GOP Rules Change Update: Victory or Farce? …Update: GOP Brass Still Pushing Changes

Shane Wright contributed this breaking news on the GOP rules change fiasco…

Victory or Farce?

After much backlash from grassroots groups the RNC has agreed to compromise in an effort to avoid a floor fight over the proposed rule allowing candidates to select their own delegates and silence opposition. The language of the compromise states that delegates must vote for the candidate to which they are bound. There is no real opposition to this aspect of the compromise as it is against the law in most states to vote for a candidate whom you are not bound to, the state laws do differ so this rule seeks to reinforce them.

The issue that some delegates continue to have with the compromise is that proposed rule 12 would allow the RNC to rewrite the operating rules and guidelines of the GOP between conventions, without the influence of delegates, so long as they had a three-fourths majority.

According to , a website started this week by delegates to help raise awareness on this issue, proposed rule 12 reads: “The Republican National Committee may, by three-fourths (3/4) vote of its entire membership, amend Rule Nos. 1-11 and 13-25. Any such amendment shall be considered by the Republican National Committee only if it was passed by a majority vote of the Standing Committee on Rules after having been submitted in writing at least ten (10) days in advance of its consideration by the Republican National Committee and shall take effect thirty (30) days after adoption. No such amendment shall be adopted after September 30, 2014.

The language of rule 12 makes the compromise on Rule 16, which would essentially allow a candidate to hire and fire delegates as they see fit, a farce, the RNC can simply go back and rewrite the rules once the convention is over.

I spoke with Jeremy Blosser, a Texas delegate, who is furious over the compromise because it does not address proposed rule 12.

“Some are answering that Rule 12 has checks and balances, but far too much is being made of these. There’s no “emergency changes only” requirement, and it’s clear from the debate offered in the committee that the intention is to not restrict it to emergency changes but to allow consideration of substantive and controversial changes that the candidates prevent being discussed during the convention media cycle. There’s no ratification requirement such as requiring a number of State Executive Committees to ratify, or the next national convention to ratify. There’s no attempt to preserve the strength of the individual states.”

If this rule stands it will operate as a contingency plan for the RNC, should Grassroots organizations gain more influence than RNC leadership is comfortable with.

Shane Wright is a FreedomWorks blogger and marketing strategist for Resist 44. Follow him at ShaneWright22

UPDATE: Shane just sent this:

We’re done. Not enough time. Best thing we can do is make lots of noise to let the RNC know we’re paying attention and if they try to rewrite the rules later we’re going to be all over them.

People do not comprehend how big of a deal this is.

Sarah Palin just got into the mix but we literally have minutes to move a mountain.

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  • Bill Mitchell

    By all means lets have a huge pissing match on the Convention floor. That will surely help our cause. :: facepalm ::

    I look forward to the day when Republicans no longer insist on shooting themselves in the face 1 foot from the finish line and leading the race.

  • Redwine

    The dead-in-the-water, defeatist, lose-at-any-cost, frightened, narrow-minded Establishment GOP would rather preserve their own putrid skins than acknowledge and celebrate the sea-change of grassroots conservatism that is sweeping the party and the nation.

    They are so frightened of the biased and bigoted media message hammering away at the GOP with distractions and lies that the are willing to lay down and die to preserve themselves and lose.

    Flood the phone lines. Tweet like crazy. Get them to STOP!!! Your voice is essential. 2pm they vote on this rules change.

  • Robert

    #1 Yes, let’s have that pissing match. Right out in the open for all to see. Democracy at its finest.

    If the conservative elements are worried, then I am too. This does indeed look like an attempt by the establishment to assert centralized control over the process, something we definitely do not need. They have been resisting the conservative direction all along, and this is one of their answers to it.

  • Guy

    The 2010 election is the,iving proof of the Conservative values (tea party) in action and following results we have the upper hand, the Rep establishment whoever they are better come down from the moon.

