The Obama White House knowingly gave false information on the Benghazi terrorist attack. The Obama Administration repeated to reporters that the consulate attack was the related to an offensive YouTube document but they privately were circulating a very different view on the murderous attack.
Catherine Herridge from FOX News reported:

There was this private narrative you see in the intelligence community where they separate what happened in Libya from this YouTube clip and then you have this public narrative that you have from this administration. And I got a hold of this Homeland Security Assessment. It talks about the scope of the demonstrations in the first week after 9-11 and what’s interesting to me is that this intelligence document makes no mention of the YouTube clip. So again, that’s sort of the private narrative but the public narrative from this administration has been that the clip has really prompted the assault not only in Libya but elsewhere in the Middle East.”




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  1. Breaking: White House Knowingly Gave False Information to Media on Benghazi Terror Attack (Video)

    If this comes as a surprise to ANYONE, I have a bridge for sale. Real cheap.

  2. So, if they deliberately deflected attention away from (1) the fact that they didn’t provide sufficient security to the consulate in Benghazi and (2) the failure of Obama’s “Cairo Doctrine” and the myth of the “Arab Spring” by calling attention to this YouTube video doesn’t that make Team Obama responsible for all the killings and property damage that ensued. Will somebody please ask this question in a bigger forum?

  3. Bleeding amateurs think that they can get away with lying to all of us proles.

    But then, that’s really the crux of their world view: they mistake Americans for proles.

  4. the congressman was right
    obama lies
    and lies and lies
    but the MSM will ignore thisand cover up for him

  5. In other words, Obama deliberately signed the film maker’s death warrant in an attempt to appease islamists.

  6. It’s true. The White House misled on the Bengazi attacks. Let’s be sure to focus on that, while Obama kicks Romney’s butt in this election.

    For some reason, Republicans think this is a replay of 1980, when Carter was undone by the Iranian hostage crisis. It’s not. The hostage crisis had gone on for a very, very long time. Even if there are hostages taken now, it’s just going to help Obama. We Americans rally round our president when those things happen. Remember when Carter sent in the rescue squad and the rescue was a complete disaster? Carter’s approval rating went up 10 points!

    It’s the economy, stupid.

  7. One problem with your analysis Monkey Wrench—I don’t recall Carter apologizing to the enemy as “Obama” has. I recall signing up for the draft (unlike “Obama”) as Carter prepared us for war.

  8. How the HELL did this country end up in this situation? Are we officially a nation of effin morons? Can anyone explain jus how the eff this guy ended up in the most powerful position in the world? God help us.

  9. ++

    Truth Smacked!!


    [Clinton’s attempt to distance the U.S. from “Innocence of Muslims”
    -- and, by extension, its felonious producer -- may becomplicated by
    the revelation that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula became a government
    informant after his 2009 arrest for bank fraud,]

    Lt. Gen. Boykin: Radical Islamist group
    deep inside defense, national security..


  10. #7

    You’re right. But that’s my point: this situation is NOT the same as 1980. I would say the biggest difference is that Romney is not Ronald Reagan. He’s more of a Bob Dole or a Michael Dukakis.

    As far as joining the military, both of these clowns did everything they could to avoid military service.

  11. If this regine tell whoppers, lies, and distracts the public from the truth and the MSM fails miserably in reporting the lies, are they liars?

  12. Wow, a journalist doing her job and investigating. Amazing.

  13. If it wasn’t for lies and deceit we’d have nothing out of this ‘administration’. Why the heck people think Barry is the greatest thing since sliced bread is beyond me. He only knows how to lie and the Sheeple and media are too damn stupid to care.

  14. Islam is waging a full frontal attack on the West…Imama Obama wants to help his muslim brothers in this attack by blaming their violance on fundamentalist christians…Obama is foamenting greater religious genocide by broadcasting his apologies for a 3 Stooges movie nobody has seen…… The old Bush people want to blame the violance on Al Quaida…and paroled Gitmo detainees…for THIER agenda ….BOTH are WRONG. This is a WAR of Islam against the West….MILLIONS WILL DIE.

  15. The Obama Administration repeated to reporters that the consulate attack was the related to an offensive YouTube document but they privately were circulating a very different view on the murderous attack.

    Not even close.

    Instructions were given out to the Democrat Party’s propaganda arm on what to report or print. That’s it.

  16. Creating deception is all this group does; lies are all this group speaks.


  17. Fox better provide Ms. Herridge with a body guard if you know what we mean. . .exactly how did that AZ sheriff (who incidentally was a Republican and also exposed BHO’s administration for not doing their job on the border) die in a single car accident?

  18. He’s more of a Bob Dole or…

    Even Bob Dole would likely have beaten Carter had it been him as the candidate instead of Reagan.

    If the issue is the economy, and only the economy, then Obie will lose. His stewardship of the country has been an abject failure, obvious to all except his creepy cult members.

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