Three Arrested After Customers Assault Waitress at Red Lobster (Video)

Three women were arrested today after assaulting their waitress with a water glass. They also chucked a dessert book at her face.

Two of the three women arrested at a Fairview Heights Red Lobster after a waitress had a glass thrown at her head. (KMOV)

KMOV reported:

Paramedics treated a server at a Red Lobster in Fairview Heights on Friday after a customer threw a water glass at her head.

It happened at the Red Lobster in the 110 block of Ludwig Drive around 2 p.m.

A witness said she saw three female customers get mad because the server was filling up their glasses with water too often.

According to the witness, as the server walked away one of them picked up a water glass and threw it, hitting the victim in the back of the head.

The witness said as the server turned around, the customer hit her in the face with one of the dessert books.

The server was treated by a paramedic, but did not go to the hospital and stayed at work.

Customers and restaurant employees made sure the women stayed put until police arrived. Officers then arrested the three suspects.

Police took the suspects into custody and said they were still trying to sort things out before deciding what charged will be filed.

The incident comes just six months after a cell phone video captured four female customers beating up a server at the same restaurant over what they deemed bad service.

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  • Economan

    People are out of their minds…

  • twolaneflash

    And the common factor is…

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  • madtntaxpayer

    Splash mob

  • these restaurants are going to have to stop serving these tea party people.

  • dunce

    They look black, it must be photo shopped to be a racist smear, because that kind of thing never happens with ghetto people.

  • serfer62

    Holder’s People practising for Nov 7th

  • west1890

    Thank the democRats. They have caused these people to be what they are today, and if Obamacommie is re-elected it will be 100 times worse.

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    Welcome to our

  • david

    I guess we are just going to have to start using Tupperware glasses from now on.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Fairview Heights is just too close to East St. Louis.
    That’s the problem.

  • gman

    Almost everyone I wait on blacks, I am assaulted……… tip.

  • gman


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …because that kind of thing never happens with ghetto people.

    When it comes to the worst of the worst, the ghetto types are hard to beat.

  • Sasja

    One of our sons used to wait tables at an upscale restaurant when he was in college. He said blacks would seldom leave a tip. It also had an area outside where you could dine. It was never a surprise when blacks would step over the fence and leave without paying. Unfortunately for the server, he, or she, would have to pay the tab out of their earnings.
    They fixed the problem by removing several tables, putting in a 6′ fence, and when they saw a group of blacks coming, would put reserved signs the outside tables.

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  • Patty

    Story sounds Fishy!!

  • George

    If Obama had sisters, they would look like these women.

  • Patty

    Would it be too much for the lowlife’s to say “no Thank you, we are fine, we don’t need you to be filling up our water” or are they above that.

    No, they are lowlife’s!

  • neverends

    Whenm, pray tell, is the race baiting, face attacks, etc. going to end. NEVER, especially when it’s called upon by Obama and his minions.

    It is mearly another tactic to cowtow “white” Americans into NOT voting.
    It is the most dispicable, communist tactics. After all, it’s working for Putin…look at the “entertainers” that are now spending two years in jail.

    And, President Nobody won’t even mention this horrible incident any more than any of the other “flash mob” antics.

    God help us all!!!!!!!!

  • Stonedome

    I’m truly sorry for this waitress being assaulted. I’m sure glad the customers wouldn’t let them leave. I would have loved to have been there to listen to the hood rat spew. The best entertainment in life is free…

  • Bubba

    Hmmmm…looks like that’s what I call the n*ggerization of Red Lobster. They should put up a sign–“Blacks are welcome…as long as they promise not to act their color.”

  • Patty

    Hummm. Night out to dinner. Seems they aren’t in Chains!

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  • Patty


    Former Obama Campaign Co-Chair: Every African-American ‘Knew What Buttons’ Biden ‘Was Trying to Push’

    – Former 2008 Obama campaign co-chair Artur Davis said Wednesday that everyone in the audience at Vice President Joe Biden’s rally in Danville, Va., knew “who the y’all was” and “knew what buttons he was trying to push by talking about chains.”

