NRSC Chairman John Cornyn & Senator Scott Brown Call on Todd Akin to Step Down …Update: Akin Loses Funding From Crossroads and NRSC

U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, called on Todd Akin to step down today after his controversial rape comments.

U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, today made the following statement regarding Congressman Todd Akin:

“Congressman Akin’s statements were wrong, offensive, and indefensible. I recognize that this is a difficult time for him, but over the next twenty-four hours, Congressman Akin should carefully consider what is best for him, his family, the Republican Party, and the values that he cares about and has fought for throughout his career in public service.”

Senator Scott Brown called on Missouri Representative Todd Akin this morning to withdraw from the US Senate race in his state, after Akin made controversial remarks on rape.

More… FOX reported: Rep. Jeff Flake, who is running for Senate in Arizona, tweeted that Akin’s comment was “wrong.” Virginia Senate candidate George Allen and Montana Senate candidate Rep. Denny Rehberg reportedly have joined in the rebuke.

Meanwhile… The leftist Twitter lynch mob called for the rape and murder of Todd Akin following his comments.

More… Via Stacy Washington – Akin loses support from Crossroads and NRSC

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  • FurryGuy


    Yet another circular firing squad, staffed by RINOs.

    With allies like this it is a wonder the GOP ever wins elections.

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  • snap boy

    This was a stupid comment, made worse because Akin evidently believes what he said…if you’re raped you won’t get pregnant? Seriously? Has he ever taken a 7th grade sex ed class, just the kind with line drawings of the egg and sperm? Not only did Akin’s comment show abject ignorance of biology but puts a scarlet letter on the forehead of any rape victim who is worried about pregnancy.

  • ClinkinKY

    Akin should withdraw.

    With that said: Remember all the media outrage over the offensive, stupid comments made by Democrat candidates? Yeah, me neither. (Sigh)

  • javau

    claire employed the reid gambit and got republicans to nominate the worst candidate. looks like it worked.

    akins candidacy could lose the senate and bring down romneys chances. nice going mo voters

  • FurryGuy

    #3 August 20, 2012 at 12:51 pm
    snap boy commented:

    Should we hail you as Saint snap boy for being perfect? Blatantly obvious RINOs are leading the charge with this “torches and pitchforks” lynch mob mentality. They are more concerned about getting snubbed at the DC cocktail parties than about what is best the the country.

    Did you know that Scott Brown is a very outspoken advocate FOR abortion? I’d bet good money the others who are “outraged” by what Akin had to say (AND corrected) are pro-murder-for-the-unborn as well.

    Being human by the very definition means doing dumb things. The key is admitting one’s mistakes and trying to correct the flaws. As Akin did. Dems/Leftists/Progs constantly say stupid things but exceedingly rarely face the consequences for what they utter. Where are the calls for Biden to step down after all his “crazy uncle” rants?

  • Chris W.

    What a bonehead.

    But, as usual, Republicans have the decency to police their own and reject the stupids when they demonstrate their foolishness. you’re in for a good long wait if any of you expect the MSM to show any respect to the Party, however.

  • dwd

    Akin blew it. We NEED the Senate, and all he had to do was murmur pleasantries until the election because McCaskill’s numbers are bad enough to keep her from winning. The only silver lining is that if Akin were to be replaced (if that’s possible), the Senate seat could still get flipped to Republicans because in polling before the primary Claire McCaskill was losing to ALL Republican primary candidates. The margin between McCaskill and Akin was actually closer than between her and some other Republicans, if I recall correctly, so a replacement (if possible) could still beat her. Don’t know if Akin can pull it out after this… stealing Claire’s seat was a virtual guarantee… how a long-time politician can stick his foot so far in his mouth and blow it is just a mystery. Don’t “speak off the cuff” and wing it (especially on a topic like this one!) — haven’t you seen what happens to Obama when he tries that?

