Gross… Code Pink Activists Dress Up as Vaginas for Free Abortions Rally


Code Pink activists dressed as vaginas for the rally for free birth control and abortions yesterday in Washington DC. (Twitchy)

Because having abortion paid for by the state is a natural human right.

Hat Tip Mara

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  • mg4us

    Code Pink Ladies think they look like a Vagina? Please. . . how low can they go? Maybe one of a dog in heat!

    Me thinks Code Pink Ladies are all Dickheads!

  • What? No c-word jokes about them here in the comments section yet? OK, I’ll say it:
    They are dressed as what they are.

    (Don’t want to get kicked out for actually writing the word LOL)

    How does gov’t funded abortion become the business of anti-war protestors? Shouldn’t they be busy protesting the war instead? Oh that’s right, they can’t do that until Obama is gone. Hypocrite dopes.

  • keithofboston

    What all four of them? not to mention the throng (thong?) of supporters…… er…. ‘Never mind’

  • Militant conservative

    #2 it’s called the fore end of a boat. Can’t understand normal thinking.

  • joscefi

    …because nothing adds gravitas to a demand for “respect” like dressing as genitalia.

    “…Oh that’s very good, I never thought of that – what a silly bunt…”

    H/T Monty Python

  • Spotted reptile

    If those are examples of their vaginas, I understand why they are so miserable.

  • bobdog

    As long as we’re getting disgusting, it seems to me that they would have been much more relevant if they had made anus costumes.

  • paul52

    What a country. You go to jail for injuring a baby bald eagle, but you have a government that subsidizes abortion with taxpayer money. Time for change.

  • keithofboston

    Ha Ha was your mother frightened by a bat as well? ‘have you ever thought of spelling bolour with a ‘k’? ‘kolour’ Great MP sketch that.

  • PegLeg

    How do these women ever get pregnant in order to need an abortion!

  • cecil dildine

    If only their demands had been met 25-35 years earlier

  • snap boy

    This get-up respects women?

  • Cactus

    They want Congress to “respect” women, but they obviously don’t respect themselves – not just how they’re dressed, but the fact that they want someone else to pay for their poor life choices.

  • JoyO

    I’m sorry but, from one woman to all women, you should not expect other people to pay for your abortions or contraceptions under any circumstance. It is not only MOOCHING but it is forcing other people to pay for something that their religious views do not support. Mooching is not an American value!

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  • Mick

    Whitehouse police should beat them back with penis shaped night sticks…telling them to get back in the kitchen!

  • Truth Teller

    Darn! I missed my opportunity to dress up like a large male organ and “interact” with them!

  • Truth Teller

    I kind of think the size of the female organs they are wearing is anatomically accurate for these “females”. However, not sure what desperate man (or woman) would be enticed. YUCK!


    Have your boyfriends PAY for your abortions ladies. Wait! But why would these women be protesting for free abortions? How do they even get pregnant? Aren’t they all lesbians?

  • Tim in Cali

    If you believe abortion is a RIGHT and should be paid for by Government..
    Even though abortion is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution..


    So then,”Right to Bear Arms “is specifically mentioned in the Constitution
    One can only conclude that,you believe the Government owes me a free gun..
    It’s my RIGHT

    Nothing fancy..A Glock will do fine…
    I’ll even buy my own rounds…see,I’m saving you money

  • yesmaasser

    @paul52…”What a country. You go to jail for injuring a baby bald eagle, but you have a government that subsidizes abortion with taxpayer money. Time for change.”

    …did you mean to leave the O out of country?

  • RB_Murican

    #20 – Put me on the list for a nice USA made Ruger!

  • Jay

    “Congress RESPECT WOMEN”

    Sure. I’ll just show you the same amount of respect you show for yourself,ya giant filthy c*nt.

  • yesmaasser

    to some bureaucrats (asshat politicians)…..its ok to abort/kill the unborn but not OK to serve up a 16oz pepsi

  • Lars

    Pass around the smelling salts, Code Stink is real.

  • yesmaasser

    a fitting end to this p(ch)arade would have been a torrential cloudburst to get ’em all wet and bothered.

  • Militant conservative

    Damn you guys think small.

    I’ll take an AA12 & a barret

    .50 cal w 10 round mags.

    Already have all the lesser

    AR’s. Bwahahahahaha!!!

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  • bigkahuna

    I support the right for them to self abort…Its not to late skanks… I support we all pay for the bullet, rope, pill or bridge to jump off of.

