Devastating… GOP Releases “We’ve Heard It All Before” (Video)

The GOP released this devastating ad just in time for the Democratic convention in Charlotte.
“We’ve heard it all before.”

Hat Tip RealMc

Related… That roar you hear in the distance may be a tidal wave building.
Doug Ross writes:

I truly believe that the American people — all races, all creeds, all colors, all religions, all income levels — are marshaling together to try to save this Republic in November — first and foremost, by rejecting the Cloward-Piven Democrat Party.

Let’s hope so.

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  • bg


    Barry Dunham Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama
    gives new to meaning to ‘Play It Again Sam’..


  • bg


    Feb. 17, 2008

    ‘Just Words’


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  • bg



    September 2, 2012

    Mother of SEAL Criticizes Obama Ad


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  • kato

    One might think this one-trick subprime pony wouldn’t need the teleprompters anymore.

  • US Navy Corpseman

    The coming tsunami of RNC PAC ads – floodgates of pent-up cash now opened. All Obungle

    has left is a garden hose to spout his worn-out blather.

  • Bigea

    Jug ears truly believes that all the dumb people who believed him the first time, are so dumb that they will believe him again. Come on America, let’s show him in Nov. that he is wrong! Fool some of us once, (not me) shame on you,. fool us twice, shame on us!

  • Lenny

    Thereare some really great stuff coming out, and GWP and Doug Ross need to be commended for their excellent work in getting the message out. Hope fully they wwill start theer own television netwrok, like Glenn Beck, and utalize all of the other great bloggers out there.

  • Timothy Carter

    Same speeches, same promises, same Marxist.
    Hearing it all again is enough to make you wanna throw up.

  • Guy

    i would add at the end

    5 trillones in Debt later same words same promises

  • mg4us

    It feels like Groundhog Day. . .
    With the scene repeating itself
    Over & Over & Over again

    Where did Four years go?
    What Did President Zero Accomplish?

    Oh yes, Devalue the Dollar, Lower Our Credit Rating, And Government Takeover of GM, Chrysler and Healthcare. .

    Someone should run an ad using Obama narrating his book Dreams from My Father p47 where his Mom says this about fellow Americans. .THESE ARE NOT MY PEOPLE!

    Play that over and Over & Over Again
    Obama saying THESE ARE NOT MY PEOPLE!!!

  • mg4us

    Get all your colleagues, Neighbors, family and friends to see
    2016:Obama’s America

  • Joanne

    Blah, blah, blah.

    I’d like to know where that five, now six, trillion dollars have gone. How does someone spend six trillion dollars and have nothing to show for it? Me thinks there are a lot of socialists with their pockets lined with cash.

  • Obama has to wear his tie that tight so the foreskin doesn’t pop up over his head.

  • Flintstone F.

    I thought Romney was the “redo.”

    Calling Obama an “empty suit” is to clutter an empty suit with a void well beyond empty.

    (I can see the strings).

    In other news: Obama approval 43% (ouch) with 64 days left (double ouch).

  • In other news: Obama approval 43% (ouch) with 64 days left (double ouch).…in D+13 polling no less….triple ouch.

  • Male Silverback

    I don’t want any f*ing biodiesel… I want the real thing.

  • Oliver

    in light of his non-stop “same old tired Bush policies” mantra, this ad is very powerful. Wow.

  • sandy

    That ad is incredible. It should be playing over and over so that people can see Obama is stuck in a groove like those old 78 RPM records. Where’s the apology for the last 4 years? Does he reall believe he gets a do over and that once again after 4 years of misery he can pretend he just got to Washington?

  • Baby Clock

    “Serpent’s Words”

    He speaks kind words, so “fair of face”,
    But underneath there lies disgrace–
    Respect is NEVER owed to SIN,
    Nor to a traitor born within,
    A “home” where hatred ruled supreme,
    Who now “acts out” his bitter scheme,
    The destruction of our American dream.

    “Respect cannot be learned, purchased or acquired – it can only be earned” (Anon.)