  • greenfairie

    Whoever came up with this is either a moron or an Obama plant. Really, they’re going to start this shiz at the convention?? Indeed, the Stupid Party monnicker sticks.

  • AuntieMadder

    I don’t understand the process whatsoever. The binding of delegates to candidates and allocating and so on…I don’t get it. Does anyone know of an easy-to-read primer or a For Dummies lesson or explanation of the process, preferably on the ‘Net? I need it and will greatly appreciate the direction.

  • Robert

    Why moan about ‘what this looks like at the convention’? Should we just go along this time until next time? And next time it will be about ‘what the media makes us look like’ or some other such minor concern. There is always a reason to go along, but it is rarely better than the reason to stand your ground.

  • Militant conservative

    This is the 2010 TEA party

    Trying to rehabilitate the RNC

    Vs. The elite Terds that wish

    A slow ride to progressivism.

    America vs. Socialism.

    Powder is dry

  • Jack

    I see serious third party talk for the next general election (after this one) if they get away with this.

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  • Jmel

    The primaries are OVER. Mitt is our nominee whether we like it or not. Obama is our foe, not the brass at the RNC. The Tea Party people (myself included) need to STFU and get in line. This election is far too important to throw away over a damn pissing contest. Sorry, rant over.

  • Militant Catholic

    The GOP would NOT be pulling all these stunts on the Conservatives if they didn’t plan to screw us all once they get into power. I say, stand your ground, hold firm to your principles and refuse to accept the choice of a slow death for the country over a fast one. If Romney and the GOP get into power and cozy up to the Left, we can kiss the country goodbye while we watch it fall to pieces and then get taken by Hillary and her crowd in 2016.

  • Texmom

    I agree, M Catholic. This is just a sampling of how the GOP plans to deal with grassroots when they have the power. It needs to be shut down now, not swept under the rug.

  • Robert

    “both of Florida’s Rules Committee members, Peter Feaman and Kathleen King, have been removed from the Rules committee and replaced with Romney-appointed delegates”

    This whole thing has to be directed by Romney and the Republican National Committee. It appears that he/they are trying to change the delegate selection process in order to facilitate control over who is selected and how they are selected. They will be able to re-write the rules in between conventions to further their control.

    I agree with #12 comment over # 11 by 1000%.

  • creeper

    Dammit, where’s that list of phone numbers to call? These people have GOT to be stopped.

  • Sasja

    I think it’s much ado about nothing right now. We can address this issue next go round but now we have bigger fish to fry. During the coming years, the grassroots members of the GOP will become stronger by getting more of our people elected to local, state and federal offices. During this process more will learn how the political game is played and become proficient at it. Because this is the body politic folks.

  • creeper
  • bg


    just heard from Dana via radio, she seems to think the rules fiasco is
    Romney’s lawyers fault, and albeit his name is on the tip of my tongue,
    i can’t seem to spit it out so to speak, but if it’s any help at all, begins
    with a G, and sort of sounds like Gingrich, but it’s only one syllable.. 😀


  • Tim in Cali

    Is this the GOP convention or…

    The world largest circular firing squad ?

    If your thought to be an idiot,when you open your mouth

    you will remove all doubt !!!

  • Sasja

    Look, the RINO’s do not like conservatives. Never have. They didn’t like Reagan. The only way we can beat them back is to become stronger. What is going on in Florida is reprehensible but not surprising. We will be rid of them but now our war is with the dhims and getting Bammy out of our lives come November.

  • creeper

    Not that anyone bothers to answer the phone at Iowa Rep headquarters.

    This is exactly the sort of thing that drove me out of the Democrat party…backroom dealings that spit in the face of the party members. I am sick and tired of silverbacks on both sides shoving the rest of us around. Sarah, establish that third party NOW!

  • Sasja

    Of course, it would be a breath of fresh air if Romney attacked Bammy as agressively as he does members of his own party.

  • Sasja

    A third party will never have enough support to win anything. Now if all you want is to take votes away from the republicans, or the dhims for that matter, third party is the way to go.
    Good luck with it.

