Clint Eastwood Rips on Joe Biden at RNC Convention: Kind of a Grin With a Body Behind It (Video)

Clint Eastwood ripped on Joe Biden tonight at the RNC 2012 Convention.
Clint to Obama, “You’re getting as bad as Biden. Of course we all know Biden is the intellect of the Democratic Party… Just kind of a grin with a body behind it.”

I love Clint Eastwood and I loved that speech.
Maybe Democrats will ask Janeane Garofalo to speak?

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  • Ghost

    Clint brought everything I’d hoped, and an empty chair too

  • Valerie

    That was such a funny riff.

  • bg


    that was not only funny, but all too true..


  • Valerie

    Oh, a prayer to end the Convention.

    Timothy Cardinal Dolan asks for blessing and guidance.

    May You mend our every flaw, confirming our soul in self-control, our liberty in law.

  • Red

    I don’t think Clint knew what he was saying half the time.
    He sounded more like an Alzheimer patient who couldn’t remember what the subject of the discussion was.

    How sad to see Clint like a dithering old man.

  • Ron?

    Go ahead DNC; Make my day. The man from Malpaso calls it as he sees it. Good job Clint. Yahoo has already started in on him. Something about him being senile or something. Pravda, oops Yahoo is going all full tilt boogie for Bambam. Good luck with that.

  • bigkahuna

    Personally..I loved that he came to support and stand up for Mitt… He was not very sharp or clean in his speech or message.

    He was accurate, he was correct, he was even funny but he was not well prepared and it was not well delivered.

  • Mark S.

    Red, someone pointed it out elsewhere.. he was trying to have a conversation with the ’empty suit’ (see Newhart/ Phone )… and you’ll see that what Clint did was a BRILLIANT skit (I had my doubts at first as well, but then it just “clicked”.)

  • Sageinmn

    I would have liked to see Palin, but Clint works ok. I believe that this was likely the best scripted convention that the GOP could have done for this year and the countries condition.
    The Dems have a sick lineup compared to what we have seen here.

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  • Red

    Hey, I got the whole empty chair thing. That made him appear even more out of it – or senile if you prefer. I watched it, you don’t need to ‘splain it.

  • Gort

    Heard that the teleprompter went of the fritz and he had to wing it.

    But, Barry will have a hard time overcoming Eastwood’s ridicule. Politicians can overcome criticism and arguments, but no politician can overcome ridicule.

  • bigkahuna, sadly, no disagreement, but Clint Eastwood with full blown Alzheimer’s would still be more intelligent and more articulate than Joe Biden on his best day.

  • Jmel

    Hahaha! I woke my husband up laughing at his line about him saying he couldn’t tell Romney to do that to himself. Classic!!

  • Sageinmn

    I think Clint made every part of the skit work just fine. Funny as hell and had the convention hall in stitches!

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  • bigkahuna

    Opaobie, I agree… Biden is a moron and Obama hird him…. But I must admit it was slightly uncomfortable listening to Clint…. simply becuase of the delivery, not the content.

  • Ghost

    Clint has lived a FULL life, and he’s 82 years old. He’s an Icon that No-Bo-Dy can trash. Good Americans treat the elderly with respect, especially for their accomplishments, and allow for the travails of aging.

    Clint’s answer to any critic is, “I’m Clint Eastwood, I’m Standing Up Strong in this momentous time and place- who the hell are you? …No, I won’t shutup, but I think YOU are the one person who CAN do that to yourself!”

    His mere presence was Everything- anything after that was gravy, and there was plenty of gravy for all Good Americans

  • Red

    Clint is the only speaker who DIDNT use a teleprompter. And a wise man knows when to keep his mouth shut instead of opening it and removing all doubt that he is still ready for primetime.

    Rubio was good though.

  • lizzy84

    Clint did great. Sure,he stumbled around a little, but he was still spot on with his interview of a make believe oBama. After all, he’s been a make believe pOTUS for almost four years. Why not cast him in that role now?

  • owl

    I LOVED the entire Clint skit with the empty chair. YAHOO!

    MSNBC is so insulted over it that they are almost speechless. Anytime someone gets to them that much……………….it is so good. The zingers just kept on coming, one after the other. Dems and their Scoopers think they own the funny market. They wage political warfare they say is not vicious, it’s comedy. Who knew?

    Ya gotta let em go.

  • succotash

    After hearing all of the hollyweird moonbats dissing America and the teaparty and conservatives it was fun to see Clint Eastwood handing it back to them.Well done,sir.

