That was Quick… Dem Group Releases New “Toss Granny Off a Cliff” Smear Ad (Video)

That didn’t take long…
It took the American left less than 24 hours to dust off their old “Toss Granny from the Cliff” ad and get it ready for redistribution. Democratic group Agenda Project is re-releasing the ad next week in swing states.

Obviously, Team Obama is running scared following yesterday’s announcement.

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  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    And the Republicans need to release an add showing Brownshirt Thungs (with Obama symbols on their sleeves) lining people up against the wall and executing them once Obama is re-elected.

    Let the Dems have to go out and explain to the American people that this is not what they’re planning on doing to them if re-elected.

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  • justavoter

    Good.I hope they spent millions on this ad.Almost all seniors hated the first ad where they correctly saw how he administration takes them for fools.
    It won’t be any different this time.

    That being said, Romney/Ryan Pacs need to be ready to wave these idiotic ads away and not take them laying down.

  • chuck in st paul

    I expect they had one of these prepared for each of the likely candidates beforehand and only needed to know which to release. The LSM will, of course, comply by re-re-re-re-running them as “news”.

    This is going to be a LONG three months, and it will be filled with the most viscious crap you’ve ever heard of. I just hope the GOP can come up with an October surprise of their own.

  • bigkahuna

    Release ads pushing men, women, children, puppies and kittens of all races, colors and faiths over the fiscal cliff.

    Then claiming…its for your own good. Government is always best

  • BS-meter

    What else do they have?

    If I had a record like Obama’s I’d try and keep people’s minds off of it, too.

  • Sheila

    how about an ad..child talking to Granny, explaining that she can’t walk because she is too old for a hip replacement…or Gramps on his death bed saying a baypass would have given him several more good years but Obama care said no too old.
    How about one showing a list of all the preventitive tests that are ok’ed for Obama and family but too expensive for you like the scan colonoscopy and Prostate cancer screens. Share and get the word out.

  • Robodog7

    Just run Fast & Furious ads on Spanish language TV in states with high latino populations.
    There are two things that will make Lantino’s angry at the drop of a hat, one is disrespect and other is treating them like they are stupid.

    The ad should be: ” If you think that President Obama respects Latino’s, then why did his administration send thousands of deadly weapons to the drug cartels resulting in the murders of over 3 hundred Mexican citizens? President Obama wants your vote, he thinks that you are too stupid to understand Fast & Furious.”

  • Stonedome

    What happened to the “adults in the room” argument the democrats used to throw out there? I guess like “fairness, civility, reach across the aisle, balanced approach” catch phrases they only want to use them when you don’t agree with them. Who the hell ever said leftists have the moral high ground?…let’s get them to the point that all they can say is “racist”, then we know we have them backed into a corner. Punch them in their arrogant faces until we knock them out!
    I’m hoping they bring holder and geithner up on charges once they’re out of office…those people’s arrogance is only superseded by the president himself…


    Like Shelia said, if I were in the Owebama camp, I too would want the focus to be off the issues. Next will be a tractor trailer spewing exhaust running over school children. They might even bring out the Owebama bus if they can get all the people he’s thrown under it out from under it and show infants being transported without seat belts.

    Really, if you were the Owe camp, what else could you possibly do?

  • bg


    so, the elderly have a choice huh??

    the fictional Republican tossing them
    out of their wheel chair off of a cliff..


    Obamacare’s FACTUAL Death Panel deciding their fate..

    hmm, hmm, hmmm…


  • bg


    bigkahuna #5 August 12, 2012 at 9:59 am



  • Peregrine Took, Hobbit S.O.B.

    The GOP should run an ad with Paul Ryan throwing the IRS off a cliff. Romney/Paul would win in a landslide.

  • Brae

    #13 Man that would be a good one. And taking back our personal medical records from the agents as they toss them. Yep. A good one.

  • Vethusbandfather

    Exactly what justavoter said…

    Let them rerun this ad that did so well at putting an end to Ryan’s run in 2010. Liberals may be fooled, but independents are not stupid. Most independents are anti-obama care and want a more fiscally conservative budget. Let the campaign return to these issues, and whenever the left attack’s Ryan’s budget simply respond by asking: “So how are you doing with that ‘budget plan’ you’ve been working on for the past four years?” Romney and Ryan have solid specific plan for bringing our house into order, attacks on that plan will be totally limp wristed if the admin doesn’t actually present a plan too. Realistically there will need to be cuts or increased taxes, and the dems won’t announce a plan to do either one until after the elections.

  • Nanna

    And throwing the EPA over a cliff!!

  • bg


    Robodog7 #8 August 12, 2012 at 10:18 am

    doesn’t need to be in Spanish, legals understand English..

    at any rate, one would think that would be a slam dunk huh??

    but no no no, Romney is stuck on the Economy, of which more
    and more unemployed folks are becoming more and more comfy
    receiving their Nanny check (most of whom, other than suicide,
    literally have no other choice).. /s/

    seriously though, the Economy is the most important, but certainly not
    the ONLY ithing that is important.. we haven’t heard a word about the
    threat of Islamism w/in our own country, nor illegals from other states
    other than Mexico.. we have US Hezbollah & Al Qaeda infiltration, not
    to mention the minions of Islamists already training in their no go zone
    enclaves.. crickets, gah!!


  • bg


    this election is going to be won based on TRUTH..

    Romney needs to speak up and out about the reality of our condition,
    not on what it could be, but what it is, in fact, and what, in fact, he
    can do to get US on the road to recovery..

    ie: they need to take Obama’s “cancer”
    ad and shove it back in Obama’s face..

    iow an analogy: Obama is the “cancer” that is killing US via
    what he’s done, is doing, and no one has read the bill yet..


  • DerpHoft

    Obamacare’s FACTUAL Death Panel
    And your evidence of this fact?

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