  • Amjean

    First of all, unless they are perpetuating a sham, there is no reason for the RNC to spring
    this on the delegates now.

    Secondly, NEVER trust a rino, who wears the same clothes as a liberal.


  • great unknown

    I have been looking forward to voting against Obama for a long time. Unfortunately, I am beginning to think, based on Romney’s political character, that I will stay home instead.

    My experience and my religion have taught me that no good can come from evil character. And if you tell me that I have no choice, for the good of my Country, then I reply that the Romney camp is using that concept to hold me hostage. I don’t deal with hostage-takers.

  • J

    I don’t think there is a need for a third party. We need to take over GOP in a similar way commies taken over DNC. One RINO at a time. Then it wouldn’t really matter. As for Romney, this is the end of me supporting him.

  • bg


    via TPM in Tampa
    August 28, 2012,

    Team Romney:
    We Tried To Avoid Ticking Off Every Ron Paul Fan In Tampa

    [A proposed change in the way delegates to the national convention are selected would allow the candidates to choose their own delegates, rather than the current process in which individual state parties choose them. Paul forces tried to hijack Romney’s smooth nomination process in Tampa by voting in their own delegates at certain state conventions, weakening Romney’s delegate count and worrying party officials who fear a proposal from the floor to nominate Paul.

    Party leaders have offered compromise plans aimed at appeasing aggrieved Paul supporters. Early indications are that hasn’t worked, and tea party conservative types signed on to the Paul protest. Sarah Palin posted her opposition to the proposed rule changes on Facebook, and RedState’s Erick Erickson warned that the GOP is “rapidly moving to shut out the grassroots.”

    “I think we’re willing to work with the Romney campaign but it seems like in his push for conformity he’s putting unity at risk. We’re no real threat — Ron Paul’s not going to get the nomination here, give us our chance to vote for him on the first ballot,” Mark Zasadny, a Paul delegate from Minnesota, told TPM Tuesday. “The appearance is they’re trying to crush dissent and kill the grassroots movement.”]


  • Mad Hatter


    Don’t tell us to STFU and get in line. If the RINO’s are trying to screw us over, we’re going to speak out on it, and not sit in silence while someone is trying to stack the deck against us.

    You may have sheep in you, but the rest of us don’t.

  • Estragon

    Don’t fall for the propaganda.

    The rule change only permits candidates to ensure delegates they win democratically in state primaries or caucuses are not stealth supporters of someone else. It doesn’t affect any delegates elected by name (in states where delegates actually run), but does allow each candidate to make sure “his” delegates from a state haven’t be sandbagged by some organized minority of nutbars who take over state conventions and attempt to sabotage the winners by putting their own people in those slots.

    Any resemblance to Paulbot activity is direct and intended.

    Rule 12 is the one we should object to – that’s the power grab for RNC which makes conventions almost moot.

  • great unknown

    Precisely. It’s Rule 12 that’s the killer.

    Rumor has it that this is a power grab by the establishment, not by Romney. If so, then he had better quash it fast, or it will become painfully obvious that he is just a front man for the inside-the-beltway criminals. If not part of the mob.

  • bg


    just a sample of RP’s idea of “unity”, well, what did you expect, he’s an
    authentic eccentric Soros type millionaire.. whereas Romney is down to
    Earth, grounded in reality so to speak..

    Ron Paul Delegate Roundup: His Massachusetts
    People Lose, His Louisiana Fight Goes to Round
    August 20, 2012

    [Despite the massive coronation for Romney/Ryan being planned for
    the Republican National Convention in Tampa next week, Ron Paul
    forces continue to fight for their representation. But they aren’t
    winning many fights.]

    August 12, 2012

    Louisiana Ron Paul Delegates Lose Appeal

    [On July 28, the leaders of the Louisiana Ron Paul Campaign filed a Notice of Contest with the RNC seeking to unseat the entire delegation elected and certified by the LAGOP. According to the Contest Committee, the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Louisiana acted appropriately.

