Looks Like a Lib Fest… Presidential Debate Moderators Announced

Via Drudge
PBS Jim Lehrer, first Pres debate, Oct 3 Denver…
CNN Candy Crowley, town hall, Oct 16, Hempstead NY…
CBS Bob Schieffer, third Pres debate, Oct. 22, Boca Raton…
ABC Martha Raddatz, VP debate, Oct 11, Danville KY…
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  • bigkahuna

    Are the GOP tryin to give away this election ????? What good are these lightweight morons.

    They will have Obama campaign staff moderating a presidential debate ?????


  • Hank

    All four are neither journalists or moderators.

    Let’s show some testicular fortitude and outright reject all four.

    Each of them practice journalism not as a profession with ethics and standards, but as an activity similar to wiping one’s posterior.

    Man up RNC. Oops dreaming again….

  • Fuquay Steve

    This is an outrage. Someone stop this madness. Please.

  • Mama Grizzly

    The only way to come against this is to let the moderators know during the debate that they’re being unfair when they are. The media are privately-owned businesses who don’t technically have to answer to anyone. People miss that. It’s the owners and producers who are running the information outlets. The crowd has to do express disapproval live, in real time, during the debates if they are out of line. For now, a strong, intelligent, and politely-worded letter will let them know ahead of time that we’re watching them for bias. Believe me, if 1,000 letters pour into the networks hosting the debates, it will have an impact. Mostly, the owners and producers are 100% full of themselves and are convinced of their superiority over the masses “who are asses.” Let them know we expect more are weary of their games. We still live in an age where media is powered by advertising dollars. No advertising? No one gets paid. It’s that simple. They really DO care about what we think. Not for the right reasons, of course. But they do pay attention. So set the stage with a good letter that you want fair questions, fair time, get rid of unfavorable camera angles and lighting, etc., and then attend the debates if you can.

    And finally, trust the American people to be able to see the truth. And pray.

  • zipity

    Can someone please explain to me why Republican candidates continue to participate in debates “moderated” by flamingly biased Liberal LameStream Media© talking heads? Where is the debate hosted by Mark Levin? Sean Hannity? Rush Limbaugh? Chris Wallace? Britt Hume?

    Someone? Anyone? Jesus H.

    It’s like they want to lose….

  • Jonah Vark

    This is what card players would call a “stacked deck”,
    cheating by arranging a set of cards in a card game so that you will win.

  • Ceroth

    Mitt needs to jack slap these idiots like Newt did during the candidate debates. If he won’t let them get away with crap when they spout nonsense, that will do a lot to help.

  • Robodog7

    Bob Schieffer; “this question is for President Obama; Who do you like for this years NBA Championships?

    Bob Schieffer; “this question is for Gov. Romney; Why do you hate women and do you still beat your wife?”

    The RNC should have insisted on one FOX debate, instead Choombama gets home field advantage throughout the debates…..sigh.

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  • Highlander

    This is just one more of the many ways the left controls the dialogue. If the tough questions never get asked, how can conservative candidates ever highlight their strengths or expose the failings of their opponents? I don’t understand why the Romney camp cannot simply tell the networks “we”ll attend your debate when you choose a fair and impartial moderator. Until then, you can pound sand ….”

    And, if the networks want to try and slander Romney for refusing to subject himself to these hacks, why can’t Romney just set up his own series of debates on FOX, the internet, BBC, etc? Why can’t he choose some FAIR moderators, challenge Obama to attend HIS debates, and then slander HIM if HE doesn’t want to attend?

  • Bill Mitchell

    Two questions for Team Romney:

    1) After drawing huge enthusiastic crowds with Ryan, WHY are you breaking up the team and going to separate states? WHY not bring Ryan to FL? The Democrats will just say he is afraid of Seniors. How was that possibly and intelligent choice?
    2) Why did you agree to this Marxist Den of Thieves to moderate the debates? FoxNews doesn’t even get one?

    I’m sorry but occasionally Team Romney makes some decisions that leave me scratching my head.

  • Bill Mitchell

    You know, lemme plat devils advocate here for a second.

    We all know these moderators are biased and we see how well Newt did by calling them out. Maybe they have intentionally agreed to have the most biased moderators possible so they can look like they are being attacked and fighting back?

    Actually makes some sense.

  • montereyjack

    Where is FOX???? Add up all the viewers of these propaganda outlets and they don’t come close to a O’rielly or Hannity on a bad day!!!! Hey RNC, tell them to get F***!!!!

  • Chalice

    At first, this just made me groan. Why would anyone agree “moderators” with proven biases?
    Then I thought, maybe we’ll get lucky, and as a commenter above mentioned, Romany and Ryan goes all Gingrich on their posteriors. If they did that, I guarantee they would shoot up in the polls. The American people hate journalists. But, alas, I am not convinced this is some devious and delicious Politiucal-fu.

  • Redwine

    The RNC and the Romney campaign need to openly reject these “moderators” who are nothing but propagandists for the regime. Crowley and Schieffer are particularly offensive. Why is there no one who is at least nominally conservative? This looks like a list hand-picked by the regime.

  • AvidChristian

    Why is Fox (the most viewed news network) not included. I concur with Ceroth, Romney and Ryan should pull a Newt and put the media in their place…the crowd would love it, just like they did with Newt.

  • Brae

    Romney and Ryan need to refuse to debate with these listed commentators. Period. Why debate anyway. Take your message to the people directly…………

  • Sasja

    #11 August 13, 2012 at 9:51 am
    Bill Mitchell commented:
    I’m sorry but occasionally Team Romney makes some decisions that leave me scratching my head.

    I get a migraine.

  • Rightdawg

    RNC is spineless. They will accept these terms. Romney will walk into the Liberal feeding frenzy, as usual with a “kick me” sign on his forehead.

    Unless Romney is prepared to do a Newt Gingrich on these jackasses, he will be toasted on live TV with Obama mocking him a few feet away. Expect questions about tax returns, Bain capital, foreign bank accounts. All angles to make Mitt look bad while they do everything in their power to protect Obama.

    I wouldn’t be so worried if we had a real fighter on the ticket, but Mitt will get chewed up with these panels stacked against him. These debates will not be about substance, but trying to make Mitt look weak and out-of-touch while giving Obama the red meat he needs to look strong and compassionate.

    Ryan should do OK with his often demonstrated warrior spirit, but Mitt will get mangled.

    Our only hope is that the crowds at these debates have the fight in them that Mitt is lacking. When they howl at the moderators, then maybe things will get on track, but unlikely with a US President on the stage for the audience to do that.

    With so many undecided voters heading into November, their decisions will be made after these debates. These will be the most watched presidential debates in recent memory. Mitt is setting himself up to lose because he will not hold up under simultaneous fire from the hard Left journalists and Obama. Mitt will be ganged up on and get squashed.

  • Teresa

    Oh the horror! They forgot to include George Stepontopofus.