Republican Todd Akin Attacks “Obama-Claire” McCaskill on Her Pro-Abortion Record

Rep. Todd Akin is running against liberal Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) who voted with Barack Obama 90% of the time including votes on Obamacare and the failed trillion dollar stimulus.

Earlier today Rep. Akin went on television with local liberal Charles Jaco. Akin made a clumsy remark on abortion and rape. Later today Todd Akin put out a press release clarifying his remarks. He also attacked McCaskill, a Catholic, on her pro-abortion record.

“As a member of Congress, I believe that working to protect the most vulnerable in our society is one of my most important responsibilities, and that includes protecting both the unborn and victims of sexual assault. In reviewing my off-the-cuff remarks, it’s clear that I misspoke in this interview and it does not reflect the deep empathy I hold for the thousands of women who are raped and abused every year. Those who perpetrate these crimes are the lowest of the low in our society and their victims will have no stronger advocate in the Senate to help ensure they have the justice they deserve.

“I recognize that abortion, and particularly in the case of rape, is a very emotionally charged issue. But I believe deeply in the protection of all life and I do not believe that harming another innocent victim is the right course of action. I also recognize that there are those who, like my opponent, support abortion and I understand I may not have their support in this election.

“But I also believe that this election is about a wide-range of very important issues, starting with the economy and the type of country we will be leaving our children and grandchildren. We’ve had 42 straight months of unacceptably high unemployment, trillion dollar deficits, and Democratic leaders in Washington who are focused on growing government, instead of jobs. That is my primary focus in this campaign and while there are those who want to distract from that, knowing they cannot defend the Democrats’ failed economic record of the last four years, that will continue to be my focus in the months ahead.”

Liberals are already attacking Todd Akin for today’s comments. Maybe it’s time for Missouri Republicans to make McCaskill’s pro-abortion record a campaign issue, too?

More… Via Instapundit: BY THE TIME I NOTICED THIS STORY, IT WAS OVER, but Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” remarks pale in comparison with Whoopi Goldberg’s.

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  • Votemout2012

    Thanks for this article. Todd needs our help not criticism from Republicans. Makes me sick to my stomach to see on twitter some of Steeleman’s supporters openly tweeting for McCaskill. As if Todd could be worst than liberal McCaskill it is pathetic. We need to stand up to the liberal spin and distortions if we are going to get control of the senate.

  • susan d

    What he said earlier was outright stupid. It does make me question his political acumen. It is not fair that the Democrats can say anything they want and not be affected but that is the way it is. Akin made a hugh error in a race that should be a slam-dunk for Republicans and I am really not excited to have him continue as the Republican Senate candidate.

  • Right-Wing Fact Checker

    All comments made by this offensive commenter/ impersonator have been removed and user has been banned. I’m sorry the comment numbering will be off due to all the deletions.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  • Objective Analysis

    Look, with Claire McCaskill as stupid as she is. Two stupids don’t make Claire right. He needs to fight and stand on principles and watch what he says. That is all. Social issues is not that big of an issue. Removing Obama and his minions who support him like Claire is what is important.

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  • Pingback: Republican Todd Akin Attacks “Obama-Claire” McCaskill on Her Pro-Abortion Record()

  • Dave

    I formulated my vote during the debate using one question
    Out of all the 3 candidates he was most likely to unseat Claire?

    I did not vote for Sarah nor did I vote for Todd. So that tells you whom I voted for.
    After his screw up today not sure I could vote for him nor Claire.

    IMO he just stuck his foot in mouth big time and kissed his you know what goodbye.
    Just watch the money start pouring into Claire campaign.

    Mo is a crucial seat in the turning around of the US Senate and Thanks, Todd for your efforts

  • bg


    Godspeed Mr. Akin..

    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  • bg


    re: Akin made a clumsy remark on abortion and rape

    what was the remark??


  • Granny Kate

    Pro-choice and women’s groups will be pouring to the polls to vote against Akin. We will be very lucky if Obama doesn’t win Missouri over this. This is a time we should be focused on the economy and jobs, but now the social issues will take the spotlight.

  • 24 Liberty

    As I see it, if election held today, Akin has blown it. But…we must step up our efforts and remind everyone that by McCaskill voting to enslave us all to Obamacare, NONE of us have any control of our reproductive or health care decisions. Akin needs to turn up the heat on this broad and we have got to get rid of her in this round. Period. We can ride herd on Akin and get rid of him next time if necessary.

