OMG!… Joe Soptic, the Anti-Romney Cancer Ad Steelworker, Admits Bain Capital Offered Him a Buyout (Video)

On Tuesday the pro-Barack Obama super PAC Priorities USA unleashed an awful ad that put blame on presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney for the death of a steel worker’s wife.

Joe Soptic, the former steel worker in the ad, blamed Mitt Romney for the death of his wife even though the steel plant he worked at closed after Romney left Bain. Mitt Romney left Bain 1999 to go work on the Winter Olympics. GST Steel went belly up in 2001. Soptic’s wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2006.

Yesterday, CNN spoke to Joe Soptic, and found out that when he lost his GST job, his wife was still working and carried her own health insurance, which she then lost in 2002 or 2003 when an injury forced her to leave the job. She passed away in 2006.

Then there’s this…
Joe Septic, the anti-Romney cancer ad steelworker, admitted in a recent interview that Bain Capital offered him a buyout before the plant closed in 2001.
I’m41 reported:

More… Soptic chose not to insure wife at post-GST job.

But, it’s Romney’s fault his wife died.

UPDATE: To build on what Ace said yesterday
Here’s the Joe Soptic timeline:

** Mitt Romney left Bain in 1999 to work on Olympics.
** GST Steel in Kansas City was shut down in 2001.
** Top Obama bundler Jonathan Lavine was in charge of Bain Capital at the time.
** Soptic was offered a buy-out.
** Soptic took another job but declined to purchase their insurance plan.
** Soptic’s wife had her own health insurance plan through 2003.
** In 2006, Soptic’s wife was diagnosed — diagnosed! — with very late-stage cancer.
** She died 22 days after diagnosis.
** The pro-Obama PAC Priorities USA cuts an ad blaming Romney for her death.

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  • Clafoutis

    His real name is Joe Septic.

  • Stonedome

    Another useful idiot on the road thru Obamaville

  • Gail

    I don’t think I am ever going to forget this video and the previous one either! And….not because Obama never wants me to forget! Good God people get a grip! This is such an abuse of everything we Americans should hold dear. What a sh!t load of crap these democrats are spreading. What kind of LIARS and CHEATERS are the American people going to be up against now and in the future. Seriously, God help us?

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  • and did he take the offer, or was he union bone-head stupid?

  • bg


    May 14, 2012
    By Robert Costa

    The Hypocrisy of Obama’s Bain Bundler

    [As Katrina reports, Mitt Romney left Bain Capital in 1999 to manage the
    Winter Olympics, two years before GST Steel declared bankruptcy. But
    that hasn’t stopped President Obama from blaming him for the company’s
    2001 collapse. In a new Obama campaign video, ex-steel workers criticize
    Romney for being “out of touch” with the “average working person.” Left
    unmentioned (and blameless) is Jonathan Lavine.

    Lavine, according to the Los Angeles Times, is a top Obama bundler and
    a managing director at Bain Capital. Lavine, who has raised over $100,000
    for the president, was at the firm when GST Steel declared bankruptcy.
    So according to the Obama team’s logic, Romney, who had left Bain, is
    responsible for GST Steel’s demise, but Lavine, who was there, is not?
    Expect to hear more about this connection.]

    more here (#7)..

    July 18, 2012
    by Jim Hoft

    Obama’s Top Bundler Jonathan Lavine Was
    In Charge of Bain During GST Steel Layoffs


    OT: Black Panthers


  • Kansas City

    I agree the ad by Priorities USA was deceptive and disgusting, but I don’t see the significance of Mr. Soptic having been offered a buyout. He apparently turned it down. The plant later closed. What difference does it make that he was offered a buyout that he did not take?

  • bg


    re: #6 August 8, 2012 at 9:48 pm bg

    Democracy Now –
    Amy bin Laden Goodman
    January 10, 2012

    Joe Soptic 6:25 mark


  • katy

    @ Jim Hoft
    Then there’s this…
    Joe Septic, the anti-Romney cancer ad steelworker…

    Septic…Soptic….a fruedian slip, a typo or projection?

    Either way it seems to work….

  • Objective Analysis

    How many want to bet that the MSM or Obama Campaign paid him money and he can’t keep his lies straight?

