Busted… Team O Plants 3 “Surprised” Veterans at Out-of-the-Way Diner to Speak With Obama – Then Releases Their Bios

What a coincidence! Obama just happened to find three friendly veterans in a booth at a Portland diner this week.
It was a “surprise stop.”
At least, that’s what local King5 told us.

Oregon Live also covered the “unscheduled stop” at the diner.

PORTLAND, OREGON – June 24, 2012 – President Barack Obama visited Portland Tuesday greeting diners Mark Peterson, center, and Thomas Foeller, right, at the Gateway Breakfast House in an unschedueld stop on the way to fundraisers at the Oregon Convention Center. Michael Lloyd/The Oregonian.

But then the truth eked its way out—-
The three veterans were not regulars.
They just happened to be sitting in a booth at the diner when Obama popped in.
Victoria Taft has more, via Orbusmax:

“No, they were not regulars.” The waitress who served President Obama, Mary, told me the veterans with whom the President discussed “health care” were not regulars. “Well, maybe one of the guys came in here before…”

In fact, the Obama Campaign even had a copy of their bios on hand.
And, one of the veterans just happens to be an Obama for America volunteer!

The roundtable participants, as provided by the campaign:
Dean Dilley from Portland
Dean enlisted in the U.S. Army 1972 when he was 20 years old. He served for three years, from 1972-1975 as a supply specialist. He retired from American Honda Motor Company in 2009, where he worked as a stock and material handler and is currently a volunteer for Obama for America.

Dean says that health care is the issue that is most important to him, particularly as he is getting older. He is also focused on veterans-related issues and says he is grateful for the President’s commitment to supporting veterans like himself.

Mark Peterson from Portland
Mark is a retired veteran. He served in the Air Force and Air National Guard for 27 years, from 1966 – 1993. In the Air Force, he was rated as a Navigator and flew B-52s as an Electronic Warfare Officer and in the Air National Guard he was a Weapons System Officer in F-4s and F-101s. Following his service he worked as a CPA, and retired around 2006.

Mark is focused on health care and foreign policy. He is thankful for his military benefits and Medicare coverage, but as the father of two disabled children, he knows a lot of people who have had problems with coverage, so he knows how important it is to have access to quality, affordable health care.

Thomas Foeller from Oak Grove
Tom is a retired Vietnam War era veteran. He enlisted in the Navy Reserves in 1967 during his junior year at Portland State University because he wanted to serve his country. He left the Navy Reserves as a lieutenant in 1976. He served for a total of nine years; four of those were active duty. He was a member of the Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit and spent six months stationed in Japan, then six months in Guam while on call to deploy to Vietnam. His unit never received the call to deploy.

Tom retried from a career in the housing industry six years ago. At the time of his retirement, Tom was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer, during a routine physical. He believes that had the Affordable Care Act – and the emphasis on preventative care – been in place a decade or two ago, he would have caught his cancer earlier and could have saved tens of thousands of dollars in healthcare costs.

What a complete surprise.
It was all manufactured – just for Obama.

UPDATE: Dan Riehl has more on this manufactured media story.

UPDATE: Reportedly, the veterans declined to go on the air today with a conservative host.

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  • Joanne

    If people haven’t noticed, the airways are filled with the news of the massacre in the theatre, while no news is being reported about Sheriff Joe’s findings that Obama’s self endorsed long- form birth certificate is a bloody fraud. Is this just a coincidence? Does anyone actually think Obama’s administration wouldn’t use someone this off the wall to do their dirty work? Look at the facts.

  • Joanne

    Just another coincidence….yah….sign.

  • Joanne

    I meant ‘sigh’.

  • ebayer

    Who says they were actually veterans?

    Anybody can make that claim.

  • Remco Kimber

    EVERYTHING, BUT EVERYTHING, with this guy is staged.

    There are no chances.