  • AvidChristian

    To the “Right-Wing fact checker”: the answer to your question is yes. Yes, I as a husband would raise a child with love and care as my own, even if it was the product of a brutal rape of my wife (God forbid that happens). And yes, my wife (if such a terrible thing did happen) would INSIST on carrying and raising the child. Let me guess, your answer is to murder the poor helpless child? Because you’re so moral and humane, right? Ever heard of adoption? Know how difficult it is to adopt a newborn? Know how many families would LOVE to adopt all the unborn children? There would be no need for abortion in this or any other country (and it wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to adopt.) Let me guess: you would still prefer to “terminate” the child instead. Did you know that the number of abortions due to rape or incest is less than 1% ? And yet to hear pro-death people talk, you would think 80% of abortions are for these reasons. Did you also realize that for every 1 American soldier who died in the Civil War (the highest casualty war in American history) we have voluntarily killed over 100 of our babies. That’s over 1:100 ratio…did you realize that? Let me guess, your answer is still to murder the innocent child…

  • sth88

    I’ve no problem making Claire’s pro-abortion record a part of the campaign against her, but these comments are most likely to make Todd Akin radioactive. Honest mistake it may have been, I’m not confident that Akin can avoid being buried by this, and the Missouri senate seat is not one we can afford to lose. Akin needs to drop out so we can get another Republican in his place and refocus this election to the economy and McCaskill’s failed record.

  • 24 Liberty

    @sth88 –

    One thing we have proven we are willing to do, is purge the GOP when needed; question though, at this point, now that we are past primary — could this be done?

  • pyromancer76

    These intelligent sites, like thegatewaypundit, should report all of Akin’s comments. When I only read part of his statement, I was adamant that he should fight back. Unfortunately, he said much more He is definitely intellectually challenged and not someone a woman would trust to look after her interests in Washington. Nice apology, but the damage was done by reprehensible stupidity. I will vote for anyone anti-Obama, but I don’t think I could vote for him after his disclosure of his “thinking” about women. Sarah Palkin was right again — and I am not a “supporter” of hers.

  • fact checker, how insensitive, how mean-spirited, how uncivil. what would hillary say if she read your comments.

  • Mary

    Your guy is an embarrassment and a loser. His remarks weren’t clumsy – his THINKING and his morals are impaired.

  • sth88

    I’m sure The Lightbringer would be proud of the new civility in politics that we see on display from the Fact Checker.

  • bg




  • usamopatriot

    Right wing fact checker.

    You are pure filth. Go back to the sewer you subhuman vermin.

  • 24 Liberty


    go easy on “right wing fact”, he’s just desperately trying to make the case for murder early in life…why just think of the service his mother may have provided to the decent people on this board not being subjected to his vile rot. Granted it’s kind of out there, but clearly “right wing fact” is commited to his “cause”. Kudos.

  • bg


    #18 August 19, 2012 at 8:42 pm
    Right-Wing Fact Checker

    no, it’s just your vile imagination at work..

    White Paper. When Does Human Life Begin?

    [Resolving the question of when human life begins is critical for advancing a reasoned public policy debate over abortion and human embryo research. This article considers the current scientific evidence in human embryology and addresses two central questions concerning the beginning of life: 1) in the course of sperm-egg interaction, when is a new cell formed that is distinct from either sperm or egg? and 2) is this new cell a new human organism—i.e., a new human being? Based on universally accepted scientific criteria, a new cell, the human zygote, comes into existence at the moment of sperm-egg fusion, an event that occurs in less than a second. Upon formation, the zygote immediately initiates a complex sequence of events that establish the molecular conditions required for continued embryonic development. The behavior of the zygote is radically unlike that of either sperm or egg separately and is characteristic of a human organism. Thus, the scientific evidence supports the conclusion that a zygote is a human organism and that the life of a new human being commences at a scientifically well defined “moment of conception.” This conclusion is objective, consistent with the factual evidence, and independent of any specific ethical, moral, political, or religious view of human life or of human embryos.]

    few more facts here (#89), here (#32), here (#94) here..


  • bg


    dang, GP trolls are vile

    [[#25 August 19, 2012 at 9:07 pm
    bg commented:


    oh shut the hell up.]]

    NOT ME


  • EBL

    This is not a big deal by Akin. But when stuff like this is happening it is all Democrats have (change the subject): This might cause some concern at the White House…

  • bg


    found it..