    “This decision simply confirms what we’ve been saying from the beginning…that we followed the rules,” stated LAGOP Executive Director Jason Dore. Following the decision, the LAGOP has moved its focus towards the Republican National Convention later this month and the November elections.

    “After yesterday’s ruling and today’s announcement of Paul Ryan, we are ready to move forward with electing the Romney-Ryan team and defeating Obama in November,” said LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere Jr. “We must work together in order to make sure that Obama is a one-term president.”]

    July 14, 2012

    Ron Paul’s Delegate Insurgency Ends in Nebraska

    [Ron Paul’s delegate insurgency has come to an end.

    Supporters of the libertarian GOP presidential candidate fell short at the Nebraska GOP convention, where they had hoped to out-organize Mitt Romney’s delegates and push Paul over a critical threshold that would have ensured him an official presence and speaking slot at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., in August.]

    where are the clowns, send in the
    clowns, don’t bother they’re here..

    just my humble opinions:

    Ron Paul knew he hadn’t a snowballs chance in hates from the beginning,
    but is using this opportunity to kill the TEA Party; what, you never heard
    of grand deceptions??

    the way i see it, the way he sees
    it, if he can’t win, no one can.. 😡


  • Sasja

    Well, well, well. There are always those who spew their “I’m through”, or “I can’t vote for (fill in the blank) because he’s supposed to be a saint and he’s not. I’ll just throw my tantrum, stand on principles I don’t really have, and enjoy the show as the country (which in a Republic is it’s people) I claim to care about is destroyed.

  • Dunce

    Rush explained it all today and now that i know what they are up to, i believe they must be stopped. They are upset that people like me send our checks to conservative groups rather than the RNC. The RNC can not be trusted as they have revealed them selves as a bunch of political hacks with no principles. Go Sarah, go Demint, go American Majority, go tea party. The establishment has failed to lead so they should follow.

  • bg


    great unknown #30 August 28, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    re: [not by Romney]

    that’s about what Dana Loesch reported..


  • donh


    With the Akin Rebellion…prolifers upset…Prince Rebus misplaying the Birthir issue…The hurricane upsetting timetables and distracting viewership….RINOS HAVE A WEAK HAND…Make them FOLD IT…..

    IF YOU QUIT ….and GIVE RINOS the DICTATORSHIP power they want NOW… they just might walk away HAPPY to steer Romney’s campaign to a loss ….Because they GOT for themselves a Judas Roberts style IMPREGNIBLE FORTRESS to bunker down in when all your hopes and dreams come crashing down….KEEP THE RULES AS IS…and the RINOS MUST WIN AND FIGHT LIKE THEIR LIVES DEPEND ON IT……BECAUSE THEIR CAREERS WILL BE ON THE LINE !!!

  • Jack

    We are grassroots. We caused the historic election in 2010. We defeated the unions and dems in Wisconsin. We will beat Obama! People who don’t take this power move by the “establishment” R’s as a serious threat have their heads in the sand. They just plain don’t like us. Yes vote for Ryan/Romney but we must stay vigilant all the time. Accept it. If you didn’t listen to Levine yesterday or Rush today then I suggest tuning in if you need it explained to you. Go to Michele Malkins site for great info on this. Sarah Palin is speaking out against this move. Remember the bumper stickers “Question Authority”? It has never gone out of style although I think it was probably on more democrat cars than republicans.

  • J

    Rush Limbaugh:

    “…the party has decided it doesn’t want to have to put up with a bunch of conservatives showing up…

    …Florida’s Rules Committee members, Peter Feaman and Kathleen King, have been removed from the Rules committee and replaced with Romney-appointed delegates… …the changes on Rule 12 has caused the Romney camp to preemptively replace delegates to ensure they have support on the Rules Committee,” for the new vote at two o’clock this afternoon…

    …the establishment, want to get rid of the conservative influence in the party. And that’s what this is really all about. They can’t win without us. They literally can’t win without us. But I’ll tell you, I know why. A, they don’t like us much anyway, but it’s really rooted around two issues. Abortion and immigration…”

    This is a PARTY PURGE. Romney decided he didn’t need the Tea Party. Good-bye Romney.

