Of course, the liberal media will completely ignore this latest gaffe from President Boy Genius.

Obama blasted Paul Ryan for not passing a farm bill to help suffering farmers in Iowa.
Um… Paul Ryan and House Republicans passed the farm bill two weeks ago.
But, since when did facts matter?

Via Special Report:




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  1. He didn’t make a mistake, he just told another lie….business as usual.

  2. Obama’s a moron!

  3. Any truth that the President said the Wheat Field he visited looked pretty sad.

  4. Only one thing we need to start saying to to the Obama curtain (behind which holds the puppet masters of Axelrod, Jarret, Michelle and a few knucklehead academics who Obama probably listens to)……

    YOU LIE.

    And you think your audience does not know. You think your audience is so stupid that we go along with you.

    Guess what…..we are listening to every word you make and every breath you take.

    We have decided that you are FIRED in November.

    But please…….keep lying and feeding us all with this kind of Baloney Sausage.

    It only makes it easier for us to take an R &R from the nightmare of your mistaken American Presidency.

    Keep it coming – we know that YOU LIE all the time.

  5. It wasn’t a gaffe. It was a LIE.

    Read on another site that Dems have three categories to “brand” Reps… old, stupid, evil.

    (GWB, Quayle and Sarah Palin = stupid, Dole, McCain = old, Cheney = old AND evil.)

    Well, Ryan isn’t old, nor is he stupid. So they are going with evil–that’s where this meme comes from. And if they have to lie to do it, they’re cool with that.

  6. Obama blasted Paul Ryan for not passing a farm bill to help suffering farmers in Iowa.
    Um… Paul Ryan and House Republicans passed the farm bill two weeks ago.
    Um…Obama is speaking to his base voters, also known as dimwitted ignorant low IQ parasites …

  7. The only problem with the lying is that MILLIONS of Americans are stupid enough to believe it–that’s the scary part. Wasn’t it Hitler who said: “If you tell a lie long enough, and big enough, people will believe it.”

  8. To many excursions in the Choom mobile has consequences Barry….

  9. Obama seems not to care what he says or does now. Truth and the dignity of the office matter not as long as you have the media behind you covering your derriere

  10. Playing a bit too much golf, Obama?

    Shot gunning the country with lies campaigning so much, you can’t keep up with managing the country. Obama?


    Who was that bad guy…?

    Barry would know.

  12. He was a fool yesterday and he’s still a fool today.

    EVERYTHING HE UTTERS IS A LIE. From the mouth springs the overflow of the heart.

  13. what will be next? Just say anything junta.
    Imo,all the lies arethe creation of “alt.history”. That way when search engines look for what happened on Wheat bill or Paul-Ryan-and-the-wheat-bill, up will come all thes fairy-tales, in the first 5 selections.
    Smae with the Libs creating the tv shows that are left presentations that never happened.

  14. Every thing this man says I equivocate with long, sloppy fart. It’s best to leave his presence or old your nose.

  15. Obama, Sooper Jeanyus, strikes again. It’s almost like he doesn’t even know what’s going on in the government.

  16. By pure coincidence, NPR reported tonight that House Republicans failed to pass a farm bill due to internal differences.

  17. Ditto to #8. This would all be laughable if it weren’t for the fact that (1) he has the msm in his pocket, and (2) most Americans develop their views based on 30 second ads and sound bites and nothing more.

  18. Of course he didn’t know that it passed. When is he EVER in DC doing his job? I wish someone would tabulate how much actual time he spends at his desk job. Campaigning and praying to Mecca five times a day does take up time.

  19. #17 – How can you stand to listen to NPR? But, if you do, I hope you’ll contact the ombudsman and cry foul! I know I will now that I’m aware of this. Call them out at every twist and turn. Make it so they have no place to run. No place to hide. Expose these dangerous fools!

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