    Senate Candidate Provokes Ire With ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comment

    [“It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare,”
    Mr. Akin said of pregnancies from rape. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female
    body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume that
    maybe that didn’t work or something: I think there should be some
    punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist, and not
    attacking the child.”]

    of course they made it a black vs white issue vs a consider what
    it was he stated in context matter.. ergo, i not only think he did
    just fine in explaining what he meant, but understand why he said
    it.. also understand the how and why the left saw the opportunity
    to make another Mecaca out of it, we need to stop biting on their
    shark jumping bait & let them drown in their unrequited mud pies..


  • i think a lot of the posts here claiming to be women upset with akin are done by an obama troll to convince you to vote for the disaster that is mc caskill

  • #31 … agreed.

    A suggestion to all of the GP regulars… go to, create an account and set a pic to be seen as your avatar next to your name. It will be much easier for each of us to determine whether the comments being made are REAL or from a troll.

  • jdawg

    Liberals respond with calls for Akin to be raped and murdered. Media, law enforcement is silent, as is always the case when liberals call for the murder of conservatives.

  • Claire McCaskill & Barack Obama – Partners in Big Government

    Senator McCaskill’s Record:
    * ObamaCare: Voted YES for Higher Costs and an Individual Mandate
    * Obama Stimulus: Voted YES for $787 Billion More in Spending and Debt
    * Dodd-Frank: Voted YES for Price Controls on Debit Cards Resulting in Higher Banking Fees for Consumers
    * TARP: Voted YES on the $700 Billion Taxpayer Bailout of Mega Banks
    * Auto Bailout: Called the $80 Billion Taxpayer Bailout of General Motors and Chrysler “Wildly Successful”
    ^ Unemployment: 9.1%
    ^ Debt: $14.8 Trillion
    ^ Poverty: 45 Million Americans on Food Stamps

    McCaskill and Obama: Not working for Missouri. Not working for America.

    – above information from: FreedomWorks for America

  • AvidChristian

    Thanks bg for the excellent scientific info…to bad the left doesn’t care about facts. “Right wing fact checker”: I hope no such bad thing happens to you or any of your own…and it’s ok, I forgive you for your hate.

  • rk

    If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

    Right Todd. Akin just embarrassed the entire MO R party. There is no way even those who try to spin this that anyone would go on TV and say this. Period.

    Maybe if they’ve had a few beers with their fishing buddies they might ponder the question…but this is a putative US Senator talking

    Or, to put it another way…if he said this in the primary he would have lost big. He is a dolt that somehow squeaked by.

    the MO primary was worrisome. Nothing for months. Except brunner ads. Then suddenly a few ads, and it was over. One small debate, that’s it

    Rs need to send this guy packing….he is an embarrassment

  • bg


    rk #37 August 19, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    “It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that’s
    really rare,
    If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to
    try to shut that whole thing down.”


  • Kathteach

    My favorite bumper sticker –

    BE a hero – save a whale.
    SAVE a baby – go to jail.

    Government is just not moral enough to make the most private decisions a woman must make throughout her life.

    That’s why conservatives really wish government would get the heck out of it and let the other institutions in society (like families, churches and the kinds of cultural/social networks we all navigate to in these digital times).

    It’s only the most extreme left that wants to paint the middle (note – not the extreme right) as anti-choice.

    Our choice is simply no government involvement in human sexuality and reproductive decisions.

  • bg


    tell it like it is Akin!!


  • valerie

    #4 August 19, 2012 at 7:57 pm
    Right-Wing Fact Checker commented:

    Well, you are certainly willing to make an a$$ of yourself with your assumptions.

    Very few criminal rapes result in pregnancy. It’s because it’s a one-time event, and a woman can only get pregnant three days out of the month.

    It’s a math thing.

  • valerie

    #33 August 19, 2012 at 9:56 pm
    TeachX3 commented:

    To be honest, it’s very easy to tell when a regular is being spoofed. That’s because the trolls here are inept.

