America’s Heart Goes Out to Abused Chick-fil-A Worker – ‘Support For Rachel’ Website Set Up

Flowers for Rachel.

From the website: We stopped by CFA to find these flowers given by a customer to Rachel.
They were anonymously given. Thank you for your kindness and support.

A website was set up today so Americans can show their support for “Rachel” the beautiful Chick-fil-A employee who was horribly abused this week by an anti-Chick-fil-A jacka$$.

The website was set up by her boyfriend.
He says Rachel may make an appearance on FOX News this weekend.

Here again is the video of Adam Smith abusing Rachel at her work this week.

The d-bag in the video, Adam Smith, was later fired by his employer for abusing Rachel.
Hat Tip Jimi

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  • billy sol

    hope she goes on the factor . . .adam smith should read the OTHER adam smith’s book!

  • Kelly McIntosh

    Rachel, you did an amazing job and everyone is so proud of you!! Were all hoping and praying you get a promotion!! So very proud of you. And Rachel, we got your back, my friend! Love in Christ, Kelly McIntosh

  • bg


    ht KC Rhoads

    Apologies and Clarifications

    typical “it’s all about me” song & dance progressive..

    but i do feel sorry for him..


  • bg


    bless you Rachel..

    you are one Lovely Lady..


  • Limousine Barry

    So, you are saying my plan to wreck this little business and kill all of its employees is not working?

    Get David Axelrod in here now! I want to see Barney Frank bloody his arse! Let me be clear, I will not have one of my job killing plans ruined!

  • Larry Sheldon

    I think she should get a 4% raise.

  • dallasdan

    You are a hero, my dear. God bless you!

  • Chuck

    4% raise. The GDP was 2.5%; she protected that company by her actions and her own integrity! she deserves 4% on top of the sucky GDP this year. Give that woman a promotion above the mid range ratio! Id give her a chance at 15% plus managerial rates.

  • AuntieMadder

    Far be it from me to tell anyone how to spend their money, but this is f***ing stupid. Unless she’s to use the funds to put a hit on Adam Smith, how is sending money to her the appropriate response of the public?

    Should Mr Cathy visit her to bring her a check for the bonus she plainly earned, as well as to thank her, personally, for a job very well done? Absolutely! Should her “grace under fire” weigh heavily during her next performance review? Uh…yeah! Duh.

    Should strangers set up and contribute to a sympathy fund for her? Because some a**hole was mean to her?

    Who thinks of this sh**?

  • mcc

    Will look for you on FOX this weekend, Rachel — it’s there you’ll find you’ve got alot of friends and supporters!

    To say nothing of all the men who’re heartbroken to learn you’ve got a boyfriend.

    You handled yourself with incredible dignity and grace. If you’re a Christian, let it be known…we (naughty ones) could use some help (we don’t always behave as well as you did)…

    All the best!

  • AuntieMadder

    #7 August 3, 2012 at 11:36 pm
    dallasdan commented: “You are a hero, my dear. God bless you!”

    A hero? Really? Like a firefighter and a soldier?

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  • katy

    Mr Douche Bag made an apology vid. He has learned NOTHING from his mistake. NOTHING!!!!

  • Sarah


    1. Beware, if you visit the web site and click around. I tried to see one of Smith’s pages (which they link to) and got a message, albeit a bogus one, about exposure to three computer viruses.

    2. Now this dope Smith has posted an “apology” video that rambles on and on and is simply unbelievable:

    Good grief.

  • Proud Patriot

    I disagree with the way Adam Smith handled this situation, but he is only speaking the truth here. Chick-Fil-A has donated to hate groups which depict gays as pedophiles and want to export gays from America. Chick-Fil-A has their freedom of speech, and so does he. I don’t think this is abuse. He is simply using his 1st Amendment right to say his opinion on this issue.

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  • Proud Patriot

    Let me be clear, he could have treated Rachel in a more appropriate manner and I truly feel bad for her, but he was using his first Amendment right, which the conservatives supported Chickfila in doing. Personally, if he wanted to voice his concern, he should have taken it up with the management.

