The GOP released this devastating ad just in time for the Democratic convention in Charlotte.
“We’ve heard it all before.”

Hat Tip RealMc

Related… That roar you hear in the distance may be a tidal wave building.
Doug Ross writes:

I truly believe that the American people — all races, all creeds, all colors, all religions, all income levels — are marshaling together to try to save this Republic in November — first and foremost, by rejecting the Cloward-Piven Democrat Party.

Let’s hope so.



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  1. ++

    Barry Dunham Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama
    gives new to meaning to ‘Play It Again Sam’..


  2. ++

    Feb. 17, 2008

    ‘Just Words’


  3. One might think this one-trick subprime pony wouldn’t need the teleprompters anymore.

  4. The coming tsunami of RNC PAC ads – floodgates of pent-up cash now opened. All Obungle

    has left is a garden hose to spout his worn-out blather.

  5. Jug ears truly believes that all the dumb people who believed him the first time, are so dumb that they will believe him again. Come on America, let’s show him in Nov. that he is wrong! Fool some of us once, (not me) shame on you,. fool us twice, shame on us!

  6. Thereare some really great stuff coming out, and GWP and Doug Ross need to be commended for their excellent work in getting the message out. Hope fully they wwill start theer own television netwrok, like Glenn Beck, and utalize all of the other great bloggers out there.

  7. Same speeches, same promises, same Marxist.
    Hearing it all again is enough to make you wanna throw up.

  8. i would add at the end

    5 trillones in Debt later same words same promises

  9. It feels like Groundhog Day. . .
    With the scene repeating itself
    Over & Over & Over again

    Where did Four years go?
    What Did President Zero Accomplish?

    Oh yes, Devalue the Dollar, Lower Our Credit Rating, And Government Takeover of GM, Chrysler and Healthcare. .

    Someone should run an ad using Obama narrating his book Dreams from My Father p47 where his Mom says this about fellow Americans. .THESE ARE NOT MY PEOPLE!

    Play that over and Over & Over Again
    Obama saying THESE ARE NOT MY PEOPLE!!!

  10. Get all your colleagues, Neighbors, family and friends to see
    2016:Obama’s America

  11. Blah, blah, blah.

    I’d like to know where that five, now six, trillion dollars have gone. How does someone spend six trillion dollars and have nothing to show for it? Me thinks there are a lot of socialists with their pockets lined with cash.

  12. Obama has to wear his tie that tight so the foreskin doesn’t pop up over his head.

  13. I thought Romney was the “redo.”

    Calling Obama an “empty suit” is to clutter an empty suit with a void well beyond empty.

    (I can see the strings).

    In other news: Obama approval 43% (ouch) with 64 days left (double ouch).

  14. In other news: Obama approval 43% (ouch) with 64 days left (double ouch).…in D+13 polling no less….triple ouch.

  15. I don’t want any f*ing biodiesel… I want the real thing.

  16. in light of his non-stop “same old tired Bush policies” mantra, this ad is very powerful. Wow.

  17. That ad is incredible. It should be playing over and over so that people can see Obama is stuck in a groove like those old 78 RPM records. Where’s the apology for the last 4 years? Does he reall believe he gets a do over and that once again after 4 years of misery he can pretend he just got to Washington?

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