Former Obama Campaign Co-Chair Calls Biden’s Remarks: “Racial Viciousness” (Video)

Former Obama Campaign Co-Chair Artur Davis called Joe Biden’s recent remarks “racial viciousness.”
In North Carolina this week Biden told an audience that Republicans will “put y’all back in chains.” Davis spoke with Wolf Blitzer yesterday.

Artur Davis will speak at the RNC convention in Tampa this year.
The Washington Post reported:

Former congressman Artur Davis, who officially seconded President Obama’s nomination at the 2008 Democratic convention, said Wednesday that he will cap a remarkable political metamorphosis by addressing the Republican convention this month — calling for Obama’s defeat.

Davis, 44, who served in the House as a Democrat from Alabama from 2003 to 2011, said in a telephone interview that he has been given a speaking slot at the Aug. 27-30 Republican convention in Tampa. He said he was not sure yet of the day on which he would speak.

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  • Economan

    If Ryan had said this, they would have impaled him.

  • Grandma Perkins

    Oh dear!

  • bg


    August 15, 2012

    Former Obama Co-Chair from 2008 Joins Romney Campaign

    [In 2008, he was one of the biggest champions for Barack Obama,
    even serving as an Obama campaign co-chairman and seconding
    Obama’s nomination at the Democratic National Convention.

    But that was then and this is now.

    Today, Artur Davis, a former four-term Democratic congressman from
    Alabama is now supporting Republican Mitt Romney for president, and
    is joining him on the campaign trail in Arlington, Va.

    Just last month in Falls Church, Va., Davis gave a rousing address to
    the Northern Virginia Tea Party, rallying the crowd to defeat his former
    ally Obama.]

    Thank You Mr, Artur!!


  • bg


    re: #4 August 16, 2012 at 2:00 pm bg

    Mr, Artur = Mr. Davis :-)

    My suggestion to them all is this: “If America, and those of us who
    are unhyphenated Americans are such a drain on their well-being–why
    don’t they follow the example of Marcus Garvey and leave? They can
    take Obama and his Marxist-Leninist minions, who use color of skin as
    currency to further their diabolical agendas, with them.

    It will be much more harmonal and serendipitous for them. Every morning
    will be a fresh day, free of we who cause them such stress. They will no
    longer be burdened by that which they view as our ignorance. Obama
    can be emperor for life and Michelle can be the fashion plate she always
    dreamed of being, in her jungle animal-skin wardrobe.

    And those of us who love America will be free of their malcontent.”

    Amen Mychal!!


  • Big Al

    at least this guys got guts. What Biden said was race baiting as clear as clear can be. I am disheartened by all the republicans who will not say that when asked. C’mon guys.

  • bg
  • forest

    “they going to put y’all back in chains.” – Joe Biden

    When keepin’ it real goes wrong.

  • bg


    August 11, 2012

    I’m Black And I Think … Clearly – From My Vault

    [I challenge these necrophagous ghouls who seek to make gain through immiseration to tell the truth. How many Americans are aware that in New Orleans over 3,000 freed slaves owned slaves? The fact is large numbers of free Negroes owned black slaves.

    How many are aware successful businessman and cotton farmer William Ellison derived a major source of his income from being a “slave breeder” – a practice that was looked down upon throughout the South? Yet Ellison, a successful black businessman and slaveowner, secretly practiced it.

    It would seem reasonable that if the reparation harlots were interested in truth, they would have these facts available as part of their suit. It is easy to bastardize and label as evil whites. But where is the vilification of the thousands of blacks who also practiced slavery?

    The liberal media is quick to point to race-baiters as leaders in the black community. Therein I believe lies a major part of the problem: The black community is not a community unto itself, it is part of America.

    Blacks do not need leaders defined by the media. They have them. At present they are President Bush and his administration. They have 535 total representatives being divided as prescribed state by state as do we all. They have governors and lobbyists, as do we all.

    I think it is time for Americans who happen to be black to divest themselves of the “African hyphen American” foolishness. In truth, blacks today are no more African than I am mezzo-soprano. Teresa Heinz-Kerry is more authentic African-American than Jesse Jackson, she having been born in Mozambique.]


  • Practical Jane

    Now that’s a Big Tent!
    Good for the GOP having him address the convention. Smart.

  • Babsy

    I cannot imagine any self respecting person EVAH votin’ fer a dimmoCRAP!!!!!!! I can only hope that Mr. Davis has seen the light and will never again return to the dark side. I also eagerly await his speech. It should be a doozy!

  • redneck
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  • bg


    Black Like Us: The Race Clownery of Obama-Biden

    by Michelle Malkin
    August 15, 2012

    [Biden’s stunt also echoes Hillary Clinton’s infamous black church minstrel performances in which she unleashed a mortifying Southern-spiced-with-street accent to show her street solidarity: “For the last five years, we’ve had No. Power. At. All. And that makes a big difference, because when you look at the way the House of Representatives has been run, it has been run like a plantation. An’ yew know what ah’m talkin’ about.” At an event with race-hustler Al Sharpton, she poured it on thicker: “I’m afraid I’m gonna lift up the rug, and I’m goin’ to see so much stuff uh-nder thar. … You know, what is it about us always havin’ to clean up after people? … But this is not just goin’ to be pickin’ up socks off the floor. This is goin’ to be cleanin’ up the government.”

    At least the only thing she manufactured was her patronizing dialect. Remember candidate Barack Obama’s 2007 Selma, Ala., speech? To court black voters, Obama claimed that President Kennedy had sponsored the airlift in Africa responsible for bringing his family to the U.S. and asserted that Selma’s 1965 Bloody Sunday demonstration brought his parents together and led to his birth. Of course, JFK didn’t take office until two years after Obama’s father arrived in the U.S., and the president was born four years before Bloody Sunday.

    Obama-Biden 2012: Never let facts, civility or
    scruples get in the way of a racist racial pander.]


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  • Patty


    Obama Magic Gone, Just Check Indiana

    Romney Up Big in Indiana

    Four years ago, President Obama became the first Democrat since 1964 to win Indiana. He looks unlikely to repeat that feat.

    A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the state finds challenger Mitt Romney picking up 51% of the vote while the president earns just 35%. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate, and 11% are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

    The Indiana survey of 400 Likely Voters was conducted July 31-August 1, 2012 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

    Read more:

    As Indiana goes, so does most of the Middle eastern states.

  • Objective Analysis

    What amazes me is that the supposed first black President Obama and his white house staff and surrogates thinks VP Biden’s statement is okay?

    They think this helps their campaign. Who is smoking the dong now?

  • donh

    Supporting Joe Biden….Sending him out to rattle the slave chains proves Barak Obama IS the King of Uncle Toms….The plantation house negro from HELL.

  • Tim in Cali

    First black governor of Virginia, Doug Wilder (D), slams Biden for ‘chains’ remark

    Read more:

    WH: Carney On Black Fmr. Dem Gov: “He Doesn’t Have A Point” On Biden

    I’m making popcorn….It’s geting gooood.

    BTW,Wilder is the first black Governor in America…
    Sooo, those racist “southerners” elected a black Gov. hmm
    Has anyone at MSLSD been informed of this
    Wouldn’t fit their southern stereotype,I suppose

  • bg


    i’m extremely proud of any Democrat who stands up to this administration,
    or any other, but thus one in particular, due to the dominance and control
    it has over most everything going o in the world today..

    it’s been a long time since i thought kindly of what my ex-party ‘USED’ to
    be like, and albeit took long enough, thank you again Mr. Davis, as i have
    yet to hear much from our present Congressional representatives, that is,
    aside from Mr. West anyways..