  • Lilly

    Rachel, you did a great job. You were so professional and returned kindness to his cranky misconceptions. That means you have a lot of character and fantastic self control. When you get involved in a political action, I always pray no one embarasses me by acting like a loon. I got to walk away with a hero from the event with a hero – Rachel!

    God Bless you. I hope they give you a bonus. That was at a $10,000 employee action if I ever saw one. Maybe they can hire you in Adam’s old job!

    We all live and learn. I forgive him. Hope you do, too. You are going to go places, Rachel.


  • guest

    this is ridiculous. both Rachel and Karen Klein deserve support but they are not the only ones who are treated badly while on the job!!! In that case we should do this for everyone, not just for the ones who win the You Tube lottery.

    also this stinks too much of politics for me. She’s pretty much in the Cindy Sheehan mode now as people have a vested interest in her place of employment. Had Rachel been yelled at by some jerk while working at McDonalds, the most she would have gotten was a 10 min break. Ie no one would care.

  • John Schuh

    I join with those commending Rachel for keeping her professional cool.

  • John

    Rachel deserves a nice raise. A promotion should she want it.

  • CapitalG

    Glad to see Rachel is getting some support. After seeing the video I immediately hoped a fund would be set up to send her on vacation or something like that poor school bus aide. It never crossed my mind to rally to get this guy fired or take any negative action against him. It doesn’t appear conservatives mounted much effort at all to get him fired – and you KNOW liberals would be in attack mode if this was an anti-gay marriage advocate denigrating an employee of a pro-gay marriage fast food joint.

    Even though he is just expressing free speech he has chosen an innocent target to direct his hate filled rant towards. He conceived of this idea and then sat in the drive thru line for what had to be quite some time given the crowds that day. After his rant he was so proud of his work that he uploaded it to YouTube.

    His employer was justified in firing him. This was not some random out of context ‘bad moment’ captured by some other persons cell phone and uploaded without his knowledge. This was planned and executed. There was time for reflection and consideration before uploading it.

    The bigger issue that should be addressed is WHY DID HE DO IT? He did it because he sees the media performing this same type of behavior. Whether it is Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, Cher, Jon Stewart or the rest of the left wing idiots who have embraced the tactics of over the top commentary and smears towards the left. It has become ‘socially acceptable’ to smear conservatives, Christians or anyone with opinions that deviate from a pro-socialist, pro-abortion, pro-homo agenda.

    That is why this person felt obligated to preform this little rant and publish it for the world to see. He thought he was doing the socially acceptable thing.

  • maddaddyssa

    Waht a condescending, holier-than -thou pr*ck!

  • Bob Castaldo

    Though I realize that grace and patience are a lot more common than one might think, I personally don’t witness it often enough…….Thank You for the lesson…..
    Bob Castaldo

  • Bob Castaldo

    Why do people always seem to make douchebaggery a political thing?….anyone who this woman calls a friend is a lucky soul..and er boyfriend is a lucky man indeed……….Bob Castaldo

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  • We should all pitch in and send Rachel on a vacation!

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  • Bob Castaldo

    I wish I could…but Im an unemployed construction worker..with all the hope and change going on….If the Sheriff gets here Ill be scouting underpasses on Monday…..but I still have hope…..and a shotgun if Change doesnt work out..may the Lord forgive me………..

  • Always hope

    @Bob Castaldo:

    Prayers for you, please stay safe. If you belong to a church or know of a local Salvation Army, go there and ask for help. Best wishes, goodness will prevail.

  • Candy

    Proud Patriot

    Freedom is not license.

    With rights come responsibility.

  • # 9 ….its simple …if everyone the left smears becomes rich off the smear ….it would have to become kind of disheartening that the next time you saw them they had 114,789.16 in their paypal account and a brand new F – 150

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  • vityas

    If Mr Smith has a problem with the company he should take it up with the CEO not someone earning minimum wage who has nothing to do with Mr. Cathy and his personal beliefs.
    Mr Smith was simply being petty small and mean. He was satisfying his own needs at the expense of someone who was not in a position to defend herself. “How can you sleep at night?” Rachel sure does deserve flowers for retaining her composure even though he hurt her. The woman was almost in tears.