  • Gravelyvoice Jim

    What’s Akin up now, “strike two” after his “liberals hate God” statement and now this? Akin’s hubris got him into this trouble. He doesn’t seem to realize that he’s now running a general election race and HIS blindly loyal base won’t be enough to put him over the top like it did in the primary. He needs to keep in mind that 65% of REPUBLICANS DID NOT vote for him in the primary. Lord only knows how many of those individuals were voting in a Republican primary for the first time on ECONOMIC issues. I suspect a good number were, so Akin need to be able to pivot off these type of questions and stay focused on the economy and principles of smaller government. If he did, he would soon figure out a way to answer abortion questions in the context of limited government – it should be a STATE issue and HIS personal views shouldn’t matter, except to the extent that he would work to keep the federal government OUT of the abortion business and return it to the states, as required by the 10th Amendment. THIS is the difference between himself and McCaskill that Akin should be highlighting (if it does indeed exist), NOT their personal views on the subject; because if he believes in the principle of limited government nobody should really care about either of their personal views on the issue, unless one of them is arrogant enough to claim to have knowledge in a field of reproductive biology that they really know nothing about. If Akin argues on the grounds of limited government and state control, Akin wins; if he argues the abortion issue on it’s face he comes off as too extreme, as evidenced by this incident, and McCaskill wins.

    Statements like this could potentially drive some of the independents, moderates, and libertarians who are fed up with McCaskill’s B.S. away from Akin. If it does, hopefully this won’t spill over to the Romney-Obama election and put Missouri back in play nationally. With all of the criticism of Steelman’s public communication ability and fears of her going up against Claire in a debate during the primary, it’s ironic that conservatives have chosen an individual with an intellectual capacity limited to sound-bites and quotes he has heard from unreliable sources. If Akin keeps this up he may end up being Missouri’s conservative version of Uncle Joe Biden.

    I can only wonder how the rest of the Republican candidates going around the state on the Republican “Victory Tour” must feel standing on the stage with this guy. Most have spent the last two years running on conservative fiscal policies and principles of limited government. Now Akin has thrown this turd of a distraction into the punch-bowl that they ALL may now have to deal with in their campaigns. Will the Republican Party now request he step out of the race or risk a “strike three” from him, in which case ALL Republican candidates across the state could all well be O-U-T?

  • rk


    “It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that’s
    really rare, If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to
    try to shut that whole thing down.”

    ok…that’s the whole context. Bizarre. Like I say, maybe you say that to your fishing buddies after a few drinks…but seriously, this is not something a person should say on TV if they are a serious politician.

    He seems to be uncomfortable in his position…and therefore is trying to make it look ok. Well, that’s pretty weaselly too. If you are serious theological, then stand up…and talk the Moral case.

    Face it…the guy is a loser

  • #42 August 19, 2012 at 10:49 pm
    valerie commented:

    To be honest, it’s very easy to tell when a regular is being spoofed. That’s because the trolls here are inept.

    Oh yes, I do agree, but only to other regulars. Lurkers, who may be on the fence on where they stand, come here and read too. I was only making the suggestion to help in keeping the sanity (rather than always following up after the fake posts with a “I didn’t write that” type of thing 😉

  • bg


    a molehill a mountain does not make..

    where were ya’ll brilliant posters for Joe’s RACIST chains comment??

    not to mention Barry’s, but alas, i digress..

    ipso facto: the only reason anyone is twisting this way out of shape is
    because Joe makes so many out of shape statements that have to be
    straightened out, so get as grip already.. listen to Obama.. he’s much
    worse than all the gaffers on both sides of the isle put together.. only
    you’re so mesmerized by his loftier than Gods promises, that you simply
    cannot comprehend what he’s actually saying, ergo, it all sounds like a
    slice of heaven to your ears.. *sigh*



  • RainMom

    Well, thank God for some sanity!

    This guy made a stupid remark, enough to make this old, conservative housewife cringe!
    Please, let’s not get distracted by this, because if you look around,
    it’s already all over the msm, and votes will certainly be lost because of it. It’s much
    too easy for them to point and declare “hate” as it is, so let’s not give them any more ammunition.
    This election is a referendum on Obamacare, jobs, and the economy. We NEED that senate
    seat to overturn the healthcare mandate. Let’s not muddy the waters with social issues.
    (On the bright side, at least Akin is not VP, though there are surely women that will
    see his remarks in the same light as Biden’s “put ya’ll back in chains” statement.)