  • valerie

    #7 August 8, 2012 at 9:58 pm
    Kansas City commented:

    It means he could have had a severance package.

  • succotash

    @Gail…..well said and I agree..deliver us from evil.

  • bg


    Objective Analysis #10 August 8, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    that’s a winner of a bet if there ever was one..


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  • Granny

    And then there is this – Joe made TWO ads – one was shown back in May. One is for a SuperPac supporting Obama and one is for Obama. However, they both appear to have been made on the same day . .

    More at HotAir

  • Granny

    #11 August 8, 2012 at 10:14 pm
    valerie commented:

    #7 August 8, 2012 at 9:58 pm
    Kansas City commented:

    It means he could have had a severance package.

    It means that he probably DID have a severance package. Offering a buyout when you want to get rid of higher paid union employees for lesser paid ones is nothing new or underhanded. My nephew was offered a buyout by the phone company when they wanted to switch from the old contract terms to terms that were nowhere near as generous.

  • BS-meter


    It is not Romney’s, nor Obama’s, nor anyone else’s responsibility to make decisions for Joe Soptic as they pertain to his financial security. Unless, of course, you think like ‘Julia’ does, that the nanny state must take care of us all.

    It’s called personal responsibility. Our founders instituted a system of government based on the premiss that each individual be left free to attain whatever he was capable of attaining through his own industry and effort.

    Bain offered him a buyout. Was it a roll of the dice? Maybe. Did he choose poorly? I can’t say. But if Joe took his paycheck and went to “Terrible’s Casino” and lost it all, are we supposed to give it back to him? The guy’s an Obama shill.

    I hope he didn’t squander the money they paid him for making this libelous piece of propaganda, but if I had to guess………..

  • Sasja

    #5 August 8, 2012 at 9:48 pm
    Leemoe commented:
    and did he take the offer, or was he union bone-head stupid?

    He was union bone-head stupid.

  • Redwine

    Even more…
    Soptic is truly septic. He alone is responsible for the death of his wife.

    Let’s just put it out there plainly. Joe Soptic is a vicious liar and union thug, and is so despicable that he would use his own dead wife, whose death he is far more responsible for then Mitt Romney, in a completely falsified ad to help his Marxist god Barack Obama.

    her cancer wasn’t caught because she wouldn’t go to the doctor and he didn’t do enough to persuade her to go. It had nothing whatsoever to do with health insurance and he knows it. He knew it just like he knew that Mitt Romney wasn’t the one who closed his company.

    To sum up the time line:

    1999 – Romney leaves Bain to run the 2002 Olympics (paid leave of absence)
    2001 – GST goes bankrupt
    2002 – Joe Soptic laid off (by Jonathan Lavine, an Obama bundler…not Mitt Romney), Soptic’s wife does not lose health insurance
    2002 or 2003 – Joe Soptic’s wife laid off from her own job and loses her own health insurance
    2006 – Soptic’s wife dies of lung cancer previously undiscovered because she refused to go to the doctor

  • Redwine

    This is the filthiest, lowdown smear. It’s libel and worthy of a lawsuit.

  • romney left bain before the plant closed.

    an obama supporter was running bain when the plant closed.

    the guy’s wife had her own insurance at the time of the plant closing.

    his wife died five years after the plant closed.

    from the above facts its obvious that romney is responsible for the plant closing, the guy losing his insurance, his wife losing her insurance, his wife getting cancer, his wife dying.

    like they say honesty is the best policy.

  • Granny

    And it just keeps right on coming!

    A top Obama campaign official is being accused of lying over what she knew about the man at the center of a damning super PAC ad tying his wife’s death to Mitt Romney.

    Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter appeared on CNN Wednesday morning to say, among other things, that “I don’t know the facts” about the case of Joe Soptic, a steelworker who appeared in a controversial ad for the pro-Obama super-PAC Priorities USA. In the ad, Soptic, recounts how his wife died of cancer after he lost his health insurance when his plant was shuttered after a takeover by Bain Capital and other companies working with the private equity firm.

    Cutter said she didn’t know when Soptic’s wife fell ill, or about his health insurance.