  • donnafrflorida

    Sorry adam. Your actions showed america what is exactly in the heart of the left. they are hateful hateful people who truly do not believe in diversity. I thank you for letting the mask slip off long enough for the rest of us to see it too.

  • USMC Thomas

    That apology video seals it, Adam Smith is so GAY.

  • Sasja

    I’m sure she is a lovely girl by the way she handled herself against that bully. But, get real. A Support for Rachel website? Are they asking for money? I think her boyfriend is looking to cash in on this and unless Rachel needs money for a kidney, I’ll pass.

    I saw a young woman get cussed out at a local convenience store. Her manager handled the goon as he should have. Do we set up a fund for her? Unfortunately, there are times when people find themselves dealing with abusive customers. Let’s move on.

  • Graham Davis

    Adam, my poor fellow, you can not take back the words you have spoken. It is possible to “undo” some of the things you have done, but you can never “unsay” the things you have said. That’s what makes words so powerful. That’s what makes angry words so destructive, and untrue words so demoralizing. The next time you inhale and part your lips to speak, remember: you are writing what you are saying on the heart of the listener. And once written, your words can never be erased.

  • Judi in Texas

    Proud Patriot. Can you provide the name of this organization that wants to export gays and lesbians? I’m trying to research but nothing showing up so far.

  • Susan Delaney

    I was so impressed by your composure in dealing with that scumbag, Rachel. I’m proud of you.

  • larry

    He was talking to the wrong person, it was so stupid of him talking to about something someone else said,what a total fool..u have free speech but he is stupid.

  • Jack

    Most states have laws against recording someone surreptitiously. I think Mr. Smith clearly violated Rachel’s right to privacy by posting the video. Mr. Smith may need a lawyer if this is the case in the state he perpetrated this mean act.



  • gene

    I wonder how many people are defending Adam Smith’s actions? While I don’t care for CFA’s donations to anti-gay groups, I choose to vote with my wallet which makes grateful that the free market is still alive and well despite Obama’s attempts to dismantle it. As far as that so called apology video, pathetic! With that being said, eat where you want in peace and prosperity. I’ll eat at Popeye’s.

  • Vela LaCasse

    Mr. Smith is a good representation of hate. He should be the poster boy for the people who started this battle between good and evil. I have had my share of people who oppose conservative people. When Bush was running for president one of these radicals actually threatened me if I voted for George Bush. They are the new Nazis-they will not tolerate opposition.

  • USMC Thomas

    Adam Smith is the only person in Tucson who doesn’t know he’s GAY.

  • Sasja

    Mr. Smith is a jerk, but he does have a family. Four children, I think. Now they are victims of their father’s bad behavior.

  • SturJen

    RE: Proud Patriot
    Again, we’d like to hear the listing of these ‘hate groups’ that wish to deport gays. Anything? Anything? yeah we thought so. If you cannot list them specifically, then your words mean less than nothing.

    Just because some media ‘journalist’ says something does not make it true. If you’re still listening to the MSM tell you stuff…you’re getting led around like a cheap crack whore.

    Now, would I rather go to Chick-Fil-A and support CHRISTIAN values. You are free to go to some place that takes their $$ and gives to Planned Parenthood -the single-most killer of American Children around.

    If I were to balance 30 million dead children against what you consider hate, I’m thinking your hate is worse than ours. Those kids are dead. The gays continue to live, albeit without the pedestal upon which they insist they must be placed. They’re not gods, they’re people.

    Rachel kept it classy and kept it non-committal. As an EX-CSR she did her best to defuse an irate customer. Too bad the customer was such a douchebag.

    Hater is as hater does.

