Protest Goon Arrested at RNC For Carrying a Machete

(Tampa Bay)

Police arrested a Florida man on Sunday for carrying a machete in an event zone. The young thug resisted arrest and had to be wrestled down to the ground.
ABC reported:

At least one arrest has been made during protests near the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Authorities say that on Sunday at about 2:15 p.m., officers spotted a man they said had a machete strapped to his leg. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office says deputies ordered 31-year-old Jason Wilson to stop but he kept walking.

When deputies caught up to him, police say he said told them he did not have to stop and that he was allowed to carry whatever he wanted. Weapons are prohibited in areas police have designated as “event zones.”

Police say Wilson of Tallahassee resisted arrest but was subdued and taken to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. He faces charges of carrying a prohibited item in the event zone and resisting arrest.

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  • RCL

    That’s not a machete. That’s a khukuri, a Gurkha knife.

  • Sasja


    “Poland and Russia. One Catholic, one Orthodox separated along a theological fault that dates back nearly 1,000 years, to the Great Schism of 1054.”


    I never thought I would see this in my lifetime. God be praised!

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  • kato

    Was the guy really a political protester, or was he just another one of those subprimates that roam the streets of most big cities?

  • donh

    Welcome Kane onto the floor for some brotherly back stabbing !!!…WE are the party of CANANITES….Unfortunately …..TODD AKIN isn’t there to stab in the back with your steely daggers….NOBODY IS THERE…..CNN covering 2 hours of an EMPTY CONVENTION FLOOR. …..Candy Crowley free to roam around the seats smearing her cursed wiccan oils on the walls…..Lord knows what other malfunctions are being sabatoged….like cutting the rope so the baloon net fails….DISASTER IN THE MAKING !!!!!! ….The Edmund Fitzgerald is resinking on the shores of Saint Clair McCasKILL..>

  • bigkahuna

    Obama supporters no doubt….

    You bring a knife…we bring a gun… he must have not gotten the message from Obama.

    Throw him in the hurricane swells and see how well he can swim

  • stonedome

    i guess if he injured someone with that, the elites would call for a ban on them…

  • Sasja

    Just a dry run to see how tight security is going to be.

  • Sasja

    I’m waiting to see how the cops deal with the NBP should they rear their ugly heads, inciting violence.

  • Without getting long-winded, the deal here in my home state of Florida is that there is NO open carry of classed weapons – firearms, knives, bows, crossbows, etc. unless hunting (with a valid hunter’s permit on designated land).

    Mr. Wilson was open-carrying a combat knife – valid concealed weapons permit or not – he was violating parts of the Florida Chapter 790 Statutes.

    Mr. Wilson is in deep doo-doo.

    Kenny Solomon
    Certified Firearms Instructor
    South Florida

  • Sarah

    Convention may go an extra day:

    They’ll pull it off no matter what, and in so doing, show the world how well we can solve problems.

  • Sarah
  • Kathteach

    Great job – law enforcement and private security folks – in Tampa. What an awesome catch. What a maniac. Who know what this moron could have done to how many.

    Keep up the good work! You all rock.

  • Sasja

    Kenny, here in my state, as of Nov 1, we’ll have open carry. I still miss the days of my youth when we had our own gun club at school with no worry that anyone was going to get shot. Someone gave a comparison between then and now on the radio. Back in the days of school gun clubs and people carrying their weapons in plain sight, a young man would have his rifle, usually mounted on the back window of his truck. The school principal, upon seeing the weapon would go over to his vehicle and pull his out of the trunk and they would compare the two.

    Today, a student with a firearm in the car would be detained, cops and psychologists called in, and there would be counselors for those other students who were traumatized by the whole incident.

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  • lizzy84

    Parasites carrying machetes, being themselves.
    Threatening people, while demanding other people’s stuff, being the scum that they are.
    Real Americans are watching and taking note.
    November is coming..and we’re going to ROAR.

  • Marsh626

    I’m a blade collector. That’s a lot more deadly than a regular machete. It’s a gurkha-style kukri and looks to be the one made by KA-BAR. It’s a weapon of war. It can remove limbs or a head in a single blow due to the thickness of the spine, the forward curving blade and the tip heavy design. It’s a small sword pretty much. However, as a knife and gun rights advocate, I do think people should be able to carry such weapons legally for self-defense if they so desire. His intent for carrying such a weapon is what really matters. If he always carries it and had no plans to attack Right-wingers, then I have no problem with it. However, if it’s accurate that he was fighting with police, then perhaps he was mentally unstable or was carrying it with evil intent.

  • spotted reptile

    Testing the fences I think. At least he proved they work.

  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, always bring a gun to a knife fight. If you can’t find a knife then bring a machete to a political fight! Get in their faces and intimidate them! I am sure Eric Holder would agree!

