Cook Political Calls Missouri For McCaskill – Declares Akin “Unelectable”

In four days Cook Political has moved the Missouri Senate race from “solid Republican” to “toss up” to “likely Democrat” to “unelectable”.

Cook Political Report has declared Todd Akin “unelectable” and moved the 2012 U.S. senate race in Missouri to a projected Democrat win.

Republican U.S. Rep. Todd Akin’s comment over the weekend about “legitimate rape” has rendered him unelectable in his bid against Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

No need to worry, Sir Todd. It’s but a flesh wound.

Hat Tip Doug

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  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    For Pete’s sake, give it a f@$king rest will ya? You are making things worse.

  • Sarah

    Second vid down deserves to go viral. Let’s make it happen. We need to pull back the curtain on the Left – the true extremists – and expose them for their ugly, hateful, pro-Sharia (gotta love their “war on women” theme on this one!), pro-Occupy, Marxist….you get the picture….EXPOSE THEM AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN.

    We know Akin is an ass. Let’s move on and focus on the task ahead. Expose the truth about the left and win!

  • Sarah
  • Jerry M

    Hopefully this poll was a knee jerk reaction, devoid of any serious thought, to Akin’s idiotic comment. The voters of Missouri are still faced with the same two choices they had before the Akin debacle. Vote for the candidate who made an incredibly stupid comment but which will have no effect on their lives now or in the future or vote for the candidate whose re-election could leave the Senate in Democrat hands thus ensuring that Obamacare will not be repealed in which case there will be a dramatically negative effect on the rest of their lives. As disgusting as Akin’s comments were, he is definitely the lesser of the two evils.

  • Brae

    As an Independent that has become consumed with an undying dislike for the Democratic Party, and who has vowed not to vote for the Democratic Party again in my life, I would NOT vote for this idiot.

  • Jim

    Akin must go!!! Drop this loser before he takes the Republicans down this year.

  • Jonah Vark

    Akin, Rape, and Abortion — the truth behind the controversy

  • John

    super – this will save me time – I guess I don’t have to vote in this contest now! Thanks Jim

  • bg



    You did it GP!!

    and here i had my doubts, now
    live with perpetual lying self.. 🙁


  • Bill Mitchell

    This is all fantastic news, don’t you see?

    Akin is the ultimate extreme right straw man that Romney/Ryan can run against. No matter what position they take, it will seem moderate compared to Akin.

    Meanwhile, Democrats will be forced to come out in favor of partial birth abortion, a truly heinous procedure. I mean, with PBA there can be no doubt that a murder of an innocent child is taking place.

    The result? Romney/Ryan come across as center/right on abortion and Obama/Biden come across as extreme left.

    Akin is the BEST thing that ever happened to us this cycle.

    ** And oh yeah, we’ll take the Senate anyway in the upcoming wave election.

  • Jim

    Wow Hoft – You’re going off the deep end on this one. Pretty close to hysterical there buddy. Normally I agree with you, but you really need to take a chill pill and take it down a few notches.

    A freakin whole page of bashing him only makes you look like a tool. You can make your point without being hysterical

  • coolidgerules

    I think he’s a f*cking plant. From McCasket to the DNC, it just seems that they had everything ready to go for this. O’Dumbo trots out Fluke to speak, PP hag-in-charge is supposedly speaking, the whole convention seems it is all about reproductive rights. 24 hours after Akin opens his cakehole. And he’s pretty adamant about not stepping down, either. I normally wouldn’t subscibe to this type of theory, but we are not dealing politicians anymore. The Dem party has turned into subversive ideologs that have a lot to lose. Especially if someone with a set starts digging into everything this administration had done.

  • bg


    TRUTH & there’s much more to it, oh yes there is, much more..


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  • Spider

    GP likes to completely nail the coffin shut. Don’t want any chance of a zombie getting out.

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  • rangerrebew

    This was a convenient out for the repugnantcans, maybe more so, as it was for commiecrats. Did anyone wonder they were so quick to try and get rid of him? Who was the first? That rino McLame? The reason the repugnantcans wanted to dump him is he is known as a maverick, someone who might not bend to the demands of the good old boys club. Or, perhaps, someone who might go to the press and tell the American people how enmeshed the two parties are, how many backroom deals they make, how they take care of themselves without worrying about the country. In other words, a possible trouble maker. Ask yourselves, is what he SAID worse than what Charlie Rangel DID. What Katy Sebilius DID? What Timboy Geithner DID? Is what he SAID worse than tax evasion, what Lurch Kerry and Yusef bin Biden say is a patriotic duty? I don’t think so.

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  • bg


    rangerrebew #18 August 23, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    talk about nails, you hit that one head on..

    for all intent & purpose, Akin is an “outsider”..

    thank you..


  • MicahStone

    I have no doubt that TAX CHEAT and shameless OBOZO suck-up McCaskill, plus the OBOZO campaign, have pledged to Akin to fund his campaign to help their campaigns. If OBOZO can pay his personal mentor jeremiah “God Damn America” wright to keep silent during his campaigns, clearly he’ll pay anybody to help him win. And TAX CHEAT McCaskill will probably charge her pay-off to Akin to the taxpayers in her expense reports, similar to what she’s done in the past with her private plane.