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  • owl

    Looks like a really good campaign commercial opportunity to me.

    Obama’s view of women’s rights. Real cuties.

  • Gail

    Just another sad day in America. What kind of fools have we become?

  • DomesticGoddess

    Wouldn’t dressing as uteri been more apprapo to their “cause”?

  • CommieJuice

    Was that anthony WEINER standing behind them with a big smile?

  • Patty

    And with smiles on their faces, parading around with rags on, pretending. Marching around in pink and parading around like vaginas.

    Making Abortions seem like a big costume party.

  • CommieJuice

    One other thought. If a guy dressed up as a giant dildo and walked around the protest, do you think anyone would mind? I mean it almost seems fitting.

  • valerie

    #14 August 19, 2012 at 8:25 am
    JoyO commented:

    Right now contraception is cheap and easily available. Really, it is just cheaper to pay for it outright than to pay for an insurance company along with the treatment.

  • SierraBear

    I’m just curious. Given the anatomical positioning of the female clitoris, what do their pinko heads represent in these ridiculous costumes?

  • obfuscatenot

    This is what our Nation has come to? Sick,sick,sick. The idiot with the “respect” sign doesn’t understand that respect must be earned, huh? This behavior just proves the fool is alive and well in our Country.

  • Radegunda

    “Free” = “paid for by other people.” Saying “paid for by the state” sanitizes the demands they are placing on their fellow citizens.

  • olm

    You really have to discount and almost feel sorry for a group that considers this a good idea.
    They have put themselves firmly into irrelevance.

  • Patty


    This was a post by another blogger here:

    This too, hideous!!

    Nothing says “Arab Spring” like a crucifixion or two, eh, Hillary?

    The Arab Spring takeover of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood has run amok, with reports from several different media agencies that the radical Muslims have begun crucifying opponents of newly installed President Mohammed Morsi.

    Middle East media confirm that during a recent rampage, Muslim Brotherhood operatives, “crucified those opposing Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi naked on trees in front of the presidential palace while abusing others.”

    Raymond Ibrahim, a fellow with the Middle East Forum and the Investigative Project on Terrorism, said the crucifixions are the product of who the Middle Eastern media call “partisans.” …Ibrahim also says the victims can be anyone, including Egyptians and Christians.

    …Ibrahim said extra brutality is reserved for Christians, but the crucifixions are because of Islamic doctrine, and are required by the Quran. The time and other details about the crucifixions were not readily available.

  • Militant conservative


    Answer: Venerial warts.

  • Patty

    A little background
    Oh and this group also collected $600,000 and sent it to Fallujah. But not to our servicemen and women. To the insurgents and stated that the freedom fighting insurgents needed money too.

    Code Pink presents itself to the public as a group of “Moms” who oppose violence and war. In reality, Code Pink’s leaders are not peace activists at all, but dedicated Marxists who for decades have conducted a political war against the American system that targets the U.S. military.

    Delivering supplies to America’s enemies is not a new occupation for Code Pink’s leaders. Founder Medea Benjamin helped create the Institute for Food and Development Policy in the 1980s to support Nicaragua’s communist dictatorship in its war against the U.S.-backed Contras. Code Pink’s Kirsten Moller and Sandra Brim also worked for IFDP. As the director of Medical Aid, Brim even flew an American neurosurgeon to San Salvador to operate on Revolutionary Party Commander Nidia Diaz, who had been wounded in combat. Two months earlier, Diaz’s group had claimed responsibility for the murders of four U.S. Marines and nine civilians.

    Read so much about CODE PINK

  • Patty


  • Patty

    As I see it, Code Pink are traitors to the nation that gives them freedom. They are on thin ice, in my opinion.

  • Rightdawg

    Was the protest reported to the Centers for Disease Control?

  • mg4us

    The funniest part is the sign in the photo demanding: Congress to respect women

    How can any sane person, let alone Congress, respect idiots like these who dress the part?


    A laughingstock. . like president Zero! Losers all!!!!!

  • greenfairie

    They should have been wearing douche costumes.

  • Patty




  • Winston Wolfe

    What’s the difference between a circus and a group of Code Pinkers?

    One is a cunning array of stunts ….

  • Joanne

    They demand the right to murder to own unborn and want taxpayers to pay for it. You just can’t make this insanity up.

  • Joanne

    Crap……”the right to murder ‘their’ own unborn…..”

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  • Patty

    #52 August 19, 2012 at 12:07 pm
    Joanne commented:

    It makes me sick, too.