  • bg


    RainMom #48 August 19, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    ROTF 😆 MBO!!

    ado much ado about nothing..

    here, this will give sane folks some perspective, the
    rest of you, carry on with your over the top lunacy..



    keep it up, you will get the government you deserve..

    oh yeah, you know that old cliche about being careful what
    you wish, well, there’s a damn good reason it’s still in use.. 🙁


  • bg


    RainMom #48 August 19, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    btw, albethey related, they are 2 separate issues..

    like i always say, comprehension a dying skill.. 🙁


  • bg


    re: #50 August 19, 2012 at 11:28 pmbg

    comprehension IS a dying


  • Sarah

    The remark wasn’t clumsy. It was absolutely stupid.

    No matter how much we may think his comments pale in comparison to the the damage C. M. has inflicted on the state, the media and her campaign will harp on this remark from now to electin day. He just handed the opponent a gift. A huge gift. Like it or not, just handed the election to C. M. He needs to step down so we can win this seat, because this is not going to go away and it is going to confirm all the stereotypes about conservatives that we are fighting.

  • AkaDad

    If a Democrat said what Akin did you guys would be totally outraged.

    As far as that debt you’re complaining about, what did you think would happen when you have 30 years of tax cuts and two wars? Btw, Ryan’s votes account for 5 trillion of that debt.

  • Monkey Wrench

    Obama is already way ahead with women. This type of story sure doesn’t help, which is why it’s getting a lot of coverage in the media.

  • phil myers

    yall have fun up there in misssouri with that idiot yall have picked as repub senate candidate. Poor ole Mo. will be beat up in SEC. LSU grad here. LOL.

  • Monkey Wrench

    When I heard about Akin’s remark my first thought was, why is he even talking about this? Apparently he was defending his position on abortion. He believes abortion should be a crime, even in cases of rape and incest. That’s a pretty hard position to sell to the general public, so he was trying to say that it doesn’t really happen. Rapes never result in a pregnancy, so it’s not an issue.

    Even if you are solidly pro-life, there is something creepy about the government forcing a rape victim to carry the rapist’s baby for 9 months and give birth.

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  • Sadly, this may be Todd Akin’s “Macaca” moment. He has till November to overcome it. Let’s hope he does and hope he doesn’t grab the “third rail” again.

  • bg


    wow, one would thi9nk the man said the n word..

    i give, i not only don’t know what the hell liberals are today,
    but conservatives seem to be dumbing down to their level..

    /truth sarc/



  • Gravelyvoice Jim

    BG – I noticed the picture in your link contains the words “Joe Biden” on the Romney issue side. Since you seem to believe (and I tend to agree) that this cartoon summarizes the key issues for the respective campaigns, for the sake of consistency and intellectual honesty can we now include the words “Todd Akin” on Obama’s “issue” side?

    Sorry, but I just don’t see that much difference here between Biden and Akin in the “loose cannon” arena. Career politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle eventually start believing their own BS. You know they have hit the hubris critical mass point when they believe that they can easily convince everyone else to believe it because their loyal sycophants do, sort of like the self-absorbed movie starts who tell us to “only use one sheet of toilet paper”. Biden, McCaskill, AND Akin have all hit this point. The difference is that Claire and Uncle Joe have the MSM on their side to help bury their garbage, Akin doesn’t so his missteps have a far more negative impact on the conservative message than anything JB or CM could say to derail the liberal juggernaut.

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  • mr_e_m_t

    Abortion is a political topic that until this last cycle has received very little thought by politicians and citizens alike on the Right.
    The Majority on the right who identifies themselves as pro life concede abortion in the cases of “Rape, incest, and health factors” to be permissible while arguing that abortion is murder.

    Its fence straddling that only invites more interpretation, compromise, and argument.
    Mr Akin’s only guilt here is in not organizing his thoughts to express his heart on the issue.

    Adressing the issue from a political/constitutional standpoint. Once the definition of where life begins is settled, that life should absolutely receive all the protections and immunities provided in our constitution that were written to protect each person’s unalienable rights, most especially to life and liberty and pursuit of happiness.

    Addressing each concession that has been allowed by the right to stand with out argument or defense:
    A rapist who “fathers” a child has created two victims and government sanctioned murder of one of those victims is absolutely unconscionable. See fourth and fifth amendments.
    Using incest as an excuse for abortion raises multiple debates. Are we implying that the incest was a form of assault or since it is designated separate from rape, is this a consensual event between two amoral adults? If it is a form of rape then again, state sanctioned murder of a baby is a grievous offense to the constitutional rights that child has. If its not a form of rape then the abortion is a means of birth control.

