It Begins… Salon Crank Joan Walsh Ties Paul Ryan to So-Called “Irish Mafia”

It took Salon editor Joan Walsh over 24 hours to come up with this outrageous attack.

Liberal crank Joan Walsh says Paul Ryan is part of “Irish Mafia.”
From Salon:

Paul Ryan was born into a well-to-do Janesville, Wisc. family, part of the so-called “Irish mafia” that’s run the city’s construction industry since the 19th century. When his lawyer father died young, sadly, the high-school aged Ryan received Social Security survivor benefits. But they didn’t go directly to supporting his family; by his own account, he banked them for college. He went to Miami University of Ohio, paying twice as much tuition as an Ohio resident would have; the in-state University of Wisconsin system (which I attended) apparently wasn’t good enough for Ryan. After his government-subsidized out-of-state education, the pride of Janesville left college and went to work for government, where he’s spent his entire career.

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  • Hugh

    Sad, pathetic, desperate.

  • Finncrisp

    BLAH BLAH BLAH Obama attended Columbia because Hawaiian schools were not good enough for him. Is it a crime now to go away to college. What a dope.

  • Stonedome

    His father dies and he gets Social Security survivor benefits, then uses the money for college. So he’s a bad guy? My best friends father died when he was 15 and he started receiving these benefits shortly after. His mother was a school teacher, you know, one of those tax payer funded jobs. We rented an apartment together when we went to college, his rent being covered by those payments, while I had to work a part time job to cover my share since my parents couldn’t afford it. These benefits were added to Social Security by Democrat majorities in Congress over a 40 year period…any questions?

  • Peregrine Took, Hobbit S.O.B.

    Irish mafia? Really? Two words for you, Joanie: Joe Kennedy.

  • Granny

    1. Other than the sons and daughters of the ultra-wealthy, there hasn’t been a single young person in the US who has gone to college anywhere without some form of “government subsidy” of their education, whether that is social security survivor benefits (which Ryan’s father PAID for I might add), or a Pell Grant or a loan guarantee or even the loan itself. Not to mention the HUGE subsidies the colleges themselves receive.

    2. “Irish Mafia”? REALLY? This is coming from the party of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, son of Joseph Kennedy. Old Joe was a smuggler during Prohibition. The biggest difference between old Joe and his ill-gotten “mafia” connected gains and Al Capone is that the IRS finally put Capone in jail for income tax evasion while Joe Kennedy went to London as Ambassador.

    3. Who paid for Barrack Hussein Obama’s education? Something tells me Social Security Survivor Benefits didn’t cover Harvard Law.

  • More liberty

    Ryan voted for TARP -he is no Tea Party conservative. Although I have to admit he is more conservative than Romney.

  • More liberty

    So when the government, under threat of force, takes your money, calls its social security and then gives it back to you it then becomes government money ie government subsidy. Wrong, for those that pay into social security (because the govt made them) and they get the money back, or their family member gets it back, it is not welfare.

  • MN Jim

    obama is the poster boy for working the system. He parlayed an illegitimate birth to a teen mother and polygamist father, foreign and Muslim upbringing, poor grades and drug use into admission to several prestigious colleges, government jobs and finally the presidency. Too bad he blew the latter, due to lack of any meaningful experience and radical beliefs.

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  • Hoser

    More top notch reporting.These people have the same credibility as Debbie Shultz and Obama.They lie their butts off and project their criminal activities on someone else.

    By the way, whats the chances of this media hack writing a piece on the Obama/Bill Ayers connection.Do you think they will press the LA Times for that video of Obama speaking at that PLO terrorist’s function?
    Doubt it, this is just yet another hack job write up that we can all ignore.

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  • SturJen

    Sh*t~! Anyone who knows Janesville KNOWS that the ones controlling the construction biz is the Cullen brothers. Timmy Cullen is a rep from there: one of the fleebag 14.

    I went to school with some of those Cullen boys. They’re d-bags. Elitist D-bags. Now I’ve spent time at Mr. Ryan’s church and have sat in the same congregation. Nice kids, well behaved just like their parents.

  • crackermike

    Dems love to separate and divide people. Irish, Black, Jew, all these groups must be kept at war with other groups to enable Dems to stay in power. It’s a hate based system.

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  • Cargosquid

    Except for the fact that this article gets it completely wrong because Ryan publicly REJECTED Randian philosophy, but admitted to liking some libertarian ideas…this article is dead on. Except for the fact that only the Democrats believe that Ryan is claiming these things when the GOP is only claiming that Ryan is an expert on the budget……its complete accurate.

    Another FAKE but Accurate report.

  • mg4us

    #5 Granny. . spot on. . . And let’s not forget the murderous Kennedy. . Teddy. . the Lyin’ of the Senate

    And even if it were true. . would rather have this than a bona-fide member of the socialist party and new Party like Obama. .

    Operation Boomerang. . make sure we turn everything MSM throws at Ryan around to Obama. . . like the SS Ryan saved for college. .so who paid for Obama’s college? Or his elite Hawaiian HS?

    And where is Obama’s college transcripts? Did he lie or pretend to be a foreign student or is he really a foreigner?

    Time to put MSM on the run!

  • Remco Kimber

    As Walsh unwittingly shows, every single one of her so-called criticisms of Ryan are found in the One in abundance beyond belief.

  • Fred Beloit

    Well, at least Ryan never got drunk and caused a young woman’s death [see Kennedy, Ted, Senate, Lion of].

    See also:

  • bobdog

    Ryan COULD have returned those Social Security Survivor Benefits back to the community by supporting his local drug dealer, like our heroic leader, Barack Obama.

    But no. Like some rich kid, he hides his money in a bank account for years, at the expense of the local economy, just so he can go to some hoity-toity Catholic PRIVATE school so he doesn’t have to rub shoulders with the poor kids in Madison and expose himself to modern political thought. He kept that money out of circulation for years. Who knows how many poor people died because of his selfishness?

    And I’m supposed to change my mind about Obama because of THIS?

    Boy, you just can’t make this stuff up.

  • JoyO

    And the DEMOCRATS CUT $700 BILLION from Medicare to “help” pay for Obamacare!