Allen West Stalkers Barge in on Rally Unfurl Banner and Scream on Bullhorns (Video)

They’re Democrats. It’s what they do.
Screaming Allen West stalkers, who paid for a room above his rally, barged into the meeting, unfurled a banner and started screaming down on the crowd with microphones until they were arrested.

The SEIU is paying these protesters to stalk Allen West.

Nice work by the West supporter who snagged their banner about 5 seconds after they dropped it down from the balcony.

They sure hate Allen West. Could it be that he’s black and they’re racists?

The TCPalm reported on the disruption.

Protesters rented a hotel room to crash an outdoor Allen West event at Pirates Cove Resort & Marina from their balcony above, prompting beer, ice cube and even salt shaker tossing before sheriff’s deputies escorted the protesters off the property Wednesday night.

The congressman was six minutes into his campaign speech on Pirates Cove’s outside pool deck when four protesters emerged from a hotel room onto their balcony overlooking the event. Stand Up Florida protesters shouted out garbled messages and unfurled a banner that read “Allen West is out of touch, Allen West is out of office.”

The protest groups are regulars at West events. West, R-Palm Beach Gardens, faces Jupiter Democrat Patrick Murphy in a multimillion-dollar November election. West called it the “most watched” in the country.

Before the crowd started booing loudly, Andrew Mina, Martin County field director for Mitt Romney’s campaign, tugged the banner down.

That started about a four-minute exchange with more protesters shouting over a microphone. West supporters kept booing and tossed water, ice cubes, beer and a couple of middle fingers at the balcony inhabitants.

Water and beer also showered down from the balcony…

…The protesters rented the room this week, said Stand Up Florida spokeswoman Gayle Faath. Stand Up Florida, which hires some paid pickets, is backed by the Service Employees International Union. and CREDO SuperPAC, which is taking aim at several high-profile tea party races across the country, also protested outside the event.

Hat Tip John

Correction: From the video there is no evidence the West supporters threw anything at the raging leftists.

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  • jenny

    Now that is “noise”, worthy of being ignored.

  • Cheetah

    You ARE the winner, Mr. West….in many ways. Thank you for being a wonderful gentleman and great role model to our youth!

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  • I will take the point anytime you need me Lt.Col. West

  • bg


    love what the crowd did..

    they downed & drowned them out!!



  • bg


    God Bless Allen West!!

    more re: FLA.. 🙂

    Runaway Slave Jacksonville, FL Premiere Comments 9/25/12


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  • Kathteach

    A joke I heard on Twitter tonight:

    Allen West has a bear rug in his den. It’s not dead – it’s just afraid of him 🙂

    Love this guy – Our next Secretary of Defense?

  • Ghost

    damn! I miss all the fun. why can’t I get a chance to confront these bastards?

    Bravo! to the crowd, but I’d’a preferred “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

    ps: I’m a sheepdog. when I attend rallies I go around looking. O yeeaah

  • spotted reptile

    This is the behaviour of LOSERS. They know Obama is losing and they’re venting their hatred towards the winners.

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  • American Woman

    Wow, the more I see of the Left in action, the more I realize how out of place they are in America. They always want to shut down free speech and create trouble when people are trying to peacefully assemble. They really are UN-American and pathetic.

  • Highlander

    These SEIU PAID protests are clearly the action of a desperate, panicked party, and the hypocrisy of these people is stunning. They just can’t seem to grasp the concept that free speech applies to EVERYBODY, not just their candidates…

  • eloivsdiablo

    Nice touch at the end of singing god bless America, you wouldn’t see that at a Democrat gathering…

  • squeaky

    reminds me of the bussed in crowds for the townhall meetings on obamacare. the locking out of opponents while filling the room with seiu, etc. [Allen West has a bear rug in his den. It’s not dead – it’s just afraid of him] barry on the other hand would be the rug in the bear’s den.
    [On May 7th, it was revealed that the Obama administration spent $8.35 billion on a “demonstration project” designed to postpone the vast majority of Obamacare’s Medicare Advantage cuts until after the election. On July 31st,…]

  • squeaky

    while this is OT i wonder what number of crash and burn complaints there are too date. at what point will the “turn over every rock even if it’s been turned over before ” crew move on.
    [JUNEAU, Alaska – A federal judge on Thursday struck down claims in a lawsuit alleging that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin acted to..]

  • squeaky

    while i hear about the job growth under obama i can’t help but think that there’s something missing in the translation. giving credit for a gazzillion new jobs may look good on the surface but………and then there’s the government job expansion to help tend the newly destitute.

  • Bob

    How about we the real people of America picket outside of SEIU offices. The SEIU is the most radical union in America. Totally behind a socialist spreading the wealth agenda this group uses ghetto street tactics and Chicago thug practices for pressing their messages.

  • saveus

    Now we have fascists at work in the US willing to do anything for a few bucks so they can keep getting “free stuff” from the half of the population that pays taxes.

    Something is very wrong with this picture.

    If we want to maintain our freedom they must be defeated.

  • BurmaShave

    SEIU: the Democrats’ brown shirts

  • Larkin

    Can you even imagine the furor and the uproar if Republicans targeted a black lib candidate with these tactics as the dem/seiu creeps are doing to Alan West?

