Romney Calls on Dirty Harry Reid to Come Clean (Video)

Mitt Romney called on Harry Reid to reveal the source to his smear today.
Reid claims that Romney has not paid his taxes in 10 years.

FOX News reported, via Free Republic:

Mitt Romney called on Harry Reid Tuesday to reveal the source for his claim that the Republican presidential candidate has not paid taxes for 10 years, stepping up pressure as two major fact-check sites ruled Reid had no basis for the “incendiary” allegation.

Romney, in an interview with Fox News, said he doesn’t believe Reid has a credible source but urged the Senate Democratic leader to reveal who it is.

“I don’t really believe that he’s got any kind of a credible source,” Romney said. “I don’t know who gave him this line of reasoning, whether it came from the White House or the DNC or a staffer, but he ought to say where it came from, and then we can find out whether that person has any credibility. I know they don’t.”

He said Reid also has “lost a lot of credibility.”

It’s time to come clean, Dirty Harry.

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  • Joe College

    Why is Romney’s fighting with Harry Reid instead of the guy he’s running against?

  • john b

    “He [Roney] said Reid also has ‘lost a lot of credibility.'”
    Technically, not true.
    Reid lacks all credibility and is a sign and symptom of sick Democrats everywhere.
    His dementia/psychosis/whatever it is IS noticeable to ALL people. given this, the fact that other Democrats go along with him in the Senate — and choose him as Majority Leader — indicates they suffer the same disease or are too cowardly to stand up to him.

  • derpHoft

    That’s one way to do it Mitt. Another way to prove Harry is a liar is to just release your tax returns.

  • Leemoe

    Reids statments reflects on the credibility of all Democrats in the Senate who have chosen him as their leader.

  • MN Jim

    Time to call for obama to release all his records, including the Columbia admissions documents showing his as a foreign student, and why he lost his law license, etc.

    Time to call for Holder to go to jail for not releasing subpoenaed records.

    Time to quit screwing around and get tough on this administration’s crimes.

  • bg




  • SoLongSong

    I WISH they’d put me to sleep!

    Here instead, Romney’s falling into the very trap that Reid was attempting! There should be no “Tell me who told you” etc., etc. There should be, “The Obama campaign is simply making a feeble attempt to distract from the dismal economy that they’ve created. Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” (or whatever).

    It shames me to think that Reid claims to be Mormon.

  • Monkey Wrench

    This is just more amateur hour from the Romney campaign. First of all he’s fighting the wrong guy. He’s running against Obama not Reid. Second, this keeps the news cycle focused on Reid v Romney and why won’t Romney release his taxes. The focus should be on the terrible job numbers and Obama’s failed economy.

    The verdict is in on Obama. People want to replace him. All Romney has to do is prove that he is up to the job of being President. Romney should be at least 10 points ahead right now. Instead he is losing in almost all of the battleground states. Romney may be a good businessman, but he is a horrible politician. If he doesn’t turn things around quickly, he is going to lose.

  • Blue Moon

    All dirty Harry is going to do is say that he really meant Mitt didn’t pay taxes from the time he was born until the age of 10 years. End of story. This man is despicable.

  • Jill

    Is Mitt really this gullible? He was doing fine, but now he’s decided to get into a pissing contest with Harry Reid

    Mitt Romney had better learn that there is no point in responding. Obama’s minions team up with the MSN every week to create a new line of attack against Romney. Last time it was Bain, now it’s his taxes. By responding, all Mitt is doing is giving it life.

    The Dems are deliberately trying to make Mitt Romney have these angry reactions, so they and the MSM can keep talking about it.

    The best thing is to just ignore it. Let the Dems keep talking about Romney’s taxes. Romney needs to take the high road by refusing to let the Dems control the narrative, and talking the issues Americans care about.

  • Robodog7

    Romney: ” The IRS knows I’ve paid my taxes, that is all that matters. End of discussion.”

  • bg


    Robodog7 #11 August 7, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    you have legally obtained proof he didn’t??

    no, well, as the saying goes, put up or shut up..


  • Taqiyyotomist

    #6 bg

    Indeed. Zzzzzzz………..

    This game is rigged, and the public is deceived, and the rest of us are just playing The Waiting Game, at this point.

    94 days to go, then the SHTF, and All Hell Breaks Loose.

  • bg
  • Taqiyyotomist

    …barring the inevitable Manufactured Crisis Per Week until then.

  • ponderon
  • Mike

    Even the White House is distancing themselves from Harry. Mitt’s taking his eye off the ball. Tell the media he’ll release his tax returns when Obama releases his documents. At that point, people will see how Reid is slandering him, at which point Mitt says he’ll take legal action to protect his name. Watch how fast Harry backpedals then.

  • lizzy84

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………Hey Mitt, how about running an ad on this story instead?

  • mcc

    Can we settle this once and for all?

    Every time questions go off message to slime BO’s opponent, the response MUST be accompanied by mention of an Obama failure/corruption. There will ALWAYS be a relevant one. The list is mind-boggling..besides, they accuse the innocent of what they do themselves.

    NEVER give them anything they want. It’ll be used for evil. It’s all they know.

    Make NO deals with them. Trust them to play fair?! Think of it like their wanting to abolish gun ownership. The good guys – their enemies – will dutifully turn in their guns. But, ha hah! the bad guys – their boys – won’t. So, in this case, only a sucker would think that papers they agree to turn over – if they did at all – would be anything but FAKE. And good luck even when they’re proven to be forgeries. Deals are LOSERS with this crowd. Every time.

  • BarbaraS

    I wish Romney would just laugh at him and say “poor harry, he can’t help it”. Reid has been picked to spew all these lies because his tenure ends Jan 2017. That’s quite a way away and he hopes people will forget by then and they probably will. It is sickening to realize we will be stuck with this POS for the next four and a half years. Hopefully, not as majority leader though.