Barack Obama: “I’ve Been Told I’m Just Eye Candy”

Obama went on ‘The View’ with wife Michelle Obama. (ABC News)

Barack Obama told the ladies on “The View” today, “I’m just eye candy.”
Reuters reported:

President Barack Obama on Monday sought to woo women voters at a taping of the daytime talk show “The View,” by flirting with his wife and bearing gifts for the hosts, but he could not escape tough questions on the economy that have dominated the election.

When host and veteran journalist Barbara Walters kidded Michelle Obama about bringing the president as her “date,” Obama quipped, “I’ve been told I’m just eye candy here.”

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  • Stephana

    He got that part right, he is just fluff. Change the Dope 2012!

  • BuddyG

    I think I’m gonna puke

  • SoLongSong

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a tiny bit.

  • SoLongSong

    Great minds, BuddyG…

  • Joe College

    He thinks he owns women.

  • Look-Out

    If you’re feeling ill, reading this should make you feel much better:

    [Former Romney deputy chief of staff Renee] Fry said, “From the personal side, after government, in 2008, I had a massive (noncancerous) brain tumor and nearly died. I can tell you one of the first phone calls I got was from Governor Romney.”
    “I was a little medicated at the time and I was telling him, it just wasn’t fair. In his very reassuring voice, he said, ‘Whatever I can do to help, I will be there for you,’ ” she said.

    Lindstrom, who had young children when she served with Romney, said the governor told her: “Family comes first.”

    “To have a boss say, ‘We’ll have mistakes but they’ll be our mistakes,’ was very empowering,” she said.

    Herzfelder said: “I see this man up there that I know has this great strength, this great warmth. His actions really speak to the kind of man he is.”

    Gillespie recalled how Romney called her every night, for 10 straight nights, when her father was in a coma after heart surgery.

    And she told one more story. The day she moved to Massachusetts, the moving company didn’t get all her furniture inside the house. The governor called and asked her how things were going. She said furniture was still on the driveway.

    “I’ll get the boys,” Romney told her.

  • the idea that this guy is good looking shows how gullible the american public is, they will believe anything the media tells them. obama looks like alfred e. neumann, the what-me-worry kid from mad magazine

  • Rhonda

    there must be some really desperate women out there.

  • Rose

    He’s more than EYE CANDY to someone:

    Genesis 3
    14. And the Lord God said to the serpent, Because you have done this, you are cursed above all [domestic] animals and above every [wild] living thing of the field; upon your belly you shall go, and you shall eat dust [and what it contains] all the days of your life.

    19. [and to Adam]… for dust you are and to dust you shall return.

    Odrama Queen is the FOOD ON THE PLATE for his chosen master.

    It’s Odrama Queen’s call. His harvest.

  • He’s eye candy on The View but an empty chair for Netanyahu and other world leaders. Press sec. Carney says he’s too busy. Degrafding and insulting to America and the Presidency, especially to women who desire substance not sweets from POTUS.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Can you imagine the media aneurism that would be happening right now if Romney had said that?

    As it is it wont even be reported.

  • gracepmc

    Given the restraints on our freedom of speech in America I will not post my thoughts on this. I will wait until samizdat is operational.

  • Great, we have a metrosexual pussy-boy for a president.

  • Tricky_Dick

    More like a big steaming pile of horse dung!

  • Catblaster

    I’m sure he heard that a lot in the Chicago bath houses…

  • “I’ve been told I’m just eye candy” Please Mr President we all don’t want to hear anymore about the men in your administration.

  • Sandy

    Mitt Romney is Eye Candy. Obama does love himself.

  • Objective Analysis

    Why didn’t Reggie Love just come along and sasha his behind up there with Obama? Something is completely off with this. Anyone who has a brain can see this. Emperor with no clothes.

  • bigkahuna

    Yeah He is Eye Candy just like Whoopie is !

  • Candy tastes good, candy is pleasing to the eye. candy makes people happy.
    Obama is a fail in all 3

  • RealMc

    ok, maybe its just me…..but tell me, does MO seem to have like really long arms?

  • pink tie Republican

    Hell of a beard you brought along, Choomboy.

