AFSCME Chief Screams at “Eastwood” Chair Then Kicks It Off Stage at DNC Function

AFSCME President Lee Saunders screamed at an empty chair he brought on stage with him. Then he kicked his “Eastwood” chair off stage in Charlotte at a speech in front of the Ohio delegation.

Lee Saunders (C) celebrates his victory on June 22, 2012, as the first African-American to be elected President of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees at the union’s 40th International Convention in Los Angeles, California. (photo courtesy AFSCME) reported:

It was a relatively quiet Labor Day breakfast here for Ohio’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention — scrambled eggs, oatmeal and boilerplate rallying cries from union leaders. Then came Lee Saunders.

Saunders shook awake those clearing the cobwebs after a late first night in town.

The Cleveland native and national AFSCME president took an empty chair on stage, so early on the audience was prepared for some Eastwooding, a riff on actor Clint Eastwood’s surprising performance at last week’s Republican National Convention.

“Are you ready to rumble?” Saunders roared by way of introduction.

After a speech filled with fiery anti-GOP rhetoric — he accused the Republicans of abandoning “all pretense of compassion” — he turned to the chair. Saunders had a brief conversation with an imaginary Eastwood. He closed by slamming GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan.

“So Dirty Harry, make my day,” Saunders continued, quoting the Eastwood character. “We’re gonna kick some ass in November.”

Then he kicked the chair. Loudly.

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  • anti-bho

    Probably the first time in his PillsburyDoughboy-like existence he ever won an altercation. Doesn’t he look just so proud?
    But don’t try that with Clint Eastwood baking powder brain…..

  • Ace

    Let the contrast continue!

  • Granny

    Are we sure he isn’t related to Elizabeth Warren?

  • bg
  • Katie

    As usual, a class act by the farther left.

  • Gail

    Little waa waa baby! Having a temper tantrum are you? Someone needs to throw some cold water in your face! Straighten you right out there Mister!

  • Ragspierre

    Oh, EXCELLENT messaging FAIL, there, thugster…!!!

    Kick the 82 year old American icon! Yah, that’ll send a message to Flordia!

    LOVE that!!! Eastwood just keeps on rolling this morons!

  • Jeannie

    ANd the ‘issues’? Issues, anyone?


  • Jeannie

    that is supposed to read

    ” crickets chirping” but I guess I know what using carats does now. :-)

  • Practical Jane

    Surprise, surprise – a violent act.
    Be ready for the left to follow suit in large and small ways.
    Hope they won’t — but be ready.

  • Sasja

    He looks too white to be black. Probably the reason he was elected to the moronic goons club. They can call him an AA but he’s not so dark as to offend their union racists.

  • Cory Burroughs

    How unoriginal for the Dems. And the GOP has old ideas from the past century? The left wonders why Romney doesn’t trot out his plan to change the economy? It’s not that Romney doesn’t have one, Romney doesn’t want his idea stolen by Obama. Quit being copycats and think of your own clever skit!

  • creeper

    Very original, Mr. Saunders. You must be so proud of yourself.

  • sth88

    New Tone.

  • kato

    Perfect job for a subprimer, leading parasites with union cards.

  • Mad Hatter

    The Alinsky Unions, bringing you thug activities since 1917.

  • dnb

    A chair on stage; obviously the AFSCME and the DNC are again leading from behind.

  • MrGoodWench

    What ?
    The gooniun has not heard about the
    Empty Chair Day ?
    He seems to be so last week , while the narrative has moved on and taken over by conservatives .

  • Mad Hatter

    The Union Thugs and Democrats don’t in presenting an ID on Election Day, yet they want people to present an ID in order to enter the Democrat National Convention.

    Thank God they’re not hypocrites.

  • Lindensant

    Maybe it was his own awkward way to participate on Empty Chair Day.