  • Jon

    I’ve seen a lot of stories about this but I had a lot of trouble actually tracking down the quote. After searching I finally found a video of the interview that he made his comment. My analysis was that it was a misguided and stupid thing to say, but I don’t think he meant to say that woman can’t get pregnant from rape. He did say that he had heard that there was some sort of way the womans body acts to stop it from getting pregnant (I’d love to see a source on that) but that if that didn’t work he felt the rapist should be punished and not the child. I tend to agree with that. Why should a baby be punished because his Dad is a bad person? I can’t even begin to understand the complex emotions a woman that has been raped, much less impregnated by rape, would go through but I don’t see how a bad experience such as rape justifies another atrocity of killing an innocent child.

  • Beth just south of Berkeley and just east of San Francisco

    I can’t even begin to advocate for voting based on fiscal conservativism when people get up in arms about statements like Akins’ (as well they should). The best I can do is speak of being faced with a hold-my-nose-and-vote election in order to convey that I can’t afford to go along with the social liberal ergo fiscal liberal too crowd.

    Statements like these just reinforce the liberal meme that social conservatism is all superstition. I faced that meme while defending various Born Alive Infant Protection Acts, as I was presenting them as logical, humane, and no infringment on any woman’s rights.

    And you know, if they did get their way and Akins did get raped himself, I would have a hard time feeling much sympathy. No rape is “legitimate.” No woman should have to get pregnant to avoid being accused of having participated in her own rape.

    Where’s the opposition research to understand the chains of liberal reasoning? Opposition research can uncover blind spots.

  • snap boy, not every rape, in fact not every consensual sex act, results in pregnancy, but regardless, your constant distractions are unworthy of further comment. Clearly you don’t like Todd Aiken, you don’t want any Republican to win, you are here as a provocateur, and you are losing ground with every post.

  • Orlando Dweller

    Akin should be fired…out of a cannon!

    One moment of utter stupidity has undone countless hours of campaigning, and the impact of this on the party will echo through the whole country. It’s also started a lot of infighting within the party, at a time when what we absolutely need is a united front.

    Come November 7th, I suspect Obama’s campaign team will be sending Akin a thankyou card. In fact Akin might want to consider leaving the country because a lot of people want his head on a pike.

  • Finncrisp

    Joe Biden should withdraw because of the comments he made last week. Harry Reid should resign for comments he makes every day. Barry should kick himself in the *ss every time he lies. He would be one sore dude.

    Much ado about pirahana journalism on the latest R to put his foot in his mouth.

  • Bitter Clinger

    Let us pray that this unfortunate turn of a phrase didn’t just lose the Senate for us and thus the ability to eradicate OvomitCare from the face of the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eddie Baby

    The concern trolls are out in force.

  • iamsaved

    Todd Akin’s comments are anathema to a successful candidacy in today’s political climate of virtriolic character assasination that is riddled with hypocrisy by the left-tilting media and Democrats. It’s a shame that it has degenerated to such a state but it is what it is.

    To paraphrase an old saying, “One ‘aw shucks’ can wipe out one hundred ‘atta boys’. It might be a good time for Mr. Akin to respectfully bow out of the Senate race and hopefully, the Republican candidate with the second highest vote total in the primary can take his place. Doing so now will give the replacement time to get his/her campaign engines revved up.

  • olm

    I don’t understand the absolute backlash against people who believe Akin should step down I don’t get it.
    Yeah, everyone makes mistakes but this one was so stupid and ignorant it is tough to imagine the blind allegiance to Akin. Why the blind allegiance to Akin? Is this his only gaffe? If it is, maybe it is a little easier to take. I read though that he has been making stupid statements all week. If that is in error, please correct.
    Serious question.
    It would be a shame to see McCaskill win and this is suddenly reminding me of Reid vs Angle.

  • Emilie Green

    say what you may, but the Left at least sticks with its bozos. Scott Brown is so, what is the word, snivelling. His ilk are no friends of conservatives.

    They can’t run fast enough from Akin who did clarify his meaning.

