Twitchy reported:
Journalists or JournoList redux: Media caught on open mic coordinating Romney questions

The Right Scoop has the video.




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  1. We know this happens daily. All one has to do is listen to the talking heads on their so-called news programs. It is nice to actually hear them do this.

  2. Mark Mackinnon is spouting off again, warning (Romney) about speaking out, not “pulling back” in “sensitive situations” like this. He’s the one we can thank for keeping McCain from exposing Obama’s vulnerabilities and thus losing the election.

    But Romney has stuck to his guns and sounded presidential and strong. I hope he ignores the Mackinnons and knows this is what Americans want to see and hear from him.

  3. pick one:
    Dinosaur media
    Antique media
    my favorite, State media

    add your own- just so long as everyone understands, they are Malevolent and Malicious

  4. *HINT* to Romney team…

    When Romney justifiably criticized “Obama” policy, his leftist media jackals went batsh*t crazy trying to get him to shut up.

  5. What’s the big deal? I’m sure they coordinate with each other about the softball questions they toss at Bonzo too.

  6. Beck, Rush, Hannity will not cross the line. I get it, they want to stay on the air. We all know this child is a communist fraud. You are to blame- Rush Beck Hannity. You know the truth. He is incompetent? No Hannity, he is very COMPETENT. You are selfish. Be PC so the FCC will not take you off. This fool cocky punk is following orders. You big dogs all knows this. Yeah good Americans, we know it is over when the commies bought off the media. I still can’t get over it, Hannity: ” it’s over his head , he is incompetent. No fool , he was recruited for this. And Beck, you are pathetic mocking “birthers” and stating the fraud is no way a muslim. You PC JACKASS! When the best we have to offer is PC protecting islam and communism it is over.

  7. Yeah!

    Testify brutha !! Tell it lak it iiiiuuuuzzzz !!!

    Michael Berry on the naacp

  8. Hannity keeps talking about the media questions. Of course they are in cahoots. Their questions are the same over and over from different reporters.
    The point is that the media is in overdrive to demonize Romney and elevate Obama. Stick to your guns Romney.
    These attacks are a direct result of Obama’s policy and have nothing to do with a movie. Please stick to the message. Apologizing for anything is insane.

  9. Only in a world in which a conspiracy against conservatives lives under every rock could one equate questions with an “attack”. Sad.

  10. 2012. .the year Main-Stream Media Lied and Died!

  11. Romney just needs to point out to the world the media bias and simply embarrass them…ask PMSNBS why they would accuse GOP of racism and closed mind etc then simply not show minority and womens speeches ?

    Make them pay…sooner or later they will lose their viewers

  12. The mainstream media lied and died. In the 60’s.

  13. To Mnashc. I could not agree with you more. Obumma belonged to Wright’s Cult for a reason. He hates America, as does his admitted mentor. So Obama needs another four years to totally ruin this country. By Communist standards, he has been successful, but only partly. And oh by the way, nice guys don’t join hate-filled “churches.”

  14. #3 Adding to your post…similar to your Enemedia…

    I refer to the media as the tampons of the left…securely imbedded, obstructing that which should not be “leaked” (in their view).


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