  • owl

    Good grief, what’s your problem Red?

  • Big Al

    I can’t believe the punditocracy and some on this thread who are filled with angst about Eastwood. He was cool, understated, a little rumpled and I don’t think he gives a crap what anybody thinks. I loved it and I was pleasantly suRprised to see he hit as hard as he did cuz he is not really a big conservative.

  • Red

    ??? what up

  • bg


    Clint Eastwood

    more here..


  • Rachelle

    I thought Clint was great. I wouldn’t want a bit of his talk changed. He managed in a subdued, good-humored but very, very serious way to do what has been needed for years–ridicule the incompetent Marxists in the Obama administration.

    I bet Clint’s bit stings a lot in the WH.

  • Ghost

    Hey Red, how’d you get that name?

  • Red

    Hey spook how’d you get yours?

  • owl

    I say he did it all on purpose and it was so very, very good.

    #24 Yep. I never dreamed he would hit that hard. One jab after another. What is so absolutely wonderful about Eastwood is his ability to give a line you won’t forget. He gave us one.

    You gotta let em go.

  • john

    Great job, Clint! I loved every minute of your speech. It’s about time republicans start sticking it to imbecile’s like obama and biden and the morons in the media.
    Rubio rocked and Mitt delivered with a solid, yet compassionate business like message.

  • Ghost

    I’m the Ghost of America’s Past Greatness, protecting America’s Present from Communist vermin like you-

    or do I have it wrong, maybe you got your name because your Ahole is crimson from all the in-and-out fests

  • Ace

    I can only imagine how the Clint Eastwood speech played to all those senior citizen voters in Florida.

  • Red

    LMAO! ASSume much? What are you, a keyboard Nazi? No dissenting opinions allowed about Clint’s sad performance?

    No need to worry your pretty little head off with emotive dramatics. Speaking as an honorably retired USN sailor after 26yrs on a/d, your dirty little secrets are safe with me – spook.

  • I wish some of our GOP members as Clint would say “Our employees, they work for us ” would have half the nads and say what this 82 year old icon came out and said about Odumbo and his party.
    Great job Clint….

  • Redwine

    Clint was awesome badass. Very dry, sly wit. Loved the empty chair prop. Worked perfectly. Howled with laughter.

  • Ghost

    Nobody gives a damn about your drama criticism, Scarlett

    but, if that’s all you saw then your bio is a lie

    I see your kind from miles away, I eat punks like you for breakfast and crap you out by noon
    I look for Reds like you at every Patriotic event I can attend,
    look for me, it’s not a pretty little head, it’s an ugly noggin, very expressive though

  • Red

    Don’t pop a vein with all that psychotic hate, casper. It causes bruises and your boyfriend might think it’s hickeys from the pizza boy.

    Enjoy stewing in your own puerile and sophomoric spew. Btw how many years have you served for your country spook? None? That’s what I thought. Just another big bag of flotsam waiting to be dumped overboard. Pfft

  • Patty

    Eastwood? Wow, liked it, shook my head, wished he would have spoken faster. But he did say we need to get rid of Obama, sorta of like, voters who voted for him were spellbound, then lack luster, then like a bomb Obama was a failure.

    I took this from Eastwood’s speech? You don’t always get what you voted for and those who voted for Obama, it is okay not to do it a second time.

  • Ghost

    Leftys always hang around long after the Party’s over

    hard to imagine an, “honorably retired USN sailor after 26yrs on a/d” is trolling around Conservative websites, sorry punkass

    you give yourself away so easily, Leftists are so predictable, your lack of self-awareness is so amusing… oooh, there’s the dog whistle, your Media Matters Masters have a new assignment for you, you have the overnight assignment at Breitbart, go now

  • Perfected democrat

    At first I was skeptical that Clint’s act was appropriate for the situation, until it occurred to me that he was basically rubbing the Dems noses in their own ideological crap….

    Alinsky Rules for Radicals:

    “Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”

    So, a bit of comic relief leading up to a great introduction by Rubio, then Romney’s terrific speech. Mitt looks very, very presidential; if people argue he hasn’t been conservative enough, he sure came through by bringing Ryan on the ticket. There’s hope yet…

  • Lady Mondegreen

    I have always loved Clint Eastwood and it made me so sad to see him losing it in such a public way. That speech was a big mistake for him and for the GOP.

  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, Joe Biden may be an idiot but he is my idiot!