    Yet in May of this year, Cutter herself hosted a conference call in which Soptic detailed his case to reporters. During the call, as he did in the ad, Soptic explained how his wife fell ill after he lost his job, and how he lost his health insurance. The call took place as Soptic began appearing in Obama campaign ads, and was featured in a profile on the Obama campaign website.

    The campaign profile listed Soptic as one of the “faces of Romney economics.”

  • SpideyTerry

    Very clever, Mr. Soptic, confessing the truth on a network no one watches.

  • how many plants has obama closed?

  • Sasja
  • Sasja

    Good grief. Bain bought the company in 1993 and gave it another eight years of life. There was an article I read some time back about how the union went on strike not willing to agree to any concessions to try to keep the company afloat. This was in 1997 or 1998. In the long run it may not have saved the company, but as far as I’m concerned Joe Septic can thank his union for losing his job.

  • Sasja

    Perhaps someone needs to remind Joe that bearing false witness is a sin.

  • USMC Thomas

    Disgusting piece of excrement, shamelessly pimping your dead wife.

  • donh

    In 2008 it was Joe the Plumber…Now its Joe the Septic tank.

  • sybilll

    #24 tommy, might I suggest you contact the former employees of GM, Saturn, Pontiac dealers? Solyndra? Oh, FFS, you are a lost cause. Carry on. Your check comes in 12 short days.

  • befuddled

    This must be the white sympathy vote from the Unions that Obama was promised. Romney needs to start talking about bringing right to work to every state,especially the union controlled ones. While at it, Romney needs to start looking into the money pouring into those fat cat Union bosses wallets. They are so flushed with money,they would rather buy votes and politicians than take care of their members. I think we should move all the people in the Justice Department away from fighting Hollywood’s war on downloaders and Holder’s war on Republicans to start looking into how unions raise money and spend money. They have been at war with the Republicans and its about time we bring the fight to them.

  • Patty

    OMG and OT

    Pelosi ‘Swears’ Spirit of Susan B. Anthony Spoke to Her in White House
    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) told a recent gathering of the Women’s Political Committee that the spirits of suffragists Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Alice Paul spoke to her at the White House.

    Pelosi said she heard them say: “At last we have a seat at the table”.

    A video recently posted on Youtube shows Pelosi speaking in May describing her first meeting with President Bush in the White House after becoming part of the Democratic House leadership.

    In the video Pelosi says, “He’s (Bush) saying something to the effect of we’re so glad to welcome you here, congratulations and I know you’ll probably have some different things to say about what is going on–which is correct. But, as he was saying this, he was fading and this other thing was happening to me.”

    “My chair was getting crowded in,” said Pelosi. “I swear this happened, never happened before, it never happened since.

    “My chair was getting crowded in and I couldn’t figure out what it was, it was like this,” she said.

    “And then I realized Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Alice Paul, Sojourner Truth, you name it, they were all in that chair, they were,” said Pelosi. “More than I named and I could hear them say: ‘At last we have a seat at the table.’ And then they were gone.”

    This was not the only time Pelosi has told this story. On June 6 of this year she told it during an event celebrating her 25 years of political service.

    Pelosi has also told the story when speaking at colleges, including at Trinity Washington University’s commencement on May 20, 2012. Pelosi’s website contains a transcript of the tale as related in her 2005 commencement address at Goucher College in Baltimore.

    Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were activists in the women’s rights movement during the mid to late 1800’s. The Susan B. Anthony List, which works for pro-life women’s leadership in government, uses her as a namesake. The organization claims Anthony and Stanton were strong pro-life supporters.

    Crazies are Occupying Washington

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  • Salted Meats

    I’d have some sympathy for Mr. Soptic but in the end he allows himself to be used by Obama in this manner. Every Obama supporter should be looking in the mirror and realizing that they too could be Mr. Soptic.

  • lizzy84

    Soptic, septic Harry Reid,Chicken sam’wich smear of Colonel’s all disgustingly typical of the clowns on the Left. They tell the lie, ride the lie for all its worth and when the facts are finally exposed, they’ll just create another lie…rinse repeat until oBama gets re-elected.I loathe these people. They suck.