  • Sandy

    On the one hand I see a kind, attractive man with a lovely family and on the other is Mr. Eye Candy who calls the fact that Israel is worried about being nuked Noise. He lies, he cheats and he seems to hate the USA and our way of life. I don’t know how Mr. Eye Candy is still in the race.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Want to know how biased the media is?

    After Romney made his supposed “gaffes”, there were literally pages of articles about it on

    Now with Obama’s gaffes? Only 1 or two from right wing blogs. Not a single article from an MSM source. Not one.

  • Drek

    Probably he was referred to as “eye candy” by the middle aged white man that he preferred to service him, back when he was a regular at “Man’s Country” in Chicago.

  • MAJ Mike

    Eye candy? More like a crap sammich.

  • Hobbitually conservative

    He meant “I candy”.

  • dwdude

    sorry, i only like white chocolate…the narcissist in chief and his useful idiots

  • cecil dildine

    OK 21…the secrets out her real name is Peg and she does reach arounds…but keep it to yourself

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  • Don’t let the polls get you down. This president is finished. And here’s why.

    Get used to President Romney!

  • garrettc

    incredibly shallow. Can you imagine what world leaders say about him behind his back?

  • LOL “eye candy” ? According to worldly standards, this man is not very attractive. For believers, we know that “you shall know them by their fruits” and his are rotten. That seeps out and his inner person makes the outer person extremely unattractive. For me personally, just to look at him turns my stomach upside down… he makes me ill.

  • jenny

    Just what the US needs, a President “Eye Candy”. His ego has no boundaries.

  • ShawnP

    November 6, 2012 will be really hard on this guy.

  • anti-bho

    one persons “eye candy” is anothers unflushed toilet.
    either flush him or burn down the outhouse but the country can’t survive four more years of these slugs.

  • Yeah, and the most appealing part about him is his smoker’s breath…perfumed with all the junk food he probably has rotting between his teeth.

  • Sean

    Obama is the most effette and effiminate president ever.

  • Redwine

    He makes me want to vomit. Poison candy.

  • Truth Teller

    He is eye candy like animals in the zoo are eye candy.

  • Captain Kirk

    This ain’t a beauty contest. Get over yourself, Obama!

  • DCD-in-Indiana

    It’s like the guy gets up every morning and says, “What can I do today to make DCD-in-Indiana hurl his lunch today?”

  • Could they be sitting any further apart? Did they have a tussell earlier?

  • Militant Conservative

    In a pigs eye! Oh I’m sorry thats your wife!

  • Ghost

    iCandy appeal for the moron vote, going for the sweep, all 969%
    gotta check out that Howard Stern audio (8:00 laugher) off Drudge

    that’s Right, Howard Stern! yeeah, That guy

  • Ella

    Well call me crazy but I find Mr. Netanyahu very attractive. Plus he is a true statesman. Something really sexy about that.

    Obama makes me want to throw up. Loser.

  • Militant Conservative

    Goodstuff HACK, MC is now a reader of your site.

  • Mcashc

    This is beyond pathetic. We all know about the punk child usurper communist fraud and his racist ugly man wife, but the view women fawning over this no experience punk racist communist fool makes me sick. The media is enemy number 1. Check out the economic numbers since this child was elected by white idiots. Gas, food, energy prices increasing everyday. That hurts the little guy. No word from the communist media. This fraud punk has no skills. Eye candy communist racist punk. President of the United States, you got to be F in kidding me, you white democrat fools.

  • All play and no work, that’s Mubarak (Barack, Bari, Barry, take your pick) Hussein Obama (Dunham, Soetoro, Davis, take your pick), until his second chance… uh… term.

  • Only a narcissist would say something so juvenile about themselves….

  • garagelogician

    With the exception of Elizabeth Hasselbeck, that has to be the most unpalatable lineup I’ve ever seen.

  • l.barney

    Ugh, I’ll bet this dude gets off just looking at himself! No wonder Michelle looks so grouchy!

  • Boo Radley

    This man has no dignity and has degraded the presidency AND our country. Blech.

  • DonJenny

    I’m sorry, but what is exactly the point of this ‘article’? President Obama made a joke?
    Also I have a question:

    “but he could not escape tough questions on the economy that have dominated the election.”