    “Romney wants to let the – he said in the first 100 days he’s going to let the big banks once again write their own rules – unchain Wall Street. They’re gonna put you all back in chains,” the vice president said at a rally in Virginia on Tuesday.

    Davis, a former Democrat who served as U.S. congressman for Alabama from 2003 to 2011, announced in May that he was leaving his party and registering as a Republican in Virginia where he now lives. Read more @ site.

  • Patty

    Last one: OT

    The secret scrapbook of Barry Soetoro Barack Obama

    See the guy who is going to get his walking papers come November 2012

  • Abelard

    “A witness said she saw three female customers get mad because the server was filling up their glasses with water too often.”

    Yeah, that’s…racist…because…African-Americans….OK, I give up.

  • Hy Feiber


  • Rob Crawford

    Filling their water glasses too often? I admit I’ve occasionally been annoyed because I had my iced tea mixed perfectly and they topped off the glass, but that never made a difference in the tip.

    “Your service was too good, so we’re going to attack you!”

    Regardless of their skin color, they’re scum.

  • Hy Feiber

    SCUM. No More Excuses. They make me Gag.

  • Practical Jane


  • coffee and tea party for me

    There’s a reason why that “word” is still in the English language…and whether people want to believe it or no, it IS still used. This is a fine example.

  • ebay one kanobe

    Thank you #$*& Obomination and Company, for being the great unifiers you are.

  • ebay one kanobe

    Too bad the witness didn’t RIP those nappy-headed afros right out of their skulls.

    P.S. Shamalammalisha didn’t get the memo…summer blonde “ain’t ‘yo cullah”

  • MrGoodWench

    Short tempered welfare sistaahs just wanted a free meal , they could start a fight or they could call the restaurant racist .
    There aren’t too many choices for them 🙁

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Hey, Toure!

    Is this that “N’rization” you were talking about?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Bubba, you beat me to it.

  • More hostile trash- great

  • thebronze

    These f*cking Spoons can’t behave in a civilized society…

  • PhilipJames

    More black bitches… wonder if the waitress was white… if so, hate crime. Racial Attack.
    But, probably just Obama lovers who are with the program to take, take, take and screw everyone else.

  • Rhoda R

    And people wondered why the klan was formed in the first place.

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  • mg4us

    Funny how the news avoids showing who the three perpetrators are? Wonder why? Might they Holders People?

    And what about the waitress? Might she be white?

    Might not look good for three black ladies to beat up a white server? Might conjure up the wrong sort of images for this obamanation!

    And what about New Black Panther Party?

  • RoadKill

    @#21 August 17, 2012 at 10:39 pm – neverends commented:
    Nope, you’re right, it never ends. As long as there are humans walking the earth there is going to be conflict – it’s just a given.

    HOWEVER, saying that, read the thread closely and you can see that’s it’s not only blacks who know how to ‘hate’. This also is part of the human condition, and all races/creeds are susceptible to this self-destructive pathology.

  • dwillmore

    Hate and ignorance has no color. Do not be fooled into thinking it is an issue of color. Humans are broken at birth and are taught or not to live civilly.

    America has taken away God, family, stay at home parent, and given the raising of its children to a cold, secular government. This affects the poor among us that have become dependant on government support the most. They have the greatest amounts of fatherless children. The rich tend to maintain intact families at least for the formative years of the children, but those numbers are slipping too as we head for the abyss. The liberals know intuitively that this is the root of our problems and is one of the reasons they so greatly love abortion as their solution.