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  • Redwine

    #29 August 8, 2012 at 11:03 pm
    donh commented:

    In 2008 it was Joe the Plumber…Now its Joe the Septic tank.

    You’re mixing apples and oranges, donh.
    Septic is a scurrilous liar.
    Joe the Plumber spoke the truth. Joe is a good man.

  • billy sol

    this ad was not t for an hour when it was proved to be a falsehood! nice try comrade obummer!

  • lizzy84

    Legal insurrection:

    ..It’s beginning to smell a lot worse than initially thought, foul as that was:

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  • Mike Bell

    This guy is a piece of sh*t and I don’t care that his wife died of cancer. Plenty of people die of all sorts of things. What this man did is despicable. F him.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Ah, crap! Another one of my sleazy shills got busted!

    Joe Septic Tank is now full of crap!

    This is Barky 0bama and I approve that this sleazy smear job sucks. But, I have an excuse!

    Davy Axelrod and company are buying cheap shills and it is not my fault! My campaign is running low on cash! We have scrape the bottom of the barrel, as they say, for idiots who will get on TV and smear my opponent. But, it is backfiring!

    This idiot is now looking like blithering lying slimeball who can’t even keep his story straight. When I hire a liar I like them to tell big lies; tell them over and over – without getting caught! This idiot got caught!

    Septic Tank Joe is a classic case of a spineless shill who can’t keep his lies straight. I ought to get my money back from him! He is actually smearing me! Gad, Axelrod blows!

    My campaign bus is sucking air and Davy Axelrod has a new scam for my Union donors. It’s the Greased Pig scam. I cannot go into details at this time. My last scam did not even break even. My campaign sucks and it is time for Joe Biden to go under the bus. Good day.

  • Herp McDerp

    What sort of “man” pimps out his dead wife for a sleazy, dishonest political campaign?

  • Gary

    It’s weird how every time you pull on a thread in a liberal story line, the whole thing starts to unravel. How many times have we seen that this year? When will people learn.

    I do agree with Ann Coulter’s assessment of the official response, though. I hope the Romney team comes out with something stronger today.

  • Chris W.

    Joe Spotic. King of the Lying Scumbags.

  • Militant conservative

    I smell desperation.

    Obama’s campaign is in fear.

    Narcissist Obama doesn’t

    have a clue.

  • johan

    Well, Romney has been called a captian of de-industrialization before, and this video makes clear what that means: reduced income, reduced health care coverage. But clearly most commenters want it that way.

  • johan

    Well, Romney has been called a captain of de-industrialization before, and this video makes clear what that means: reduced income, reduced health care coverage. But clearly most commenters want it that way.

  • Sasja

    Patty @#32. I remember when Hilliary was channeling Eleanor Roosevelt.

  • crackermike

    #11, Kinda like a “Golden Parachute for union guys. The company was run into the ground by unions and management and they offered the moron a buyout and then he can look for another job and he didn’t take it? His biggest mistake was trying to save money on his wife’s insurance. His money saving cheapness cost his wife’s life. HE killed his own wife, not Romney

  • DomesticGoddess

    This man is a whining, nanny state POS. When I got laid off from my job I went out and found another one. He was even offered a buy-out which he refused. He will soon be thrown under the bus by the Obama Camp – they will say that he lied to them, as they are in quite the pickle now.

  • crackermike

    #52 johan. I see people gamble all the time they won’t need medical care and refuse to get insurance. It’s a reasonable gamble if you’re a 23 yr old male in good condition. It’s idiotic if you’re a 50 something female smoker. This guys own cheapness killed his wife. He downloaded his own responsibility onto “The State”, and his wife paid the price. As will we all when Obamacare destroys the Health Care establishment.

  • john

    Romney needs to start every day or public appearance with these simple words regarding Obamas stupid and pathetic campaign smears, “another day another lie from the president and his handlers” then cite the absolute destruction this man is inflicting on Americans. Finish by adding he can’t really blame Obama and his flunkies because if I was him I kwouldn’t talk about his policies.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal


  • DomesticGoddess

    Wonder how much he got paid to do the ad.