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  • bg
  • anti-bho

    Cut off one of this hydra-headed groups heads and another head pops out of its a$$ and pulls the same illegalities..
    More typical obamanationism crap!, sick to my stomach of these crooked mfs shenanigans.

    Taxpayer watchdog calls on IRS to probe re-branded Texas ACORN branch | Fox News



    Decorated LTC Dr. Terry Lakin spent 5 months in Leavenworth and lost EVERYTHING but his family and friends, for asking the Kenyan to show his Birth Certificate http://www.OfficersOath.com

  • #5…your right, they can’t be honest about anything.

  • coolidgerules

    Can’t even take unscripted questions from real Americans. What a fraud. I guess to just sit with 3 freaking people and listen to their concerns is just too much to ask the leader of the free world.

  • cal rifkin

    Just so much like the Marxists’ Potemkin villages…check absolutely everything this mfin’ bunch says and does…lying, distorting, misleading, all’s fair…, and ‘the end justifies the means’ – All from Alinsky and the campaign’s “How Can We Fool ‘Em Today” playbook. And they’ve got 90% of the media in their back pocket. This republic’s never, ever been this close to losing a wheel, and going over the edge of the road.

  • Couldn’t find any real vets who wanted to photo with this fraud had to use bring in props, about right coming from this regime, nothing is really what it seems its all straged….. .Only people who don’t want to disclose the truth,people with something to hide……Obama’s words…….

  • bg




  • American Woman

    The Progressives love theater and so they manipulate people and their environment any way they can. This is what their hope and change looks like.

    It is especially disturbing, because Obama’s policies have been very hard on both active and retired military personnel. Those who have sacrificed for their country have been pushed to the back of Obama’s bus.

    Let’s follow the train of thought that this news initiates. When Obama takes questions from audience members at other venues, how many of those people are plants? How many of his televised interactions with what seems like typical Americans is scripted so Obama can spread his Socialist fascist views?

    I increasingly believe that everything we hear and see from this administration is a lie that nothing is based on reality or truth.

  • How come Obie is the only one with a place setting and a menu in front of him ?

    Hey Obie the least you could do is buy these guys a meal after you interrupted the nap they were taking on their card board boxes beneath the bridge…..

  • Redwine

    I was listening to local radio this morning here in the Greater Seattle area. People were really pissed off at Comrade Barry’s huge motorcade closing off 3 major highways for hours during the morning rush. Security also closed off the airspace in the area which includes the major international airport and local airports, from Boeing Field to Seattle to the Eastside last night where the Tyrant-in-Chief had a fundraiser at the home of one of the founders of Costco. Some people complained about the huge “carbon footprint” of the motorcades and the huge cost in providing extra security that Seattle/WA taxpayers will have to pay. Others suggested that the entourage should have used helicopters to ferry the A-hole around, which would have been cheaper and not have caused greater traffic congestion. One guy in Portland called and said that airspace was blocked there at the same time it was blocked in Seattle. Portland is 3 hours away from Seattle!

    There’s something very weird going on with all of this excessive “regal” security.

  • American Woman

    We should have realized how Obama would lead, when he received the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing. It didn’t embarrass him; he thought he deserved it for breathing.

    On the other hand, I’m sure the Progressive-leaning Nobel Committee is very pleased with Obama, given Obama’s reconstruction of the Arab Middle East into a total Islamic Fascist hellhole. It is the kind of “peace” the Progressive’s crave, total enslavement of the human spirit by a fascist ideology that is not a religion but a political ideology.

    He can’t be bothered with “regular folk”. He doesn’t care what we think or believe or do. He works to destroy our way of life for his ideology, because in his mind we only exist to be governed by him and those who agree with him.

  • Oldrathergate Redneck

    Those are probably the only three veterans who are willing to talk to Obummer.

  • bg


    anti-bho #8 July 25, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    OBAMA’S UNACORN (#21) is every freakin’ where..

    they have over 360 orgs under their umbrella, and
    the umbrella they’re under leads back to 3 biggies:

    Columbia, Tides & Joyce Foundations.. most likely connected to the Rockefeller Foundation, like everything else, one way or another..


