10,000+ Supporters Welcome Paul Ryan Back to Wisconsin

10,000+ supporters greeted Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) back to Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Some leftist goon heckled Mitt Romney at Paul Ryan’s homecoming rally tonight.

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  • Amash

    Obummer won’t get his many at the Dems convention. Hope and change no more for Dems. Hope to change our pres for us republicans.
    Romney/Ryan 2012

  • Mike K

    This is VERY encouraging to see the huge crowds Romney/Ryan are getting since the big announcement. When Scott Brown in Massachusetts was running here for “Ted Kennedy’s Senate Seat”, much of the liberal press was writing him off. One liberal Democratic Politician said “Hell will freeze over before a Republican takes the Kennedy seat”. Well, hell DID freeze over. The encouraging sign at that point was that Scott Brown was getting HUGE crowds everywhere he went. Very ENTHUSIASTIC crowds. I hope this is a positive sign for Romney/Ryan. We cannot have 4 more years of Obama. It would be a complete disaster………

  • NeoKong

    I am watching it on Fox right now.
    You have to keep in mind that this is not some professional rent-a-mob like Obama uses. They are not SEIU employees bussed in and paid to rally. They are 10,000 people who never met each other before and went there on their own to greet Paul Ryan and they are thrilled to be there.

  • Bitter Clinger

    WOW. …… Just WOW……..

  • mg4us

    Awesome Pic. . . Anyone who works and pays taxes should be supporting Romney/Ryan (R&R). . .

    And with so much Obama on TV, radio and in news daily . .people are burnt out. . need some R&R

    On a scary note. .Obama/Clinton foreign policy falling apart in Egypt and Syria and Iran


  • barry oh bamz

    Good luck trogs. Intrades got Obama smoking these meatheads. Hahahahahahah

  • Male Silverback

    Glad to see getting fired up over the election. We need this to be a landslide election so that there is no question who won.

  • Spider

    That is terrific.

    RR in 2012

  • mg4us

    What we see in Wisconsin and other stops is the sleeping giant awakening. . the silent majority will not be silent any more. . .

    The MSM cannot hid the truth – – pictures tell the story

    Let us not forgot the Hundreds of Thousand TEA Party supporters who descended in to DC Sept 2009 and paved the way for massive landslides in Nov 2010. . and more to come. . .

    The left will not stop and will try to steal the election but the majority needs to show up in force and vote OBAMA out. . .

  • jrterrier5

    “Mr. President, take your campaign out of the gutter – let’s talk about the real issues that America faces”

    Go Mitt. R&R

  • Redwine

    Yes, yes, yes, yesssssssssssssssssssss…

    RR all the way to November and beyond!

    The Third Great Awakening is about to happen.

  • bg


    Congratulations Mr. Ryan!!


  • Lewis Colby

    2010 was not an abberation, it was an harbinger. When that first shoe dropped (60 plus house members, six Senators, 11 Governorships and over 700 state house seats) the Democrats and their MSM lackys said and changed nothing. In fact, they doubled down on the same discredit policies. In 2012 the other shoe will not drop; it will boot them in the ass and out of power.

  • Conservative Ken

    Obama/Biden=Old and Busted

    Romney/Ryan=NEW HOTNESS!

  • Mad Hatter

    It will be interesting to see if the Alinksy media quotes the crowd number. Not only for this rally, but for the rallies that Romney and Ryan held in,

    5,000 in Manassas, Va.


    1,200 in High Point, N.C. with 10,000 outside the event.


    1,500 in Ashland, Virginia with another 400 to 500 outside the event.


    1,700 in Mooresville, N.C. with another 4,000 outside the event.


    These crowds are at least as big, if not bigger than what Obama is drawing.

  • sandy

    OMG That’s incredible. It says more about what people want than all the polls could ever do. You go Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney and help us achieve a victory in November. You have our hearts and we have your backs.

    There are a lot of sad stories out here — people who believe our best days are behind us. Makes us feel good about our country again.

    Romney/Ryan You Are Tryin And We Are Buyin

  • sandy

    RR Republicans Rule

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  • Mad Hatter

    The ABC affiliate in Milwaukee says…

    The rally, originally to be held inside the Waukesha Expo Center, was moved outside because of a such a large turnout. There may be more than 11,000 in attendance.


  • Sam Stone

    Email received today

    “Starting now, we can expect even more wealthy, right-wing ideologues lining up to support the Romney-Ryan ticket.
    The people on the other side who are trying to buy this election are putting nasty, deceptive TV ads on the air right this very minute. They’re not going away. They’re getting worse.
    If we don’t do what we can to keep this close, right now at this crucial moment, we risk letting the other side run away with it.
    If you’re thinking about making a donation to the campaign, please don’t wait — donate $5 or more today, and let’s win this together.
    Every single day from now until Election Day matters. At the end of it, we’ll all ask ourselves if we did everything we could to make sure that we are able to keep fighting for change.
    I know how I want to answer that question. I hope you’re with me — because we’re up against the kind of outside spending never seen before in modern politics.
    And without people like you, this could get to be a pretty lopsided fight.
    November 6th will be here sooner than we think. Donate $5 or more today: Joe Biden”

    How desperate is that?

