Eat your peas.

Last month while campaigning in Iowa, First Lady Michelle Obama asked Barack if he was sneaking fried Twinkies in Iowa.

Now we know our self-appointed food czar enjoys snacking on the tasty treats herself.
What hypocrisy!



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  1. HA! I knew she looked rounder lately!

  2. Mooch wearing the darned table cloth again

  3. ++

    September 17, 2012

    Zuhdi Jasser: America in ‘Cold War 2.0 with an Islamic flavor’

    [“What we’re seeing now I would basically look upon as Cold War
    2.0 with an Islamic flavor,” said Jasser, the founding president of
    the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. ”We have let them
    define who we are. We have let their media define that America is
    the enemy and everything is to blame on the West and that has
    allowed them to avoid fixing their own condition.”

    “And yet, when they do try to fix their own condition, like the Syrians
    and the Egyptians and the Tunisians have, we have gone and helped
    the wrong people — the [Muslim] Brotherhood, the Islamists.”]

    Iran Egypt Turkey offer way to remove Assad, what Syria needs
    is a Syrian solution, the region should offer a strong prospective,
    not imposed..


  4. I just gagged on my lobster thermidor and truffles. Hand me a Big Gulp while they’re still legal.

  5. Well we know Moochelle has been sneaking into the Peking Garden restaurant at late night, just by judging the size of the rickshaw she’s pulling.

  6. This trick looks like something we’d see in a cage. Also, her ahz is a wide as Kansas. Don’t tell me this hypocrite eats LOTS of veggies. They are, undoubtedly, the ugliest first couple in my generation, maybe of all time.

  7. Oh really? And she had me convinced her ass was expanding strictly from arugula salads.

  8. KK: It’s either a table cloth or the interior of a 53′ Plymouth when she dresses up. If there’s a Twinkie (not Barry) involved, it’s the table cloth for sure.

  9. Chewy needs her calories.

  10. ++

    September 17, 2012

    Video emerges of Sydney girl promoting jihad

    [Eight-year-old Ruqaya yesterday addressed a crowd at the
    Australian chapter of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Bankstown as part of
    their "Muslims Rise" conference, Nine News reports.

    Ruqaya spoke of her love for jihad, which means a spiritual
    struggle or holy war, the global Islam community, known as
    Ummah, and the violent uprisings in Syria.

    "These uprisings have demonstrated that this Ummah is alive
    and well, that her sentiments are for Islam, her love is for Jihad,
    she has unshackled herself from the fear which she held," she

    "Children as young as myself can be seen on the streets joining
    the uprisings, risking their lives to bring food, water and medicine
    to their wounded family members, some of them never returning
    to their mothers ... Nobody is too young."]

    please note: police were tipped off by MUSLIMS beforehand..


  11. Fried Volkswagons too.

  12. Sometimes when I make fun of Moochilin Man eating twinkies I wonder if I am wasting my time with inconsequential things. Like, why am I so filled with hate over such a small thing. Then I remember how the LIEBERALS attacked Laura Bush for a hit-and-run murder, and how they lied about having videotape of Nancy Reagan having sex with a rottweiler. THEN I KNOW WHY WE HAVE TO KEEP OUR POWDER DRY

  13. If you want to see Moochie as of how she will age in the future, look no further than her hometown of Chicago and the head of the teachers union, Karen Lewis…..


  14. Of course M.O. won’t eat the veggies, she knows what’s in the peas, carrots, rice et al.

    ‘Instead of putting genetically modified foods through proper trials as consumers have been demanding for years, it appears the United States Department of Agriculture in alliance with the Chinese government have instead chosen to secretly test their latest GMO rice on young Chinese children. What’s particularly interesting is the fact that the agencies decided they even needed to test the rice, after claiming that GMO rice and all other GM creations are virtually identical to natural foods.’

    US and China Caught Secretly Testing GMO Rice on Children

    Is this why M.O. is pushing ‘healthy’ foods to schoolchildren? It’s just a tesy of GMO foods for all we know.

  15. Well aware of Michelle and her great pride she takes in this nation.{sarc}.

    hypo CRISY
    With 7 weeks or less until election time, I JUST WANT TO SEE THE TWO LOSERS OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE.

  16. Michelle Obama: ‘Instead of Pointing Fingers and Placing Blame, Barack Got to Work’

    just barf up that veggie sandwich, mo.

  17. #18

    Michelle Obama: ‘Instead of Pointing Fingers and Placing Blame, Barack Got to Work…on his short game.’

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