Disgusting… Chicago Teachers Union Holds Protest Outside 9-11 Memorial

The Chicago Teachers Union protested outside a 9-11 Memorial event today in Chicago.

WLS reported:

Dozens of striking Chicago teachers are protesting outside a Sept. 11 memorial event where Gov. Pat Quinn is speaking.

The Chicago Democrat hasn’t weighed in on the walkout, which entered its second day on Tuesday.

As he headed into the event, Quinn walked through the crowd, which sang “Amazing Grace” and held American flags. He said “Good luck.”

The teachers marched over from nearby Curie Metro High School on the city’s southwest side.

More… On the first day of its strike, the Chicago Teachers Union was joined by a supportive collection of political radicals, including some proudly wearing Che Guevara t-shirts and others hoisting anarchist flags.

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  • mg4us

    We have met the enemy. .the fifth column. . .

    What are we waiting for?

  • stuart

    Because the death of three thousand Americans is nothing compared to the demands of the ill educated, propagandist mob who call themselves teachers.
    Let’s get our priorities straight here.

  • “…Quinn walked through the crowd, which sang “Amazing Grace” and held American flags…”

    Really? I don’t even see ONE American flag in that group.

  • Granny

    Wait till you see the picture that appeared on my Facebook page Jim Hoft – emailed it to you a few minutes ago. Absolutely ASTOUNDING – almost enough to make me cry.

  • mg4us

    If they refuse to respect the memory of 9-11 then we do not respect them. . .

    If I were a Chicago Parent, I would want my child taught by knowledgable, intelligent and PATRIOTIC teachers. . .

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  • Adi

    Because the Barak Hussein/Michelle kiss memorial deserves respect.

  • Patty

    This is the DNC’s Godless Nation is action.

    Shameful, Disgraceful and I wish they are could PLEASE BE FIRED.

  • Patty

    We walk among Heroes. And then the enemies who TEACH OUR CHILDREN.

  • l.barney

    Of all days! NO RESPECT!

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  • Patty

    We hear that some are forgetting 911 but when teachers do, Teachers they are NOT.

  • donh

    THANK YOU Romney and Ryan for weighing in on the side of the students ! Keep it up and win by 7%.

  • Redwine

    Romney and Ryan just called Comrade Barrry’s bluff. (Something I was hoping they’d do.) Rush reported that they made a statement siding with Rahmbo against the unions – Barry’s shakedown gang.


  • Cindy Starfish

    Chicago’s striking public school teachers earn $74,839 per year, and 39% of them send their own children to private schools http://tinyurl.com/9e9qaot

  • Patty

    Government unions will destroy the finances of every State and municipality in this country unless they are stopped.
    Chicago Teachers Vote to Strike; 350,000 Kids Affected; 16% Raise Over 4 Years Not Good Enough; Strike of Choice; Roadblock to Reform
    The average teacher in Chicago makes $76,000 a year for nine months of work. They were offered 16% salary increase spread over four years. Given the system has a $665 million deficit this year and a bigger one next year, I am wondering why there should be a raise at all.

    Strike of Choice

    Every strike is a strike of choice. Moreover, given projected budget deficits and with pension plans even deeper in the hole, the 16% raise offer was actually far too generous.

    The ideal approach by mayor Rahm Emanuel would look something like this.

    Immediately fire all 25,000 teachers, disband the union, and kill defined benefit pension plans
    Offer teachers their jobs back with a zero percent pay raise with three days to decide
    For each day beyond three, the city would reduce its offer to teachers by $2,000 a day
    Offer generous relocation expenses to those willing to come to Chicago to teach
    Offer substitute teachers full-time jobs

    It is time to break the back of the insidious grip public unions have on the state of Illinois. There is no better place than Chicago to start.


  • Clafoutis

    Selfish, insensitive, greedy, and ignorant Unionistas have no business teaching our children.

    Fire them all.

  • Buffalobob

    Progs don’t respect anyone except their idols. If you want to be upset on the this notable day, google AZ 9 11 memorial to read the discusting anti US/war statements that were emblazoned on aluminum monument. Big Sis was the governor of AZ at the time and the appointed memorial committee of academics and intellectuals came up with some blame the US beauties.

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  • Whiskeytangofoxtrot

    Its all about him and for his followers its all about them…as usual.

  • Highlander

    These people would gladly shoot themselves in the foot to protect their raises and fat pensions? They’re supposedly teachers, but apparently they’re too stupid to realize that they will suffer along with the rest of us when they drive this country off the cliff. I find that somewhat disturbing …

  • mg4us

    Obama turns his back on America by not condemning attack on US embassy today!

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  • democraps suck

    It’s what union thugs do…avg. salary for a Chicago thug teacher is $75 k….fire them all and get recent college graduates that can’t get a job because of the unions and obummer the mooslum……

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Dozens of striking Chicago teachers are protesting outside a Sept. 11 memorial event where Gov. Pat Quinn is speaking.