  • anti-bho

    either of those two ‘ladies’ could be bho’s ahhhhnty. for shame Red Lobster for not having your most understanding server cater to them……

  • anti-bho

    when you think about it, this really isn’t these ‘ladies’ fault.
    they see on the news how the media pictures the obamas as royalty and can’t understand why they aren’t fawned over in the same way……… and her (michelle’s) penchant for a dish of buttered lobster should be as readily and with as much flair, pomp, and circumstance served to them.
    i mean, get with the program already Red Lobster!

  • snap boy

    They practice those South Side values the First Traveler touts.

  • Sasja
  • DomesticGoddess

    This incident IS about race and the entitlement mentality. My daughter worked at a wings place and never got tips from blacks, even those who were nice. More importantly, many would come in, devour their food, and then complain that it wasn’t any good or that the service was poor TO GET OUT OF PAYING THE BILL. The Manager had no choice but to let them off the hook (else he would be a raaaaaaacist). They did this all the time. She finally quit when a whole table pulled this stunt. She had been abused for way too long! She is going to law school to become a prosecutor – HAHA.

  • mg4us

    Does anyone know if they paid there bill BEFORE being carted off to the PO-lice station?

  • OpenTheDoor

    Democrats doing what Democrats do.

  • Lars

    Waitress was being attentive to their table, but she was not black so this was her dilemna. When you tip let them know you vote R.

  • chuck in st paul

    I’m sure it was a ‘free dinner’ ploy that got out of control. Porch monkies and ghetto roaches are entitled to ‘free’ stuff. It’s only fair you know… at least according to them anyway.

  • Male Silverback

    @#55 Chuck you may be spot on.

  • BararaS

    I’m beginning to think waitresses at this Red Lobster should get combat pay. Are these the same women who pulled this stunt before. Why not? It worked before. Or are they just copy cats?

  • #45, RoadKill … & … #46, dwillmore … EXACTLY.

  • Sam Stone

    I believe we need a man like Darwin to investigate whether or not EVOLUTION has stopped or even reversed for these people.

  • valerie

    Sounds like the management and the customers have learned how to handle violence in the local Red Lobster. My thanks to them.

    #46 August 18, 2012 at 5:54 am
    dwillmore commented:
    “Hate and ignorance has no color.”

    You’re right, but you are assuming in this case that this incident was the result of ignorance. People talk amongst themselves, and the bad ones among them pass on all kinds of information about how to run a scam to escape paying for restaurant bills.

    Cheap blacks do have a reputation for poor tipping. That isn’t ignorance, it’s a decision to strike back at white people any way they can. The ignorance comes from their failure to recognize that 1) they aren’t hurting anybody capable of harming them, and 2) they are harming potential allies who will abstract a lesson from their bad behavior, if it is repeated often enough by enough different blacks.

    I am sure those women at that table knew all about the earlier incident, and that they were making some sort of deliberate statement by their actions. They did not act out of ignorance.

  • Harry Collerman

    No surprise here. Just RACIST savages being themselves.

  • Observer

    I lived for 45 years in the very upscale beach communities directy west of the Los Angeles’ s ghetto. These beach towns are awash in restaurants. When a restaurant’s clientele became significantly black it soon went out of business One of the reasons for those shtdowns was that those establishments couldn’t keep wait staff because black patrons were terrible tippers and waiters couldn’t afford to coninue working at those establishments.
    Dine & ditch is another favorite m.o. of the crowd from the ghetto as is complaining loudly about imagined incorrect orders, cold food, and bad tastes.
    How do I know these scams are played libs will sanctimonosly ask as they shout racist at me. I have personally witnessesd such fates befalling a restaurant as well as personally ing nally witnessing the scams related above being played out in my former neigborhood with more than one establishment shortly closing down. Additionally my next door neigbor was the manager of an eating established that was closed by the parent corporation for exactly the reasons related above.

  • obfuscatenot

    How about a change in payment practices? Pay upfront-just like at a gas station…..why not? Then sooooo very many issues would be solved.