    No, don’t bring a machete to My Donkey convention! My ears could get shaved-off. Those rules only apply to the Pub’s convention. I cannot answer any more questions!

    My big black campaign bus is running low on fuel and Davy Axelrod is having a difficult time swindling my Hollywood donors for a $80,000.00 per plate fund raiser!

    The millionaire donkey’s like Gorge Looney say the food stinks and my campaign is a Ponzi scheme. Well, my Hollywood donors suck! Good day.

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  • Militant conservative

    This is why I like DEEP concealment. Teflon daggars.
    Titanium tools. You cannot stop a determined foe. Ask our rag headed friends.

  • Bill Mitchell

    WAPO hits new low in Republican sampling amongst Registered voters and Romeny STILL wins by 1!

    With a 9 point Democrat oversample and only 22% Republicans in the poll among Registered Voters (not even Likely Voters) Romney wins by 1.

    Wow when they have to favor Democrats by 9 just to get Obama losing?

  • mg4us

    I hope they prosecute this guy to the full extent.

    Carrying that weapon was bad but what was worse was his refusal to obey orders by police and then resisting arrest.

    What is it with Libtards like OWS and many low=class minorities (those from the hood) who have a blatant disregard to authority (police) or even an “in-you-face” behavior? Where is there adherence to the rule of law?

    If you want dignity & respect you need to EARN it.

    EF Hutton used to say “we make money the old fashioned way. . We EARN it”
    So if the libtards want dignity & respect the old fashed way. . .they need to EARN it!

  • Richard Aubrey

    A machete can be a weapon. But it was designed as an agricultural tool. A kukri is the signature weapon of the Gurkha troops, mercenaries in the British Army for a hundred and fifty years. See “Bugles and A Tiger” by Masters.
    Carrying a kukri where everybody can see it means this guy was trying to identify with one of the world’s baddest bunches of soldiers. Not just carrying it. Carrying where everybody could see it and marvel at his badness.
    It’s a way of dealing with self-knowledge of wimpness.
    As, iirc, Heinlein said, more or less, “Don’t mess with that pathetic little lizard. He might tell you he’s a dinosaur on his mother’s side and he has to kill you.”

  • Capt. Ahab

    A man is arrested for wearing a knife on his leg and resisting officers –

    Most likely a nut – he may be a ows protester or maybe a nut –

    What I do know is the posters on this sight seem to be clueless and suffering from Obama derangement syndrome –

    Listen up – your guy romney is a coward a phony and a punk – a gutless wonder who protest for war and then cowers in Paris – he has flipped on every issue ever – you cons are as dumb as they come –

  • mg4us

    #25 Richard

    Good historical perspective. . .
    As Lefties and Libtards start to loose it (like OWS did vs successful & effective TEA PARTY Patriots), we should expect more of these wimps to start hiding behind masks, signs and facades like OWS, Greek Columns, Pink Vaginas. . even famous story book hero’s. . .

    Wimps all. . and Losers like Obama

  • SBR Mike

    Marsh626: I’m a blade collector also. You are spot on with your description of that knife and the damage it could do. The blunt side for less lethal, the sharp side for business. The people that would carry that knife are either extremely well trained or a the opposite, a complete moron.

  • valerie

    #26 August 27, 2012 at 7:12 am
    Capt. Ahab commented:

    Sir, you misread us. Kick back, look around, click on a few links, and you’ll get a better picture. In time, you’ll find that there’s a sizeable number of Liberals here among the Conservatives and Libertarians, and that Mitt Romney was about everybody’s fifth choice. That said, the polices of the present administration are a shambling disaster that must be ended. We’ll be holding our noses, voting for Romney, and supporting Operation Counterweight and the TEA Parties.

  • TRW

    I agree with Capt. Ahab and I am not Liberal.

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  • I see about three hundred other people picked up that it’s a kukri. 🙂

    Richard Aubrey @25, you’ve conflated two of Heinlein’s sayings.

    This sad little lizard told me that he was a brontosaurus on his mother’s side. I did not laugh; people who boast of ancestry often have little else to sustain them. Humoring them costs nothing and adds to happiness in a world in which happiness is always in short supply.


    Never frighten a little man. He’ll kill you.

    The idiot in question is, most likely, a bada$$ wanna-bee.

    Thanks to Kenny Solomon @10. I was wondering about carry laws in Florida.

  • Post Script forgot to add this gem: What can be accomplished with a kukri by an expert;

    Bishnu Shrestha kills 3 bandits, wounds 8 more out of a band of 30.

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  • Informed Anon

    Really? That’s Terrible. Nothing wrong with a machete. The costumed thugs that arrested him need to be arrested. Too bad the gang that arrested that poor man won’t face any repercussions just because they find themselves above the law.