when they will begin to see the cracks and they will be forced to face reality.

    Even if Romney doesn’t prevail a day of reckoning is coming…we cannot continue to fall deeper into the 10’s of trillion dollars chasm…eventually we will hit bottom and it is better that we select the time with Romney than delay that time with more of the same from Obama.

  • The Texas Cooke

    It was a lie then….and it’s a lie now…..polls, and the inferences made from them, mean absolutely nothing and the sooner folks realize that, the better we are all going to be. Did you know that there is 93% positive correlation between the amount of crime in a city and the number of windows in the building of that city…..but you don’t reduce crime by bricking up windows……poll results report the response to the questions asked, but they hardly ever report exactly what those questions were, only what they were meant to infer in the surveyer’s mind….which has a lot to do with whose paying for the survey!

  • Bill

    o’bama is seeking to destroy America. He was unable to do it in just 4 years, so he is asking for another 4 years. If you hate America and it’s ideals, vote for o’bama, the Marxist.

  • getalife

    President Clinton reminded Americans of the w disaster and the failed gop party.

    Game over.

  • AliVonGoldberg

    Voter turnout will decide this election.

  • FurryGuy

    #95 September 9, 2012 at 12:03 pm
    getalife commented:

    Moderate Republicans and Independents were expected to vote in droves for Carter in 1980. So said all the media talking heads, policy experts and polls. The reality is that a lot of moderate Dems crossed party lines to vote for Reagan while moderate Republicans and Independents overwhelming voted for Reagan.

    Reagan was no Reagan, he was repeatedly disrespected by many even in the GOP until he won. The party elites failed to see what the American people had seen for quite some time, a man of character and bold vision based in reality.

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  • AliVonGoldberg

    Clinton failed to rell everone that he repealed the Glass-Steagle Act which ended regulation of Wall Styreet and was the foundataion of the economic mess , along with Community Redevelopment Act.

  • No One Important


    Obama won’t be able to claim it was fraud and stay in office. First off, this has all the earmarks of being another 2010 on steroids. . . and all the media ignored, missed and tried to hide the wave that was out there. (started in 2009 wth the “silent” wave that the media didn’t tell anyone about where republicans swept across the nation thousands and thousands of local offices.)

    Secondly, even Lincoln had elections in the midst of a war. . . . .Obama won’t buck the nation. But expect him to behave like a peevish child that didn’t get his way in the lame duck session. . . . .

    But if the election is bold enough like the 1980s, and the margins are huge enough – he can’t claim there was anything going on. . . . .

    Remember – Obama ran as a moderate republican and has governed as a far left ideologue.

    The debates are going to be fabulous. Obama isn’t known as “some great orator” anymore. Look at his speeches lately. . . he just keeps sticking his foot in his mouth, and doing one forehead slapping moment after another.

    he’s not viewed through the prisim of “look how smart he is!” anymore. Now – he’s being viewed through the “look how dumb this guy is” prisim. . . . .yea, he’s likeable and all, but the nation is realizing Obama is “just too dumb to govern.”

    he’s getting a reputation as a blatherer to just runs out the clock on his answers, the nation is rolling their eyes every time he tries to blame other people, and takes credit for things he had little or nothing to do with. . . . .

    The debates this time around aren’t going to show Obama as some “brilliant” orator. He’s going to be slammed around hard this time – rather than the media glossing over his long winded blithering answers and not fact checking – and I believe Romney is going to wipe the floor with him with facts. . . . .proving Obama is a flim flam guy incapable of holding his own when he isn’t being coddled. . . . (witness – no press conferences – only venues where he isn’t challenged and blathers away.)

    I think team Obama is in for yet another brutal reality check come debate time – just like their arrogance thinking a stadium was needed again. . . .and they couldn’t fill a room at $51.00/ticket. . . . I believe Romney is going to be a wrecking machine with facts, figures and very hard realities for Obama. . . . and Obama will be seen as the meandering one note johnny with his “tax cuts for the wealthiest”. . . . .

  • Michael Barrett

    To Mari and any others who think this is over; They will do all they can to demoralize us, including the polls. If we get out and vote, like so many did not in 2008, we can smash any kind of election fraud and scare tactics the left uses. Please vote!!!!!!!!!!! Paul Ryan would have never accepted if he could not move Romney.

  • FurryGuy

    #115 September 9, 2012 at 12:18 pm
    getalife commented:

    President Clinton reminded Americans of the w disaster and the failed gop party.

    Game over.

    Yeah, by repeatedly saying he (Clinton) was a vastly superior president over Barry.

    The Game truly is Over, but the outcome is not going to be what you think it will be.

  • pat

    LOL – polls/schmolls – the REAL giant are the real democrats who aren’t in the tank with the radicalization of their party. Many who fell for the BS in 08 will show up in force to fix their mistake.

  • Robert

    Mitt Rom is toast. Mitt Rom would rather suckup to his Jew masters than common white people, the people Mitt Rom needs to win.