  • iamsaved

    The Adam Smith video highlights the contrast between liberals and conservatives and how they handle themselves. In this case, at least Mr. Smith didn’t use vulgarities or threats. His problem was videoing his rant and posting it for the public to see in an attempt to shame Rachael. Normally liberal protests devolve into much worse. Unlike conservatives.

  • Truth Teller

    I guess we should play the game that Harry Reid is playing when he says “It is out there that Romney has paid no taxes”.

    Well, “it is out there” that Obama beats his wife.

  • Louis C

    She’s a class act. And the more composed she was, made Adam Smith look more irrelevant than he already is. I hope Adam enjoyed his 15 minutes.

  • cal rifkin

    Does anyone think she could handle that better? Great body language, polite, poise is everything. I’d give her 2 thumbs up!!

  • Joanne

    I think this is all a bit much – the guy was rude, yes, but this abusive thing is a bit much. People in customer service take a lot more crap than this woman……everyday.

  • Hill

    So profession she is a champ

  • Carl Beckman

    You are an inspiration, Rachell, if it had been me he’d have been wearing the water. Which, perhaps, explanes why they don’t let me near the puplic.

  • Takeanotherlook

    Oh no, there are more than a few in the Campaign to Reelect that would like to get a mulligan on this whole episode.. The problem with having the media so biased in their favor, the fellow travelers began to believe the hype.. What surprises me is that Chicago fell prey to the trap, and brought the sleeping middle-class to their feet, and the overplayed perv agenda, backfired in their face, a big way..

    This isn’t the first time that the fractured structure of the base has stirred the sleepers at a time when the outlook is bleak for November.. Make no mistake, this isn’t an easy task to keep control when there is nothing on their plate to tout in Ophony’s arsenal of accomplishments.. They need to control the total message, without any missteps from their own camp.. They thought the bad news from Homo pivot was behind them, or at least controllable, now this..

    The facts are disastrous, in every way.. Even with the blackout in press, and networks, the world found it on line, and the results were a major hit, and brought the wrath of GOD down on their head.. Watch for the walk back, and something big to change the subject, that they wanted to hold for a well timed plan in the home stretch, not this early..

    Mr. Smith won’t be getting any flowers, or a phone call from the Oral Orifice, but I suspect the bus is already rolling and a meeting with the wheels is in his future..

  • Chris

    I think that, with the reported record profits and the eye witness accounts about how well all the employees in every Chik Fil A restaurant responded to a very stressful day, that they ALL should receive a personal thank you from Cathy and a bonus in their next paychecks. This is one time I agree that sharing the wealth is a good thing because they all worked so hard and earned it. Good for Rachel for being a professional and good for all of them from top to bottom for being gracious and hard working employees. That is why they are a great company. I only wish we had one near me so I could have participated in the appreciation day.

  • Bill Claxe

    Rachel is cute.

  • valerie

    #11 August 4, 2012 at 12:22 am
    AuntieMadder commented:

    Ok, granted that she didn’t save anybody’s life, or even risk her own, but she did show grace under pressure. I hope she doesn’t let this incident and its aftermath ruin her.

  • kris erickson

    rachel, here’s the twist, leave a portion of the funds to the aids foundation and watch the liberal left writhe in their dumbfounded-ness.

  • mikeb

    Years ago I was in a Safeway in CA and an elderly customer was arguing with a clerk. I don’t know what started the argument, but he said, “You’re just a lowly union employee”.
    Nobody, NOBODY, has the right to subject anyone doing their job to such abuse. That poor woman was on the verge of tears.
    The girl at the Chick-fil-A had done nothing to warrant being abused and humiliated, and Smith is lucky he was only fired. There are a lot of us who would be very willing to break both his legs and extract his teeth with channel lock pliers. Without novocaine.

  • LC Soldier

    She is very beautiful! I’d like to see her do a photo shoot!

  • Typical liberal male pussy. Always strapping them on when they know their victim won’t kick their ass.

  • Tim

    It’s so amazing that these “anti-hate” people are so full of hate!