  • well now

    I’m 31 years in the restaurant business, and I’ve heard about Blacks not tipping, it ‘s happened to me once.
    These girls are animals. If I was the corporate headquarters of Red Lobster, I would shut this place down, and open in a neighborhood where the people are not animals. Go into any ghetto area and you will see the deliveryman will not deliver as they will get robbed or worse,and the stores are divided up with lucite barriers and I’ve seen both. The “people” of the neighborhoods bring this on themselves and I have no pity for them.

  • mcc

    “Nothing erodes anti-Second Amendment bigotry like an hour’s range time. Discovery encourages discovery. The first taste of truth doesn’t necessarily lead immediately to a lifelong passion for it, though I’ve seen that happen as well.”

    In response to Standing Wolf were noteworthy comments by AJS and lobman:

    AJS: This really resonates with me, since I was the liberal friend that was finally persuaded to visit a shooting range. In a short period of time I had become an NRA member and a strong defender of our 2nd Amendment rights. Once I relaxed and decided to be more true to myself, the journey rightward began. I took one of those online political tests the other day and it showed that I am in the most conservative 10% of the population. And, truly, it did start at the shooting range.

    lobman: The idea of taking them to a range works wonders with their attitude toward the 2nd Amendment. Plus they learn that shooting is a heck of a lot of fun. A friend that I introduced to our range is now in the process of becoming an NRA instructor. Once they trust your expertise with firearms they are also willing to discuss politics with you.

    This puts forth a fabulous, creative, and potentially effective approach to shift someone’s views to our side. In this way, you can contribute to helping us maximize our numbers on Election Day, and beyond.

    Read more:

  • Bunni

    This is why I don’t eat at RL, too many low life obummer supporters.

  • ar05075

    Holder’s people.

  • Patty

    Read and just try to compare the Red Lobster story to the Black Panthers. I SEE NO DIFFERENCE. THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW IN BOTH CASES.

    The New Black Panthers act like they are above the law because so far they have been.


    Americans are taking renewed notice of the New Black Panthers and the politicians who have enabled them. What sort of country have we become that racist uniformed thugs can stalk polls and threaten free citizens with mob arrest and murder? Is this a post-racial America, or a wicked reminder of a lawless age we thought we had moved beyond forever?


    There was a time in this country when criminal threats were treated as criminal threats. There was a time when stalking polls on election day with a billy club was taken seriously. Obviously we’ve lost something precious when thugs command the attention of a media unwilling to label them as thugs. We’ve lost something precious when the most vile vigilantism not only goes unpunished, but seems to attract defenders, benefactors, and fans.

  • sandy

    These women were looking to vent their rage and any white target would do. Yesterday I was in a supermarket carefully navigating an aisle because two black women refused to move. As I passed them one shouted Why didn’t you ask to be excused? Not a huge deal but more evidence that the rage is out there and Obama foments it.

  • Black on Black Crime Makes Me Happy

    Hmmmmm… Lets see here… St Louis. Red Lobster. An attack from the rear. Must be silver-backs. These pieces of sub-human filth never disappoint and always prove us right. oook. ooook. ook.

  • Patty

    I would have passed them by but I do say excuse me as I do. That is no big deal, for me.

    But I have noticed and often as I shop and the cheaper stores these days. Great Values usually but many Blacks and others. I am very polite because I feel I am not better than they are nor are they better than I.

    I hate to say this because it isn’t the case but there is a saying, “kill them with kindness” and it does work. In some of my worse experiences in the public and they are few and far between, but when it happens, IT WORKS.

    People snap and they need help, prior to entering a Red Lobster or wherever. There life style, their parents, their feeling that they are better than anyone else. Or their ego. Whatever it is, it is dangerous and I won’t feel belittle but I too, will try to stay out of their way, intuition or whatever you want to call it.

    When you live long enough, you just know, trouble as entered the room. It is all in the handling of the situation. Filling water up is one thing but using the manners you should have learned is another. And these women or who ever have none.