  • Brae

    I would never vote for him. This man is too stupid to serve

  • CT

    This conservative hopes the scales will fall from the eyes hardcore prolife movement. This rhetoric is just as odious as that we hear from the Taliban and just as antithetical to American thinking.

  • Amjean

    Bottom line is that Claire M needs to be gone for the good of the country. This guy
    might be a really nice fellow, however, he said something very dumb. Career ending

    If he has any brains and cares for his country, he will bow out and let one of the other candidates run so we can
    defeat Claire and gain another seat in the senate.

  • Jim

    Nothing would make the Republican machine any happier than Akin stepping down! Hang in there Akin , you didn’t say anything as stupid as Oblameo or Biden!

  • iamsaved

    As an addendum to my earlier comment (#16), I would say that if Todd Akin remains as a candidate, I would like to think that Missouri voters are not so dumb as to consider Claire McCasKILL as a viable choice. Mr. Akin would have to make a great many more mis-statements before it even rises to considering Ms. McCasKILL.

    To paraphrase another who is far wiser than me – “Let he who has never made a mis-statement that is among you cast the first stone”. Yes, that would include the lying liberal left too.

  • JenBee

    We all lament that fact that when liberals do or say really stupid things, they always find a way to explain it away and push aside the offense. So now here so many are doing just that since it’s a Conservative who said something REALLY stupid.

    I’m as Conservative as can be, but I can’t and won’t explain away or forgive what Akin said. There is so much to be offended by in what he said, but most offensive is how he felt the need to clarify rape, as if sometimes it’s not ‘legitimate.’ So just what makes a rape ‘legitimate’ and what would make a rape ‘illegitimate?’ How IGNORANT. And while I agree with the premise that no innocent child should be aborted because of the sin of the rape, I realize there is another victim here, and that is the woman, and if she chooses to abort the baby in an attempt to repair or reclaim some sanity after going through such a horrendous act, then so be it; that’s on her.

    The fact that he said what he did gives us insight to how he thinks…. is this not what we say all the time about Obama and his off-teleprompter socialist ‘gaffes’? No matter what a good fiscal conservative Akin is, there is simply no way I could ever support someone who thinks the way he does about women, rape, and how babies are made. Good grief.

  • I agree with #6… Plugs Biden has had way more stupid, hurtful comments than Akin could make in a lifetime. I agree that Akin should have never made the comment, but if he is made as an example to step down, then Biden should be expelled and sent to Siberia…..And you could include Jug Ears in this conversation as well…..

  • JenBee

    … And I don’t think Akin should be forced to step down, simply because Dems are NEVER forced (or even asked by other Dems) to step down when they say something ignorant and/or offensive. Let the voters decide in November, but don’t force him to step down.

  • olm

    #24 Exactly.
    I’m glad I don’t live in MO because I would have a horendous time trying to convince myself to vote for Akin.

  • Dave

    I live in Mo and have voted for every Rep Senate candidate since Jack Danforth in 1976.
    It is time for Akin to step aside. He does not represent the values of the Mo Rep Party nor the Rep Party with comments like this!!!!!!!!!!

  • Winston Wolfe

    The concern trolls are out in force. – Eddie Baby

    People calling for this idiot to step aside because his mind-numbingly stupid comment will probably cost us a Senate seat is ‘concern trolling?”

    Pull your freaking head out.

  • Eddie Baby, #15 … YEP!

  • javau

    dems did make one mistake. they shouldve saved all their piling on until after the deadline for pulling out

  • bg



    gah, morons to the left of me, imbeciles to the right..

    both the elitist Dems & Reps detest the TEA Party as much
    as the Muslim Brotherhood & Iranian Regime hates Israel..


  • snap boy

    Opable, are you wrong! I’ve never voted for a democrat in my life. No rational person puts “legitimate” and “rape” together EVER. And maundering on about having heard someone say that the female body shuts down the possibility of becoming pregnant if raped makes it worse. This man has lost already. His stupidity has possibly lost the Senate –

    And thanks, I’ve donated in the past nine months to WI Walker and WI Republican Party, Ryan, Allen West, Romney, Gingrich, Cain, RNC, a few house people in NY CA IL. One thing’s for sure: Republicans tend to police our own; Todd will get no help from the national organizations or the Romney campaign. He’s dead man walking.

