DONALD TRUMP Piles On: Demands Obama Release College Transcripts – Passport Records

As Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel once said – Never let a good crisis go to waste…
Following the Arizona sheriff’s explosive press conference yesterday on Obama’s birth certificate, Donald Trump tweeted a barrage of more demands for openness and transparency from the president last night.

From his Twitter feed:

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  • Militant conservative

    Reminded of the Mel Brooks movie. “history of the world”.
    Knight takes queen, pawn takes queen. Gang bang!

  • workingclass artist


    Go Trump!

  • Granny

    Good for Donald!

  • Mike

    We (conservatives) need to fight fire with fire……Defelction seems to be Obamas campaign tactic again…..Sorry, we need to go bawls to the wall on this occupier of our house on every single detail of his life and influences inhis life….what better way than to take his OWN reading of his memoirs to put on TV….he is actually reading his book about doing drugs…..HELLO!! Make it loud and attack in every arena he tries to deflect!

  • Bill Mitchell

    Why Romney is going with the “I won’t release my returns because the Democrats will just pick on me” defense as opposed to demanding Obama’s transcripts in exchange is beyond me. Seems like a clear opportunity to change the conversation to Obama.

    It just seems to often that Obama serves up a fastball down the middle to Romney and he refuses to swing.

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  • Marmo

    It’s obvious that Obama was a C and D level student.

  • RoadKill
  • bg


    ht redneck #40

    [The Saudi’s apparently loved Barry’s story of Jihad in Pakistan/Afghanistan and paid for Barry to attend Harvard under the name “Obama”. The Saudi family has admitted to paying for Obama to attend Harvard and gave Harvard a gift of $20 million dollars. Harvard in turn made their special attendy President of the law review a person that never wrote a single law review…. I guess that is what $20 million buys at Harvard (#19).]

    and a bit more here (#35), in connecting links & threads..

    July 10, 2008

    His own mother .. was “very young
    and very single when she had him.”

    scroll for more here (#43/47/48)


  • Larkin

    HOW MUCH has o spent to keep all of his records sealed?


  • bigL

    entire health records too. and finger-print card, and explain who Harrison J. Bounel is and why that SSN is used.

  • Jack

    Gee Donald how about maybe running some commercials to really get your message out?

  • iamsaved

    Since Obama has had much more time to get his records in order to publicize, Romney should wait and let Obama go first. The demands for transparency have to be a two way street.

    My gut feeling as to why Obama won’t release his college records is because it will either show (1) he applied, truthfully, as a foreign student requesting student aid, or (2) if he wasn’t truthful, it was fraudulent and he was illegally trying to get money that required you to be a foreign student.

    And, it could be it will show him using his adopted name from his Indonesian father thus bringing the “natural” born citizen question into play. Neither father was a citizen of this country. By the way, I wouldn’t doubt there is a travel brochure in Kenya pointing tourists to the birth place of Barrack Hussein Obama.

  • Mike2

    They’ve had plenty of time to fake all the necessary records. Time to release them to a drooling press.

  • lizzy84


    BHO’s gotta go,
    Don’t ya know!
    Kick him out, yes, WE CAN.

    Amen, Brother!!

  • snap boy

    How about a neutral party – Supreme Court Justice Roberts perhaps – be given access to the birth certificate on file in Hawaii to ensure its authenticity and that Obama was actually born within the boundaries of that state.

  • progressoverpeace

    I’ve never been a Trump fan but he’s one of the only public personae left in America with a speck of courage when it comes to calling the biggest fraud ever perpetrated in history. It is amazing to see the fear that permeates the rest of those on the public stage. Hotair is totally ignoring every part of this story … acting as if the Drudge Report doesn’t even exist, while it’s the biggest news site in the world. I don’t know how the bloggers over there can live with themselves, the pansies. Ace of spades … with the pirate flag and all … can’t be bothered to put up a post about Drudge’s cover story … not even a word about it. Such brave souls.

    This is all too pathetic for words.

  • progressoverpeace

    #16 July 18, 2012 at 9:57 am
    snap boy commented:

    How about a neutral party – Supreme Court Justice Roberts perhaps

    Benedict Roberts has no credibility left, whatsoever. His word is worth about the same as Barky’s or anyone in Hawaii. They are all known liars and frauds. Roberts could come out and tell us that the birth certificate is a tax receipt …

    Our very essential institutions have been undermined and have had all public trust and faith removed from them over the past four years of serious cowardice and enabling of the greatest fraud in world history. Benedict Roberts just put a cherry on top of all that with his asinine and insane perversion of the word “tax” and his support of the Indonesian Dog-Eating Retard.