  • Jeremy

    It was video taped, and she was embarrassed and harassed, and it was played for the world to see. Maybe she didn’t want to become famous, but by no choice of her own, she was forced upon this political scene. She deserves every penny.

  • Steven

    Are you kidding me? People are sending her money. Why? I’m a nurse and I get abused all the time at work. If I set up an account will all of you please send me money. I would love a free vacation.

  • Herman Livingston

    This guy is a total jackass.he aperantly doesn’t believe in other peoples rights to their own opinion,and he must not believe in god or the bible

  • This bozo typifies the gross ignorance, moral vacuousness, obscene arrogance, and stupid value system that has infected too many people in our culture. With the secular humanist leftist indoctrination centers known as public schools, the constant barrage of politically correct crap, amorality, and dimwitted nonsense spewing from every form of media as well as cowardly acquiescence to this vile bilge by political and business “leaders”, thank God that there are still so many patriots in our nation who understand what true freedom is and whose hearts and minds are anchored in faith and sound morals ! Rachel we are with you ! Be brave and stand strong !

  • Kristin K.

    Rachel is an example of decent, hard-workig Americans who really take pride in what they do no matter what breed of scumbag throws hate at them. Adam Smith should take a lesson from this young lady of how to show grace, respect, and generally how to be a decent human being! Thank you Rachel for helping us see there are decent people left in this world! You rock girl!

  • Kristin K.

    Rachel is an example of decent, hard-working Americans who really take pride in what they do no matter what breed of scumbag throws hate at them. Adam Smith should take a lesson from this young lady of how to show grace, respect, and generally how to be a decent human being! Thank you Rachel for helping us see there are decent people left in this world! You rock girl!

  • USMC Thomas

    Its a shame bill maher doesn’t suffer similiar consequences for the obscene vile remarks made about the Palin’s.

  • Mary B

    I applaud you, Rachel, for remaining professional during such an immature display of disrespect and harassment by that man.

  • RobM

    Good effort to show support to Rachel. For those comments about sending her money, I see it this way. If it makes you feel better send money. The support is for her but too, for every decent drive-through window worker or other worker really, that is forced to be nice and put up with jerks who decide to USE the power of the worker HAVING to be courteous or in Rachels’ case, she clearly IS courteous and sweet, … but they get verbally abused and to top it off, Rachel got taped for ridicule… She deserves to know that we all appreciate her. When you don’t know you are about to be put on a national stage and are verbally confronted and you handle yourself with grace and pose on tape, for what could have been an incident that only Smith witnessed,… well… that’s class, and Rachel has it.

  • Patty

    Parents may some, that is, may want to use the guy’s video as how not to act. How in the face of hate you can be the better person.

    Our kids are stress out at school, on the school bus and they hear us talking about many things, including social issues or debt and economy.

    Parents too struggle more with money, for many it is worse than ever before.

    First and an foremost in my families is their unending faith in God and their family’s values.

    The future of our kids is weighing on parents but it is also weighing on our children. The constant barrage of their future not being as great as their parents, well, not matter how true it may be, we need to step up and be more positive and push our children a bit harder than ever before. Not just for a great career or job, but their faith and their courage show by Rachel, the positive Attitude and by example their love for God.

    Our children’s future is nothing without Faith the rest will come but we too must continue that positive attitude in the face of a bad economy and poor examples of love thy neighbor.

  • Winston Wolfe

    He is simply using his 1st Amendment right to say his opinion on this issue. – pseudo patriot

    I am so tired of stupid phucks like you hiding behind the First Amendment in order to justify your abusive behavior.

    The First Amendment does not – NOT – give you the right to say whatever you want, whenever you want however you want to whoever you want.

    Got it?

  • Goodbye Darth Vader

    AuntieMadder, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Her boyfriend is looking to cash in and thinking of this as the bus monitor incident. It is simply disgraceful that her boyfriend set up a website to milk this incident for all it’s worth. Rank opportunism. He couldn’t have done it without her consent. Are we to pay her cos some loon was mean to her? No.

