Haters will hate.
A LGBT volunteer carrying bag of Chick-fil-A ‘goodies’ shot up the conservative Family Research Center today.

The armed man who walked into the Washington headquarters of the Family Research Council and reportedly shot a security guard Wednesday morning has been identified as Floyd Corkins, 28, of Virginia, NBC News reports. Fox News reports that Corkins posed as an intern and was carrying a Chick-fil-A bag with him during the attack.




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  1. It is rude to call someone a slob, here is where the word definitely applies. And it is rude for someone, anyone to at least use some latex clothes and pull up this good for nothing’s pants up. Good Grief

  2. Those violent right-wingers again….oh wait.

  3. Latex gloves. correction

  4. And it takes one sick puppy to shoot and innocent person. And what a hero the guard was indeed.

  5. Clearly has not been attending Ryan’s P90X classes.

  6. Such evil. To disguise himself as ‘one of the group’ in order to gain access to do his horrific deed is not only pathetically weak, but shows he is nothing but a tool… a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing.

  7. and Hitler had the Gay SA, same same

  8. LGBT….hmmmmm…..which was he?

  9. Wondering if Napolitano has people infiltrating the extremist LGBT organizations which spew terrorists into the community.

  10. Looking at the gut this hard body has spent a lot of time at Chick Fil A. So obviously he got service w/o any discrimination.

  11. It doesn’t matter, the law abiding gun owners are ready for action if called…just bought my sig 516 tactical rifle. Know any government agencies getting a shipment of 5.56 NATO rounds we can “borrow”? Just asking…

  12. #9 CPp: And after he used them to gain power he had them arrested and executed on trumped up charges. I see the left and the LGBT community are doing the same thing for toonces. I wonder what their ultimate reward will be; Gas chambers, ovens and concentration camps. Just like Hitler rewarded his LGBT allies.

  13. #14 StoneDome: WTF? Are you a Moby or a troll? Crazy talk like that can get you in trouble. I’m guessing Moby.

  14. #11 sb: Don’t count on it, doesn’t fit the narrative.

  15. He looks like Wade Michael Page’s lover…We did not get the truth on the Sikh shooting in Paul Ryan’s home district….and we won’t get the whole truth here either …Conservative right RINO media will go along with insisting every one of these violant outbreaks is an ” isolated incident ” of a random “crazy” person when there is a clear and distinct pattern to all these shootings…….The ” End Apathy ” record album cover of Wade Page has clear artistic elements of the cop hating Gay sadist BDSM scene of the Chicago Leatherman subculture……> http://ttag.zippykidcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/End-Apathy-albun-cover-courtesy-splcenter.org_.jpg

    This is Obama’s stealth gang of militant thugs . They are not just gay…They are homosexuals who practice torture. They have been assigned a mission to carry out mass terror in swing states to influence the outcome of our election.


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