Breaking: US Debt Officially Passes $16 Trillion on First Day of DNC

The US National Debt just passed $16 trillion this afternoon.

From the video: To put that number in perspective it would be like spending $907,000 an hour every hour since Jesus Christ was born and you still wouldn’t come close to the $16 trillion total.

Six trillion dollars of the debt came during the Obama presidency.

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  • Kate

    Depressing beyond belief that there are still people out there that support Obama and what is his marxist economic plan. Tax and redistribute wealth. This is an extremely critical election in our country’s history. Obama is destroying our country. I would hope news like this will freak people out.

  • Patty

    Well, the scene is already set for an uplifting week of healing rhetoric and outreach to independents. Democrats are having plenty of high-profile problems dealing with the simple question: “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” Expectations are being managed. What they thought was a rambling speech by a fading old-timer turned out to be the perfect metaphor for the president’s lack of leadership, perfectly suited to the age of memes. There’s a blow-out end-of-summer sale at the Obama store. The Raleigh News & Observer delivered less-than-welcome news to incoming DNC attendees today:

    Read on here;

  • Winston Wolfe

    At 1:18 pdt, it’s at 15,999,868.

    No sense making it worse by jumping the gun.

  • Patty

    President Obama: The Biggest Government Spender In World History


    Actually, President Obama and the Democrats were even more deeply involved in the fiscal 2009 spending explosion than that. As Bader also reports, “The Democrat Congress [in 2008], confident Obama was going to win in 2008, passed only three of fiscal 2009’s 12 appropriations bills (Defense, Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, and Homeland Security). The Democrat Congress passed the rest of them [in 2009], and [President] Obama signed them.” So Obama played a very direct role in the runaway fiscal 2009 spending explosion.

    Note as well that President Reagan didn’t just go along with the wild spending binge of the previous Democratic Congress for fiscal year 1981 when he came into office on January 20 of that year. Almost no one remembers now the much vilified at the time 1981 Reagan budget cuts, his first major legislative initiative. Then Democrat Rep. Phil Gramm joined with Ohio Republican Del Latta to push through the Democratic House $31 billion in Reagan proposed budget cuts to the fiscal year 1981 budget, which totaled $681 billion, resulting in a cut of nearly 5% in that budget. Obama could have done the exact same thing when he entered office in January, 2009, even more so with the Congress totally controlled by his own party at the time.[…………]

  • Patty

    here is what 16 trillion looks like.

  • Big Al

    It’s all Bushes fault, dontcha know

  • Ragspierre


    They don’t have a great big Debt Clock in Panther Statium.

    Wonner why…???

  • Redwine

    Just in time for the DNC ceremonies lionizing Emperor Narcissus Hussein, where you will witness just how insidiously the cult of personality operates.

  • dwd

    Mitt – this needs to be a commercial.

  • redneck
  • James

    I’m sure the lib media is gonna be all over this.

  • Jennifer

    The answer is yes I am better off than I was four years ago~~but the reason I am is because we were learning how to make do with less. After 4 years we have become very experienced in our lives no thanks to the current administration.

    It is far easier to be less reliant and have a small space to raise livestock and have gardens, because if we had to buy all our foods now we would become a statistic as food is too expensive.

    Mr. President~we built our farm-from literally scrub desert and have made it a place that is an oasis in the midst of the worst economic times that I have ever seen…oh and this was ALL of our doing…

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  • CommieJuice

    Celebrate good times, come on
    Let’s celebrate!
    Celebrate good times, come on

    **16 Trillion in national debt**

    There’s a party goin’ on right here **DNC Convention**
    A celebration to last
    throughout the years
    So bring your good times
    and your laughter too
    We gonna celebrate your party with you

    **DNC and liberals, the Enablers!**

    Come on now, Celebration
    Let’s all celebrate
    and have a good time
    We gonna celebrate
    and have a good time

    **5.4 Trillion added in less than 1 term!**

    It’s time to come together
    It’s up to you, what’s your pleasure
    Everyone around the world Come on!

    **China and Saudi Arabia, the lender and the oil suppliers**

    Celebrate good times, come on
    Come on, It’s a celebration
    Celebrate good times, come on
    It’s a celebration

    Come on! Celebrate… Barack 0bama the king of debt and deficit!

    Come on! Celebrate… The DNC, party of the liberals and enablers of future generations paying their debts! Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate!

    Come on! Celebrate… Food stamps in 2008, $39 BILLION. Foot stamps in 2012, $81 BILLION! Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate!

    Good Times!

  • BMartin1776

    As much as I want to slam the imperial regime and corrupt congress the debt HAS NOT gone over $16T!!!… yet

    I dont know what debt clock they went to but the one I have been going to for years still says $15,999,893,…. Fox tweaked the clock somehow!!! Dont take my word for it go to and see for yourself!

  • BarbaraS

    Hopefully, after this zoo is over and Charlotte, thoroughly disgusted with the antics of the left, and after cleaning up the usual mess left by these scum, NC will go over even more for Romney. I was shocked when NC was called for obama in 2008. I never thought that would happen. Of course, I read an article later where a mother was heart broken when she found out her 18 year old daughter, who was killed in an auto accident months before the election, had somehow voted for obama. Voter fraud is very real and NC has no voter ID laws. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…the canvassers who went door to door for obama made a list of the names of registered voters who said they weren’t going to vote and voted for them. Voters should be very wary of these people and not even talk to them.

  • mg4us

    Location White House moments ago

    bring. . .bring Mr President, It’s the Chinese. . They are on the phone.

    Are they calling to wish me a good convention? err. . .No Sir
    Are they calling to congratulate me on my handling of the economy? err. . No Sir
    Are they calling because my handling of Israel and the middle east? err. . .No Sir
    Are the calling because they want Hilary to stop by? err. . No Sir

    Sir it is about the $16 Trillion debt: They say 支付失敗者

    What does that mean. . it’s Greek to me. . . No Sir it is Chinese. . .It says: Pay up Loser

  • Sasja

    redneck. They may want a constitutional amendment but it will never happen. Not only would they need 2/3rds of both houses of congress to vote in favor, it would then need to be ratified by 3/4’s of the states.

  • mg4us

    Dems running out of cash as fast as US debt rising.

    They already cut one day out of the schedule. . .now only three days vs four normally. . .
    Using Teeny Tiny Floor for the Big EGO Obama

    Scaling back buses from Black South Carolina Churches for Obama’s Speech Thursday due to price of gas hitting all time high

    May need to cut back venue too from 74K seats to about 20K seats

  • David