The DNC is in panic mode.
They’re on both knees begging supporters for donations following Mitt Romney’s running mate announcement.

In the past 24 hours the RNC has raised over $3.5 million in cash following the Paul Ryan pick.




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  1. I don’t understand this. Romney is raising ~$100mil a month, which is ~$3.3 million a day. Why are they saying $3.5 mil the day after the Ryan pick is exceptional?

  2. I gave.

  3. ++

    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  4. DCCC’s DWS said on FNS “”Not a Democratic ad…I have no idea pf the political affiliation of Priorities USA.”

    She really said it.

  5. ++

    Kevin #1 August 12, 2012 at 11:32 am

    this may expalin: :-)

    Romney lands second $100 million month


  6. Go hit up your billionaire economic terrorist buddies that intentionally engineered the housing bubble and melt down you Marxist traitor.

  7. Ah, here’s why it’s so impressive:

    Bear in mind that this is online only. That’s roughly equivalent to the pace one would see from a month in which the combined Romney/RNC effort raised $105 million, with big-ticket fundraisers included. It’s not quite as dramatic as the amount of money pulled in after the Supreme Court’s decision on ObamaCare ($4.6 million), but it’s close.”

    Thanks bg.

  8. ++

    ht RS

    Two Schools of Thought

    pass it on!! often.. :-)


  9. Smell the fear.

  10. Lil’ Debbie Walksinhershyt on her knees.??
    Hmmm… perhaps the only position I could ever imagine her actually accomplishing anything positive.

  11. The Democrats are quick to attack people, the Republicans are quick to attack issues.

    I wonder which kind of country we are now?

    We’ll find out in less than 90 days.

  12. @#1 – Ditto to what Kevin asked. I have the same question.
    This will only matter if Romney can recoup and come back from behind and pass Obama after two months of brutal ads from our opponents that are having a powerful impact on voter impressions of Romney. Romney doesn’t have the funds to fight back (spent them during the primary) and is mainly in a holding pattern until after the convention which is still weeks away.

  13. Friend called and told me Romney and Ryan are going to be on “60 Minutes” tonight.

  14. Maybe the commies could give more to Barry since they are so ecstatic with him….oh wait..they only use other peoples money.

  15. If your happy and you know it clap your hands! ‘Clap Clap!’ May we bid rid of this disease and the sooner the better. Amen.

  16. Just made a donation. :)

  17. Sarah — People are speaking with their wallets. And Obama is lying with his Polls. Where is the guy who in 08 was going to bring this country together — busily trying to tear it apart in 12.

  18. Obama’s speech in which he states he wants to control all of private industry the way he controls GM — could possibly be the deal breaker for the American people.

    Romney/Ryan Because The Best Is Yet To Be

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