  • getalife: Get a life! Clinton also reminded us that Obama was a failure (“biggest fairy tale ever” ring a bell?). And, as he stood on that stage, all one could do was to assimilate stories of women on stage pleading for better treatment, (while not actually being mistreated by the public) from all those trying to take away their birth control pills, and on stage there was Clinton, the only sitting President to ever be accused of Crimes Against Women, Sexual Misconduct, Perjury: shall we end it here?

  • Gene

    Two problems: Obama has Carter’s example from which to learn, and Romney isn’t Reagan.

  • getalife

    Your ticket does nothing but lie and offer the same ole failed ideology.

    The only time romney told the truth was about President Clinton would win if not for term limits.

    The gop deserve to lose and will lose, Big.

  • Peter

    While I’m sure this article brings a glimmer of hope to the right, it fails to point out that Carter’s job approval was around 35% during this time, currently 15 points below Obama’s. I don’t think Carter ever got above 40% the last 90 days before the election.

  • myron_monk

    Who is surprised to see the polling firms trying to boost the leftist candidate? OMG! They do it every election that it’s a big wonder why they have any credibility at all. They have far less credibility today than they used to… that’s for sure.

  • getalife

    President Obama has a 52 % approval rating and up by 7 on other polls.

    The gop are toast.

    Start acting like Americans cons and not the enemy.

  • Kevin Carroll

    You know Sarah might have a point except that Rasmussen poll (whcih is notoriously slanted to the GOP) has Obama up by 4 also . . . but get real. There both just polls and the race is really really tight.

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  • john

    With all the interest in Carter being 4 points over Reagan, may point out, that in 1988, after the conventions, Dukakis was 17 points over Bush sr. and Bush went on to take 40 states. Dukakis took 10 and also lost to Bush by 7 million popular votes.

    Just an example of how things can change, when you get within a month of the election.
    NO. Things are not that much different today. people still vote for what is best for their wallets; their jobs; their homes and their families.

    That is why, when people walk into the polling places this november, they are going to throw away political correctness and vote for their own welfare.

    Hopey/changey BS willnot influence this election.

  • FurryGuy

    #130 September 9, 2012 at 12:32 pm
    getalife commented:

    President Obama has a 52 % approval rating and up by 7 on other polls.

    Reagan was supposed to lose to Carter according to the polls too.

  • Berserk MSNBC SoulSista

    Romney needs to tag president basketball as an illiterate, affirmative action homeboy, white guilt liberal dim social experiment that should never have been let within one block of the White house.

    Tag him with that constantly, MAKE IT STICK.

    White liberal dims have the IQ of retarded children and hate this country and themselves.

  • Gene: “Two problems: Obama has Carter’s example from which to learn, and Romney isn’t Reagan.”

    More problems sir, Obama will never admit to a mistake, therefore, will not learn from Carter nor use any lessons from the loser. And, you are right about Romney not being Reagan. He never said he was. He is his own person and does not need to “be” someone else. That is what we need in the WH.

    Crazy thing, I can’t get Clint Eastwood’s empty chair out of my mind. Obama is much like the Captain of the Titanic, who wanted to rush FORWARD, regardless of the iceberg ahead. Then after recognizing that the ship was going down – he and his minions are still running around trying to rearrange the “empty deck chairs” on the ball room floor. These boys are going down – hard!

    Where will all these Dem – talking pin heads be employed in the years ahead? Obama has so ruined the Dem party that it may never see the inside of the WH again. He has destroyed civility, tarnished the good work of King and set back race relations 100 years, he has made the majority of people dislike the crying buffoon women’s libs begging for birth control pills on our dime, he has decimated the workforce by cutting the legs out from under exceptionalism and entrepreneurship, he has sucked the drive and investment prowess out of major corporations not sure what to expect in the future except for being penalized for success. His increase in the Debt has crippled our young people for a generation to follow – trapping them with student loans, lack of employment, lower earnings potential and staggering debt they will have to pay off.

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  • dumm

    Trouble is, Obama thinks our laws are unjust. Our Constitution is unjust. Obama has no ties to America’s past. Obama WILL not stop at any lawless, anti-American, traitor deed in October, to maintain power. Carter and Dukakis had the misfortune of thinking that laws must be obeyed.

  • Brando


  • No One Important

    Funniest part is. . .Pat Caddell, Carter’s pollster, has been around for years. He screamed about the 2010 wipeout heading toward the democrats – and they ignored him. Obama even answered criticizms with “you’ve got me.” How’d that work out, huh? More republicans holding public office across the United States than in the last 120 years.

    Caddell has a joint effort movie out called “The Hope and The Change.” He assembled 40 democrats, and independents (no republicans) that voted for Obama. . . .

    Just go watch some trailers of the movie. The palpable anger of these democrats, middle of the road democrats and independents is unbelievable. The anger, frustration, the contempt .. . .listen to what they think of Obama’s nonstop vacations and golfing. . . his policies about energy, and spending. . . .

    This is the same thing that Caddell warned about going into 2010. . . . he’s telling people. . . .2012 is going to be a repeat.

    We had “Reagan Democrats” that voted republican. This round, we will have “Romney Democrats”. . . . .