    How do you say that but then not list a single question or answer?
    If this site is acknowledging that this is not even close to journalism then fine. Just asking, that’s all

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  • Mcashc

    Elizabeth you cannot be on that set and smile. You have to move on. These people are enemies of free America. This communist fraud punk hates America and the media is communist. You have to get off that show. That picture makes me sick.

  • Indiana

    I heard that’s Obama’s favorite nickname used by Reggie Love, Larry Sinclair, and Rev. Wright in their little Gay Club in the Church’s basement. Can you picture the four of them? I’m gonna puke.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Obama quipped, “I’ve been told I’m just eye candy here.”

    Not just there, but in the White House as well. He hasn’t done anything in the almost four years in office that demonstrates any competence at being an executive.

  • bigkahuna

    I have been told you are just a socialist @sshole !

    Ok ok I wasnt told…I said it.

  • bg
  • Redlite

    Makes me want to puke!!

    Everything he has said is just NOISE to me.

  • bg


    the who, what, where, when, why, or how of Obama is totally
    irrelevant, what is extremely relevant is what this person has
    done, is still doing, and will continue to do to America, period..

    the ONE thing the ONE has used more often than not to distract from
    reality and truth during both his pre & post Presidential positions are
    “LABELS” (color, creed, class, credentials), and it’s also the ONE thing
    he has done with expertise bar none..


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  • Look-Out

    In the 60 Minutes interview, he gave an answer that probably explains why his days start (daily briefings) at 10AM.

    Mooch and the girls go to bed at 9:30-10PM and he has his “alone time” from 10PM ’til 1AM.

    For those who watched BHO and Romney answering similar questions, Romney came across worlds better; very appealing and thoughtful.

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  • CaliforniaIsADream

    Obama’s a dick but the real fun is reading this amusing and accurate comments. Conservatives/Libertarians are damned smart and funny.

  • NCBob

    I don’t know if the guy is eye candy or not but I sure as hell know he aint Presidential material!

  • lizzy84

    I can’t even begin to touch the rage the parents and friends of the 4 fallen Americans murdered in Libya must be feeling hearing that their loved ones laid down their lives serving pResident ‘Eye Candy.’

    The guy is scum.

  • bg


    lizzy84 #18 September 24, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    Obama Politicizes The Sacrifices Of The SEALs—Again

    [The White House claims two ex-SEALs killed in Libya were inept security
    guards. The truth? They volunteered for duty and died heroes. But that
    doesn’t serve an Obama political purpose, now does it?]


  • Patty

    First of all, HURL!!! And second what man says eye candy. And third, what Clinton said.

  • Patty

    He seems to be going after the women voters, because his losing the Veterans and the Jewish voter.

  • Patty

    How Mitt Romney is actually defeating Barack Obama in the presidential race


    Using a weighting that assumes Republicans and Democrats will be 35 percent each in the actual electorate that votes in the election, Romney would win the race 51.8 percent to 48.2 percent.

    If the electorate is Republicans by two percent, meaning 36 percent Republicans to 34 percent Democrats, Romney would win 50.70 percent to 49.30 percent.

    If the electorate is Democrats by two percent, meaning 36 percent Democrats to 34 percent Republicans, Romney would win 52.90 percent to 47.10 percent.

    Democrats will have to have a four percent edge among the voting electorate, meaning 37 percent Democrats to 33 percent Republicans, for Obama to win the popular vote by a very narrow 50.40 percent to 49.60 percent majority. Assuming those numbers and adding just a five percent higher turnout level among Republicans would wipe out that Obama margin and give Romney a slim lead.

    If one believes the real election day results are somewhere near the middle of the range in the above scenarios, that points to an electorate that is even to possibly one or two points in favor of the Democrats, which nonetheless still translates to Romney being announced president-elect on election night. Romney is winning this election right now.

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  • Patty


    LET’S TALK MO. She is an unelected official who hasn’t a degree in nutrition.

    Complaints Mount Against Michelle Obama’s New Lunch Menu

    Despite the fact that the new regulations have increased the cost of a lunch 20 to 25 cents per plate, it’s not pleasing students.

    Some are throwing away their vegetables while others are adapting to the rules by becoming industrious. In New Bedford, Massachusetts, students have created a black market – for chocolate syrup. The kiddie capitalists are smuggling in bottles of it and selling it by the squeeze, according to

    The rules, which apply to schools across the state, also reduce the amount of protein served to high schoolers, and increase servings of fruit and vegetables — going so far as to specify how many servings of green vegetables, legumes, and red/orange vegetables should be consumed each week.