    “Men are respectable only as they respect” Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • bigL

    I read that it takes a human,counting as in 1..2..3…, thirty-two thousand years(32,000 yrs) to count to a trillion. It used to be that a trillion was a measurement of distance to go to the stars.We don’t do stars or space so now it is money.
    Another look is that it is a million million.
    This is insane to keep this spending plan up and when there is no discernable result too.
    Obama can run again in four years if people love him so much. In the meantime we need different view, group of different staffers. No Czars,a functioning cabinet. Not a one of our jobs in govt are permanent. They can come back too Perish the thought. But we should insist that the c.v. of staffers be put on the internet so we cansee if Senastor X has all former members of the communist party.

  • bg


    September 3, 2012

    A Second Term, Or A Second Chance?

    [At the Democrat National Convention, August 28, 2008, Barack Hussein Obama gave the country a glimpse of the grotesque smugness we would have to endure for the next four years by taking a swipe and sneering at Conservatives, those with traditional American values, and his opponent, John McCain.



    Obamacare will cover illegal aliens, which makes about as
    much sense as rewarding a bank robber with a new debit

    Now that Mr. Obama has failed as a president in heretofore unimaginable ways, listening to his sleazy campaign tactics today one can only wonder openly if he is a: Hypocrite? Lunatic? Pharisee? Psychotic? Charlatan? Heretic? Puppet? Maniac? Joker, Smoker, and mid-night Toker, or highly trained foreign operative with a past littered with notorious associations, no records, no conscience, and predictably schooled extensively in the art of dissembling. He’s so sociopathically absorbed he’s probably awaiting another call from the Nobel Committee, but this time thinks it should be for Economics.


    Enough good sources have verified that it is the intent of the Obama campaign to “destroy” Mitt Romney, which is not only predictably classless, it demonstrates that the administration must rely on his cheap shot language from 2008 as somehow being a strategy, for all they have remaining is to trot out stale tactics to scare voters because they don’t have any fresh ideas, and, when you don’t have a record to run on you paint the opponent as someone to run from.


    The man is not asking for a second term, he’s asking
    for a second chance. The question is, at what?]

    fantastic piece, hope you take a few minutes to read the whole thing..


  • they should contrast what he said in 2008 as what he has actually done.

  • Chataranga

    Nail. Head.

    Doubt the MSM will even go near this one. Won’t see Donny Douche and the rest of the “Professionals” on TODAY trying to tell us it isn’t effective. Just hope it goes away quietly.

    Nope. Nothing to see here. Have you seen our sand sculpture??!!

  • StormWarning

    He PROMISED that change will come AND it did. He just didn’t promise that this change would make everyone sick!

    It’s time to wake up people – this man is evil. This is a truly bad man and if he wins in November 2012 your country will never be the same.

  • MrAzeker

    It’s quite possible that had the GOP been more willing to work with Obama during his first four year, we wouldn’t be watching trite comparative videos as seen above.

  • Kachonka

    MrAzeker commented: “It’s quite possible that had the GOP been more willing to work with Obama during his first four year, we wouldn’t be watching trite comparative videos as seen above.”

    So what were they supposed to do? Kick in his closed door meetings or read the bills after his Senate shoves them through? He didn’t even put the bills up for review like he promised. WTH UP.

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  • Brit

    Re 24: No Mulligans allowed!!

  • kmattes

    MrAzeker commented: “It’s quite possible that had the GOP been more willing to work with Obama during his first four year, we wouldn’t be watching trite comparative videos as seen above.”

    Why should the GOP work with him for the last TWO years when his own party refused to for the first two? He (Obama) has proven that he has no interest in working with either the Republicans or the Democrats and bypasses both with the use of Executive Orders. The only promise he has kept to date is that of change and in my opinion that is not something to be proud of. What has Mr. Obama done FOR this country in the past four years?

  • SoLongSong

    The ONLY promise obama has kept is “To Fundamentally Transform America”.

    May he forever rot. (it’s not too late to change it back, however)

  • crackermike

    Only the stupidest actually believe Obama’s crap. The real question is; has Obama addicted enough people to welfare that they, along with the dead, will get him re-elected for the free money. The Republic lies in the balance.

  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, we have been through hard times and we will rise and then fall…err, I can’t see the Teleprompter. Get a new one!

    There are a lot of empty chairs in this audience! That’s because I was fired by Eastwood. My campaign SUXs! I will not be fired without taking my Union Donors with me!