    Latest poll that I could find: Number of people who voted for Obama that will vote for Romney? 9%

    Obama only won by 7%. . . so Obama already has 9% less than last round. . . . and he’s losing support in some of the key groups, and then add in the “Romney Democrat” flow. . .the incredible anger at him for his job performance, the arrogance in “you didn’t build that”. . . . .

    There are some pretty serious issues that indicate this is going to be like a Reagan blow out. . .

  • beautiful girl

    Americans need to wake up and vote for REAL leadership – Romney/Ryan. Those that vote for BHO are either brainwashed by the union Dems or welfare recipients.

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  • Northstar

    No matter how much Obama wants to spin his “New age progressive commie” web of Big Central controlling Government …It’s financially broke …To the brain dead Obama Zombies …You could TAX each and every American to death. TAX into bankruptcy every business you demonize and you still will never fill the black hole ..16 …Trillion and then another 24- 32 trillion in “future” obligations … 70 + years of “Government” being lead into social engineering has brought us to the verge of bankruptcy …The commie Dem is completely delusional believing it can continue ..What supply job, Housing, food, health care, retirement, schooling and a government rule regulation and a governing agency body and government desk squatter to oversee every idiots cause or their want for a human or business control …This web has today done nothing more than choked the life out of the economy …Were now without growth and dealing in a …you get what you see economy. See this country was founded on the simple principle of a republic of the people..Meaning the individual was free (without answering to a king or controling goverment) that the individual given this freedom and liberity and using his or her common sense would prosper ..and it worked well with steady growth innovation from the start ..Today until this Government web is taken apart and the American again can go fourth build ,invent and kick up some dust unrestricted we will go nowhere…And be stuck in this Commie quasi limbo where business has to bow down to government first..So not only has this commie web trapped the free spirit of people it has created a corrupt system where big business lobbies our political leaders for favors and subsidies…Chairman Obama has had a long list of this ..And note until the Democratic party has the balls and refutes the communist party and their big labor affiliates which are supporting them…Americans should refer to them as communists their ideology is the same.

  • Joel

    It won’t matter if nobody addresses the fact that the ballots are going to be sent overseas to be counted by a company in SPAIN. A company owned by none other than Soros.

  • getalife

    President Obama will win and get a dem house.

    Cleaning up the gop’s mess moves our country backwards and we are slipping behind other countries.

    Never vote gop again.

    Vote Dem to catch back up and move forward.

    Country first not failed gop first.

  • John MacInnis

    I’m from Canada, and I like this flashback poll, because Reagan was and still is my fave conservative, and I love talking about the Great Communicator and victor of the Cold War. I’ve been in political shock since Obama won the Oval Office in ’08, and here’s why. I admire the USA, and the last thing you all want is socialized medicine, so here’s some good advice from a guy who really cares about Americans, and everything that goes on south of the border. I’ll paraphrase a bit of the song made famous by Archie and Edith in “All of the Family”, and my version would go, “Mister they could use a man like Ronald Reagan again. They didn’t need a welfare state”, and I’ll stop there. It’s time to time to get rid of America’s first socialist prez, and make sure it never happens again.

  • Joel

    I will post this ONCE more so hopefully everyone knows this and realizes this. It was decided in January that the ballots cast from this election are to be counted OVERSEAS, in SPAIN. The company doing this is run by SOROS. If we don’t fight this right now, IT WONT MATTER.

    FACT-CHECK ME if you don’t believe me.

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  • Jeff

    Reagan was popular. That’s the difference. Romney has been shown to be basically unlikable. He’s toast. The desperation here is evident in the comment thread…

  • getalife

    Send the radical rw failed gop congress a message and vote them out.

    They deserve it and you know it.

    Country first cons.

  • conservative777

    It’s just as much a lie as the rest of the MSM tripe

  • SK

    I think Romney & Ryan should throw both Clinton & Obama’s OWN WORDS back at them, while reminding all the liberals with the oh, so short memories at the same time.

    Clinton while campaigning: “IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID!”


    Obama on 60 minutes (sorry, I can’t remember if it was 2009 or 10): “Certainly, if I do not live up to my promises, the American people should not re-elect me … I will not have earned a second term”

    Let Romney/Ryan hammer that home to all of those undecideds. Wouldn’t it be just grand if Slick Willy’s own words helped Romney/Ryan win in a landslide!!

  • Greg

    America loves an underdog.

  • Jack

    The poll is Ok if you consider Obama’s lead to have a MOE of -15%. That would account for the fact that Gallup is conducting these “polls” with a pair of cracked knee caps.

  • Pingback: Ed Driscoll » ‘Operation Demoralize is Working Just as Planned’()

  • Concerned Conservative

    If the 1980 electorate looked like the 2008 electorate, i.e. it was 28% non white instead of 14% non white Jimmy Carter might have eked out a plurality win on the backs of African American, Asian, and Latino voters.

    We are getting buried under a demographic tidal wave.

    What are we going to do?

  • No One Important

    The debates are going to be epic. . . .Obama isn’t coddled anymore by some. . . .Romney is sharp and detailed oriented. . . .