  • KathyinUtah

    I really want to beat Obama. I completely disagree with the steps the RNC is taking, but, they don’t trust Ron Paul people.

    After the Nevada primaries, this was quoted, “Carl Bunce, the Nevada chairman of the Paul campaign, assured convention-goers Sunday that Paul supporters will follow the rules in Tampa because the congressman’s goal is to defeat President Barack Obama, not divide the GOP”

    But the RP people filed a lawsuit anyways-3 times! and dismissed

    The Romney lawyer name is Ben Ginsburg.

  • Scott

    The GOP establishment tried to nullify Todd Akin’s primary election last week and Gateway Pundit fully supported the the establishment. Now the same establishment wants to have the power to nullify the election of delegates, and you’ve got your panties in a wad. What’s the big deal?

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  • you still think its the democrats? its the politicans!

  • bg


    KathyinUtah #38 August 28, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    thanks for the info/links..

    Ron Paul is also an OPEN SOCIETY SOROS
    LIBERTARIAN which po’s me to no end.. 😡

    re: [The Romney lawyer name is Ben Ginsburg.]

    oh, it is two syllables, oh well, thanks again.. 😉


  • Sasja

    Scott. They forgot that RINO’s view all conservatives as a Todd Akin. Now, maybe the flak from Akin’s rather odd comment could have been avoided if certain people had just not gone off the deep end and followed the RINO’s lead destroying Akin’s candidacy. But the noise got so loud from both sides there was no way to contain the damage in the long run.

    So, today those same RINO guns are aimed at the Tea Party and now they’re crying foul. Well, little ones, you showed your mettle when one of your own (as in pro-life, fiscal conservative) was attacked and in the process, showed you aren’t yet strong enough to take on the big boys and win.

    Please note I do not mean to say Akin was a Tea Party pick. I am trying to point out how he is viewed by RINOs.

  • bg


    Scott #39 August 28, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    as did Palin.. 🙁


  • bigL

    “Bigger fish to fry???” when romney and the craven appeasers of the PLP- Permanet Loser Party,want to run a nice-guy campaign??? Oh obama is a nice guy…but that he is wrong….
    Great! serve the country with an excrement sandwich.
    If there is a choice between a donk or a donk-leftie and a rino expousing almost the same views, voters choose the real thing.
    Look at california. Not one gOP in the state hierarchy. Next cycle of electionswill bring total donk-dom.Andteh resulting ‘off-the-cliffism’

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  • Patty


    Evan Draim – Youngest Delegate at GOP Convention

    This kid, 17 years old, is the youngest delegate at the GOP convention. He is mind blowing articulate, espousing conservative values. {Watch here}

  • Patty


    #37 August 28, 2012 at 2:32 pm
    J commented:

    Posted: This is a PARTY PURGE. Romney decided he didn’t need the Tea Party. Good-bye Romney.

    Things are going along great and then this. It isn’t good. We must defeat Obama and I do want all voices heard. But this is horrible.

  • Patty


    Short Fuse
    Grenades, machetes sold at store adjacent to ‘Romneyville’ protest camp

    Read more:

  • J

    Via Michelle:

    “…Carney says that Drew McKissck has emailed a minority report to RNC leaders within the rules deadline…

    rules chairman John Sununu and GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner stood on stage at the RNC to rule on the compromise rules report. No minority report was mentioned. When asked for yeas and nays on the report, the room seemed equally divided. Boehner forged ahead and approved the report over loud boos and calls of “point of order” from activists on the floor.

    No vote on the minority report.”

    Decide for yourselves, but no money, help or anything else to GOP from me from now on. Today Romney and the Establishment said they do not want Tea Party. Well some might stick around but I don’t usually stay where I am not wanted.

