Code Pink activists dressed as vaginas for the rally for free birth control and abortions yesterday in Washington DC. (Twitchy)

Because having abortion paid for by the state is a natural human right.

Hat Tip Mara




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  1. Code Pink Ladies think they look like a Vagina? Please. . . how low can they go? Maybe one of a dog in heat!

    Me thinks Code Pink Ladies are all Dickheads!

  2. What? No c-word jokes about them here in the comments section yet? OK, I’ll say it:
    They are dressed as what they are.

    (Don’t want to get kicked out for actually writing the word LOL)

    How does gov’t funded abortion become the business of anti-war protestors? Shouldn’t they be busy protesting the war instead? Oh that’s right, they can’t do that until Obama is gone. Hypocrite dopes.

  3. What all four of them? not to mention the throng (thong?) of supporters…… er…. ‘Never mind’

  4. #2 it’s called the fore end of a boat. Can’t understand normal thinking.

  5. …because nothing adds gravitas to a demand for “respect” like dressing as genitalia.

    “…Oh that’s very good, I never thought of that – what a silly bunt…”

    H/T Monty Python

  6. If those are examples of their vaginas, I understand why they are so miserable.

  7. As long as we’re getting disgusting, it seems to me that they would have been much more relevant if they had made anus costumes.

  8. What a country. You go to jail for injuring a baby bald eagle, but you have a government that subsidizes abortion with taxpayer money. Time for change.

  9. joscefi
    Ha Ha was your mother frightened by a bat as well? ‘have you ever thought of spelling bolour with a ‘k’? ‘kolour’ Great MP sketch that.

  10. How do these women ever get pregnant in order to need an abortion!

  11. If only their demands had been met 25-35 years earlier

  12. This get-up respects women?

  13. They want Congress to “respect” women, but they obviously don’t respect themselves – not just how they’re dressed, but the fact that they want someone else to pay for their poor life choices.

  14. I’m sorry but, from one woman to all women, you should not expect other people to pay for your abortions or contraceptions under any circumstance. It is not only MOOCHING but it is forcing other people to pay for something that their religious views do not support. Mooching is not an American value!

  15. Whitehouse police should beat them back with penis shaped night sticks…telling them to get back in the kitchen!

  16. Darn! I missed my opportunity to dress up like a large male organ and “interact” with them!

  17. I kind of think the size of the female organs they are wearing is anatomically accurate for these “females”. However, not sure what desperate man (or woman) would be enticed. YUCK!

  18. Have your boyfriends PAY for your abortions ladies. Wait! But why would these women be protesting for free abortions? How do they even get pregnant? Aren’t they all lesbians?

  19. If you believe abortion is a RIGHT and should be paid for by Government..
    Even though abortion is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution..


    So then,”Right to Bear Arms “is specifically mentioned in the Constitution
    One can only conclude that,you believe the Government owes me a free gun..
    It’s my RIGHT

    Nothing fancy..A Glock will do fine…
    I’ll even buy my own rounds…see,I’m saving you money

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