    In either event, cases where rape and incest babies are fathered is a small statistic, but the factor of how consequential that statistic is should not be mentioned in any debate.
    It is a plausible argument, therefor address the argument as if it is a factor that should determine what happens should that event occur.
    Regarding abortion in a case where “the mother’s life is at risk”
    Sorry, there is no medically accepted protocol that calls for abortion to save the mother’s life.
    If i could make that statement more simple I would. The best i can say by means of clarifying so no one who has gleaned medical knowledge from “House M.D.” tries to argue:
    There is no such thing as a life threat that is resolved by abortion.

    Amend the 14th amendment to define when life begins, and abortion is a dead argument.
    Until then the argument needs to be diverted into addressing a real critical issue and that is how difficult it is to adopt in America verses have an abortion.
    If the money that is stolen from Americans by taxation with out representation to provide abortions was diverted into adoption programs and efforts…be it foster parent care, medical care for the mothers etc etc and clearing away red tape for prospective parents looking to adopt.

    The cannibal sheep on the Right who are attacking Todd Akin need to be stopped before they take the whole herd off the cliff with them.
    You are looking for a representative, the first thing you should look for is how someone is going to cast their votes and sign laws. The LAST damned thing you should look for is who looks shiny and might win.
    Especially while you are preaching against “Establishment cronys” while you go through such asinine extremes to continue voting for exactly what constitutes an “establishment politician.”

    Thats how we ended up with Romney taking the white house instead of a constitutional conservative.

  • CapitalG

    Akin is talking about studies that have been done on pregnancy rates after rape as discussed here:

    2. Number of Abortions from Rape and Incest
    less than 1% of women who have abortions do so, because of rape or incest (AGI)

    •A study of 1,000 rape victims, who were treated medically right after the rape, reported no pregnancies. L. Kuchera, “Postcoital Contraception with Diethylstilbestrol,” JAMA, October 25, 1971

    I selected one often cited source I have seen pro-abortion sites countering with other studies that use a broader definition of rape. Whoopi’s ‘rape-rape’ comment highlights this very real phenomenon but she was attacked for mentioning it. Many females under 18 when ‘pressured’ (for lack of a better word) by their parents will say they were raped but later confide in a counselor the sex was consensual. I have read accounts by rape workers who share similar accounts and cite low pregnancy rates among actual known ‘forcible rape’ victims.

    It’s a touchy subject to analyze without bias one way or the other but Akin isn’t exactly coming out of left field here on this. A can of worms clumsily opened perhaps but it’s not an indefensible comment.

    TBH the majority is done a disservice by both groups embracing extremes. The majority believe in abortion in SOME cases. People are generally sickened by what abortion has become but think a total ban is going too far. There are extreme cases where it should be an option for some. If the woman is raped, the child is severely handicapped with little chance of survival and her life is in danger then most people sympathize with saving the woman. If she just doesn’t like birth control and it’s her 7th ‘quickie aborsh’ then they are appalled.

    Liberals seem to delight in the abortion mill mentality. Conservatives want to ban abortion in all cases. There is no reasonable middle ground for the majority. Liberals scream ‘War on Women’ and Conservatives are too timid to call liberals baby killers so they lose the public debate and the majority leans left. If you aren’t willing to stoop to their tactics for your beliefs then you have to embrace the middle ground.

  • AvidChristian

    “mr_e_m_t”: bullseye, you’re right on target.

  • sandbox

    my opinion–Akin should drop out of the race.

  • SpicyColdNoodle

    I didn’t follow MO Republican primary closely. But I read that Todd Akin was weakest of three to win in general, but was endorsed and won for his social issues in primary (I was rooting for Palin’s choice). I care deeply about social issues too. But I really wish Christians who vote on social issues and other issues be more pragmatic rather than puristic in politics. I watched the interview and the problem was not mere gaffe. It was his thinking that’s troubling. I don’t know how he won the primary with that level of political incompetency.

  • creeper

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. Missouri, you should have listened to Sarah.

  • radioone

    Aiken should start running ads stating “Claire Voted To Reduce Medicare by 700-Billion”.

  • Gravelyvoice Jim


    You should have quit while you were ahead and stopped after your first sentence:

    “Abortion is a political topic that until this last cycle has received very little thought by politicians and citizens alike on the Right.”

    Akin didn’t just give Obama and McCaskill a broad-brush by which to paint conservatives, he handed them a POWERBRUSH! And for absolutely no good reason, as you correctly point out in your first sentence above.