  • averagemelon

    Johan @ 52:

    I hear a pity party from you loud and clear because you are JEALOUS of anyone who makes more money than you, is amply covered by health care paid by your employer, and has a “no sweat” kinda “take your time” job filled to the brim with bennies.
    Most of those jobs come from titans of industry, unions, or government. And SORRY it’s just not the vast majority of employers. Industry is SUBJECT to the MASTER: you. Where, when, and how much you spend makes industry rich or poor. Unions and government are FREELOADERS whose master is THEMSELVES. They have aquired the lawful power to open your wallet and TAKE anything they want. YOU ARE THEIR SLAVE.

    Be careful who you are rooting for.

  • bg


    Patty #32 August 8, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    Nancy & Mammy & Barry & Hillary are in sane, i mean, sync..


  • Jaynie59

    The buyout offer is significant for two reasons: it means his company did not go belly up overnight. I worked for the phone company for 29 years and I saw that kind of thing happen all across the telecom sector. Like Enron, companies like Nortel just went out of business and I know people who had 20, 25, 30 years in and woke up one day to find it was all gone. No job, no pension. That didn’t happen to this guy, any buyout had to be approved by the union, so he must have been well aware of what was coming.

    The other reason is that he probably did get his pension. A buyout is nothing more than a sweatening of your pension. They add years to your time of service and age to allow people who may not qualifly for a full pension to qualify. They also throw in severance pay, a lump sum to get you off the payroll by a certain date. Now, it’s possible that he may not have qualified for full pension benefits even with the terms of the buyout and he was waiting until he did, or he could just be one of those guys who just won’t leave. But that’s not the companies fault.

    I’d be willing to bet he got his pension because he doesn’t mention losing it, but it wasn’t enough to live on and so he ended up working part time as a janitor. A lot of guys do that.

    And by the way, the reason his pension is not enough to live on is because of IRS rules. So that’s not the companies fault, either.

  • bg


    testing 123..


  • bg


    johan #52 August 9, 2012 at 6:59 am

    it’s back to the drawing board for you..


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  • bg


    speaking of boards..


    his campaign strategists suck big time..


  • Earl P. Holt III

    Has there been one “Democrat” in the last 25 years (besides Zell Miller of Georgia) who wasn’t a pathological liar?????

    The Party’s last five Presidential Nominees are and were certifiable pathological liars…

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  • kato

    Liberal = Liar

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  • John stephano

    This man Soptic is the scum of the earth.

  • Tin

    Obama has built his preisdency on lies FRAUD THEFT and the backs of working class families, Obma does not care who he destroys all he cares about is getting elected again. Obama a dirty lying coward CHICAGO MAFIA , HE WONT ROMNEY COZ HE WILL BE FEDERAL PRISON WITH ALL BILLIONS SCEME GREEN JOBS LOST ,he is not fit to shine Romneys shoes. Vote ROMNEY 2012 for a BETTER America. Vote OBAMA to DESTROY america.
    OBAMA tells out right lies without any shame HIS GANK ARE THUGS

  • Tin

    Now OBAMALIER say Mitt a murder in add ? If Romney responsible for the murder of that poor women, like obama claim than by HIS OWN STANDART Obamaloony s responsible PERSONNALY FOR THE DEADS OF EVERY PERSON IN A WAR AND IN CHICAGO SINCE HE BECOME PRESIDENT …Unbelivable .. Mitt has been gone in six years the company …what NEXT OBLAMA romney is child molestation? I JUST TALK TO LARRY SINCLAIR OBLAMA IS AC/DC and love smoking crack

  • American ex-Pat

    And this is surprising why?
    Obama campaign spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter claims she doesn’t know anything about this disgustingly false ad.
    Then there’s Cutter at the end of the interview, thanking Soptic for telling the story she now claims to know nothing about.
    If your campaign people blatantly lie, and on-camera, then what does that tell you about the whole campaign?

    How friggin’ sad is this??

    Read more:

  • art

    So if I’m seeing this correctly, Bain acquires this company, sees, as Wisconsin and California know, that the unions are bankrupting this company, and in an effort to save the company (and their investment) offer to buy out the union jobs to get out from under those contracts. The workers say “no” and go down with the Titanic. The real story here is the ultimate disdain unions have for the greater good. It was about “keeping theirs”. So much for “everyone needs to have a little skin in the game”. Romney should promote what Bain tried to do and what was offered. The truth always wins out in the end.

