In December 2010 it was revealed that top democrats, including Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), helped a Chinese firm get stimulus cash for a wind farm. Top Democratic fundraisers with links to the White House were behind a proposed wind farm in Texas that stood to get $450 million in stimulus money, even though a Chinese company would operate the farm and its turbines would be built in China. The farm’s backers also had close ties with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his campaign received thousands of dollars in donations from the wind farm’s backers.

Three weeks before Election Day, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., center, arrives for the dedication of a wind farm in Henderson, Nev., on Oct. 12, 2010. With him are, second from left, Kai Huang, deputy mayor of Shenyang, China; Jinxiang Lu, second from right, chairman and CEO of A-Power Energy Generation Systems, a Chinese company, and Tom Conway, right, international vice president of the United Steelworkers union. Reid’s support, and the plan to create jobs in Nevada, helped blunt congressional criticism that stimulus money was going to the Chinese company, which also plans a large wind farm in West Texas. The company is hoping to receive money through the U.S. Energy Department. (MSNBC)

Democrats blew $1.3 billion in Nevada on green energy projects and created only 288 permanent jobs – That comes out to $4.6 million per job.
The Nevada Journal reported:

As U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid prepares to host his fifth annual National Clean Energy Summit on Aug. 7, a Nevada Journal examinationof Nevada’s renewable energy sector shows that over $1.3 billion in federal funds funneled into geothermal, solar and wind projects since 2009 has yielded and is projected to yield just 288 permanent, full-time jobs.

That’s an initial cost of over $4.6 million per job.

Despite this, Sen. Reid continues to hype Nevada as the “Saudi Arabia of renewable energy,” even though the renewable energy subsidized with federal dollars and mandated under Nevada’s Renewable Portfolio Standard costs consumers and NV Energy, Nevada’s publicly regulated utility company, up to four times as much as fossil fuels, such as natural gas.

Even with these government-granted advantages, the few clean-energy jobs in the state of Nevada are still precarious.

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  1. Mitt should run one or two ads on this where did the money and jobs go Harry scam and be done with it. Ignore their disinformation propaganda campaign, its all the commies have.

  2. Isn’t Harry’s son involved here somehow and how much of that money to China ended up in Harry’s pocket?

    Why isn’t the Nevada Attorney General investigating Reid?

  3. Now we know why Harry Reid is accusing Mitt Romney of failure to pay his taxes.

    He’s trying to change the subject, but when a Democrat loses Dana Milbank of the Washington Post, it’s serious.

  4. Cheaters never prosper is an adage that needs to happen November.

  5. The only “green” Harry Reid has ever been interested in is the kind that lines his pockets. He’s been cutting these deals with the Chinese for years at the expense of the hardworking American taxpayer. It’s how the “poor boy from Searchlight” has made his millions. And yet, Nevada keeps re-electing the con..sick.

  6. wow…. $4.5 mln per job! That’s the definition of chutzpah!!! Even if these 288 people are making $200,000 a year, there’s still well north of $3,000,000 per job “falling through the cracks” somewhere. Impressive…

  7. According to a late breaking report, Harry Reid says yet another Bain investor called him, this time with news of a Mitt Romney sex tape.

  8. Liz…I hope you are not serious in believing what you read in the daily rash as true events.

    The real question would be…is Reid receiving political contributions from foreign countries either directly or indirectly.

  9. Remember what happened to that character who played a Nevada Senator in Godfather II?

  10. Forget Romney’s tax returns; let’s look at the financial records for the green fiasco in NV…

  11. Dingy Harry sent stimulus funds to China?? Outsourcing jobs to foreign workers?? Shocking!! ( more ammo if Mitt would only use it).

  12. Comrade Harry really looks happy to be marching with his Chinese counterparts. I bet he inspires them and vice versa. Then again the Chinese communists probably are more honorable as men than Reid.

  13. Harry Reid is one of my biggest Tax Spenders! $4,600,000.00 per job has got to be a record! But, he did not succeed in spending all that money himself. I helped!

    Sure, Harry Reid is sending your money China but that is good… because the kick-backs can’t be traced to his offshore bank account! And, some that cash will go to my offshore account!

    Let me clear, it takes a lot of your money to spend more of your money! And, we spend it with the hope that it will by more votes for me during the elections. We take from the hardworking and give to the slothful… who are also given a pre-filled out absentee ballot.

    Yes, Harry Reid has had his tax problems in the past. But, now he has a maze of 501(3)(c) tax free corporations to hide all of his money. He is his own corporation!

    In Washington DC we don’t call it Tax Evasion! We call it Bundling! He will never be audited as long as tax cheat Timothy Geithner is around! We cover our arses!

    That’s why it is important for Harry Reid to accuse my opponent of tax cheating. We have to take the spot light off of Harry Reid’s tax shenanigans and focus it on Mitt Romney. We called it Axelroding… err, shafting Mitt Romney!

    I don’t have time to discuss my crappy economic policies I have a campaign to run. My job is on the line! Send $3.00 to me before midnight! My campaign is going broke. My Donors suck! Good day.

  14. Harry Reid needs to do some serious jail time. I hope his rear gets nailed to the wall for cheating American taxpayers with this high handed con game which benefited the Chinese more than the people of Nevada.

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