    “We’re only doing what we’re supposed to do,” said Voc-Tech Superintendent Linda Enos. “It wasn’t a choice that we had.”

    The changes are especially hard at the elementary school level, where hummus and black bean salad have been a tough sell, said Nancy Carvalho, director of food services for the New Bedford Public Schools, adding that bowls of chili served Wednesday to comply with the legume specifications were “not a very good decision.”

    “It’s hard to plan the menu for things that you think the child is going to consume, like the legumes especially,” Carvalho said.

    She is trying to change the way our children eat. PROBLEM, each child is different, frame, genetics, activity, home life and so on. She is acting like a dictator to, and her looks, I doubt if she is a man’s eye candy. The two are suited for each other, both like to dictate to America.

  • GotFreedom

    Sour fruit balls. . .self explanatory. . .no further comment needed right?

  • Patty


    Another failure that is costing us billions.

    CBO: Electric Cars Are A Waste Of Money

    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) did a good job of shredding the electric car industry and the government’s role in its evolution with this report (Link).

    Read more:

    Effects of Federal Tax Credits for the Purchase of Electric Vehicles

    CBO estimates that federal policies to promote the manufacture and purchase of electric vehicles, some of which also support other types of fuel-efficient vehicles, will have a total budgetary cost of about $7.5 billion through 2019. Tax credits for buying electric vehicles—which account for about one-fourth of that cost—are likely to have the greatest impact on vehicle sales. The electric vehicles that are the focus of this study fall into two broad classes:

    Plug-in hybrid vehicles are powered by an internal combustion engine, which runs on gasoline or other liquid fuels, and by an electric motor, which is powered in part by an externally rechargeable battery.
    All-electric vehicles, also known as battery electric vehicles, run entirely on battery power.

  • Patty

    While Obama is praising himself, Narcissist in Chief, here is something that is real music to my ears.

    D’Souza, ‘2016’ Receives Standing Ovation in Chicago (VIDEO)

    Read more: D’Souza, ‘2016’ Receives Standing Ovation in Chicago (VIDEO) | Washington Times Communities
    Follow us: @wtcommunities on Twitter

  • Patty
  • Patty

    Watch what this clown has done to our kids.

  • Patty

    Watch here seems youtube has a cling in it. Obama’s touch or Mo’s

  • Freedom Fighter

    Every last one of them are ugly…OMG why would anyone watch the “VIEW” puke..big purple lips, huge elephant ears, moles, so skinney.. pew! I think he looks sick..what a FAKE marriage.

    They all look like bumps in the road..oh lets bring some beautiful classey people back to the WHITE House..some class who loves America!!! No more communists!

  • Patty

    Netanyahu can’t vote so Obama is going after his eye candy supporters

  • Patty

    #6 September 24, 2012 at 9:35 pm
    Freedom Fighter commented:

    They all look like bumps in the road..oh lets bring some beautiful classey people back to the WHITE House..some class who loves America!!! No more communists!

    Amen to that!

  • Buffalobob

    The only one in that picture with a set of balls is appropriately the one on the far right.

  • NorthernX

    Your president is a shallow, self-centred fruit-boy.

  • Big Al

    Aw good grief…what did we do to deserve this?

  • bigL

    You want to throw up, readt he Lyrics ofthe POS Jay z. It is overat Legal Insurrection fopr one location.Endter Lyrics Jay z in the rectangle. See the story about him stabbingthe record studio guy in the gut and getting away with it . and OUt president hangs out with this profane stabber. OUR PRESIDENT??? That is the mark of low quality person. And the acquitted bomber.
    Romney should live in Blair House for acouple of years, to get the repaint done back to american standards and to get rid of all the recording devices that the redecorating by whomever’s orders covered up.

  • Marie

    Communists parading as patriots. Pathetic.

  • RS

    My mother, aged 83, told me recently that women supported Obama because he was sexually desirable.

    Explains a lot of how America has declined.