  • Gravelyvoice Jim

    SpicyColNoodle, please consider this when shaping your opinion about Missouri conservatives :-):

    For the record, Akin won the Missouri Republican primary with 35% of the vote. The remainder of the field got the other 65%, mostly split between John Brunner and Sarah Steelman. The bottom line is that 65% of conservatives in the state voted AGAINST Akin in the primary.

  • CT

    Akin just handed Clare McCaskill her Senate seat and has probably ensured Harry Reid’s position as Senate Majority leader. Thank you ASSHAT.

  • Paul A’Barge

    Todd Akin is not a witch.

  • mr_e_m_t

    Gravelyvoice Jim:

    Your criticize fits you much better than me.
    If you took exception to my statement that abortion is “a political topic” you should have stated so and addressed what you consider it to be.
    If you say its a moral or social topic it would be an interesting and a rather short debate you would lose before i could manage to strain any grey matter pointing out the obvious moral and social points that make it an absolute non issue for both spheres of intellect.
    The left is in no position to preach morals due to the stance they have of taking a “high ground” against preaching morals and the social ramifications of abortion are self evident in any culture which finds abortion permissible and encourages it over alternatives.

    If that was not your criticism and it is your contention that handing someone such as obamao ammunition will cost votes… you need to pull your head out of wherever it is escaping reality at.
    Just who do you think is really undecided anymore?
    Battle lines are drawn and anyone who does not realize that is not getting enough sunshine and fresh air.
    If you find one person who MISTAKENLY identifies themselves as a democrat due to some form of escapism such as “My daddy was a democrat and so was his father” or “because joy behar said everything evil wears an R” and you are able to make them face issues with an open mind and re-evaluate their beliefs then good for you.
    But you have just done something that is statistically improbable.
    I wont say impossible because i did it one single time in the last 3 years since obamao started occupying the White House out of literally countless personal encounters face to face with a young southern lady who was following family tradition.

    I stand by everything I said in my previous post.
    Obviously you place popularity ahead of integrity.
    Frankly that mentality sickens me by anyone who considers themselves to be right of center. Its a sell out mentality that breeds politicians such as arlen specter, newt gingrich, mccain and other “Reach across the aisle Big Tent” politicians who wear R’s on the ends of their names but run to D any time they get a chance because they think being a compromise is a good thing and have no problem selling out the Constitution as long as they “win” an election.
    Sorry, not when my constitution is at stake and especially not when peoples very LIVES are at stake as well.
    So by all means, support your pretty candidate. When you go to bed at night satisfied with yourself that you helped elect a “winner” try not to think about what it is you won that you think is worth having.

  • Jim W

    Give us a chance here in MO. After his dumb remark, which will be played and replayed, Akin should drop out and the party should turn it over to Brunner who came in second. He is toast.

  • J R

    Re: #56 – “There is no such thing as a life threat that is resolved by abortion.”

    Worded this way is a rather biased way of putting it. There are many afflictions that a pregnant woman may have where treatment is limited or denied altogether because it may harm a dying child. Look up the recent news story of the young woman in the Dominican Republic who was dying of cancer and denied chemotherapy treatment because the chemotherapy would have killed the fetus she was carrying. In this case, the fact that the mother was carrying a child condemned her to death because her doctors denied her life-saving treatment — treatment she WOULD NOT have been denied had she not been pregnant. This country makes abortions — and other means of killing the unborn — illegal. Mothers DO die because of pregnancies. Abortion ITSELF isn’t the lifesaving procedure. The life-saving procedures are simply made available when a woman is not pregnant. In this case, a mother died for the crime of being pregnant. Not only that, but the mother was a child under the age of 18, and though the article didn’t specify whether it was rape or consensual sex, one has to wonder … if it were your teenage daughter dying of cancer, would you rather her baby died, or she died? I’d rather my child had the abortion so she could have treatment and later have healthy children once the cancer was cured. A child that age has a long life ahead of her, and to condemn a mother’s life because the treatments for her disease would kill the unborn fetus inside her certainly is unconscionable to me

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  • mr_e_m_t

    #69 August 20, 2012 at 9:45 am
    J R commented:

    Re: #56

    I clerified that statement.
    And I am aware of the cancer case you were speaking of.
    Food for thought, exactly how would performing an abortion on that baby have helped the mother? It would not have.
    Her options were to continue chemo which would have killed the baby or forced a miscarriage (I dont remember how far along she was or what trimester she was in)
    Or stop chemo and give the baby a chance to survive.