  • Bill

    The worst part….other Democrats defending this campaign add knowing full well it is so bogus.

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  • Then there is this:

    “When Ranae started losing weight, “I tried to get her to the doctor and should wouldn’t go,” Soptic said.”

    So they knew there was something wrong and she wouldn’t go to the doctor. I’m sure this is also somehow Romney’s fault.

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  • PJay

    So his wife died of lung cancer — could she have possibly been a heavy smoker for years? If so, her husband should blame “big tobacco” instead of Romney. Or blame himself for not buying insurance or trying to get her to quit.

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  • R Hill

    With Obama as President, he has turned America into a sess pool of crap. He has turned our morals upside down and pitting everyone against their neighbor. Why are we putting up with such deceit and lies and inhumanity? Why don’t we scream “NO” to everything Obama is doing and either impeach him or vote him and every single Democrat out of office.

    America must put a stop to what he is doing and what he is trying to force down our throats. Americans are good, decent, hard working people, and if we want to keep these characteristics, we have to kick Obama out and vote the people who represent what America is all about.

  • PatTheRat

    So in other words, Obama is doping the election. No surprise there.

  • mimi99

    Wonder how much Mr Septic was paid for this bunch of lies???? It better be a whole bunch, enough to live comfortably on, because I couldn’t sleep at night if I’d done this.

  • Betsy Smith

    Soptic took another job but declined to purchase their insurance plan.
    Soptic’s wife had her own health insurance plan through 2003.
    In 2006, Soptic’s wife was diagnosed — diagnosed! — with very late-stage cancer.
    She died 22 days after diagnosis.

    When I lost my job, I accepted COBRA. Maybe he killed his own wife by not providing her with an additional health care plan.

  • Greg

    This guy is a moron, nobody killed his wife. It could be he feels guilty for not doing the right thing to take care of his wife and continue his health care policy and should have added her on his policy. He has to blame someone else, no responsibility at all. Very sad.

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  • jake

    The really sad thing is that Joe Soptic [Septic] really believes his story of cause and effect is true. As many on the left believe that something that happened years ago in their history has caused them harm later on. This thinking is very prevalent among the blue collar left.

    On the opposite end, the ‘well to do’ liberal frequently needs analyses to offset the guilt of being wealthy while they disparage anyone else that ‘has it made’.. and, just as with Joe Soptic, they lie to themselves in order to be insulated from their true feelings of guilt while transposing those feelings on to others, usually conservatives.

  • velenda

    Boy, obama must really be scarred of the next election to have to stoop to such levels to make himself look good.
    With all the facts coming to light about the recent ad from obama’s camp, it seems the pres is grasping for straws and looks rather sad and weak in doing so. Mr Soptic appears to have become a victim of his own doing, not once, but twice and from the expression on his face he wants the world to feel sorry for him.
    It seems this man was offered many choices and he has chosen all the wrong ones. His lives, and yet, he does not learn. Live AND Learn….. buddy….. that’s the American way……….
    I would say “Get a Job” but there aren’t any jobs to get…………so stay a victim, welfare needs you.

  • mac

    This video cuts off exactly where more information is needed. What did the job buy-out consist of? That is the meat of this article and it fails to produce the answer to the big question.

  • greentep2

    stop crying

    i lost my job at the same plant – i started prostituting my self on the street for cash. now i have full blown aids.

    hahaha give me a break

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  • Shaggy_Bird

    Hey there is a bright side to every story. At least there is one less Obama supporter going to the polls this November…..Romney 2012

  • LarryFrom10EC

    Shaggy_Bird, I had a comment, but it will have to wait until later. I know you are just trying to be funny,but really, the man lost his wife. That personal tragedy is no laughing matter. As I fault the libs for doing that, I must speak up here. Leave that kind of behavior to the liberals and Obamaites. It is beneath us as conservative Americans and patriots to revel in another’s misfortune.

  • LarryFrom10EC

    Has any Obama supporter ever asked themselves, “If they are lying to someone else to get elected, are they lying to me also?”