  • demanding someone else pay for their abortions. if they want it for free let them demand that the abortion doctors do it without compensation.

    liberals demanding that the government force other people to pay for what they want is the source of most of the conflict in america.

  • Sasja

    They should use some of their funds for better costume designers. If I hadn’t been told what they’re wearing, I wouldn’t have known. They look like a bunch of pink empty-headed blobs.

    The second from the left in the upper photo better beware. She looks old enough to be a prime candidate for the death panels.

  • Patty

    Planned Parenthood Applauds Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling

    You can’t have one without the other. Obama care = Abortion care. Obama has never been a supporter of pro life, so, all goes hand in hand.

    Obama has divided Americans on this and on other matters that seems to be objectionable to many Americans. This and many reasons why Obama care and Code pink need to be job #1 for Romney and he said he would but of course through Congress’s help end this National Tax Burden on millions of the Middle Class.

    Obama = Socialism and Class Warfare. The most divisive President in U.S. history. If elected again his plans will be with or without Congress and this National health care Tax and Code Pink will have a Victory.

  • stuart

    Some silly bint dresses up like a vagina and carries a sign demanding respect? Please, you must be joking.

  • P I G S

  • Daisy _WI

    Those are not vaginas. Those are vulvas, with labia majora and labia minora.

  • bg


    “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” (#45)

    ~ Barry Dunham Soetoro Barack Hitler
    (#83) i mean Hussein (#20) Obama ~


  • Mikey

    Daisy #61 ya beat me to it.

    I think is was somewhere between Jr. High & High School we learned about the female anatomy. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the vagina the interior cavity portion of the female organs?

    Christ, these broads don’t even know the correct names for the parts of their own genitalia.

    What they actually dressed up as, is …um…er… well… it’s a 4 letter word that starts with a “C” . Which defines them exactly.

  • bobbymike

    So these ladies entire existence is their vaginas? I am speechless!

  • I sure hope the crew that was forced to mop up after that little display was given hazard pay and wore HAZMAT suits.

  • Flintstone F.


    To all who wonder what our country has come to, I wonder myself from time to time. But, these women don’t cause me to get to that question. These are the women who might try to catch a ride on the next comet, or to heal their inner magnetism-ical aura with rare granite from New Mexico.

    In other words they’re nuts. They will be severely depressed in two years and lament the time they wasted on this crap, while they get themselves immersed in exploiting the powers of monkey feces therapy.

    Parasitic lifestyle with schizophrenic tendencies. Penn and Teller made a career by hanging out with people like this.


    Well, when we throw out the DemocRats, C*** Pink can start protesting war again. Funny how the Monica Media has been on a three year holiday. In January, I predict they will rise from their slumber and start shrieking again.

  • Daisy _WI

    Mikey, I see that you were actually paying attention in anatomy class and not just snickering like the boys in my class. Yes, the vagina is an internal organ.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Just as long as we don’t have to see their chancre-encrusted real ones…

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #61 Daisy_WI

    No, those are what some call “roast beef curtains”.

    Or, “meat drapes”.

  • Jo

    I wonder if this is similar to having your head up your ass?

  • Militant Catholic

    The next article, right after this one, should have been how many visits Code Pink has logged with the White House. In other words, this tiny band of feminist retards hold a huge amount of sway with Obama.

  • AuntieMadder

    Daisy _WI and Mikey, the three of us may be the only students who paid attention during that day’s lesson.

  • Kathteach

    My favorite bumper sticker –

    BE a hero – save a whale.
    SAVE a baby – go to jail.

    Government is just not moral enough to make the most private decisions a woman must make throughout her life.

    That’s why conservatives really wish government would get the heck out of it and let the other institutions in society (like families, churches and the kinds of cultural/social networks we all navigate to in these digital times).

    It’s only the most extreme left that wants to paint the middle (note – not the extreme right) as anti-choice.

    Our choice is simply no government involvement in human sexuality and reproductive decisions.

  • Simsalabim

    I sometimes wonder… if the progressives continue to kill their babies(abortion) and the progressives love having anal sex(homosexuality) with each other will they eventually cease to exist. Gosh, I hope so!

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  • ebay one kanobe

    …Where is Darwinism when you need it???

  • Mekan

    I am amazed that the female Dem government workers didn’t get so hot and bothered that they had to go home for the day.

  • valerie

    I thought they looked like chewed wads of bubble gum.

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  • Rob Sutton

    This dressing up, proves that they are all Big Dumb Cun%s …. right ?