    Besides, I lobotomized Bozo Joe when he joined my campaign. There is nothing but mush in his skull. Now, he just blathers on in front of the TV cameras.

    It’s good to have an idiot for a VP… it reduced the chances of a change in power!

    Sure, Clint Eastwood ripped Joe and new one. Butt, that is good! Now, Barney and his husband can do double entry from behind on Joe.

    If you like high gas prices and my money wasting cronies then vote for me. This is very important! Send, $40,500.00 to me before midnight. My campaign is going bust!

    My campaign is going sour and Davy Axelrod has another scam for my Union Donors. It a version of the Roach Motel Scam where my donor’s money checks in but never checks out… until it is in my Swiss Bank Account. Ha-ha!

    Besides, my Union Donors always vote for me. There is no reason to think otherwise. I say take their money and screw them! I cannot answer any more questions Good day.

  • the symbolism was completely accurate, an empty chair for an empty suit.

  • clint wasn’t stumbling or bumbling. it took a little while to catch on to what he was doing. he wasn’t giving a speech he was having a conversation.

  • Muddywood

    Clint was OKAY.
    I love him in the movies. I respect my elders, but I gotta tell the truth.
    It was “cute” the same way it’s cute to watch your kid on stage.
    This could have been SOOO much more.
    It could’ve been a twist the knife moment, but honestly, it wasn’t.

  • Beth

    ‘The devil, that proude spirit, cannot endure to be mocked’
    Mocking Obama and all his progressive, leftist ilk, is the exactly correct approach. It drives them into gibbering, spittle-flecked mad rage. And thus, they lose any remaining shreds of self-control, and expose themselves even further.
    Very good Mr. Eastwood. Carry on sir 🙂

  • Kathteach

    Hey – this was the classic Bob Newhart schtick from back in the day. An awful lot of the people in my circle totally got this as Clint was speaking……

    Too bad these young folks just have no clue about these wonderful memes from the past – like Bob Newhart and Bill Cosby and so many others put out in our culture in the 60’s and 70’s.

    And I am not that old as this suggests. My folks just loved Bob Newhart and made us listen all the time and – they also loved Bill Cosby’s comedy albums.

    And now so do I.

  • #29…you called ghost spook. thats racist! what would chris matthews say?

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  • Perfected democrat

    The more I think about it, the more I think Clint’s comedy routine was just what we all needed to reduce the pretense associated with incompetent, immature and corrupt office politicians who completely disregard their fiduciary duty; it’s almost treason, if not… The Democrat’s obnoxious double standard, in regard to issues like social security numbers and enemy associations, and everything in between, is an in-your-face challenge to your integrity. We are not obligated to act like chumps with these people; any more than Obama is remotely a legitimate competitor of Mitt Romney; an ineffective “community organizer” compared to an authentic, big-time businessman. If people like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can muster the energy to assume a constructive and important influence in this morass, we can be their ardent supporters with enthusiasm. That is for sure. Even if Obama wins the coming election by fraud, we will prevail in the long run; unfortunately, if that becomes the case, we will need to become their worst nightmare; for which I dedicate every “workout” at the age of 65. Too bad they’re immature enough to trivialize Che’s mass murders, it inspires the nasty in me………

  • Perfected democrat

    Free Cuba! Then we can consider having a civil, personal conversation with these left-wing pigs now dominating America’s Democratic Party. Hard-ball!

  • SoLongSong

    God bless Clint! He was homespun perfection! I’m SICK of SLICK – look where that’s got us! I’d take Clint over Clooney any day of the week.


  • samspade

    Eastwood was awesome

  • workingclass artist

    Eastwood was great…Bob Newhart got the joke.

    “”I heard that Clint Eastwood was channeling me at the RNC. My lawyers and I are drafting our lawsuit.” — comic actor Bob Newhart, referring to his signature one-way-conversation routines.”

  • JimK

    I loved it. Clint Eastwood as the crusty old bastidge, a role he truly know how to play, giving it to the Won. Well played, sir.

  • Male Silverback

    There are no friends for you here Red. Try the Huffington Post.

  • tisk tisk tisk Liberals can dish it out but they really can’t take it. Forget grace.

    Red is doing what all bitter losers do.

    Learn to form the words President Romney and wish him luck and success.
    After all, he will be your President.

  • snewb

    The libs (Chrissie, Madkow, Mr Ed) were LIVID on MSNBC
    against Clint Eastwood. It was great. I’ve seen Newhart many times
    in Vegas. Well done Clint.