  • Sarah

    All of our insights don’t matter. Yes, the media is biased. Yes Claire M. is a nightmare. But that is not how it will be framed and this comment will cost us the election. We gotta live in the real world, not the world of how things should be because that how it’s configured in our minds. Akin needs to step down NOW so we can move on and win.

  • STl Hawkeye

    Here we go, let the democrats, MSM and RINO’s pick our candidates.

  • jewishodysseus

    Sharon Angle never said anything close to this dumb. NRFPT, sorry.

  • Paul A’Barge

    By the way, Todd Akin is not a witch.

  • As a woman I find Akin’s remarks so utterly repugnant I can’t find the right words to express it.

    That said – what did we expect from a candidate who was welcomed by McCrackskill?

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  • *sigh* How about concentrating ON THE ISSUES that effect Missouri? Such as HEALTH CARE, UNEMPLOYMENT, DEBT, POVERTY! This right here is NOTHING but a distraction. TWO choices, the obama lap dog that has been sitting in office OR the ‘other’.

    As I posted in a previous thread:

    I did not vote for Akin, but he won, and he will receive my vote in November. I look at it like this: would I rather eat rancid food or rat poisoning? One will probably make me sick, the other will definitely kill me. So, take my chances or seal my fate? Yeah, Akin will get my vote…


    Claire McCaskill & Barack Obama – Partners in Big Government

    Senator McCaskill’s Record:
    * ObamaCare: Voted YES for Higher Costs and an Individual Mandate
    * Obama Stimulus: Voted YES for $787 Billion More in Spending and Debt
    * Dodd-Frank: Voted YES for Price Controls on Debit Cards Resulting in Higher Banking Fees for Consumers
    * TARP: Voted YES on the $700 Billion Taxpayer Bailout of Mega Banks
    * Auto Bailout: Called the $80 Billion Taxpayer Bailout of General Motors and Chrysler “Wildly Successful”
    ^ Unemployment: 9.1%
    ^ Debt: $14.8 Trillion
    ^ Poverty: 45 Million Americans on Food Stamps

    McCaskill and Obama: Not working for Missouri. Not working for America.

    – above information from: FreedomWorks for America

  • Sarah

    Akin is digging in. And how? By telling Huckabee is is “not a quitter.” Great! Same words Nixon used. This guy is an idiot and at the rate he’s going will continue to say incredibly stupid things between now and election day. He needs to get his ego out of the way and put his country first. Step aside Mr. Akin. We must win this seat!

  • Mad Hatter

    How can some of these Republicans snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Claire McCaskill is a sitting duck and Akin makes a stupid statement like this. Good God.

  • RainMom

    HotAir is reporting that plans are being made for Akin to withdraw tomorrow.

  • Freddy

    I do not think Akins actual remarks are bad.

    No rational person can claim that Akins supports any form of rape, and yet this is the idiotic position that some people are claiming as reality.

  • olm

    Akin on Hannity’s radio program shortly.
    I can’t wait to hear if this guy is this big of an idiot. If so, he needs to go.

  • RainMom, #44 … forgive my ignorance about this, but do you know, if he does withdraw, what happens next? Do they take the next person who had the most votes, or? Thanks for an answer if you know!

  • #34 snap boy, fair enough. Maybe you are sincere. There are scores of ways to deflect abortion questions. Sadly, Todd Aiken used none of them and took it right in the mouth…along with his foot. He should have tried to control the narrative or at least been better prepared for the ONE QUESTION that pro-life candidates always get. He failed to prepare, he is politically “terminally ill”, and if he cares for the good of the people of Missouri and defeating Claire McCaskill, he will humbly and respectfully resign and leave the scene until after the election. He has lost the support of the Party and the money providers, so he is now a liability. I wish him and his family well.

