Three women were arrested today after assaulting their waitress with a water glass. They also chucked a dessert book at her face.

Two of the three women arrested at a Fairview Heights Red Lobster after a waitress had a glass thrown at her head. (KMOV)

KMOV reported:

Paramedics treated a server at a Red Lobster in Fairview Heights on Friday after a customer threw a water glass at her head.

It happened at the Red Lobster in the 110 block of Ludwig Drive around 2 p.m.

A witness said she saw three female customers get mad because the server was filling up their glasses with water too often.

According to the witness, as the server walked away one of them picked up a water glass and threw it, hitting the victim in the back of the head.

The witness said as the server turned around, the customer hit her in the face with one of the dessert books.

The server was treated by a paramedic, but did not go to the hospital and stayed at work.

Customers and restaurant employees made sure the women stayed put until police arrived. Officers then arrested the three suspects.

Police took the suspects into custody and said they were still trying to sort things out before deciding what charged will be filed.

The incident comes just six months after a cell phone video captured four female customers beating up a server at the same restaurant over what they deemed bad service.




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  1. People are out of their minds…

  2. And the common factor is…

  3. Splash mob

  4. these restaurants are going to have to stop serving these tea party people.

  5. They look black, it must be photo shopped to be a racist smear, because that kind of thing never happens with ghetto people.

  6. Holder’s People practising for Nov 7th

  7. Thank the democRats. They have caused these people to be what they are today, and if Obamacommie is re-elected it will be 100 times worse.

  8. Welcome to our

  9. I guess we are just going to have to start using Tupperware glasses from now on.

  10. Fairview Heights is just too close to East St. Louis.
    That’s the problem.

  11. Almost everyone I wait on blacks, I am assaulted……… tip.

  12. *everytime

  13. …because that kind of thing never happens with ghetto people.

    When it comes to the worst of the worst, the ghetto types are hard to beat.

  14. One of our sons used to wait tables at an upscale restaurant when he was in college. He said blacks would seldom leave a tip. It also had an area outside where you could dine. It was never a surprise when blacks would step over the fence and leave without paying. Unfortunately for the server, he, or she, would have to pay the tab out of their earnings.
    They fixed the problem by removing several tables, putting in a 6′ fence, and when they saw a group of blacks coming, would put reserved signs the outside tables.

  15. Story sounds Fishy!!

  16. If Obama had sisters, they would look like these women.

  17. Would it be too much for the lowlife’s to say “no Thank you, we are fine, we don’t need you to be filling up our water” or are they above that.

    No, they are lowlife’s!

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