Bob Costas Interviews Michael Phelps After Setting Olympic Medal Record… Shames Him (Video)

“What went wrong?”

After setting the all-time Olympic record for most medals ever Bob Costas interviewed the Greatest Olympian Michael Phelps…
And he shamed him.
From the interview:

Bob Costas: “Let’s talk about that 200 butterfly. You had the lead much of the way. You were out-touched by Chad Le Clos of South Africa 5 one-hundredths of a second. It’s hard to say that when you win a silver medal that something has gone wrong but your standard is so high that I guess we can put it that way. What went wrong?

Michael Phelps: Um… It”s probably the finishes I’ve done in workout. It ended up coming out here. There are times I go slow into the wall or touch lazy and it showed. But at the same time I’ve had a great career. And that’s my fourth Olympic final in the 200 fly. And, sure I’d like to have been 6 one-hundredths faster but there’s nothing I can do about that right now, it’s time to move forward. And I have a couple of more events coming up and that’s what I’m preparing for.

Bob Costas: But virtually anybody else’s standards you’re still working like a demon but in 2008 in Beijing you were at the peak of fitness, peak of talent and technically you were also better than everybody else… Is it fair to say that even a little bit, where things are measured in one-hundredths of a second, even just a little bit, you’re not quite where you were in ’08?

Michael Phelps: No, that’s obvious… For me I’m just having fun. Being at my fourth Olympics. Representing the USA, the greatest country in the world.


Bob Costas: You’re one of the greatest competitors ever but I get the sense things are winding down in your career…

This interview took place moments after Michael Phelps set the record for most medals of any Olympic athlete ever.
What a jerk.

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  • Bitter Clinger

    The term “jerk” immediately comes to mind….,sigh……

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  • PJay

    The way Costas treated him makes me wonder — is Michael Phelps a Republican???

  • Granny

    Wow. Sounds like the interview was preset and Costas planned on Phelps losing. What a jerk.

  • Stonedome

    Well, condescending is a word that comes to mind…just an envious little media dwarf. With all of his limo rides to work, bet costas couldn’t even walk a mile without falling over.

  • Peregrine Took, Hobbit S.O.B.

    If I ever, Heaven forbid, suffer a serious brain injury I’m going to get a job as a sportscaster. “Uh, Al, the team with the most points usually wins.”

  • archer52

    This is what the media calls “Man bites dog” story. In this case, it was an attempt to manufacture one. Everyone knows Phelps is slowing down, we all slow down at some point. I know it, Mike knows it, dumbass knows it. But unless it is said by Mike on Dumbass’s show, it doesn’t count.

    Small small minds with big egos.

  • Mark S.

    Hold up. was this at the beginning of the interview or later in the interview? If this was later in the interview then you have to be kidding me if this is your big whine about the whole thing… if this was the purpose of the entire interview then I can see your point.

    Hell, Phelps himself said this was his last Olympics (or likely his last)… i forget which. So his career is winding down..

    Big F’in deal.. so where did he shame him?

  • Ace

    Leftist Pagan Festival.

  • uncle jj

    Bob Costas is a liberal dick.

  • PS

    PHELPS you are amazing! CONGRATULATIONS on all your accomplishments! Don’t listen to this negative JERK! Winning another Silver is NOT a disappointment. Then to follow it up with another GOLD to become the most decorated Olympian ever!!! We couldn’t be prouder. GOD BLESS YOU, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • OCDick

    Mark, asking the question once is fine. Alluding to it a second time is poor form. Obviously, your parents didn’t teach you manners or you’d know better. Are you an orphan?

  • Mark S.

    I see two different q’s and one opinion

    1) What went wrong? -= What went wrong in the race? Did something go wrong in that race?

    Phelps answered… quite succinctly at what he even admitted he might have done wrong.

    2) you’re not quite where you were in ’08? – So have your skills slipped any?

    Phelps answered… again, quite succinctly… No, what Costas asked was not correct, he didn’t think his skills slipped.. different question (and a reasonable one)

    3) You’re one of the greatest competitors ever but I get the sense things are winding down in your career…

    Again, by Phelps own words, He’s calling it quits in terms of Olympics… So Costas tried to get a confirmation.

    I don’t get the big deal…

  • http://lprogressivism bg


    how do you spell progressivism??

    P E S S I M I S M

    so sick of the negative aspect that is consistently being applied
    to just about everything all the time, that goes for blogs too.. 😡


  • OCDick

    I agree with you, Mark. You don’t get it.

  • http://lprogressivism bg


    Thank You for being a true American Michael..

    you are the greatest representing the greatest!!


  • Jerry C

    I agree with you OCDIck, Marke S. don’t get it. He’s probably slowing down too & a loser, even if Mark S. just happens to win a medal to become the winningest Olympic ever. Whoops! That’s right, Mark S. ain’t done squat.

  • OCDick

    Costas is a wannabe, who lives his life vicariously through the athletes he covers. His athletic prowess is limited to limbo dancing. His diminutive stature is perfect for clearing the bar.

  • EBL

    Funny. I was literally thinking the same thing, but about Bob Costas when I flipped on the Olympics. He is getting old. Not quite as sharp. Does NBC have a farm where they send guys like Bob Costas to hang out and play pinochle?