Now, this is different…
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) told The New York Times he likes noodling catfish.

He should invite Joe Biden on one of his noodling trips.

Raw Story reported:

In an interview published by The New York Times on Sunday, the chairman of the House Budget Committee declared his love for Catfish noodling.

In many Southern states, Catfish “noodlers” use their bare hands to catch large catfish. During the spring spawning season, the female catfish deposits her eggs in holes underneath the water. While the male catfish is guarding the eggs, he will strike at almost anything, including bare hands and arms, according to Tennessee noodling experts Catfish Grabblers.

“We walk around the banks looking for holes,” Ryan explained to the Times. “And you get your hand inside the fish and they kind of — they come up on your hand. And then you just squeeze where ever you are on that fish and pull it out.”

“I know it sounds a little crazy,” he added. “But it’s really exhilarating.”

The practice poses significant dangers because the noodler can drown while being held underwater by a large Catfish. The fish’s teeth can also tear the skin. And other creatures like beavers and muskrats that also populate underwater holes can easily bite the fingers off fisherman.




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  1. And Ryan also loves Obama needling !

    Its also great timing as it crushes the garbage ads of Obama this week and shoves it up his *ss.

  2. B/w Mitt’s Morman magic underwear and this noodling from Ryan the Left is going to town.

  3. Can’t wait to see Ryan wipe the floor with Biden in the debate!

    Romney/Ryan 2012!!!

  4. One reason Mittens picked Paul Ryan was to easy the true conservative conscience of the Nation and to garber the NRA vote. A wise move in my view. Mr. Ryan is THE economic genius of this election cycle and he will surely be a key advisor in getting country back on an economically viable footing quite unlike the Kenyan Usurper-In-Chief. As an aside, Joe Biden might as well call in sick to the VP debates. He will be eviscerated.

  5. This is sure to lose the PETA vote, a key component block of the election. Murderer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /

  6. #5 should be

    “One reason Mittens picked Paul Ryan was to EASE the true conservative conscience…”

  7. Another reason for Ryan. He aint afraid to get his hands dirty. A slimy catfish aint nothin compared to the Obama/Biden ticket.

    I predict one Presidential debate and one Vice Presidential debate. The Democrats know they have to agree to at least one but it will not be pretty.

  8. #8 Ken. .

    agree. . . hope Romney pushes for same number of Debates as in 2008. . .

    They say in AirForce. . You get the most flack when over the enemy target. . .

    Expect lots of flack then from MSM and the left. . they are $#!++ing in their pants. . .

    Here is one from Politico grasping at straws. . .

    Seniors will understand what Obama did to medicare once Ryan explains the facts. . .
    So to will all working people
    as well as those unemployed

    Obama and left on defense. . . Operation boomerang. . .
    Whatever they throw at Ryan will boomerang back to knock Dems and Litards down. . .

    Perhaps Rep Ryan can ask Obama to release his College Transcripts. .what’s he hiding?

    Also Rep Ryan should say he is a stickler for facts. . why does WH posting of Obama’s birth certificate have so many discrepancies? Calling Sheriff Joe Arpio and his posse!

    Ryan, with his boyish charms and hollywood smile needs to be the attack dog for Mitt. . and speak of midwestern values not South Chicago values espoused by Obama. . .

    Going to be a fun few months!

  9. It sure is true he could have done a lot worse. All and all a very good choice. A man not afraid to jump into the fray with both feet.

    My goodness, the comparisons between Ryan and old Gaff a minute are striking. Could we see a replacement on the left side ticket? A debate between Ryan and the gaffster will be fun to watch.

  10. OK lets get it out there,.,,Paul Ryan also like cutting the rope of female mountain climbers…>

  11. Interesting fact: Joe Biden’s wife uses a similar technique to get Joe to take his meds. All you need to add is airplane noises.

  12. Obama / Biden : No Hope and Plenty of dope

  13. My 21 year old daughter, a student at Ole Miss, called this morning from her co-ed filled apartment and the first thing she said was, “We think Paul Ryan and his family are adorable.”

    I’ll take that. C’mon you guys, go after the college kids. You might actually have a chance this time at bringing them into the voting fold. They’re worried about jobs, they were young and impressionable on 9-11 so lean towards a pro-military party and: THEY THINK YOU’RE ADORABLE! Go for it!

  14. Ryan-Biden debates: Must See TV! Crazy Joe is already sweating right down to his hair plugs. LOL

  15. I hate to predict this but Biden will now bow out at the convention and nominate Hillary. Only way Obie can still win.

  16. Oh, no! We were talking about that activity here at home the other night and how stupid a person’s gotta’ be to take the risk of losing their fingers to a catfish when they could use a line and pole instead. Worse, the ol’ ball and chain told me that some of his hillbilly cousins in Arkansas are noodlers. LOL!

    Oh, well. Nobody’s perfect. It was about time for me to hear something about Ryan to prove he’s no exception.

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