  • robbie peeples

    outstanding job, he better glad I wasn’t working the window what a jacka_ _

  • Angie

    AuntieMadder- go spew your hate somewhere else. This beautiful young lady is a HERO in her own way. OBVIOUSLY FAR MORE CLASS then you have clearly shown by your ignorant and hateful comments. This young lady is a role model and will go very far in life. Attitude is everything, and she has a great one and does deserve the love and praise she has received. Heroes come in all forms, and she is a HERO!!! This website in in honor of her, have a shred of dignity and take your hateful comments elsewhere. NOONE WANTS TO SEE IT HERE. Again, CONGRATS Rachel, we love you!

  • donh

    I told you Rachael was going to get a flood of anonymous marriage proposals because God is at work speaking through this event. Adam claims to be all about the right for gay marriage, but his rude stunt made himself the evil opposite of Abraham’s servant who found a wife for Isaac through the sign of Rebecca at the Well.

    Genesis 24:12 ” 12 Then he prayed, “Lord, God of my master Abraham, make me successful today, and show kindness to my master Abraham. 13 See, I am standing beside this spring, and the daughters of the townspeople are coming out to draw water. 14 May it be that when I say to a young woman, ‘Please let down your jar that I may have a drink,’ and she says, ‘Drink, and I’ll water your camels too’ —let her be the one you have chosen for your servant Isaac. By this I will know that you have shown kindness to my master.”

  • Angie

    There are some selfish people on here, whining about not getting the same treatment. Grow up people, she deserves to be commended for this, no matter what. Get over it, stop acting like morons just cuz its not about you! The world is hard enough, we all need to celebrate her and not make this a whining session just cuz it wasn’t about every person out there who’s been abused. Can’t we all just applaud this wonderful woman without being bitter cuz you didn’t get a pat on the back? There are seriously self-centered people out there.

  • Nate

    I finally watched the video after a lot of build up…..I was let down. Really? Ok, the guy is a doucher but I’m finding the foundation for all the bologna to be a little shaky. Sure you’re not peddling a little hate yourself?

  • serfer62

    Flowers would be more appropriate then money as would a card or letter…but what the hell its acknowlegement.

    Dad always said what the job is doesn’t matter, do it the best you can.

    To the mean & spiteful…GDY

    Rach, you’re a great American

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  • Linda

    Rachel, You personify the spirit and exceptional customer service of Chick-Fil-A. You are to be commended for your patience, tolerance, and dignity in handling the situation. I am sure your employers are very proud to have you and those of us seeing the video would like to believe we could have responded as graciously as you did. You are a remarkable young woman.

  • Andrew Didato

    Please Please Please…tell me when this happened? That we are no longer allowed in this country to have an opinion that doesn’t go along with the mainstream media or the extremists that scream foul whenever someone voices and opinion differnt from theirs. I thought it was AMERICA that led the fight for free speech in the world….and as far a Chic-Fil-A goes they are not in favor of Gay Marriage, they don’t have to be !!!!!!
    They didn’t say that Gay people shouldn’t be persecuted, but that their belief was that of the majority of Americans…that Marriage is a union of a man and a woman.

  • Andrew Didato

    As for the video …..Rachael acted like a professional and Adam acted like the jerkoff he obviously is…coming armed with a camcorder for a confrontation with an “employee”and salivating over the possibility of more disruption by some kids nearby kids that he obviously was hoping would cause more havoc that he could support.
    Adam you are what’s wrong with this country today !!!!!!

  • Larry Robinson

    I love the way you handled the situation. Total class act. You rock.

  • bg


    August 4, 2012

    School folds on effort to eject church group

    In the decision presented to the board, Carvalho
    appeared to reach the same conclusion.

    “Earlier this month, school board members received information from a
    local news reporter that included allegations of anti-Semitic and anti- gay
    remarks allegedly made during church services held at North Miami Senior
    High School, which the Impact Miami Church uses under a facilities
    agreement with the school district,” the report said. “The school district
    researched the allegations and found that no anti- Semitic remarks had
    been made; apparently, this was an error on the part of the reporter. The
    school district initiated a legal review to fully understand the implications
    of the alleged remarks and their relationship to school board policy.”

