White House Spokesman Jay Carney took a jab at Sarah Palin during his press conference today. When asked if Joe Biden would stay on the ticket, he poked John McCain on his own choice of running mates.

The Daily Caller reported:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Vice President Joe Biden will be President Barack Obama’s running mate in the upcoming election, putting to rest any speculation about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stepping into the number two spot.

Carney was asked by Ed Henry of Fox News to “settle” the issue “once and for all” and say whether or not Biden will remain on the ticket.

“Yes and that was settled a long long time ago,” Carney said. “And while I appreciate, I have great admiration for and respect for and a long relationship with John McCain but one place I would not go for advice on vice presidential running mates is to Senator McCain.”

Boy, our girl Sarah’s really gotten under their skin, huh?



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  1. Palin’s comments were brilliant. They forced Obama to stand by Biden something he might not have wanted to do or look like he’s taking her advice if he dumped him. Carney’s comments demonstrate that they obviously discussed what her words would mean to any decision they made. Now they are forced to keep the gafftastic Biden to go up against Ryan. Bad optics all around.

  2. Yeah. What Spunky said @ #1.

  3. Sound like Little Jay has a burr under his saddle. Maybe he is a little moody as he enters puberty. Amazing how the Dims just can’t get past Sarah Palin. And now, Sarah has effectively stuck the Dims with Crazy Uncle Joe! Oh, the irony.

  4. This huge great country. I am around super smart people every day. Hard working people. How could this happen. How did this complete fool get elected as our president. I would take Biden and for sure Sara Palin over this racist fraud. Check that, Biden is an idiot but I think he loves America. The fraud hates America. l

  5. Why do I suspect that fellow like J Carney would LOVE to sit on the Death Panel IPAB and pass terminating judgement on the American people?

  6. Palin lives rent free in their heads. . LOL!!!

    She would have been a better pick than Biden in a heartbeat. . and better than Obama too. . .she knows how to take out the trash!

    Hey Jay. . .what do you think of this

  7. Sarah Palin: Strong, morally well formed, patriotic American

    Jay Carney: Weak, metro-sexual, insignificant , D.N.C. lick-spittle.

  8. #1
    my first thought exactly.
    Saracuda cornered them and ate them for breakfast, spit ‘em out at noon.

    GOLLEE! is she stupid, huh?!? yeah, Palin is stupid, ha ha ha
    just like the stupid GWB always beat their best and brightest

    keep sayin’ how stupid we are, Libtards. y’know, Lt. Colombo loved it when the criminals underestimated him too.

  9. I agree with Spunky. Palin’s “dump Biden” recommendation would have made Obama look like he was taking Palin’s advice had he chosen to actually dump him. Now, Barry is stuck with the knucklehead.
    After Barry and Joe lose their jobs in November, you can bet money that Barry will never talk to Joe again.

  10. TEST-

  11. I think we need to give Jay Carney a break. After all, he will be without a job very soon and that is nothing to look forward to. But hey Jay, the good news is we are going to have two go-getters in charge who have a clear vision and know how to create jobs. So it may not be so bad after all.

  12. Carney is married to a babe, tho…

  13. Yes the fine tuned mind of Sarah Palin cut short Obama from actually replacing Plugs, and yet she’s the stupid one. My fear is the Chicago way may cause an “accident” I suggest that old Joe step up his security detail.

  14. Joe Biden has always been portrayed as the Demoncrapic parties smartest and best.

    Folks how come Reagan was STUPID and a b actor, Dan Quayle was Stupid, GWB was STUPID, and almost any other Republican is ignorant, and yet Biden is held up as oh so intelligent. Did any Republican suggest we not send more troops to Guam so that it would not capsize. Did any Republican want the Mars rover to show pictures of the Flag that was planted by our astronauts.

    Just who is the STUPID party, I think that is obvious!

  15. Tax the rich we hear shouted from the roof tops, but who is it that hires workers, and builds businesses? Why of course your right it’s the poor never mind they can’t support them selves, no tax the very people that make our system work, who venture their own capitol to build a business, and of course make a profit. The left is mentally impaired and should be voted out of any elected office before it’s too late.

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