  • Ralpheo

    If anyone in the photo is eye candy, it would have to be Liz Hasselbeck. Is it merely coincidence that she is the lone Republican in the group? lol

  • lizzy84


    Yes, I read that.The level of bs coming out of this administration is rage inducing.
    oBama basically left Amb. Stevens and the 3 other Americans twisting in the wind. Did he or perhaps hillary order any American security that might have been present that night to stand down while the Consulate was under assault and being burned to the ground for political purposes 2 months out from the election? Why was there no firefight, no American resistance? That’s what I want to know.

  • Lemonaide

    More like eye puke.

  • Robert

    This is how Obama leads us out of all the chaos that his actions are creating, he preens and parades himself in front of us. Unbelievably sickening.

    If he wins the election then this nation deserves to go down, and it will.

  • just-saying


  • Robert

    Obama is on TV acting like a gigolo instead of meeting with world leaders who are here in America.

    He is a stain on America.

  • jorgen

    #19 bigkahuna commented: Yeah He is Eye Candy just like Whoopie is !


  • Lisa

    What straight woman finds a curtain hanging queer muzzie as ‘eye candy’.

  • US Navy Corpseman

    ‘Eye candy?’ – more like the turd in a punch bowl.

  • jaxson

    i was thinking he was more like chopped liver…

  • squeaky

    he is eye candy to a vast majority of couch potatoes who watch this intellectually deficient idle time show. this might be why he chose to appear on the view…his voters most likely wouldn’t be to willing to watch him with world leaders – his lessors in his mind. his mentor alinsky realized that change couldn’t happen with just the lower class…you would have to draw in the middle class. rather than drawing the poor class up they’re drawing the middle class down.

  • squeaky

    [P.J. Moran, a food service director for a small district in rural Kansas, said wastage has gone up “at least 20 percent” over last year, as students, particularly at the grade school level, cannot refuse anything on their trays — but, of course, cannot be forced to eat it..] my goodness it seems like just yesterday obama said that cruise ships…..[In his Book , “Dreams of my father”, Obama tells of an 1990 Wright sermon that preached of a world of white greed, “a world where cruise ships throw away more food than most residents of Port-au-Prince see in a year, where white folks’ greed runs a world in need, apartheid.]

  • squeaky

    heisted from a commentor at just one minute. maybe it’s not the outrageous things obama [and others] may say but what voters chose to ignore. the dumb looks from supposedly sophisticated people.

  • Limousine Barry

    I am here just as eye candy.

    You can stare into my deep brown nostrils… while I read from the teleprompter.

  • squeaky

    obama is more like the chewy candy that gets stuck too your teeth. pulls out the fillings or it can break your teeth. definately not worth the expense of having to repair the damage or worse yet having to replace them. something else you find out as you get older along with the damage done by tanning. love salt water taffy but……….

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  • I’m surprised Joy isn’t sitting on Michelle’s lap.

  • MN Jim

    OT, but why does the black woman have her hand on Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s thigh?

  • BobM

    This man is our Commander- in-Chief. How demeaning to pander on a show like The View and call himself “eye candy”. He insults all of us but in particular the military who have to respect him. He is a nightmare. Can’t wait till November when this man will leave the presidency and become the celebrity he so deparately wants to be.

  • Hy Feiber

    This is American Zimbabwe.

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  • Paz

    Wow, Hasselbeck is hot! I still can’t watch the show due to the other trolls.

  • Snooty and the Beast

    More like “I Dandy”

  • Robin maupin

    He IS eye candy, and a great president.

  • Barry from Victoria

    What a perfect time for Whoopi to blow a loud and stinky fart.

  • Cactus

    Funny how the married couple have more space between them than any other two people on the couch.

  • chuck in st paul

    “I’ve been told I’m just eye candy the turd in the punchbowl here.”


  • Sparky

    Well who knew! Sometimes the liar-in-chief actually does tell the truth!

  • JPhat

    He really is the first gay president. Like everything else in his life, being married was just to advance his political career. GAY GAY GAAAAY

  • Miller Time

    …with candy you get rot! This says it all…

  • Miller Time

    A blind person told you, you were eye candy. To the non-visually impaired, you are simply Mr. Potato Head…

  • Anna Lancaster

    I have been searching the INTERNET for a video clip of Obama saying Obama saying I’m told I’m thought of a s eye candy. If it was there, it has been wiped clean. It can’t be found. There are tons of damage control articles that play up the “Playfull banter on the View” Do you have a link to this.