    Obama doesn’t do well when he’s challenged anymore. . . .he goes off on his “tax cuts, tax cuts”. .. . .Romeny can say the same thing about Obama. . .”govt spending, tax hikes, gov’t spending, tax hikes”. . . .

    Romney is loaded with facts about what Obama’s administration has done – his incessant hammering of our energy, which alone could bring about 3,000,000 jobs. . .but Obama prefers to give those jobs to Brazil. . . . .

    Obama isn’t coping anymore with not being coddled. . .stories leaking out about his “peevish” behavior. . . .he’s told democrats “you’re on your own” when he’s locked up all the money and refuses to help. . . .stories about team Obama being “alarmed” at the amount of money Romney is raising (out raising Obama). . . .

    Sticking his foot in his mouth with “you didn’t build that” (the nation is still angry about that comment). . . .the convention was a bust with nonstop whining about gimme gimme gimme. . . .I think alot of people are goign to be severely disappointed when they find out this nation is so anti Obama, and so pro romney, they will be at a loss to explain Obama’s margin of loss. . . .

  • Patty

    At the Democratic National Convention, former President Bill Clinton told America that his solution to joblessness and budget deficits was one word — arithmetic. I couldn’t agree more. Let’s take a look at Barack Obama’s record these last four years — I think you’ll agree the numbers just don’t add up:

    • 23 million Americans are out of work, have stopped looking for work, or are underemployed
    • $16 trillion national debt (that’s $50,000 for every American)
    • 43 straight months of 8% or higher unemployment
    • 4 straight trillion dollar budget deficits in a row — more than any other president combined

    Ultimately, it’s simple arithmetic — the policies of Barack Obama just don’t add up to the kind of future America deserves.

    My economic plan creates 12 million new jobs. Jobs that will help middle class families move forward again. Jobs that will help restore the American Dream.


    President Romney, I just added that!

  • littleleers

    [“Face it–unless something pretty major (ie miraculous) happens, as unbelievable as it seems, Barry is going to be re-elected.”] …………..The answer is this: no incumbent president has won re-election with such a high unemployment percentage. If Obama gets elected, he will make history once again.

    No, no matter who says what, as the saying goes “It is about the economy, stupid”. It doesn’t matter that the left have the MSM locked up and are telling us all outright lies. BHO should be way ahead at this point in time. He has a record and the only ones who are still on board with this jerk are those in the government handout club, the radicals, and most of the African American vote (though I have heard he has lost a couple of percentage points with them as well). No. This will be a Reagan/Carter blowout all over again.

  • No One Important

    368K more people have given up looking for work this month.

    31 million americans under/unemployed/dropping out of work force. . . . . .

    We puke out 125K college kids a month. . .only 86K jobs last month? Basic math anyone?

    Something tells me, they’re not really weighting their polls correctly. . . ..

  • Jeff

    Even Rasmussen has Obama leading.

  • Sarah

    If Obama wins, and he may well, this will be why:

  • Concerned Conservative

    I am concerned God fearing, heterosexual Christian, white, males like myself are becoming a smaller and smaller part of the electorate.

    Heck, if there were as many Latinos, Asians, and African Americans voting in 1988 as there are now Michael Dukakis would have beat George Bush.

  • Keith

    Ha! #146 thinks the Dims are going to win the House. Funny! The Dims won’t be winning the House but WILL be losing the Senate and the Executive Branch! The Slavemaster DemonCraps had control of it all there for a couple of years but because of their hate for America and pure incompetence, they train-wrecked it. The People rose up in 2010 and took back the U.S. House – this is a preview of what is going to happen on November 6, 2012. Stock up on your anti-depressants now. FOREWARNED.

    I can so much deal better with your b!tching and moaning (like you all did for 8 straight years during GWB) for the next 4 more so than having your traitorous Foreign Exchange Student Soetoro-Obama r#pe the U.S. Constitution that he detests with all of his being. Lovers of Obama will owe their fellow citizens a huge apology once the TRUTH about red diaper baby Barry-Barack Dunham-Soetoro-Obama is uncovered. You will forever hate kool-aid when you discover how bad you were brainwashed and fooled.


    “I’ll have those ni$$ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” —Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson


  • Concerned Conservative

    “The answer is this: no incumbent president has won re-election with such a high unemployment percentage. If Obama gets elected, he will make history once again.”

    That communist, Franklin Marx Roosevelt , was reelected with a 17.6% unemployment rate.

  • Pingback: FLASHBACK: DUKAKIS +17 OVER BUSH AFTER DNC 1988… : Bilco's Domain()

  • Keith

    “Ideologies aren’t all that important. What’s important is psychology.

    The Democratic constituency is just like a herd of cows. All you have to do is lay out enough silage and they come running. That’s why I became an operative working with Democrats. With Democrats all you have to do is make a lot of noise, lay out the hay, and be ready to use the ole cattle prod in case a few want to bolt the herd.

    Eighty percent of the people who call themselves Democrats don’t have a clue as to political reality.

