Mitt Romney: I Will Restore Barack Obama’s $716 Billion Cuts to Medicare (Video)

Go Mitt!
The media hasn’t said much about Obama’s $716 billion cut to Medicare so Mitt today pledged to restore it.
From his This Morning interview on CBS:


“And my campaign has made it very clear: the President’s cuts of $716 billion to Medicare, those cuts are going to be restored if I become President and Paul Ryan becomes Vice President. The President, when he was campaigning in Denver, Colorado, four years ago, said that Medicare was on a pathway to become bankrupt. And yet, he’s taking $716 billion from the Medicare trust fund to finance Obamacare, a new risky federal takeover of healthcare. My commitment is, if I become President, I’m going to restore that $716 billion to the Medicare trust fund, so that current seniors can know that trust fund is not being raided and we’re going to make sure and get Medicare on track to be solvent long-term on a permanent basis.”

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  • Patty

    Keep repeating this. The seniors must hear what happened and how Obama took from Medicare to pay for Obama care. One of this nation’s biggest TAX BURDENS on the Middle class.

  • Militant conservative

    Romney just keeps going up

    and Obama keeps showing

    America what a classless

    Punk he is.

  • listingstarboard

    The Obama theft takes money that citizens have paid into the trust fund and gives it to those who have never paid a dime towards it–that is the point that needs to be hammered to voting public, I don’t think most people understand what is actually happening here.

  • Jeff

    Yay socialism!

  • Sasja

    We can’t reform Medicare so it becomes solvent long-term! We can’t reform SS and allow those young’uns to choose a better alternative! It would take these issues off the table of demogoguery the progs use. That would just leave them with, what?

  • Sasja


  • NeonKoan


    Sorry about that, facts are kind of annoying.
    ..This site is going to be so much fun on November 7th.

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  • donh

    The $700 billion is not only taken from Medicare …Its has already been spent…… building windmills and luxury office buildings for death panels…….there is nothing left to go after and restore to the program……

  • bg



    August 14, 2012

    Panic in the camp of ‘black Jesus’

    [The amateur president has had an easy ride in his re-election campaign –
    until now. He has been comfortably ahead in most of the opinion polls. The
    left-dominated news media continue to fawn upon Mr. Obama as though
    he were – in the words of one of his own close advisers – “black Jesus.”

    Now, the black-Jesus freaks are in a panic. The first attack ads were on
    your screens within hours of Mitt Romney’s confirmation that Paul Ryan,
    the tea-party movement’s dream candidate, was to be his running-mate
    for veep.

    The Church of Obama, much outspent by the Latter-Day Saints in the
    White House campaign, is in a panic. It has even resorted to a swear-
    word in an email inviting potential supporters to stump up $5 or more
    to keep Mr. Manchurian in the luxury to which he has become

    The hard-left “Democrats” of today (the quote-marks should surely be
    part of WND’s house style from now on) don’t just hate conservatives.
    They fear us.]


  • bg


    Jeff #4 August 15, 2012 at 10:32 am

    ffeJ we much??


  • lizzy84

    Paid In.

    {via bg}

    Stay on offense, Mitt.
    Beat them on their lies now because they have nothing else to run on.

  • pink tie Republican

    Neither side has the balls to admit Medicare is a disaster and will bankrupt us.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    Anyone who believes Romney is going to do anything of the sort had better think again. He’s a closet liberal and by picking Paul Ryan as his running mate, he has effectively silenced him. He’s already saying he doesn’t agree with all of Ryan’s budget and the VP’s job is to agree with the president, not vice versa. We’re in a replay of McCain-Pailin, only with a smarter candidate for VP.

  • bg


    tried to warn Romney et al in the primary race..

    and will again..


    tit for tat lies, little white lies, and/or, lies by omission, simply
    won’t cut it.. not this time around, not against the MSM et al
    we know are in the Obama camp.. ergo, if we’re going to bank
    our winning on his failures alone.. then we too fail, and shame
    on us..


  • bg


    NeonKoan #7 August 15, 2012 at 10:45 am

    what’s debunked?? that Obama Lied??


    try again..

    because “one way or another”.. the only thing
    that debunked is the claim it debunked anything..


  • Tim in Cali

    Pound it ,pound it, pound it…everyday

    Make sure seniors get all the info

    Let Ryan explain it so they understand,no Gov’t double talk

    Convince them that it’s Obama that’s the “Thief in Chief”

  • FurryGuy

    #13 August 15, 2012 at 11:16 am
    pink tie Republican commented:

    Neither side has the balls to admit Medicare is a disaster and will bankrupt us.

    The last time we had a Presidential candidate address the fiscal problems the country was facing saw Clinton getting elected, twice.

    This spendthrift and addled proclamation is the brain-child of Mitt Romney, doubtful that Paul Ryan concurs. No matter where the money goes, Obamatax or Medicare, it is money misspent to bloat a debt incurred on future generations.

  • FurryGuy

    #7 August 15, 2012 at 10:45 am
    NeonKoan commented:

    ABC debunking? HA! They are the most egregious purveyors of lies and myths of any media outlet, rivaled only by MSNBC.

    But please, do keep on guzzling the American Pravda media kool-aid, it will only serve to make you increasingly show your ignorance of reality.

  • rrpjr

    Only problem is that there is no “Medicare trust fund.” Secondly, he needs to reiterate EVERY TIME that he will also scrap Obamacare.