    The GOP back-stabbed us. They learned nothing. Like Peloci, Boehner slammed the gavel and said, it’s my way. They have done the very thing that Bambi has been doing – shoved things down people’s throats in clear violation of the existing rules and said ‘smile’. Do not expect them to obey Constitution IF they come to power.

  • J

    P.S.: I take part of it back. I’ll work hard to replace as many of those rino clowns as I can with Tea Partiers.

  • Patty
  • Sasja

    Keep your eyes on the prize. You know, things are not going so great for Bammy. One reason why the dhims want us off message as much as possible.

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  • The real Wow

    #52 August 28, 2012 at 3:58 pm
    J commented:

    Ditto.. that’s the prize from now on.

  • bg



    Obama bucks tradition, campaigns during GOP convention

    think we’ll ever realize we’re being
    fed a huge crap sandwich?? /s/


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Wow. And a number of people insist that we all need to get behind Romney.

    I hope you guys like your crap sandwiches nice, smelly, and foul, because that’s what the establishment Republicans seem to have waiting for you.

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  • Sean

    OT-One thing I would like to see be a uniform rule. Any delegate MUST pledge support to the party nominee. I have seen quite a few Paulbots interviewed on the convention floor saying they will vote for Gary Johnson. Fine. Don’t become a GOP convention delegate. I’m sick of that crap.
    Now,back to the issue at hand. Such a stupid thing. People don’t react well to overreach,especially conservatives.

  • Mad Hatter

    I’ve been switching around the dial, and every single time minorities walk out on stage, CNN, and MSNBC cut away and start bashing the Republicans. Both CNN, and MSNBC only show the white guys speaking, trying to make it look like it’s only white men speaking.

    And someone once said that the media is the Propaganda Ministers for the Democrat Party.

    Imagine that.

  • Mad Hatter

    As I listen to Ted Cruz speak, he’s another great example of a new generation of Conservatives.

    We need more new blood like Cruz in the Republican Party.

  • valerie

    #58 August 28, 2012 at 4:44 pm
    Blacque Jacques Shellacque commented:

    I got a call from the RNC. I told them my money is going to Operation Counterweight.

    We really need to change control of the Senate and keep the house.

    I think both parties at the national level have ‘way, ‘way too much in common, mainly the Ivy League.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I got a call from the RNC. I told them my money is going to Operation Counterweight.

    We really need to change control of the Senate and keep the house.

    In the event that Romney does manage to unseat Obie, the next item on the agenda should be to sweep out the Republican Party of all its fossilized parts. If that can’t be done, then the GOP as it currently exists needs to be destroyed and replaced with a actual conservative political party.

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  • Ripped

    They tried to change the rules when Ron Paul shined again…I guess it will be Obama 2012 for sure with this act of trying to seal off the only candidate that had a chance of beating Obama….I guess money drives the Repubs to acting silly.

  • Paul

    Do you people pay any attention at all? These rules changes were not implemented to silence conservatives at all, they were made to prevent the Ron Paul supporters from following through on their months of promises to use a myriad of dirty tricks and stealth delegates to stage a floor fight and derail Romney’s nomination.

    Paul and his supporters were offered a seat at the table and chance to have significant influence in a future Romney administration, Paul’s bill to audit the fed was just passed in the House, a plank to begin the process of returning to the gold standard was adopted and a laundry list of other things were offered to them to get on board. They instead chose to try and give the Republican Party a black eye at their convention and they were stopped in their tracks.

    They were never going vote for any GOP nominee other than Ron Paul anyway, the GOP reached out them anyway and they bit it so screw em. Let them go be part of Gary Johnson’s 1% like they were going to be anyway and let’s see where that gets them.

  • Paul

    If you doubt what I said in my previous post, just look at the utter lunacy of the comments from Ripped.

    “the only candidate with a chance of beating Obama.” You simply can’t deal with the mentally disabled.

  • Casual Observer

    Reading a majority of these comments reminds me how insane you rightwingers are becoming…..sad and pathetic