    What amazes me is that you could take a group of people who are hard workers and convince them that they should support social programs that were the exact opposite of their own personal convictions. Put a little fear here and there and you can get people to vote any way you want.

    The voter is basically dumb and lazy. The reason I became a Democratic operative instead of a Republican was because there were more Democrats that didn’t have a clue than there were Republicans.

    Truth is relative. Truth is what you can make the voter believe is the truth. If you’re smart enough, truth is what you make the voter think it is. That’s why I’m a Democrat. I CAN MAKE THE DEMOCRATIC VOTERS THINK WHATEVER I WANT THEM TO.”

    —-Democrat James Carville and best friends with Billy Jeff Clinton-Sexual Harasser

  • Jenny

    The people here supporting obama are ignorant and uneducated. 2010 was the last major election and Democrats had historic losses. Nothing has changed since then except for that the economy is worse and obama’s foreign policy has made the world a more dangerous place. Obamacare, the reason for the huge voter turnout in 2010, is still around and the majority of Americans want it repealed.

    2012 will complete the 2010 cycle. Obama will be gone and we will have more conservatives in Congress. Mitt better act like one of them and keep his promise of repealing obamacare or his butt will be on the line in 2016.

  • getalife

    Americans know romney is lying about helping the middles class because the failed radical rw gop vote against the middle class. Just check ryan’s voting record.

    Vote out the failed radical rw gop.

    Four more years!

  • Jenny

    All we have to do, getalife, is check obama’s record of the last 3 years. It sucks, he sucks, and he’s done.

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  • JohnT

    Those polls are all lies. Unless they are in my favor, in which case they reflect the truth. Sigh. People.

  • jack

    POLLS?? everytime they call I tell the exact opposite to screw up their stats

  • Pingback: Flashback: Dukakis Led Bush By 17 Points After 1988 DNC « Peace and Freedom()

  • mg4us

    No One Important #159 and #162

    You are right on the money. . .Romney and Ryan will mop up the debate irregardless of whether Obama has the questions in advance and has rehearsed his answer. . .

    How do I know?

    Obama. . besides facts and figures, $4/gal gas going to $5/gal, or 23MM out of work or $16Trillion in debt (soon to be $18 Trillion), he has armed Romney with everything Romney needs to EXPOSE the FRAUD OBAMA is. . .
    READ Obama’s Dreams from My Father.

    Romney will turn every question around like the following:
    The facts I just shared makes me wonder whether Obama agrees with his Mom That American’s ARE NOT MY PEOPLE as he shared on p47 of his book
    or We heard how much his mother meant to him, so wehen she said that Americans are not her people, what did she mean
    That is not how a successful economy works. . , so it makes me wonder what Obama’s Mentor the well known communist Frank Davis was teaching your Barack during his formative years.
    Mr President, what did you mean when you said in your DNC speech that people are endowed by their creator with certain INalienable rights? (see #81 for more)

    I can go on and on

    The only poll that matters is the one on November 6, 2012!!!!

  • mg4us

    #160 Patty. . good arithmetic lesson. .

    #140 No One Important
    Thanks for letting us know about the movie
    the hope and the change . . .all my NY and NJ Dem friends say the same thing. . wonder why!

    Anyone who doesn’t open their eyes to the reality around them and the work that needs to be done needs to gat a life. . .otherwise they will remain in Mom& Dad’s basement wearing pajamas all day long!

  • Patty

    It is such a shame what has happened to America. Things didn’t happen overnight but Obama has made things so much worse.

    And yet, we keep seeing poll after poll and he did get a bump from Convention. So, did Romney but the polls should be looking so much better for Romney and less so for Obama.

    If time repeats itself this is good new for Romney. I only hope that those who aren’t as involved in Politics as we are will become aware through ads, hopefully, they won’t become to sick of them.


    Obama vs. Romney: The Sky Isn’t Falling


  • Powerbar

    I don’t recall seeing too many young people at the democrat convention which is quite a contrast from 2008. I wonder why??



    Romney / Ryan 2012 – Our only hope.

  • getalife

    You can’t lie to Americans that you would help them when your party votes not to help them.

    The gop thinks Americans are that stupid and insult our intelligence.

    Vote out the radical rw gop Americans and

    Four more years!

  • picomanning

    The biggest issue facing the nation is that the democrats have excluded God and Jerusalem support for Israel OUT of the demorcrat Party Platform.
    The Democrat Party does not allow dissent within the party. It is not your father’s democrat Party.
    Demorcats will not hear pro life speakers at their convention. Democrats will not hear the arguments that marriage is God ordained and exists only for a man and a woman. Democrats will not hear within the convention that there are consequences for living immoral lives. Democrats have kicked God off their Party platform. A party platform describes the values that party holds dear. It has been the arrogance of Progressive Liberals to intimidate any internal opposition in order to take larger control of the Democrat Party. Now they’ve crowned control by removing the control of God from their platform. If you have not seen and hear the DNC vote to put God and Jerusalem back into the party platform (after it was shomehow removed) then please Google it. It is breathtakingly obvious that God is not in the hearts of the delegates.
    This ‘evolving’ Progressivism will use incredible methods to shove this new platform recklessly forward. America is at a crossroads and individuals need to take a hard look at the likely consequences of Obama’s “Forward”. The Democrat Party IS moving further down the road to destruction and any American association with the Democrat Party will compromise what America could positivley become. The Democrats have given America a political platform our founding fathers would be absolutely sick about. But Americans have gotten accustomed to abortion; redistribbution of wealth without means testing; gay marriage; fiat money/fractional banking; and a generally overbearing and unrestrained government. Thos who ‘vote’ for more of this are guilty of putting their backs into this downward push.