    It is taught, then learn it and take into your life. They never did.

  • Patty

    It is called respect!! And with divisions, cultures, pc, videos, fast and furious news, or maybe a leader of a nation, who doesn’t have respect, one.

    Call it intuition 😆 but I believe it is lack of leadership, NATION and PARENTING.

  • Mikey

    We’ve coddled American blacks and made them an irresponsible dependent class of persons, so it’s no wonder they act up like petulant children whenever they feel the need. Complete lack of impulse control. We are seeing the de-evolvement of a race of people. Or the inability to evolve. Not sure which.

  • CommieJuice

    Imagine that, some of Eric Holder and 0bama’s “people” in the news again for starting a melee in public. Since when has Red Lobster become so ghetto? My advice for Red Lobster, stop accepting the EBT.

  • Daniel Raidt


    You are so spot on.

  • Daniel Raidt

    Thank You LBJ

    “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

    – Lyndon B. Johnson

  • RoadKill

    @ #46 August 18, 2012 at 5:54 am
    dwillmore commented:

    GREAT and insightful comment! THANKS!

  • Patty


    The best post here and of the day!!

  • very sad. but the this very typical behavior of african american women. has anyone told them about civilized behavior. it is okay more blacks filling up the prison system.

  • Mad Hatter

    I remember when Fairview Heights was a nice place and people acted civilized. I use to work very close to this Red Lobster, and started to see the down fall of Fairview Heights about 12 years ago, and little by little, things have gotten worse each year.

    Must be the farm boys coming in and causing trouble, right? (cough cough)

  • Probably not an option for a corporate chain, but I understand playing classic country music at a clearly audible volume helps with diversity problems.

  • Simsalabim

    #46 Gives me something to think about. You may be right (and correct) but I repeat myself.

  • sandy


    Like you I always say excuse me but my friend was in front of me and she kept saying excuse me and they wouldn’t move so I thought I will carefully navigate my way around them.

  • SKIP

    Female Neeeeeeegro assailants! who’d a thought it. There will be no charges, they are Neeeeeegros and charges are never filed against Neeeeegros. They are Reic Holder’s people

  • Some would call this dogwhistling, but it is just Eric Holder’s people acting the way they act.

  • Basil Duke

    There’s no doubt in my mind that this was an overplayed “free meal” scam – a specialty of American blacks. I suspect they spent the entirety of their time at the restaurant looking for something – ANYthing – to raise a ‘hood sqawk about and thereby either have their food comped altogether or their bill reduced. Having foiled the scam by providing good service (for which she would have received NO tip*), the waitress provoked the customers’ feral rage, and got a glass in the back of her head for her trouble. Hats off the to the customers and staff for keeping these animals in the restaurant until the cops showed up, but the incident speaks yet again to the impossibility of sharing a community with a generally dysfunctional demographic like that to which these perps belong. Throughout St. Louis, they devour bowling alleys, movie theaters, malls and restaurants like a biblical plague of locust thugs – and their “leaders” at the St. Louis American and elsewhere scream “rayyyyyy-sist” when a white devil has the temerity to point out the truth. (*When the bill comes, black restaurant patrons – having tortured their waitress for the last hour – commonly write “0” in the ‘tip” line, and then underline it two or three times to emphasize their hatred for “the man” (or, in these cases, a 23-year-old single mom who makes $3 an hour because, as the theory goes, she’ll make most of her money via tips.)

  • Jake

    That great service was nothing but the waitress trying to guilt them into paying a tip. They were not about to fall for such trickery and ‘kept it real’ on the unsuspecting server.

  • George

    Miserable coons. Subhuman scum.

  • Realist

    They seem like handsome, well groomed, well educated women to me. Must be the system. yeah that’s it. it’s the systems fault. Oh yeah and slavery. slavery remember that from 160 years ago. It’s slaverys fault. Oh yeah and YT. YT owes dem for slavery and sheit.