Michelle Malkin was in top form tonight in Washington DC for the AFP Defending the American Dream Summit.

Michelle told the conservative audience: “My parents didn’t come here with nothing. Not knowing anybody. Not having a dime in their pockets… For me to be a wallflower. So that I could sit here while the American dream is being destroyed.” Michelle then pointed to the American Dream banner and told Barack Obama, “You didn’t build this!”
The audience loved it!




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  1. Michelle is one of my heros!

  2. Thank you Michelle. . .keep on standing up, speaking out and fighting back. . .we stand with you and all the patriots at AFP summit.

  3. I just love Michelle Malkin, what a fighter.

  4. ++


    entire speech


  5. ++

    re: #4 August 3, 2012 at 9:11 pm bg

    oh crap..

    watched it live, sorry it wasn’t taped, she was super!!


  6. Make sure your PAL…Tamera Holder hears this!

    You are awesome! PITBULLLLLLLLL

  7. She has the spirit, I sound like a cheerleader. Talk about fired up!

    Thanks, Michelle

  8. Tamara Holder? You mean Jessie Jackson’s whore Tamara Holder? How DID she get her last name anyway?

  9. As a first generation Kenyan I am offended that some second generation Filipino said “I did not build it.” Am I stupid? I thought the Government built everything!

    The government built my Connecticut Social Security number and my driver’s license. The government built the slum housing which I had stewardship. They built the government checks that I cashed during my tenure in the Senate and the White House! And, those checks were huge!

    The government built my aunt Zeituni’s run down housing. The government built my aunt’s monthly checks. The government built my aunts Green Card!

    The government built Cash 4 Clunkers. The government built Guns 4 Mexican Gangs. The government built Disability Checks, Welfare and Food Stamps. The government built the IRS. The government built 0bamaTax Waivers for my cronies.

    Do I have to go on?

    Sure, I am a Limousine Liberal but, during my entire silver spoon, pot smoking childhood, I was taught the government built the earth, the moon, the Hollywood stars and this country so that I could rule it and enjoy the government’s lush perks. Am I missing something?

    I can’t waste my time educating people about the benefits of the government’s paychecks! I have a $40,000.00 per plate fund raiser to attend! My own job is on the line! And, I will not be drawn into a conversation about how little business is needed in the economy. Its not! I am above such trivialities. Good day. [Sniff]

  10. Michelle you are best-stay strong and focused . U are a guiding light for rest of us neophytes. God Bless U so much and your message.

  11. Romney should make her his chief political stratigest and or press secretary. She is brilliant, has common sense, knows her facts, and

    She would help Romney to sharpen his message, make sure he hits Obama with all the right punches and she could make the press corpse look like morons.

  12. go get ‘em tiger…..thanks for saying what the rest of America is feeling

  13. Wonderful, wonderful Michelle! Thank you!

    OT — Hannity’s doing his bit tonight and the show will probably be replayed:

    “Obama’s Broken Promises”

  14. I feel so blessed to have been a part of such an inspirational weekend! Thanks to AFP for all your hard work in making it happen!!! Thank you Michelle for the great laughs and for the photo this afternoon!

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