  • B. Jolly

    This Septic man is slim. How much did Obama pay him. Rommey’s not God. He didn’t have control whether the woman lived or died. What an idiot.

  • Old Timer

    I will try to make this fast with just enough to show that I am not a Kook. First My Qualifications:
    I am a board certified university trained surgeon
    I have been involved in cancer treatment since 1965
    I am going to talk in general terms since the nitty gritty on cancer therapy can be argued ad infinitum – these things are still true.
    You know the story so I’m not going to repeat it. Joe Soptic claimed in the ad that over a period of 5 -6 years his wife developed cancer (cell type and origin unknown).

    Prior to that time he had lost his job and insurance. Claimed that his wife had no health care for lack of insurance during that subsequent 5-6 year period. ( I can only wonder whether or not any one in the family got any health care during this period, i.e., vaccines etc).

    Neither I nor any of my colleagues asked for a pocket book biopsy prior to caring, including surgery, for any patient in need. Also as you know there is no excuse for not seeking care in an ER. Everyone does, for anything at all. A hospital can lose its license for refusing care.

    During that 5-6 year period his wife developed cancer and it progressed without her husband being aware at any time that something was wrong This is a phenomenal example of lack of awareness on the part of Joe Soptic. His wife’s cancer was not recognized until it was stage four, i.e,. widespread throughout her body.

    If this cancer was a fast growing and rapidly spreading cancer, i.e,. pancreatic, lung, melanoma, then her death would have come too fast for this to put any blame on Romney. He was long gone by the time she developed her cancer. If it was slow growing and slow to metastasize then there is no reason to blame Romney and she and her husband must bear more responsibility for her unrecognized deterioration. The fact that she died in 23 days shows just how far advanced it had spread when found and is further condemnation for her husband’s lack of awareness.

    Semper Fi
    1952 USMC Kores

  • FLSqueezed

    I understand that I’m a liberal posting on a conservative website, so I get whatever’s coming to me, but let me clarify two things here…

    1) Priorities USA is not Obama… If you want to argue that it is, somehow, then all of Romney’s SuperPACs are also him as well… and trust me. You don’t want that.

    2) Soptic was not PERSONALLY offered a buyout from Bain. He said in the video above “buy our jobs out from UNDER us”… not “buy our jobs FROM us”… That’s quite a big difference for the author of this post not to notice.

  • FLSqueezed

    I’ll add one more thing here before moving on… Priorities USA should have vetted their video testimonials WAY better so they wouldn’t be subject to this sort of thing… But the fault for any untruthfulness still lies with Soptic himself.

    Obama did not pay this man to lie… to claim he did (as commenters keep doing) is proveably false. Obama follows just a couple of campaign ethics that Romney has never even attempted.

    That being said, I still feel sorry for this man, and anyone else who loses their job and a loved one in such a close proximity of time… He may have even THOUGHT that there would be a pot of gold at the end of making this video… as people often do. He may have even thought that if he stretched a few facts and juxtaposed the timeline a bit, that he would finally get what was coming to him… as people often do… But we need to be concerned about policy… not personalities. I favor Obama’s policies and I am not swayed so easily by advertising.

  • Sheriff Joe fan

    My crystal ball says that the libs are running scared, and this sap “Soptic” will rue the day he put his sorry mug in front of the cameras (what is it…twice now?) Especially with the flap on the phone conversation with that other liar, Stephanie Cutter (whom I’d guess isn’t too happy about being caught…). Maybe the pimp will farm them out to some non descript location stuffing envelopes or something.

    p.s. to FLSqueezed…What does your line”Obama follows just a couple of campaign ethics that Romney has never even attempted” mean? I struggle with your word “ethic”…ethic means moral principles governing a person or groups behavior…something OBAMA and his ilk know nothing about…shall I recite examples??

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  • Dandapani

    Straight out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Tell a big enough lie, often enough, and it will be believed.

  • josieandbeau

    this is a response to #7. The significance of the attempted buy-out, it seems to me, is that it shows the company was trying to stay open – if it could but-out enough people, it would be able to stay open. And to buy them out shows they were trying to compensate them for losing their jobs.

  • patty

    Interesting, the Septics could afford cigarettes but couldn’t afford healthcare?