    It’s the me-me-me generation in full regalia.

  • Ripped

    Nothing is more important than the wants of the union scum.

  • Mg4us #23

    You are soooo right. But he never has had any respect for the United States.

    Also I agree that Chicago should fire all of the teachers..period! Like Reagan did the Air Controllers.

  • Tammy

    To quote Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles…”Hey, where the white women at”…

  • Larkin

    Incompetency does not deserve ANY concessions.

    Fire their asses and


  • Abigail

    I was part of the strike this morning, and we had no idea he was there for a memorial. A few minutes after we were told, and some teachers realized, we set ourselves on the sides of the sidewalk to not disturb people, the musicality group of the school sang amazing grace, we lowered our signs, and we were quiet until Pat Quinn finished giving his speech and drove away.
    I do not believe that’s disrespectful, and I know for a fact that my teachers are not greedy, nor deserve to be fired. A french teacher today was there with her 5 month baby and changed him on the grass outside of school. Our teachers also parents, and their kids are also in CPS, they also have to deal with daycare. SO MANY teachers did not want to go on strike, a favorite of mine was told that the decision to let her buy her house would depend on the end of the strike and how long it lasted. Teachers are also risking a lot.
    The strike that’s happening is a last means of fighting, of letting them know that they cannot step all over CTU, we’re fighting for respect, and treatment they deserve.
    It’s not just about payment… talk to a teacher, try to be in their shoes. The media portrays every strike or summit or anything poorly, don’t buy into their twisted messages.
    Teachers are our educators and in CPS they go above and beyond, they stay after school for students, they give up their lunch period to help out a student, some teachers even pay for their student supplies.
    Thousands of teachers did not just decide one day that they were going to on strike, and not teach their students, it was something developed over time. They’re still waking up at 5 in the morning and going to school, they’re still teaching us, they’re teaching us to stand up for what we believe in and be part of something greater. To BE part of something and help each other out. These are life lessons that are worth more than what 2+2 is.

  • anti-bho

    ♪ ♪ Look for.. the union Babel…. ♪ ♪

    Could be that Sears Tower building.

  • anti-bho

    “A french teacher today was there with her 5 month baby and changed him on the grass outside of school.”

    Very touching, but there’s somewhere around one half million students who those same teachers were hired to “change” from ignoramouses to some degree of educated who aren’t being taught jack.

  • SoLongSong

    #31: Facts are facts, ma’am. You’re on the wrong side of this one. Not in THIS economy. Even more, not with THIS particular group’s rate of “success”. A 35% raise?!

    Yes, yes, oh, the LONG HOURS, you poor things! LOTS of jobs work those hours! You get holidays and summers off! The average salary in this area, where the teachers are making $75k+, is $46k. PIGS, PIGS, PIGS.

    “For the children” my a$$.

  • Cindy Starfish

    Chicago’s striking public school teachers earn $74,839 per year, and 39% of them send their own children to private schools http://tinyurl.com/9e9qaot

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  • DomesticGoddess

    Axelrod most likely told them to go there for maximum marketing exposure.
    This is why semis have not been banned (yet). If Hussien wins a second term, the government WILL turn on the people.

  • Olivia

    Many people want to weigh in on the issue but have the one-sided views that the media brainwashes you into believing. First of all, the main issue is NOT the money. If being a teacher is so glamorous then why are there not people out there aspiring to be teachers the way you see teenagers and young children aspiring to be rappers, tv stars, and famous simply for being famous? Being a teacher is not an easy job and the way administrators, people like Emanuel, and Brizard take advantage of them and exploit them is what is truly disgusting. The simple fact that people are out there “reading”and “writing”about the issue (even if their views are ignorant and influenced by poor media portrayal) can be attributed to at LEAST one good teacher out there in the world and that alone should show for itself the amazing work of teachers and in theory should be enough to rebuke the misinformed ideas of certain people.

  • RB

    #31 You said SOME of the teachers, clearly not all. I find your behbehavior disgusting and reprehensible. You say you deserve respect, earn it. I come from a family of teachers don’t act like no one knows what its like. Frankly I now believe all CTU teachers need to go

  • Miller Time

    #6 Abigale…I hope you’re not a teacher…(if your are, maybe it’s P.E. or something)?
    Your missive is devoid of proper syntax.

    Emanual is a Chigcao thug, but at least he’s trying to seek some proficiency among his teacher corp. There are good and bad teachers…the good ones are rowing the boat…the bad ones are getting a free ride. It’s time the bad ones were weeded out.

  • RB

    I asked a random CTU member about this story and picture. His exact reply was” who gives a f***”. How in the world am I supposed to support a organization with this attitude, anyone ?

  • Chicago tax paying citizen

    Fire them all! I’ve never seen such crap!