  • Diamnond Girl

    Who gives a rats rear what the leftist Cook Report has to say? They’re rarely right about anything….I cannot believe the pile on here from GP.

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  • TJexcite

    So who is the write-in candidate. The faster the person declares the faster the ads and money can flow. As there is a sore loser law there needs to be a new person who was not even thinking of running to come out. Or go for hard on the libertarian party if they are any good. There should be a press conference sometime on Friday or Saturday even at the convention in Tampa to announce so they do not even have to wait for Akin to drop.

    If a write in could happen in Alaska it could happen in MO as well.

  • Tim

    Great news. We, the makers of MittFlops, are proud supporters of McCaskill and have been donating $1 of each pair of our anti-Mitt Romney flip flop sandals sold to her campaign.

    Stand up for what you believe; stand ON what you don’t.

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  • C-Christian Soldier

    BTW-JIM-never thought I would say this- but- you are wrong on this one-
    your trust the R establishment TOOO MUCH!!!!
    Remember little lisa murkowski and the NRSC—(btw- nowe she is moving to pass the LOST TREATY)

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  • Patty

    Staff of five is declaring a McCaskill win? OH, DEAR.

    And I wholeheartedly agree with Post #1

  • Ken Pierce

    You know, I’m a devout Christian and am deeply pro-life, and I yield to no one in his scorn for the Republican establishment. But you guys with your knee-jerk conspiracy theories inspire nothing but pity. The moment the words left his mouth it became an instant lock that Todd Akin would never be a U.S. Senator. I’m sorry for the guy, but the more you care about the lives of the unborn, the more desperate you have to be for him to step aside and allow another pro-life candidate to take his place. He has absolutely no chance whatsoever.

    Look, ask any conservative Texan who suffered through years of Ann Richards purely and simply because Clayton Williams thought it would be funny and folksy to say of bad weather that was messing up his get-together that bad weather was like rape — “If it’s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.” Some things, once said, can never be recovered from. You guys and Governor Mike can scramble around looking for some way to convince yourself that when Akin loses -,- as he will, if he insists on staying on the ballot — it will be the fault of the Establishment or the Evil Liberal Media or anyone in the world other than Todd Akin himself. And maybe it will make you feel better — but it won’t bring back the babies who will die when McCaskill is the 51st vote against repealing Obamacare, or the 50th vote in favor of suspending filibuster on confirmation hearings so that the presidents of Planned Parenthood and NOW can be confirmed as lifetime members of the Supreme Court.

    Look, even if Akin has an outside shot at winning, ANY OTHER PRO-LIFE REPUBLICAN would at this point have a BETTER chance at winning. Do you want a pro-life conservative in the Senate, or do you want McCaskill there for six more years?

    Don’t you guys realize that Akin has plenty of negotiating leverage? All he has to say is, “All right, I’ll step aside — but only after I have a signed and sworn commitment from you guys that my replacement will be ________________ [name of anti-establishment, pro-life Huckaby protege].” Believe me, the Republican Establishment will leap at that deal, because (despite y’all’s paranoia) they actually would rather have a conservative pro-lifer in the Missouri seat and be able to get their hands on all those committee chairmanships, than see the Democrats keep the Senate. They’ll take ANYBODY rather than Akin at this point. And since they need his cooperation, he can dictate his replacement.

    If what’s important to Akin is the pro-life cause, then he’ll pick a solid pro-life replacement, negotiate the swap with the state party leadership, and step aside with a big speech about how he is Setting Aside His Personal Goals For The Sake Of The Babies. And then we’ll crush McCaskill — because Missouri is full of conservative pro-lifers who will happily for almost any pro-life Republican, other than Akin. But if he insists on saying to the people of Missouri, “If you won’t take McCaskill, then you’ll have to take me instead,” then I think it will be hard for most people not to conclude that in the end what was important to Todd Akin has turned out to be not his desire to see unborn children saved, but his desire to be addressed as “Mr. Senator.”

    Wasting my breath, I suppose…I wonder how long it will take before some Akin supporter accuses me of being a McCaskill staffer indulging in sock-puppitry?

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  • MaxMBJ

    Folks, a little perspective, please. Romney is up 10% in Missouri. Akin is now down 10 after unprecedented bashing by not only libs and the MSN but especially Repubs. This is low tide.

    Over the two months the furor having subsided, Missourians will take another look at the name on the other side of the ballot and think, “To hell with it. I’m not voting for McCaskill. Period.”

    Akin will win this race, as long as we don’t dilute the pool with a write-in.

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  • Karen

    Thanks to Akin, according to Rasmussen, Romney is going to lose Missouri because of Akin. If republican women would have known what an idiot Akin was, he wouldn’t have won the primary. 66% of voters in the primary didn’t vote for him. To those supporting this nut, you have put your lack of judgment ahead of the future of this country. Ironically, all the pro-life zealots will support this guy and cause republicans to lose the election, guaranteeing the most pro-abortion judges to be placed on the bench.

    We want smart politicians on your side, who have a clue what is going on. Anyone supporting this guy doesn’t care about the future of this country. Mike Hukabee, and his 25,000 listeners and viewers, are dillusional.

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