Islamic Summer–
This is breaking from FOX News Special Report
US State Department Is Removing More Staff From Tripoli, Libya
Is another spontaneous protest brewing?

Also– After 16 days, the FBI has still not been able to investigate the terror scene in Benghazi!

More… Benghazi attack followed deep cuts in State Department security budget



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  1. obama lied people died. Just like bill clinton lied.

  2. Check out Drudge, Hussain has the moohamed filmaker

  3. Check out Drudge, Hussain has the moohamed filmaker ARRESTED

  4. Whatta freakin crock, like a bunch of gringo cops are going to go to Libya…to do what, exactly? Hire translators to find out how the Arabic-speaking ambassador was tailed, cased, betrayed and killed? I knew this was a pathetic fool’s errand from the moment it was announced, just a lame stunt to pretend Ogabe was serious about “bringing them to justice.” Now it turns out it’s too dangerous on the ground to even keep our Embassy staff in Libya, let alone send in the heroic G-men to track down the assassins. Big effing surprise.

    Wasn’t there once a prominent US leader who said there was no point in handling terrorism as a law-enforcement problem? Who was that guy, name escapes me…

  5. “Also– After 16 days, the FBI has still not been able to investigate the terror scene in Benghazi!” … but the press was able to find and pick up off the burnt floor the Ambassador’s private journal?


  7. There are many things that don’t smell right here, but, why would the Libyan pres. say that the US was warned of an attack a few days before the massacre, say in NY that he is absolutely certain that it was Al Quadea that was responsible, but it is reported that the Libyan Gov. won’t allow the FBI into Bengazi, won’t allow them to interrogate the supposed captured killers, and won’t co-operate with the US? There is more than a massive confusion effort with all of the statements that have been released.

  8. Just as Clinton emboldened the islamo-nuts by doing nothing over the bombing of the Cole, we will be in far worse shape for the coming war with the entire middle east as the islamo-nuts realize they have free rein with Obama. As we pull out of Afghanistan and, really, have no presence to occupy these nuts on their own wretched turf, they will be coming for us here on ours. Get ready, with Iran having nukes soon as well, we’re in for it for sure. Obama’s foreign policy is imploding and these savages can read tea leaves.

  9. Fiasco: 15 days later, FBI still can’t gain access to Benghazi consulate
    …yeah, cnn people have blocked them while they continue to search through the rubble of the OBOZO/CLINTON security failure to try and find more diaries.

  10. Durning the last world cup, Al Shabaab coordinated two suicide bombings in Uganda. Three American citizens were killed. The F.B.I. had a team on the ground in less than 36 hours.
    This according to a friend of mine whose father was there. In fact, his dad led the mission.

  11. Sounds like a typical demonrat. Cut security costs, but give worthless layabouts phones.

  12. “Removing More Staff From Tripoli”

    We are witnessing the birth of the Monty Python administration in America: “run away, run away!”

  13. Sounds like Oby’s friends in Libya are up to something He doesn’t want the FBI to find out about. What could that be exactly? Terrorist training camps or missile staging areas or what? Concentration camps? They’re Muslim, so whatever it is can’t be very high tech. Maybe they’re in-fighting with political opponents, killing some of their own as in Syria. Maybe getting ready to seize assets of oil companies in that eastern part of the sandy wasteland they call home.

    If the international newshounds were really thinking, which of course they are not, they’d send in their own spy drones to check out what’s going on.

  14. How asinine! The FBI is going to investigate!

    Just imagine if, after Pearl Harbor was bombed, Roosevelt had put out an arrest warrant on the Japanese pilots and sent the FBI to investigate. What a pathetic, feeble, pretense of a response that would have been.

    Obama’s pretense of a response is just that pathetic and ludicrous. It surpasses any parody that could be made about it. We’re beyond the Land of the Yahoos, and way past the home of the Eloi. We’re in the Land of the DribblingCretins now, folks.

  15. As he has perverted and subverted so many defense, security, LEO agencies and departments, this president and his secretary have converted The U.S. State Department into a politically correct office of public relations to promote an appearance of substance behind the empty suit and his lie-spewing mouth.

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