  • getalife
  • Jim Bob

    The propagazi will keep touting the puff polls. They are demo fluffers. I know that is harsh but, when they sneak in to the demo convention gift shop and buy obama campaign trinkets using assumed names, that is perception are they have cultivated?

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  • Grant Devereaux

    True, but Romney doesn’t;t have an enemy to commit treason with and to promise arms to to hold hostages until after the election.

  • Brian

    Gallup gets paid to give the news outlets material worth buying.

    Gallup will be close to even or Obama ahead until Romney wins. That’s what the news outlets that buy their material want…so that is what they will get.

  • Max

    You know you can look at all the polls you want but the only thing that matters is if you have had ENOUGH of that THUG then get out and vote. They can’t poll what they don’t have yet and they don’t have all the votes! Polls mean nothing our votes will when we kick him to the curb with all his other godless friends!

  • getalife

    Saying he will help the middle class when his party votes against the middle class.

    Not on the same page with his radical rw vp.

    Too many positions and too many flip flops on the issues.

    Too inexperienced on foreign policy.

    Bad job creation and debt as Gov.

    Voters don’t like him because he lies and insults their intelligence.

    Four more years!

    Love it or leave it.

  • CebVa

    I remember the Carter over Reagan polls very well and nothing has changed. The polls are partisan driven and not at all reliable. They, like most of the main scream media attempt to make an agenda rather than report on it.

    Here’s my take:

    The pollsters can twist the numbers all they want. The unemployed and underemployed, the barely employed and the wondering-how-much-longer-they-will-be employed all know who they are. The employers who see their businesses shrinking because no one has money to spend and the small businesses getting smaller while their taxes go up all worry about the future. The family that lost a home and is now living with relatives know the heartbreak. The once-proud worker, now dependent on food stamps, knows the embarrassment. The families of all of the above see the devastation. No one should be fooled by these phony numbers.

    It is not about polls. It is very personal and tragic and avoidable if only we could get rid of the anti-business, anti-energy, job-destroying OweBlameA regime. The recovery will begin 30 seconds after he gives his concession speech.

  • David Costa

    It’s amazing how these Obama ites keep posting polls that they agree with, but don’t actually look into the “internals” of the polls, and how they’re usually waited to favor democrats. Plus they usually post links to extremely leftist peodicals as well. It was predicted that Scott Walker wasn’t supposed to survive his recall election, but did with more votes than the first time, and WI isn’t the most Republican friendly state either. Combine this with the 2010 midterms, Chik-Fil-La incident, the sheer angst in the whole Obama election cartel, and the fact that he can’t get as much money as Romney probaly means that it won’t be a good outcome for the President. Also, most of the votes are electronic now, so probaly the only ones being counted are mail in’s and I would have to assume that all companies want to get repeat business, so if these aren’t acurately counted, then they won’t get the contract to do it again.

  • Bill Howerton

    Truthfully, I don’t put much stock in the Gallup polls at this time. It polls “Registered voters” as opposed to “Likely voters”. Think about that a moment: Who are the least reliable voting blocks out there? College students, and minorities. Who did the Obama ground team target last time for registration? Students and minorities. Last time was an anomoly – those groups got excited and actually showed up at the polls. This year, according to all the data, is likely going to see turnout that is much more consistent with year’s past.

    Therefore any poll that only samples “registered voters” can probably be taken with a grain of salt.

  • Pingback: FLASHBACK: DUKAKIS +17 OVER BUSH AFTER DNC 1988… - Rise of the Right()

  • Pingback: Flashback: Dukakis Led Bush By 17 Points After 1988 DNC()

  • Semper fi 1950

    I have only thing I can think of to say Is:::: Obama born a Marxist is a Marxist and will always be a Marxist —-If he gets a second time God help this great country because he is out to change it for the worst —-
    Primer Nikita Khrushchev once stated:::

    “We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism,
    but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism,
    until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.”

    Well the leader is here and his name is Obama or is he the reincarnation of Hitler

  • Elliot

    Insulting someone who believes differently than you does not reflect credit on you or what you believe. Getalife: you embarrass yourself with lackluster arguments, misspellings, and blind faith in a man (Obama) who said of himself shortly after his election: “If I can’t get this economy turned around in three years, this a one-term proposition.”