  • MicahStone

    FYI: Akins is GONE !!!!!
    Now Missouri Repubs have a second chance to DO IT RIGHT. Both John Brunner and Sarah Steelman, who were virtually tied in second place in the primary to Akin, are solid conservatives. Steelman is backed by Palin. Either will be a massive improvement over the idiot Akin and either should be able to easily defeat one of the worst people in the Senate, TAX CHEAT and OBOZO-lover McCaskill. Now, if only insulting, outrageous, mentally-debilitated, bumbling Bite-Me biden would also do the right thing !

  • MicahStone, #49 … source link? Thanks!

  • bg


    OT.. a small miracle happened within my family today..

    one of my devout Obama son in laws (ergo,
    hopefully my dear daughter as well) wrote:

    I’m sick to death of democratic politicians lying to me and republican
    politicians lying to me and news professionals lying to me and activists
    lying to me and pundits lying to me!

    not to mention:

    If journalists challenged ‘marketing facts’, misleading talking
    points and obfuscated data, I wonder how long it would take
    before these practices ended?

    FACTUAL TRUTHS are new to him, so i’ll go easy on him.. 😉


  • bg



    newsflash: conservatives drink as much koolaid as liberals these days.. 🙁

    but i for one, will never surrender
    to group thinking agenda bullies!!


  • Mad Hatter

    #49, MicahStone said,

    “Now, if only insulting, outrageous, mentally-debilitated, bumbling Bite-Me biden would also do the right thing !”

    The right thing for Biden to do is to stay on the ticket since he’s going to be a drag on the ticket. Obama has pulled Crazy Joe and is having him campaign in “safe states”. Biden visits Minnesota and Michigan this week.

  • Bill

    The guy is an embarassing idiot….thanks for handing the seat to the Democrats.

  • Sasja

    He just announced on Hannity that he is not stepping aside.

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  • snap boy

    Opable -appreciate the nod…thanks.

  • Mad Hatter

    Sean has made some good points about Akin staying on how it would put the Missouri Senate seat in play, along with the top of the ticket. Sadly, he’s right.

    As Conservatives, we can’t hand the Dems a possible victory in a state where they are going to be defeated across the board, including the Governors seat.

  • Mad Hatter
  • bg


    this is what the man said:

    “It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really
    [Mr. Akin said of pregnancies from rape.] “If it’s a legitimate rape,
    the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s
    assume that maybe that didn’t work or something: I think there should be
    some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist, and not
    attacking the child.”

    read it “in context”..

    also say a prayer for those who believe
    they are judge jury & executioner.. 😡

    this is reminding me more and more
    of how the right crucified Cain.. 🙁


  • bg, #60 … KUDOS!

  • bg


    be careful of what you wish for..

    the right also deserves the government it gets..


  • bg


    TeachX3 #61 August 20, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    thank you.. 🙂

    oh btw, sad news.. just heard that Phyllis Diller
    passed away (can’t believe she was 95).. R.I.P.


  • bg, that is great news about your son in law (#51) I hope the best for your family 😀

    Physillis Diller huh? 🙁 Wow, she did live a long time though

  • bigL

    Gop-find a way to lose…Are we going to have obama for life?
    . Or like papa doc or Somoza, 35 yrs?

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  • Mark S.

    I’m with Teachx3 and bg on this one.

    You guys are acting like Akin “approved” rape because of one simple misstatement. YOU REALLY THINK THAT?

    He didn’t say that in the slightest. I notice nobody’s arguing the rest of his statement. He just used the wrong terminology. and he apologized for the wording he used.

    You guys are playing RIGHT INTO THE LEFTISTS hands, and if Missourians are DUMB enough to fall for it, you should be wondering what the hell you guys vote for? Principles or soundbytes?

    I didn’t vote for Akin, wouldn’t vote for him when another primary came around… but I sure as hell won’t give up my conservative principles to put McCaskill back in that seat because someone used the wrong term for what he actually meant, AS PER HIS APOLOGY… (If that were the case, i would have to shut myself off from the entire outside world).

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