  • Sam Stone

    News from MSNBC in 3…2…1… Most of the crowds are white….

  • Granny

    #21 August 12, 2012 at 7:51 pm
    Sam Stone commented:

    News from MSNBC in 3…2…1… Most of the crowds are white….

    It is WISCONSIN LOL. Some years ago one of my daughters wanted to go to a language camp out in Wisconsin. She received a marvelous brochure, chock full of pictures. Not only are they white, there are a preponderance of blondes ROFL.

    Kind of like here in Vermont. When I moved here 15 years or so ago you could count the number of non-Asian people of color on your fingers and toes and have some left over.

  • SM-WI

    I cried watching it! I wanted to be there—live in central Wisconsin. I’m so glad the turnout was so good. We got to win in November and stop them from ruining our country.

  • radioone

    “Good luck trogs. Intrades got Obama smoking these meatheads. Hahahahahahah”

    Nice to see a member of the “Looters and Moochers Club” showed up to give their opinion.

  • Sarah

    BEAUTIFUL! Let’s keep it going all the way up to Election Day!

  • Sageinmn

    Obama desperation will really rise when R&R money keeps rolling in and his starts to dry up!

  • Sarah
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  • Freedom! Keep our FREEDOM!

    OMG! Look at all the real Americans coming and standing for FREEDOM! GOD! Liberty! What will these perverts chicago thugs do once they are booted out? No more Airforce One to fly them to their New York shows, No more TV with the VIEW? Really what will the fake do? Sell another book? Maybe he’ll move to Sweden..

    Can you imagine if they get in the office what they’ll do for America? Save Social Security! Medicare..open the pipe line gas in the Dakota Range! Natural Gas…OMG! JOBS galore! Everything will be cheaper cause gas will be like water! Banks will start lending money..more rich folks will come back to the US! Rebuild our military! Our ships! Take the foot off small business and put NASA back to work! Jesus can you imagine?? Our kids will have jobs???
    Americans first! And look at them both of them are so money savvy! We will be back on top again not in the gutter with these idiots now…its been hell and trashy! lie after lie..

  • Ryan-Romney

    Too bad the first thing out of Romney’s mouth yesterday wasn’t the truth. “Introducing the next president of the United States: Paul Ryan”. Then I would be excited! Come November though, I’ll just be excited that Obamao is out.

  • taqiyyotomist

    Yay! Paul Ryan, RINO extraordinaire!


  • taqiyyotomist

    #2 Remember when Scott Brown was elected by the Tea Partiers?

    Remember when he was elected, and sworn into office, and became an instant Statist Democrat with an (R) in front of his name?

    Yeah. Good times. Good times.

  • lizzy84

    Morning in America, baby!

    The #1 goal is getting oBama OUT
    oBama must go.
    He has to go.
    There is no question.

    Eyes on the prize.

  • Ghost

    there is o better way to drown out the goons than by out-chanting them,
    “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A…” or else, sing your favorite patriotic song, loudly

    beat them at their own game, how deflating is that to them?
    see “Demonic” – Ann Coulter

    recall how the “Sons of Liberty” protect soldier funerals vrooom, vroooooom

  • Dan C

    Did Ryan tell everyone how great the auto bailout was? Or the time he voted to expand medicare entitlement?

  • I wonder: will Obama’s mass of groupies, fools and dupes turn out in those numbers to Save the Bullsh!tter this election?

  • Ghost

    Detractors: Challenge- who would you choose? give explanation, proofs, reason

    warning: as soon as you say Ryan, or I detect emotion I shut you out
    your negativity and your emotions are important only to you

    anticipated response: crickets

  • Mad Hatter

    Hitler Finds Out Paul Ryan is the VP Pick


  • Gail

    Sour Andrea Mitchell: Paul Ryan as VP Is ‘Not a Pick for Women’ or ‘Suburban Moms’

    Gee Andrea…….Are those all men dressed up in women’s clothes? Maybe Wisconsin has ladies for R & R after all! Hmmmmm…….ladies……a lot more than we can say for you! Are you sure your mother didn’t drive a Pickle Wagon?

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  • jainphx

    Have you noticed the enthusiasm when a conservative is picked? It brings back memories of Reagan who spoke of conservatism and walked conservatism, and won going away. McCain was going no where, Palin brought life to a doomed campaign, but she got no help from McCain. Here we have an almost similar situation, although I grant you that Romney is no McCain. My only point is that conservatism wins every time its tried. The elites in our party need to be replaced, yes replaced with tea party real Americans. We the people know when we are being put on. Lets Vote for R&R in November, and take back the senate, but keep their feet to the fire. I wish we could replace all our party heads right now. Wishful thinking, but our first job is R&R by the biggest margin we can get.

  • Lucky one

    Hope & Change is now lining the birdcage.

  • Romney-Ryan. I like the sound, like a railroad built by we the people or at least the American majority, a powerful unstoppable railroad that will knock the socialist by any other name organizer Hussein bin Obama out of the WH..

  • Dave

    I thought it was great to see Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen whip out his cell phone and take pictures of the protesters.