    You state
    Mothers DO die because of pregnancies

    I have personally never heard of any woman that has died because she got pregnant. If you can find an example of such a case I would love to read about it.

    You further go on to twist up the story by assuming the following and attempting to present me with a moral dilemma:

    Not only that, but the mother was a child under the age of 18, and though the article didn’t specify whether it was rape or consensual sex, one has to wonder … if it were your teenage daughter dying of cancer, would you rather her baby died, or she died?

    If the same laws apply to the Dominican Republic as they do here than once she became pregnant she arguably became an emancipated minor and any decision about her plan of care is strictly between her and her doctor unless she wanted me involved.
    In either event, should such a rare event happen that my under aged daughter had cancer and became pregnant (made the news from another country what do you think the statistic on that is probably .000001%?) if she was somehow not an emancipated minor and or wanted my opinion on the matter between choosing chemo or not in regards to the safety and risk factors of her child I would make sure she was equipped with enough knowledge to make an informed decision for herself.
    It would be pretty damned stupid in my opinion to opt for chemo if chemo treatment is useless dont you think?

    Here is the thing. I do not make decisions for other people, only for myself.
    That is the corner your absurd argument tried to push me into. Sorry, that is why we have free will.
    And I am not responsible for the actions someone else decides to make for themselves due to the fact I do not suffer the personal consequences for someone elses decisions.

    And seriously… your statement that getting pregnant is a crime tells a lot about how you were raised and the regard your family has for you and your parents.
    Is therapy an option?

  • mr_e_m_t

    What i get for assuming.
    I had assumed chemo was contraindicated in pregnancies.
    Not so much.

    Your argument about what my hypothetical cancer stricken pregnant under aged daughter would do is tossed out the window.
    Have a nice day.

  • Dan Nocker

    oMG. Romney/Ryan just publicly affirmed abortion rights for women claiming rape! Statutory rape or just an excuse is good enough for them not to oppose abortion. Before it is to late pro lifers need to force a brokered republican convention and get a real pro life nominee- Rick Sanotrum! Romney can’t be trusted. He was pro abortion before and he just indicated he will be pro abortion again!

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  • mr_e_m_t

    Is that a joke?
    Santorum appointed pro abort judges and nominee’s while endorsing pro abort politicians.

    Get the brokered convention out of your head, the Right is as divided now as it was when it was trying to figure out who was a conservative while juggling between cain and newt because they talked pretty.
    Romney was the left over’s that floated to the top like a bad floater in a toilet bowel and now your stuck with that or obamao and trying to learn your lesson.

    But when you say “santorum” you show you got no idea where to begin learning your lesson since he is as bad as romney and worse in other ways.

  • Dan Nocker

    Romney is not yet the official nominee, pro lifers need to unite and not allow this previous pro abortion candidate who just publicly affirmed that he will be pro abortion again! Please, Koch brothers and Mr Adelson please force Romney to drop out of the race so a real pro lifer can be nominated. If Romney is nominated then pro lifers will stay home in nov!

  • Bozo the Clone

    Akins’ an idiot. Period.

    If he somehow survives his imbecillic remarks and beats McCaskill, I’ll take him because it’s one more GOP Senator. However, if that happens, the GOP Senate leadership better tie a string to Akins’ dick and hold the other end of the string, just to remind him not to be stupid again.

  • Bozo the Clone

    To all of you in this thread who are pissing and moaning about Romney and pro-choice, blah, blah, blah, and how you will stay home and not vote: get real.

    This is civil war, and you don’t fight a civil war by being “pure of heart” and standing on “principles.” You can go back to your heart-felt principles AFTER Obama is ousted.

    Also, if I were a Missourian, I’d vote for Akin anyway, despite his stupid “rape” remarks, precisely because I know how to “fight a war,” so to speak. I want a Republican Senate, RINOS and imbeciles included. We can sort out the miscreants and the social issues after January 2013.

    Grow up and get serious folks! Our Nation’s future is at stake. Show up and vote in November, and let the Democrats be the ones to stay home.

  • Dan Nocker

    Bozo, we can’t be fooled again by Karl Rove. Rove promised us a prolife candidate with Bush and where do those eight years go without any further protection for little babies. We cannot be fooled again by pro abortion candidates who only claim pro life stances when it is convenient.