    And where is the media, our self-appointed national “conscience”?

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  • Jose

    America has never been this divided before. Thanks Barack

  • Lazarus Long

    A couple of slingshots with steel ball bearings would have make those jerks retreat into their room really quickly.

  • dw dude

    Alan west should provide rally attendees with a free tomato at every outdoor rally to be used on protestors… if none show up, everyone can use it with their salad when they get home

  • jpmn

    If we complain about lefty violence, the pushing and shoving, grabbing signs, throwing something (8:00-8:20) and then do it ourselves or cheer those who do, we are no better.

    Pulling the banner away and tossing whatever that object was were probably illegal and we would complain loudly about it if happened to us.

    We have to behave better than they do every time. They can get away with it because they have a compliant media.

  • dnb

    Now for the MSM, a question: Who are the racists: Stand Up Florida/SEIU stalkers who will not allow a black man to speak, or his audience of mostly white people who are there to listen to him?

  • JPhat

    SEIU thugs sure have their hands full this election cycle. I am so glad we spend gobs of federal dollars on those goons.

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  • nomobama

    Misfits and super freaks… the Obama coalition in action.

  • Judy K. Warner

    I’m relieved to know that nobody tossed their middle finger at the demonstrators. They need to keep them; there will be plenty of opportunities to use them.

  • owl

    Love West! Give me 10 more like him as ELECTED voices and they would clean up that mess.

    I rant about not being able to hear my ELECTED voices. I hear you Allan West. Good job.

  • CT

    The Enemy within, Obama’s SEIU Union Thugs. Look what you can expect from Obama’s Brown Shirts to future dissent if the Incompetent Petulant Punk POTUS is re-elected.

  • averagemelon

    Water balloons. Lots and lots of them.

  • Be well

    #3 jpma

    Oh stop it! The time has come to give these dirt bags the cram down they’re FORCING (one of Barakroach’s favorite words by the way) on us. We will NEVER look equal, or better in the eyes of the libs, so who the hell cares? This is our country!! Not an argument over who stole your lollipop!
    Americans need to grow a spine, stand firm and get equally vociferous with this vermin.

    We can’t afford to be the mannered, “if they’d just listen to reason” people anymore!

  • valerie

    A camera, particularly one with a good microphone, is a weapon. If you’re going to a rally, go prepared. You don’t want to get physical with them, just record them, and slap their pictures on the Internet, in all their ill-mannered glory. Then let somebody else ID them and find out whether they were paid to act up.

    Cell phones worked well in Iraq and Egypt, and they’ll work even better, here, because we have a durable rule of law.

    This is your friendly, neighborhood Liberal telling you that the present-day Democratic Party doesn’t have any grass roots. Their protests are not spontaneous, particularly those where people go to Republican or TEA Party events.

  • Marie Gray

    There is notthing uglier than an old liberal. The redeemable thing about these old fools is that they no longer procreate.

  • Kathteach

    Hey Nation – We Wisconsinites know full well the depth and depravity of SEIU thugs (and AFSCME -, AFL-CIO, and every other big union acronym) because they spent millions of dollars targeting Governor Scott Walker and all our GOP legislators during a 2 year battle (which is not yet over because our looney lefty judges are now taking matters in their own hands to suppress Act 10 and a Voter ID law that our GOP led legislature and GOP Governor Walker passed and signed in full civic order.

    Guess how we handled them? One Wisconsin voter at a time swamped the polls June 5 to re-elect Governor Walker in spite of all the media polls that said the Recall folk and their union thug brownshirts were winning.

    Wisconsin really will save this nation in November. Be like us, America. Talk to your kids, get your college kids and twentysomtehing kids involved, walk your block to make sure your elderly neighbors have rides to the polls, donate a little bit of money to GOP candidates, volunteer to keep an eye on your local polling place….

  • owl

    marie gray#14 “The redeemable thing about these old fools is that they no longer procreate.”

    Are you sure? I feel like it is yesterday and Traitor Kerry & Jane are still marching. Shame they did not know about those Pink Vagina costumes back then. Those are the fools that would have been wearing them.

    Old is new and new is old but the same crew is still blaming America.

    How ya like Hillary sitting at the 2 bit Watergate table and now knee deep in a REAL bloody coverup?

  • Joanne

    Mr. West is SUCH a patriot!! He’s a classy man who loves his country (MY country!) and freedom! I’d love the opportunity to vote for such a man for POTUS and perhaps someday I’ll have that honor.

    What’s so sad is that the MSM are all in Obama’s hip pocket (or his bed) and wouldn’t report these things TRUTHFULLY if you held guns to their heads. They are Obama’s dept. of propaganda now and have NO INTEREST in truth OR America, not the America our forefathers fought for. The MSM are enemies of the nation, of freedom and of ALL things honorable and good.

    It’s sad too that FOX is starting down that ‘slippery slope’ too, not disseminating all the truth, etc. to their viewers. I’ve noticed a distinct change in what they report lately.

    Our ONLY hope is to elect Constitutional LOVING men and women (Tea Party people!) who truly CARE about the U.S., her Constitution and her FREEDOM. And of course Allen West would be such a person.

    God Bless & KEEP him and his family!

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  • bg
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