  • patty

    Anyone who votes for Obama is a FOOL!!!!!

  • patty

    I hope all Floridanders are not like the#100 & #101 Floridander. We don’t need another disasterous election from Florida!

  • Ah!! But did you listen carefully to that video? What did he say at the end? They tried to buy their jobs out from under them. THOSE BASTARDS!

  • Knows Soptic

    Joe Soptic’s wife was a chain smoker, and he was concerned before he knew about her lung cancer that her smoking (and other lifestyle choices) could cause her to contract cancer. Even though working at a job he secured six months later made it difficult to purchase insurance, she had insurance until she elected to leave her job the year before she died. If I had those concerns, I would do whatever I could to get coverage (work extra jobs?) for her.

    Surgeon’s post #99 explained it well about slow-growing/fast-growing cancer. Even if she had insurance, she might not have caught it fast enough. He could have noticed symptoms and could have taken her to the doctor (or emergency room) while she had insurance if it were a slow-growing cancer. If it was fast-growing, there might be little effective things that could be done (22 days after diagnosis), even with insurance.

    Poster #100, Joe was a very big person in the union and probably had a lot to do with the union’s decisions in buyouts, the union’s effects in the solvency of the corporation, etc. Regardless of his event timeline’s problems in his blaming Romney, he should take responsibility for his own actions.

    It is truly disgusting that Joe would stoop to Obama’s tactics of lying, whining, and blaming. As Poster #104 stated, the Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals are, unfortunately, in play here. People who buy into these non-logical and unethical attacks are either stupid dupes or evil. Joe’s wild accusations just support Obama’s attempts to divert attention away from his own failed economic policies. He should be ashamed of himself!

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  • Jer10

    Let me get this straight. Romney closes a factory after raping it of all its vitals, outsources the jobs of middle class workers, strips its workers of affordable health care, and offers a buyout. And that’s the way it should be? This is what the rich have been doing since the early 1980s, – destroying middle class jobs in America and getting rich from it. Goldman Sachs held a conference in 2005, and they concluded that the record profits of American Corporations resulted from a decline in labor’s share in national income. – not innovation and not increased productivity, – i.e. record profits by destroying American jobs. Admitted by GS no less! You can make hugh profits when you pay Chinese workers 25-55 cents per hour.
    Collectively corporations have $2 trillion in cash, where-by they could hire 10 million workers for $35,000/yr for two years, and still have $100s of billions left over. Yet they lie about future imaginary health care costs which they know they will never pay.
    The idea that American workers should be peasants and serfs surprises me when it comes from people 35 and younger who are being screwed royally by our large corporations. The plutocracy is complete when young Romney supporters are happy to become part of the growing lower classes.

  • Joe’s company, GST Technologies was losing money in 1993 and it’s then owner planned to close it unless they could sell it. Bain Capital’s business is buying such companies and trying to make them profitable. Then they sell them for a profit. (Their gambles succeed about 80% of the time.) Bain invested $170 million in upgrading the plant and improving management. Worldwide competition brought steel prices down, and many steel companies, including GST, were not able to make a profit. Along with numerous others, GST closed. Bain Capital did not rape anyone or outsource anything. Actually they gave Joe a job the whole time, and they lost the $170 million
    they invested.
    Five minutes of Googling to “get it straight”

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  • Knows Soptic

    John Konrad is correct! Joe’s blaming of Romney is ludicrous! He states that he had to liquidate his 401K to pay for the medical costs. I guess he had to also liquidate his 401K after she died to buy a new red corvette.

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  • David

    I was a co-worker with Joe Soptic during the time in question. Joe and another female co-worker at the plant were having an extramarital affair for about 2 years prior to the layoffs. Joe’s wife found out about it shortly before she was diagnosed with cancer. Those of us that knew of her condition also knew that she was in a primary stage of cancer which was certainly not life- threatening. Her death 22 days after her diagnosis was shocking because either it was a terrible misdiagnosis or her husband, Joe, needed the proceeds from life insurance money. Of course this information never made it to the campaign video… Someone should check into Joe’s finances shortly after the death of his wife! I am ashamed just to have known him after what he did to her!