    The report said: “The legal review by the office of the school board
    attorney is now complete, and there will be no action on the part of
    the school district to terminate the contract, as long as the Impact
    Miami Church continues to make lease payments in advance by
    cashier’s check, as specified by the lease agreement, and ensure[s]
    that the organization’s insurance coverage remains current.”


    “It is outrageous that a public school superintendent could think he has
    the right to threaten revocation of a lease because of what the pastor
    preaches in the pulpit,” Staver said. “No public official is above the law.
    The First Amendment stands as a bulwark against homo-fascism.”



  • rasqual

    So the guy obviously voted for a “hateful” Obama, since that was his position when elected.

    Basically, it looks as if the moment Obama changes his views (“Gay marriage OK now!”), his toadies and epigones go on witch hunts.

    What a passel of tools.

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  • hiway280z

    She handled that so well. That girl should be made manager of their business. She certainly proved she knows how to handle a customer who is a jerk. Her parents must be so proud of her. That smart azz got exactly what he deserved. Sip your freewater slowly you may be looking for a job for a long time. Thanks to all the citizens for backing this company by eating their product. I would love to see her on Fox.We need more people like her.

  • Liz

    I had no doubt an employee of CFA would handle themselves just as Rachel did, when this inevitably happened. Kudos To HER! and to CFA for the excellent customer service I always receive there. What a sweetheart.

  • Fred

    She was not abused! Crazy! He gave his opinion and she answered him. Wow..right wingers need to get a life.

  • Flintstone F.


    Your comment is in defense of a guy with a camera who took the time to drive to a Chick-Fil-A wait in a long line (for water?), taped the exchange, drove home and posted it on Youtube.

    So tell us, who needs to get a life?

    Let’s make her a millionaire, just for the heck of it.

  • billy sol

    Hey Freddie! . . . .she seized an opportunity by reacting in an professional manner! in the final gambit . .she wins big time . . . . .the creep loses big time . .. .she did not place this on you tube . . .the idiot did!

  • Dick Barr

    I’m a bit disappointed after coming across a website put up by Rachel from Chik-Fil-A’s boyfriend, “Robert”. It’s a site pandering for donations and wedding gifts to help her overcome her “tragedy”.

    I found her reaction to the abusive customer extraordinary. I thought she showed true professionalism and class in how she responded to him. However, after reading through her comments on her exploitative website and seeing her direct people to a website to make donations to her and her boyfriend, I admit that I am put off to the whole thing.

    It’s hard to tell if it is her or her boyfriend masterminding the concept, the boyfriend clearly cro-baring himself into the whole situation in his posts, as if he has suffered greatly from this.

    Here is there site. I’d be curious to how others perceive it. Maybe I am being overly sensitive. You will have to read through the comments on the individual posts to see what I am referring to.

  • Tewryns

    ProudPatriot needs a little education on the Constitution. First Amendment rights are to protect people from GOVERNMENT restriction of speech. It has nothing to do with some insignificant little man picking on an employee for his own selfish purposes. Unfortunately, everyone who does customer service runs across angry or hostile people (especially Sundays, for some reason). Bravo to this young woman for her professionalism.

  • geppy

    AWESOME! Gotta love it when DECENT Americans stand up for what’s right. After the crap Smith pulled on her, she really needed the support of kind hearted people. This woman will go far in life.

  • r

    OK. So Chic Fil A donates to certain organizations that are not “gay friendly”. Have you noticed that the 24/7 convenience store down the street is owned by a family that donates to an organization that believes that all gays should be KILLED!!. (and are in their native countries!) So why isn’t the LGBT community protesting them?

  • Migaz

    Does anybody here smell a Mad Auntie?

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  • Dear Rachel,
    I wish I could have a wife like you.
    I love you Rachel.

    Sincerely yours,
    A secret admirer

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