    No. It would have to be someone actually neutral. There would have to be a public release of the document, now. Traitors like Benedict Roberts can’t be trusted on anything and they infest our governing institutions. The DoJ is nothing but criminals.

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  • sandy

    Results of Joe Arpaio’s investigation of Obama’s Birth Certificate — ITS A FAKE. He calls Obama a security threat. Now its up to Congress to take this further and hold hearings about whether Obama’s illegitimate. Its times like this you wish we had a media that actually reported the news.

  • sandy

    #17 July 18, 2012 at 10:03 am

    There’s one other public figure out there with moxy and that’s Joe Arpaio.

  • owl

    The Donald has been on my political hero list for a while now. This list goes beyond the normal wimpy, hiding, azz covering ELECTED officials and pundits to the truly brave. They have all the DEM’s Professional Poop Scoopers and all the DEM’s ‘funny’ people poking them 24/7 as stupid.

    Drudge made this list a long time ago. Breitbart was amazing when he called them to their faces as hypocrites and offered money for proof of their lies. Sen Inhofe has been labeled a nut because he has fought the global scam, plus, he stood up against all at the Abu G hearings. Rush, Palin and Hannity have carried a load and paid for it.

    The Donald. A successful man that certainly has a lot of faults but also the courage to speak when EVERYONE else of his standing runs. Thank you, The Donald.

  • Joanne

    You go Trump. I love it. Keep digging in the spurs…..ride Obama hard until he pops.

  • Tim

    I love “the Donald!”

    More Republicans need to have his tenacity

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  • lizzy84

    I want to see oBama’s college records and I think that’s what most voters want to see right now. The fact that he campaigned on the promise of running the most transparent administration ever but has sealed and placed off bounds his most basic biographical information and accomplishments goes straight to the issue of character, a shifty and unreliable character or possibly a complete lack, thereof. This is an issue that even a dimwit can consider and grasp. Mitt or somebody, like Trump, needs to keep demanding that oBama come clean–release those college applications and records.

  • Obama is hiding something, but what?

    I think he is hiding the fact that while he was born in Hawaii, he received student aid as if he were born in Kenya or some such place. In other words he lied.

    That he lies or has lied should surprise no one. He is after all a Socialist.

  • Nahanni

    What The Donald is forgetting is that Obama’s passport records were wiped back in March 2008.

    Pam Geller has a pretty good overview of the whole thing-John Brennan Involved in Obama Passport Breach

  • democraps suck

    the mooslum can’t release anything…because he never went there in the first place…kenyan illegal fraud is all he is

  • lizzy84
  • bg


    Nahanni #29 July 18, 2012 at 11:02 am

    re: [Brennan]

    Terror czar deserves honorary membership
    in the Muslim Brotherhood
    February 18, 2010

    scroll for more here, most links work, some don’t..

    June 5, 2012

    Jasser: 90% of Muslims Will Vote for Obama


  • bg


    June 23, 2012

    Dems Admit Obama’s Not Eligible

    [According to a motion filed by Party attorneys in a Tennessee eligibility
    lawsuit, “…Defendants [the Tennessee Democrat Party and the Democrat
    National Committee] assert that the Tennessee Democrat Party has the
    right to nominate whoever it chooses
    to run as a candidate, including
    someone who is not qualified for the office.”]


  • Time

    I have been saying this for months. Ever since I saw the birth certificate with the numerical codes. Those codes were placed there for references. There intentions we’re clear. It is an information library that Hawaii used, numerical coding. These codes were placed strategically along the sides of birth documents in specific areas. As the good sheriff and his posses has proven with the numerical number 9 , it is used when no information was given. 9 represents no information given so it is left blank. What I do find the most interesting and no one has reported is the code by his place of birth. In place of birth it is written Hawaii, but the code does not match … The code next to place of birth ,if you were to look it up, is Cuba. There is identification, numerical codes given to every country. Next to the line of birth place on Obama’s birth record the code is listed as Cuba, not United States, not Kenya, but Cuba.. Why has not anyone , including the possee reported on this ?


    How can someone run for president of the United States and be able to seal up their past? If you want to be president you should know that all Americans have the right to know everything about you. It is the highest office not only in this country but the free world also. Everything you did since pre-school should be available to the public. That would prevent frauds like obama from even considering running. And we are the ones who are out of line because we want to know. It’s all ass backwards.