    My Union donors will fall with me! I have their money! And, most of it is wasted. But, there is some hidden union money in my Swiss Bank account. I will take it with me when I get kicked out of the chair! Screw the Union donors!

    If my donors like the way I have wasted their money then they should give me more money! It takes a lot of money to spend other peoples money! Send me $3.00 before midnight! My campaign is going Bust.

    It’s the same of song and dance! You give me more money and I give you empty promises – which are defended the in the OP ED pages of the NYT. You then get the shaft! Ha!

    My campaign is going sour and Davy Axelrod has yet another scam for my Union donors. It’s call the Shame On You scam. It’s involves scolding my Union donors for more money in the name of Collective Cronyism. I cannot go into details at this time.

    Besides, my Union Donors always vote for me. Why shouldn’t they continue? I say take their money and screw them. My campaign stinks like a sewer hole but after I bankrupt my Union donors it will stink worse. Good day.

  • mg4us

    Here is How they Plan to spin Obama to his past supporters. . .

    Need to pass the you tube link above for all to see. Here is a link to cut and paste

    and here is Clint Eastwood remixed with Halftime in America in WE OWN THIS COUNTRY!:

    Send them both to friends, colleagues and family alike. . . now and before Election Day

  • Same speeches, same promises, same Marxist.
    Hearing it all again is enough to make you wanna throw up.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    The same lies by the same liar, but now we KNOW he’s a communist, as well as a queer…

  • MrAzeker

    When I listen to the speech he made and makes again, I have a hard time finding any lies. Please point them out to me if you could.

    Additionally, please take a minute to read this. At least give it a chance. I don’t care if you attack me after, but please do read it.

    When you do return fire, please do so with evidence and not ridiculous, brainwashed, irrational hogwash like “The same lies by the same liar, but now we KNOW he’s a communist, as well as a queer…” (Thank you Earl P. Holt. Well stated sir.).

  • paul52

    The fuel tank of Democrat ideas is defunct of even fumes. Nature abhors a vacuum…. OT: looks like the royal family will skip Martha’s Vineyard this year. The poor dears!

  • Patriot

    Empty words, from an empty suit, in an empty chair reading a teleprompter with the same old sayings on it……you’d think he could come up with better lies by now!

    I am voting for ROMNEY & RYAN on November 6th! How about you?

  • Bullseye TenSpot

    I see one lie and broken promise. He is running for a second term (broken promise). Lies? Where should I start? 2006 Obama criticized the GOP for the high gas prices facing us as a nation (2.50 per gallon+-) . In the winter of 2008 $1.85 per gallon. Now? Well, you know.
    Cut our dependence on foreign oil? Not with Moratoriums (sic).
    Here are a few mis-information statements made at the DNC. I love tha term. Perfect for Obummer’s admin. Kind of makes one want to ask the sirst lady: ” So, did you enjoy the DNC?” Sorry, I digress. These were written by Associated Press Reporters.

    And here is proof that the Dems have their head where it shouldn’t be. Let’s talk about Socialism and Marxism. BTW, Obama’s father was not born in Kenya. I believe he was born here. This is why the time line does not his so called Kenyan father. Further more, Obama did not write the book “Dreams From My Father” Look it up.

    Ok, Here is the best one:

    Have fun with these.

  • Bullseye TenSpot

    One more. When Bush was President, In 2007 I believe, maybe 2008; Bush put forth the same stimulus or bail-out plan which was voted down by the dem. controlled Congress. Why? If it was good in 2009, why wasn’t it good a year or two before?
    Now Blame Bush? Crap! IN 2007 ans 2008 the DEM. controlled congress got the legislation passed to ease lending rules and standards through Fannie May and Freddy Mac, as well as most major banks, so as to allow lower income families the opportunity to purchase houses and other needs and wants on credit. Nobody did anything about insuring a way for these same people to pay for them. Just lowering the standards does not mean that now these people can afford the things they couldn’t before. Look at Obama’s record in both Senates (Illinois and the U.S.) What did he vote on? Not much. Mostly against. Remember, a vote of “present” does not mean voted for. He just didn’t vote against.