Gay Leftist Admits to Vandalizing LA Chick-fil-A

The LA Chick-fil-A was vandalized yesterday on the far left’s national kiss day.

Today noted gay leftist Manny Castro admitted to vanalizing the Chick-fil-A restaurant.
He was angry about the CEO’s pro-Christian beliefs. reported, via Free Republic:

A gay Los Angeles artist who’s admitted to vandalizing a local Chick-fil-A eatery is being investigated by the police.

Artist Manny Castro was so perturbed by CEO Dan Cathy’s comment about gay marriage, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Castro Thursday scrawled the words “Tastes Like Hate” in huge lettering on the side of the Torrance restaurant.

To his credit, the artist came forward to identify himself as the unknown vandal, but he should at least be forced to pay restitution for the cleanup. Why should the owner foot the bill?

This week’s Chick-fil-A hoopla has shown how immature Americans have become. People on both sides of the gay marriage issue completely overreacted to Cathy’s remarks.

While Cathy is the CEO of a company, he is not a senator or a governor, and has no political power. If you don’t like his opinions, simply don’t patronize his restaurants.

But, it’s pretty disgraceful to punish the local Chick-fil-A owners, and their hourly wage employees, for the actions of the CEO. They are just trying to earn a living. Castro accomplished nothing by vandalizing the local Torrance franchise.

Castro told the Huffington Post that he was behind the vandalism.

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  • Dale

    Free speech only if you agree with our leftist, gay mafia agenda – or else, everything else is just HATE. Oh I can’t stand them!!!!!!!

  • Larkin

    #1 Dale


  • Marmo

    If supporting traditional marriage means you hate gay people, then supporting gay marriage means you hate straight people.

    We have to throw their sanctimonious logic right back at them.

  • Truth Teller

    Jim…the Chick-fil-A in Des Peres, MO has graffiti on it as well (near the drive-thru window)…of course, the MSM is silent.

  • FreetobeMe

    How have both sides over-reacted? Hardly. One reaction was an answer to the coercive actions of those who would deny the freedom of speech of a fellow citizen. For that, they should be commended. Stop the “spread the blame” nonsense in its tracks. It is clear who is to be blamed for initiating whatever has transpired.

  • FreetobeMe

    Exactly, Marmo!

  • P. Aaron

    So, if twit bag thinks what he believes is so damn ‘superior’, they hold be given grace to vandalize as they see fit?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “A gay Los Angeles artist who’s…”

    In other words, he’s a loser.

  • FreetobeMe

    “To his credit he came forward….”. That sounds like a little bs, too. It sounds to me like the destroyer of property vandal is looking for some publicity much like Mr. Smith had done with his video attack on Rachel. I wouldn’t give scum credit for anything. Manny needs to pay up for his vandalism.

  • MicahStone

    Gay Leftist Admits to Vandalizing LA Chick-fil-A…so, why not brag about – it’s not like OBOZO’s imbecile AG (and Black Panther Party supporter and defender) holder and others in his racist Dept of INJUSTICE would ever charge this guy with a “hate crime.”

  • friday

    to the gays
    you have to be good little boys and girls to grow up.

  • Marmo

    P. Aaron, that’s what is so infuriating to me. The left seems to think they always hold the “correct” opinion. If you don’t agree with them, they can’t respect your opinion, but instead feel that they have the right to respond in any way they choose. It’s a similar mindset to what you would find in any fascist or authoritarian dictator.

  • Remco Kimber

    People on both sides of the gay marriage issue completely overreacted to Cathy’s remarks.


    On BOTH sides? I think not. We know whose side are the thugs. Hint: they vote for Democrats.

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  • FreetobeMe

    I suspect Manny is perturbed by anything heterosexual. The media ginned up Mr. Cathy’s harmless opinion on the definition of marriage in order to persuade people like the doof Manny to perform in their lefty inspired freak show. Gosh, reading this particular post is getting to me. No one needs to repent for anything other than these lefty social misfits who are always looking for an excuse to protest “injustice” with the intent of propagating their own injustices. Don’t fall for their cr@p. Cluck them.

  • Marmo

    And the left continues to miss the point of the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. It wasn’t to support traditional marriage over gay marriage as much as it was to support the CEO of CFA invoicing his views without recrimination from authoritarian political hacks in the Democrat party that tried to damage his company for it.

    It just goes right over their heads.

  • Toly Philips

    Graffiti is to art as,
    Fart is to oxygen…
    Neither is usually admitted to,
    Unless the difference escapes you…

  • Marmo

    Er, that would be “in voicing” instead of “invoicing”. Derp.

  • bg


    August 4, 2012

    School folds on effort to eject church group

    In the decision presented to the board, Carvalho
    appeared to reach the same conclusion.

    “Earlier this month, school board members received information from a
    local news reporter that included allegations of anti-Semitic and anti- gay
    remarks allegedly made during church services held at North Miami Senior
    High School, which the Impact Miami Church uses under a facilities
    agreement with the school district,” the report said. “The school district
    researched the allegations and found that no anti- Semitic remarks had
    been made; apparently, this was an error on the part of the reporter. The
    school district initiated a legal review to fully understand the implications
    of the alleged remarks and their relationship to school board policy.”

    The report said: “The legal review by the office of the school board
    attorney is now complete, and there will be no action on the part of
    the school district to terminate the contract, as long as the Impact
    Miami Church continues to make lease payments in advance by
    cashier’s check, as specified by the lease agreement, and ensure[s]
    that the organization’s insurance coverage remains current.”


    “It is outrageous that a public school superintendent could think he has
    the right to threaten revocation of a lease because of what the pastor
    preaches in the pulpit,” Staver said. “No public official is above the law.
    The First Amendment stands as a bulwark against homo-fascism.”



  • Loki1013

    We have to stand up and support Cathy’s right to fund to murder of Gays in Uganda.