  • bg


    i really want to know why Obama et al went to such great lengths as
    to have literally drawn up a legal documented resolution verifying that
    McCain was not only born on US soil, but that “BOTH” of his parents
    were US citizens in order to be eligible to run for the US presidency??



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  • Dr Dude

    To #34

    Great find. What is the code and how does it verify Cuba? I do not have a copy of the form. Thanks for a potential Game Changer! Do you have a link to the BC w/codes?

  • 34# great info there…..

  • bg


    MNASHC #35 July 18, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    sorry to have to squish it all in a few
    op remarks.. but the bottom line is:

    to Grasshoppers, money is god, ants are their money makers,
    ergo, if they can control the ants, they can live like self made
    gods.. /s/

    Obama was groomed to transition US into the new one
    world order, or a more appropriate terminology may be..

    One World Governance (#19, in connecting links & threads)

    [In 2006, one forum commenter who was forwarding the timeline wrote
    that she was forwarding the timeline because – in words we understand
    all too well today:

    In order to accomplish the mission of global governance, the
    United States and the American people must be brought down.
    All of the otherwise inexplicable actions of the people who are
    running our country are explained when you understand that war
    was declared on the American people – and our way of life, but
    it was not being waged by muslims, it is being waged by the
    globalists – especially those in our own Congress.

    This war is not a traditional kind of war. It is a strategically
    planned economic, social and psychological war.

    If you understand the strategies – their methods and targets,
    it is possible to stop them. They are within our communities
    ‘transforming’ everything – from top to bottom. It is a silent
    cultural revolutions. It is a silent economic revolution. It is a
    silent psychological revolution.

    The difficult part about understanding all of this is
    that it is being done under the surface – sub rosa.

    Means and Methods

    . Unelected boards, councils and commissions. Responsibilities
    of government are assigned to unelected people – accountable
    to nobody but the people who are funding them. These unelected
    bodies are equivalent to communist soviets. They take direction
    from unseen entities usually national and international bodies to
    implement the policies, rules and regulations to enable the globalist


  • owl

    Doesn’t this remind you of Jon Kerry and his records? Then I still hear (to this day) about what a vicious campaign Repubs ran against pure innocent, I threw my metals over the fence, trashed talked and accused my returning bro, and then SEALED my discharge.

    The pity is that he had the time to get all his faux papers in order. You know he did that before he released that fake BC. Then we get to listen to all the pundits say to move along and the DEMS laugh.

    That’s okay. I still go with the Trump way. Show us the sealed up fakes.

    #34 that is most interesting……….

  • I’m not a racist; I don’t like Biden or Pelosi either

    This time the posse anticipated all the “crazy birther’ blowback, which is exactly why they were very careful to say that all they have done is prove the BC is a forgery.

    They were very clear in stating that does not mean Obama is not a citizen. This was a very astute political move on the part of the posse. Their other main point in the press conference was the security risk posed by Hawaii’s lax laws & records. Both were brilliant political moves that make it very difficult for the media & congress to ignore the story. Finally.

    Sheriff Joe has done the research; now it’s up to Congress (and hopefully a real journalist or two if such a thing still exists) to uncover the rest of the story.

    Sheriff Joe and Zullo are quite possibly the 2 bravest men on the planet. I hope people here (and elsewhere) remember that when the complete demonization & marginalization of these men begins, as it surely will. The response we saw from the left & MSM last time was nothing compared to the firestorm that’s about to be unleashed.

  • I’m not a racist; I don’t like Biden or Pelosi either

    Not a word on Breitbart News about the Sheriff Joe story. Andrew must be rolling over.

  • GrandmaC

    Thank God the Donald is still willing to take on Obama. Obama is a downright dirty liar and everyone knows it. The gall he has to call Romney a felon! How about the SS#, draft registration, student loan applications.

    Something I thought about last night – Someone needs to get BO’s DNA and prove that he is Frank Davis’ father. He looks exactly like him. This is like a bad joke having him for our President. He continues to lie and lie, Holder continues to lie and lie.

  • dylan

    Does anyone remember being in a classroom with Barry? Wouldnt that be something you would remember? Why are these people not coming forward to defend him?

  • bg
  • bg


    re: #46 July 18, 2012 at 8:56 pm bg

    check out the daughter’s head & body in conjuction with Barry’s

    imho, that’s even more obvious..


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  • john

    I believe that everything must be reciprocated.
    Romney should release his college records and strong financial background, and
    Obama must release his official birth certificate, college trascripts..etc

  • J. Douglas Morrison

    …if anyone reading this actually believes this the DON tweeting…your all fools…just saying