  • Liz

    We haven’t been able to relax and have a good laugh at our sorry “leadership” and the sorry state they’ve brought us to FOR YEARS. Thanks, Clint. I agree. Let’s let the poor mopes go.

  • Ghost

    Lost in all the buzz over this excitement, is a simple truth:

    of all the ‘talented, sharp-witted, cutting-edge’ comedians, who is the FIRST! one to step into the Forbidden Zone and mock His Pomposity…
    it’s 82-year old Clint Eastwood!

    let history note, and don’t forget it the next time some foul-mouthed anti-American “comedian” screams about censorship.
    The most effective censorship is self-censorship

    All the big comedy dogs got shown up for what they really are, lapdogs

  • Gary Clinton

    Eastwood had it right and is two moves ahead. Voters get that Obama has been an empty chair that refuses to listen and tells the American people “Go f*&k yourself”. Eastwood baited the Obama camp, just look at the tweeter relpy. What do you see? Obama with his back to the American People with a self centered comment , translated “Go f*&k yourself”.

  • FurryGuy

    The American Pravda propaganda complex talking points meme is in full force:

    On the final night of the Republican National Convention, Clint Eastwood rambled & Mitt Romney tried to explain that he will be a fix-it man for the US.

    Yup, they are so predictable that the media goober taterheads won’t have a clue why Romney won; “no one I know voted for him.” 1980 all over again.

  • Gail

    “You gotta let em go.” Thank you for that wise, learned observation. Thank you for understanding that the “Emperor has no clothes!”

    To this I borrow another great American saying:

    You Got to Know When to Holdem,
    Know When to Foldem,
    Know When to Walk Away, NO WHEN TO RUN!!!!

    Run Bammy Run, as far from the future of American as you can!

  • Kate

    #33, as senior citizen Eastwood showed, seniors can have a wicked sense of humor. The two seniors in our home laughed their fannies off. It was great. Loved every minute of it.

  • noway

    Red commented:

    Clint is the only speaker who DIDNT use a teleprompter. And a wise man knows when to keep his mouth shut instead of opening it and removing all doubt that he is still ready for primetime.

    Rubio was good though.

    eastwood’s takendown of obama will go down in history as having a lot more impact that you know now. i watched it agan and got a lot more out of it. we are not giving eastwood credit for the great actor director he IS RIGHT NOW.

  • noway

    snewb commented:

    The libs (Chrissie, Madkow, Mr Ed) were LIVID on MSNBC
    against Clint Eastwood. It was great. I’ve seen Newhart many times
    in Vegas. Well done Clint.

    thanks snewb i was trying to recall what comedian eastwood reminded me of and it is bob newhart. hal hobrook as mark twain also comes to mind. both speak plain and their delivery is homespun like you might hear on the front porch. but it masked an excllent mind and a saber like delivery.

  • switzer

    Good old Clint Eastwood with a cuban cigar and a blazing gun slowly walk into a fight.

  • AuntieMadder

    #55 August 31, 2012 at 5:53 am
    workingclass artist commented:

    Eastwood was great…Bob Newhart got the joke.

    “”I heard that Clint Eastwood was channeling me at the RNC. My lawyers and I are drafting our lawsuit.” — comic actor Bob Newhart, referring to his signature one-way-conversation routines.”

    I thought Eastwood’s performance last night was fine. Knowing now, however, that he was channeling Bob Newhart, the sentences broken at mid-point, the stammering and the hesitations make perfect sense. That is, after all, how Newhart has always performed his stand-up routines. I think the joke’s on those who say he was “doddering” and “senile” last night and Eastwood’s getting the last laugh on them.

  • Freedom! Keep our FREEDOM!

    Best thing that EVER happened for Conseratives is when Obama went off his written script! hahahaha.we saw WHO he is…Clint is 82 a true American and he knows a looser when he sees one. The demorats are everything that stands for loosers “L”. They are the welfare give me give me I am a victim and YOU owe me, the freaks, the cheaters, atheists, pedihiles, anything thats sick is on the left–and these so called BLACK Christians–what a joke. They follow a MAN who supports infanticide even went to a dinner for KILL survived babies–and they support the Isalmic Prayer versus amazing grace???? Obama said the sweetest sound was the call for Islamic Prayer…What hyprocrites and same SEX marriage better get your bibles out and read them!! I and my friends and family support “IN GOD WE TRUST”. They are true perverted communists.Every friggin democrat should be marked with 666 and have to buy the $4.00 gas..and pay the HIGH 4x rate for electricity–the food that’s doubled–special lines for the communists. I vote for freedom!!!!

