It’s the latest sensation – harassing Chick-fil-A employees at the drive-thru.
And, you totally get a free pass because it’s the institutionalized left agrees with you.
In fact, they’re laughing right along with you.

First it was d-bag Adam Smith in Tucson.

Now it’s some clowns in Hollywood.
Good grief, get a life.




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  1. ‘Negro homosexuals’ or just Obama’s special people, displaying their intellectual prowess.

  2. OT

    Today is the opening day for the Wisconsin State Fair. It goes until Sunday, August 12.

    Will there be a “Beat Whitey Night” this time? We’ll see.

    The home of “Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa State Fair” starts its fair on Thursday, August 9, and lasts until Sunday, August 19. Will “Beat Whitey Night” make a comeback?

    I’m guessing yes, in both cases, and bigger than last year’s festive beatings.

    Carry if you can. Do what you gotta.

  3. Racist comment removed.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  4. Oh, and extra magazines would be a good idea for fairgoers.

  5. And #3 oughta be deleted, post haste.

    Just because that’s a Moby Leftist.


  6. She could have “accidentally” dropped a vanilla shake in his crotch and asked him if he wanted fries with that…

  7. What I wouldn’t give to find out what .gov or .edu #3 originates from.

    That’s right. I ended a sentence with a preposition, you slunt.

  8. Please, Jim. Delete that s&&t.

  9. Take a moment and compare Liberals to Muslims, and you will fid an uncany similarity.The fact that they get angry and strike out at anyone with a different opinion. They are perpetually angry, and want rights they won’t give others. When they don’t get their way,they riot, burn public property, break windows, write nasty graffiti on buildings. Throw rock and bottles at police. They harass people trying to get them to quit stating their views, and cry racism at the drop of a hat. Even phone in bomb threats, while wanting us to disarm. Just sayin’!!!

  10. Always a winning formula for laughs, blacks and homos,

    That’s right, laughing AT them !

  11. And a reminder: this Wisconsin State Fair started yesterday.

    The MSM in Indiana are commemorating last year’s “State Fair Stage Collapse” tragedy.

    Will anyone in the MSM commemorate “Beat Whitey Night” and the IA and WI State Fairs?

    And the year prior:

    Coming soon, to a State Fair near you.

  12. Racist comment removed.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  13. See L.A.’s Mr Dumb S**t copy Tucson’s Mr. Dumb S**t. What a blatant lack of creativity. To paraphrase Madeline Kahn’s nearly drop-dead line in Blazing Saddles, “Owh…how owigingal!”

  14. Soon they’ll be visiting their hate in Sunday services… which is their point and should be our concern.

  15. Jim Hoft.

    PLEASE DELETE #3 AND #12, and any further comments by the Moby who is calling his Typically Hateful, Deceiving, Lefty self “whitemaleheteropig”.

    Thanks, Jim.

  16. Oh, and, a liar to boot.

    “I built my business and I hate Harry Reid!”

    Bullsh&t, ese. You are a prog. A sad, sick, deceived prog.

  17. Flaming Black Queens. Obama’s perfect demographic.

    At today’s CFA Atlanta Kiss-In there was a crowd…..of about 30.

    And speaking of the number 30, Hermain Cain reported on Neil Cavuto that CFA made about 30 Million on Aug 1st.

  18. Nanna, you’re right – more than you know.

    A guide to the Political Left:

  19. Hey taqipuss
    It’s easy to call someone you know nothing about a “prog”
    Just like the left is always calling people “racist”
    The difference between you and me is:
    I’m a Bircher
    You are a bitch er

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