    Let’s remember that in 1776 our young nation took steps to throw off a tyrannical regime given to unjustifiably heavy taxation. I’m betting the British House of Commons used words like “they need to pay their fair share,” when hiking taxes on “rich” colonists. The idea of a small, unintrusive Federal government balances well the reality of human nature (selfish, violent, power-seeking) so that immoral leaders cannot wield excessive power, while simultaneously avoiding burdening productive citizens in society. The ideas you, Obama, and Leftists espouse would return us to a heavy-handed government and open the door to Tyranny.

    To my fellow conservatives: let’s conduct ourselves with wisdom, understanding the times. Let’s be gracious toward our opponents, wise with our nation’s money, and humble as leaders. And, on November 6th, let’s vote!

  • MichaelT

    The past comparisons are irrelevant. We are dealing with a far different and diverse electorate. It is very difficult for the GOP to run a base election, depending largely on white voters, especially elderly ones. If they can’t peel off slices of hispanics, women, even African Americans, the math doesn’t add up. Not to mention the fact that Ohio appears to be gone for Romney, and he has no one to blame but himself for saying he’d let the auto industry go bankrupt (big mistake). No modern republicans has won the WH without Ohio. That’s not to say it isn’t possible, but extremely difficult.

  • getalife

    corporate and rw media are desperately trying to tell you it is not over.

    It is and now it is time to hold the gop accountable for the costs to our country for their obstruction.

    They should have united after the collapse to fight for our recovery but decided to get our President for this election.

    Vote out the failed gop congress and vote for our President.

  • mg4us

    Hey everyone. . gallup Just polled me. . . said they only had three simple questions relating to upcoming presidential election:

    !) Have I ever been audited by IRS?

    2) Have I ever been investigated by the DOJ?

    3)For the upcoming Presidential Election, would I be patriotic and forward looking by voting for Obama for another Historic term so as to finish the change he has started or
    would I be a narrow minded racist by voting for the Cayman Island banking felon Mitt Romney?

    I asked is this their standard question and they said yes. .

    So I voted for Obama. . . Who wants an IRS audit and DOJ Investigation?

  • Pingback: Flashback: Gallup Had Carter Up 4 Points Over Ronald Reagan in September 1980 | Hilltop Farm()

  • Bobby Starfish

    Here are 95 examples of Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, and cronyism http://tinyurl.com/95examples

  • Bobby Starfish

    Here are 95 examples of Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, and cronyism: http://tinyurl.com/95examples

  • delatopia

    #201 mg4us, Gallup is the most right-leaning polling outfit in the U.S. today. Your satire is idiotic on that basis. But nice try.

  • Bill

    The media and the polling agencies are pulling the same old lame game from past elections. these people are insane and even psychotic it seems.

  • Jeannie

    From instapundit.com – putting on a couple of threads, forgive the duplication but it bears repeating:


    Yesterday at various blogs I read over and over again that the Dem convention gave Obama a big bounce, that he’s winning, that his approval is now over 50%, that their enthusiasm is as high as that of the Republican crowd, that–

    And then you look at the polls that caused this “sky is falling” fit. What are those polls? Those polls are, in fact, the same old sh*te. They poll all adults, which you KNOW skews Democrat. They poll registered voters, which you know skews Democrat. They poll with a skew of 4% Democrats over Republicans as though this were still 2008, as if 2010 had never happened.

    Then all the people on the right echo these as though they were legitimate and say “oh, but the polls were correct before.”

    Really? The polls were correct before? When? The very last polls before the elections, when pollsters try to salvage their reputation? Sometimes. More or less. Kind of. But up till then when something can be got from the propaganda and from seeding despondency on the right, the polls have been insanely skewed.

    Beyond all that, 2008 and before was a different game. The unemployment statistics used to be more or less correct, too, and, oh, yeah, the Justice Department didn’t used to sue pollsters. Neither of those is true anymore.

    Read the whole thing.

    Related: ‘Operation Demoralize Is Working Just as Planned.’ Only if you let it.

    UPDATE: “Chin up, folks. It’s September. We who follow politics know that the media cheerleaders are in the tank for the 0ne. Of course they’re lying for him.”

    Another reader emails: “Don’t get sucked in by Obama’s MSM.. . the only way he has a chance is if the GOP support is suppressed.”

  • Jeannie

    #205 – Gallup was threatened by the DOJ. UNEXPECTEDLY it had several DAYS of no shift at all (a virtual impossibility).

    SHOW where gallup is hte most right leaning poll. Given that it has continually been wrong when favoring the left, I’d really like a few mentions of when it was right leaning.



  • Fred J. Rosenthal

    “Some people don’t want to hear the truth about Obama because they don’t want their illusions destroyed!”

  • Jeannie

    #5 Thank you, BG.

  • Fred J. Rosenthal

    “Knowledge is our strength; ignorance is your weakness!”

  • Jeannie

    No, they don’t want their entitlements destroyed.

    Bishop Morlino, Ryan’s bishop, said that was most distressing to him about Catholics for ‘social justice’ programs is that they honestly could not conceive that we could actually run out of money. They think that being able to print money means it is bottomless.