  • Lindensant

    #69, you obviously get it.

    Sorry #9, you should go out more often , or watch comedy to better understand.

  • Lindensant

    Sorry, my admonition was for #19.

  • poison pen

    #34 RED…as an on-looker, judging from your dialogue, after 26 years, I’ll bet you retired as a 3rd Class Petty Officer, and a Boatswains Mate at that. Your frustration is understandable, but it’s time you let the grown-ups continue their conversations…

  • Goldenlady1031

    Are Republicans really that arrogant? One thing is certain… their hate, lies, & deception certainly supercedes their common sense & intelligence. Didn’t they learn anything from selecting Sarah Palin as their VP candidate in 2008 without knowing anything about her?!! I will NEVER watch another Clint Eastwood movie, but I think that we liberals owe him some gratitude for that ridiculous performance (which upstaged their card-board candidate) last night! The whole convention was like watching a black tie KKK meeting!

  • Ariel

    Goldenlady1031 commented:

    …I will NEVER watch another Clint Eastwood movie, but I think that we liberals owe him some gratitude for that ridiculous performance (which upstaged their card-board candidate) last night!… #74 August 31, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    I can tell be the frenzied reaction of you libs that Clint Eastwood’s performance struck a nerve. Methinks they doth protest too much! He really lampooned Obama, and that is just unforgivable to the left. Conservatives, especially Christian, are to be mocked by Hollywood, not liberals; and certainly not Obama. Wow, they can dish it out, but they sure can’t take it!

    Well done Mr. Eastwood, well done, indeed!

  • Ariel

    That’s ” tell from” not “tell be”

  • bg


    Goldenlady1031 #74 August 31, 2012 at 12:07 pm


  • Nanna

    I hear that Clint Eastwood was more or less just supposed to give his support Mitt and Paul Ryan. He just winged his speech. Nothing was committed to memory, or written down, just a few little notes scribbled at the last minute, the rest was off the top of his head.

    I loved it!!!

  • bg


    Goldenlady1031 #74 August 31, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    re: [their hate, lies, & deception certainly
    supercedes their common sense & intelligence]

    “kill the women, …kill the children, …kill the babies, …kill the blind,
    …kill the crippled, …kill the faggot, …kill the lesbian, …kill them all”

    sure do ma’am, sure do (scroll & click or click & scroll, hah,
    yep, that’s what you’ll do alright, just not in this life.. :roll:)..


  • Right On

    #74 goldenlady 1031

    Your intelligence (or lack of) is showing, not only in your TYPICAL LIB style, but in your spelling…the word is CARDBOARD…one word darling.
    To your comment re: never watching another movie of Mr. Eastwood’s…he’s already gotten plenty of money from you and your ilk for the movies you all have seen. He’s laughed all the way to the bank, many times over, because of you. By the way, true to Mr. Eastwood’s words, there are LOTS of conservatives and reasonably minded people still living and VOTING in Southern California. He’s got a better line onto whom is in that category than you, so unless you have no life worthy of living (and I suspect that is true), you’d better put your Sherlock Holmes hat on and start rooting these evil conservatives out.
    And to your point of Sarah Palin, she still has a HUGE fan base, and SHE was the reason why people voted that ticket. Our party voted one time each, not multiple, as yours did. We didn’t sign up dead people, or felons, yours did. We didn’t have black thugs with batons threatening potential voters, yours did… and this is just a sampling.
    As for conservatives being hateful and deceptive, the advertising says it all, stupid. Let me make this generous offer to you…I’ll get you a one-way ticket to Afghanastan and you’ll see first hand what separates good (our side) from evil (you and yours, and those your side support). You’d be crying and whining for someone to come and rescue you, and that would be, of course, our beloved soldiers, who would come and save your sorry ass, that is, only if there was anything left of you to save.

  • bg


    Right On #80 August 31, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    i respectfully disagree..

    no pro-dem-lib need leave the comfort of their home, nor leave their
    beloved families side to put themself in harms way to be afforded the
    protection of the greatest force on Earth, namely our US Troops, who
    are fighting, dying, and suffering mental and physical injury in order to
    keep THEM living in the fashion they have come to take for granted..

    oh heck, they’re higher and mightier greater expectation non sacrificial
    crap sandwiches, ingrates all, not to mention cowardly word bullies.. 😛


  • just-saying

    I enjoyed Clint’s speech. Lately, he’s been directing, less than starring, you know!

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