  • lizzy84

    @ Taq
    ..Ryan is a good man and among the best this country has to offer. Heck yes, he swallowed hard and voted on these hi profile issues after measured consideration. Let’s not burn him at the stake for conservative apostasy or ignore the rest of his voting record or cut off our nose to spite our face and in doing so, doom ourselves to 4 more years of oBama because we patently refuse to consider anyone with any flaws. Despite what we may wish, there is no single perfect candidate.We need to stop self-destructing.

  • Hugh

    R + R = Rescue & Recovery! RINOs or not–anyone but Obama. Romney/Ryan 2012!!

  • MamaGriz68

    Touching to see how much Mr. Ryan loves his family, his state and his country. I have accepted that Mitt Romney is our nominee if we are to defeat Maobama, but darn it if once again I like the VP candidate better than the main man. Watching the speech, I couldn’t help but wonder if this is the man who will be running in 8 years at the top of the ticket. He gave me goosebumps.

  • MamaGriz68

    Have to add that I’m waiting for some clever person to create a parody of the Mediscare ad with Ryan pushing Obama/Biden off the cliff.

  • Ghost

    #39 Fantastic! Thank You
    #44 Yes! a Railroad locomotive, just what I was reaching for

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  • lizzy84

    Pic of the Day: An Emotional Homecoming For Paul Ryan Before Crowd of 10,000 in Waukesha – Updated with Video of Ryan’s Speech


    via Nice Deb.

  • Redwine
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  • SoLongSong

    #53 – Hee! I laughed out loud when I scrolled down to see the caption. Thanks!

    I think the ticket is exactly right as is: 8 years of Romney followed by 8 years of Ryan. We can make HUGE leeway in undoing what’s been happening so slowly over the past nearly 100 years to our great country. In a way, while it’s been a painful and depressing 4 years, I would almost thank obama. He woke the country up by stomping on the gas pedal and veering sharply to the left!

    Thankfully also, he’s too stupid to pretend to go center just to get re-elected. Heaven help us then.

    I’ve gotten so used to walking around in a state of depression and the day to day of just trying to get by whilst GSA parties and money gets thrown down the solyndra and their ilk drain…

    R & R!!!! And MATH!!! And American EXCEPTIONALISM!!!

  • Candy

    #55 SoLongSong

    I want an auditing of every penny spent during this administration and charges on all illegal activity contrary to the constitution, law and national security. From banks, car companies forced to take money under threat, bondholders bilked out of their money or getting none to favor unions or donors, the closing of the car dealerships, the IG whistleblowers who were fired, the back room illegal moves documents, omitted visitors from the logs, bills from the vacations/Joe flying in to golf and go back, why the WTC fly-by, his misprison of treason in numerous actions (even before he got in), who was behind, besides Islam, his snubbing of our allies (esp. missle shields euro nations), who besides Soros re: BP, oil moves, selling our rigs, enemies close to coast drilling/not allowing us to drill/killing the pipeline (BTW, this is a national security issue and we’re still in theater re: war), cutting vets benefits, not having a budget, staff ties and hires from WH to Pentagon/State of Muslim Brotherhood and assorted enemies within, his ignoring the law from immigration to excluding congress on issues, etc..

    Lastly, I want to know how the hell he got in without vetting and why Bush took him around high security areas before he won the election.

    There’s a huge house cleaning ahead if R/R gets in.

  • Monkey Wrench

    I’m trying to make sense of the Ryan pick from a purely political perspective. In other words, how does Ryan improve Romney’s chances of winning in November?

    Clearly Ryan will excite the base. But the base is already going to vote for Romney. And we already know that the enthusiasm gap greatly favors Republicans this cycle. So Ryan may help turn out a few more voters from the Republican base by increasing their enthusiasm, but certainly not nearly enough to actually impact the election.

    Ryan might be able to deliver Wisconsin. Generally a VP pick will add a couple extra percentage points for his ticket from his home state. So it’s conceivable that he could be the deciding factor in tipping the state to Romney. But if Romney is looking for someone to help deliver a toss up state, why not pick Portman (Ohio) or Rubio (Florida), two states with far more electoral votes? [WI 10, OH 20, FL 27]

    I’m not aware of any particular demographic Ryan appeals to. Whereas Rubio could have helped deliver more of the Hispanic vote, a group that has moved decidedly towards the Democrats in recent years. I guess he might help a little bit with the Catholic vote? But is seems like voters motivated by Catholic issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and contraception are already solidly behind Romney.

    Again, I am looking at this pick purely as to how it affects the chances of Romney winning or losing. I guess we’ll know soon enough. Obviously there will be a bounce in the poll numbers for Romney over the next week. Romney’s campaign predicted (foolishly in my opinion) a double digit bounce. After the initial bounce fades, will Romney be in better shape to win in November?

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  • Leftist right.

    Man, it really pains me to see people rallying for these guys and claiming to drown out dems by chanting patriotic songs. If you really loved your country you’d pick a better candidate. These guys are not for the american people, they both aim to further the needs of corporations in china and UAE.

  • bg


    Leftist right. #62 August 13, 2012 at 7:04 pm


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