    Had our history done even the simplest education, using Zimbabwe’s 30 year descent from the abundant agricultural, educational and cultural breadbasket of the world into the abyss of illiteracy, starvation and ZERO private sector growth and ownership, it would need no more than that to explain to people that money printed without any capital on which to base it is just inflation and drives down the value of the dollar, while driving up the price.

    “This girl is want. This boy is ignorance. Beware especially the boy.” ~Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol”.

  • Pingback: An 80s Flashback | Colorblind()

  • Democrats do not care about Americans working in the Auto Industry!

    What a joke! This about the Unions that bribe Democrats and help them with voter fraud to streal elections.

    Had GM gone under – the U.S. Industry would be much stronger and all GM employees would be working.

    FACT: 85% of all American workers that build, sell, service, AND provide parts – do not work for GM. Repeat – DO NOT WORK for GM.

    GM continues to drag down the industry and is weeks from collapse.

    85% of AMERICANS that work in the U.S. Auto Industry work for – Ford, KIA, Honda, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Jeep, Mazda, Volkswagen, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Audi, Subaru, Suzuki, Mercedes, Saab, Porsche, Jaguar, Hyundai, Ferrari, Land Rover, Maserati, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Maybach, Chrysler, and GM.

    When Pam Am went under – 13,000 American workers did NOT loose their pensions – they joined Delta and United!

    Obama gave pension funds of over 13,000 American workers in the U.S. Auto Industry to the unions.

    Don’t fall for their baloney – they don’t care about American workers – it’s ONLY about the Unions.

    Example 2 – Obama told Boeing to take it’s jobs overseas unless the jobs in the SE are Union jobs – Obama lost!

    Example 3 – Obama rejected the Keystone pipeline and we lost 1.5 million jobs! GONE!

    All about the unions – Obama answered to the Unions! They say jump – Obama jumps!

    Facts not Attacks!

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  • Pingback: POLL: O 47% R 43%… | Freedom Report()

  • JD

    Someone said months ago that people are affaid to say how they really feel about Obama when they’re polled in person or over the phone. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Romney was really 20 points ahead right now.

  • getalife

    “Well, I’m not getting rid of all of health care reform,” the former Massachusetts governor said in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

    He lied about repealing ObamaCare cons.

  • Jeannie


    I was very anti-romney, but it’s funny I don’t see him dodging questions and ‘lying’ the way he keeps on being characterized. In fact I have seen him explain some of his decisions much in hte way that our government has in the past had to defend unfortunate but necessary alliances.

    I’m among the last people to defend career politicians but I don’t get hte sense that Romney is in it for hte power.

    Anybody who took on that ginormous mess that was the Olympics and resolved it so well is NOT someone who is taking on responsibilities to grandstand.

  • Sarah

    This is a great ad. Made for the 2010 mid-terms and now revamped for 2012. Really powerful!

  • Sarah
  • The gap will get wider come the debates. Romney’s mormon cultism, offshore accounts, money laundering, tax evasion, draft dodging, Medicare theft while at Damon Corp, the many flip flops and is illegal son of boss tax shelters will bury him.

    Ryan is a huge liability for Mitt too. He’s a godless Ayn Rand devotee and a big liar as well.

  • Barack Milhous Dewey WINS!

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  • Bobby Starfish

    Here are 95 examples of President Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, and cronyism: http://tinyurl.com/95examples

  • Jim

    Why does our side disavow the current polls from Rasmussen, Zogby and Gallup that all show a three to fove point “bounce” for Obama since the DNC concluded? Instead of taking seriously the fact that ALL of these polls are consistent—Obama is leading and has gaining momentum—we try to take solice in an outdated (and probably unrelaible) poll from 1980? If that is the best we can do to reasure ourselves, then we are in big trouble!

  • Gary


    The only bounce you need to look for is when we tell Obama to bounce, and we’ll do that in November.

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  • gwhh

    i am a litttle concerned about this Ronald Reagan WON by 9 points. There was 3 people running for president. in 1980.

    John B. Anderson recieved 6.6% of the vote
    J Carter 41.0%
    R Reagan 50.7%

    Yes, regean BEAT Jimmy by 9.7% that Anderson was a serious out in the open leftist.

    So who know how the election would have gone without him. But regean did win the majority and did win 44 states!

    But he did not win by a TRUE 9.7% of the vote. If that guy would not have run. He would have still won by 3.10% which is MORE than obama won in 2008. HE won by 2.9% of the popular vote.

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  • Pingback: Thud. Obama’s Convention Bounce Hits Bottom – Even Carter Had Better Lead in 1980|Politifreak()

  • Pingback: Thud. Obama’s Convention Bounce Hits Bottom – Even Carter Had Better Lead in 1980|Politifreak()

  • Obama is Going to Lose. Deal With it.

  • Pingback: so much for gallup poll accuracy - City-Data Forum()

  • Vote 2012

    I never thought I would see another President who ranks even lower behind Carter on accomplishments, but Obama wins that award. America better wake up and get out in November and vote this clown out of office. No excuses, if you don’t get out and vote this country is doomed if BO wins again. This is the most important election in our lifetime, spread the word, tell your friends and family, get out and vote so we can get our country back. VOTE

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