  • ar05075

    Portland Oregon, ’nuff said.

  • olm

    My kids were on the MAX in Portland that wasn’t running due to the king’s visit and Air Force One had already taken off from PDX on it’s way to Seattle.
    When the king comes to PDX everything is shut down for hours. It is ridiculous and people are pissed off.
    Of course these guys were plants. They do such ridiculous overkill on security when he graces us with his presence there is nothing left to chance AND the little people are too busy stuck in gridlock to do anything else.
    I have an incredibly difficult time believing this incredible elitist will be re elected.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Look for the goonion label

  • American Woman

    Response to #17

    Redwine, your post surprised me. I thought Seattle was a Progressive enclave and would never stray from the storyline that MR Zero is perfect.

  • Redwine

    #24 July 25, 2012 at 5:18 pm
    American Woman commented:

    Response to #17

    Redwine, your post surprised me. I thought Seattle was a Progressive enclave and would never stray from the storyline that MR Zero is perfect.

    Nah. The dumb libs will complain about having to sit in horrible traffic or view with indignation the environmental impact of the excessive entourage, but they’ll still say that Emperor Narcissus Hussein is doing a great job and vote for him anyway.

    Keep in mind, liberalism is a mental disease.

  • coolidgerules

    Heh….wrote my response to the article before the update.

    I and many more on this site are getting like the Great Carnac.

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  • dwd

    Nothing about Obama is real, except his failure.

  • jojo

    As Gomer Pyle USMC would say, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise”

  • Indiana

    I see on some other sites…..Obama is starting to pimp out his daughters in campaign photo shoots. There goes his “father of the year” award. Poor Reggie!

  • bg
  • Buffalobob

    Everything about this community organizer is phony.

  • Indiana

    I can’t believe that ANY veteran would allow himself to be used as a propp in an Obama photo opportunity. I feel the earth rumbling…..Obama is going to be beat in the next election by a landslide of voters……all tired of being taken for fools by a bad actor attempting a “straight to video” movie sequel. I expect any day now to see Obama imitating a “SHAFT” remake.


    I guess the VETS did not ask him – “Hey, where is the #19 from the year 1980, on your Selective Service Registration?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHAM3hRI8_Y

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    He believes that had the Affordable Care Act – and the emphasis on preventative care – been in place a decade or two ago, he would have caught his cancer earlier and could have saved tens of thousands of dollars in healthcare costs.

    Does this guy actually believe that socialized medicine is that responsive to any particular patient’s needs?

  • Redwine

    Jim – You miss THIS:
    Obama Thanks ‘Gay-Porn Kingpin’

    Get this little morsel:

    “ONE of the ‘bundlers’ who has raised $50,000 to $100,000 for the Barack Obama presidential campaign is Terrence Bean, who once controlled the biggest producer of gay porn in America,” the Post reported in 2008, during the president’s first run the office. “Bean, the first gay on Sen. Obama’s National Finance Committee, is the sole trustee of the Charles M. Holmes Foundation, which owned Falcon Studios, Jock Studios and Mustang Studios, the producers of about $10 million worth of all-male pornography a year.”

  • creeper

    Were they made of styrofoam?

  • Ariel

    #15 July 25, 2012 at 4:41 pm
    American Woman commented:

    I increasingly believe that everything we hear and see from this administration is a lie that nothing is based on reality or truth.

    “Increasingly?” What does it take to convince you? An act of God? This charade has been a circus from the beginning, with Obama as the ringleader whose handlers, like the great and might Oz, are safely hidden from view.

    Obama, the ringleader, lies as naturally as taking a breath. To him words are just “words”, to be used for what ever purpose he intends. The truth is whatever he declares it to be at any particular moment. Hence, we marvel at the audaciousness of his lies, but with the compliant media abetting him in his falsehoods, the evidences of his lies are quickly swept under the rug or outright dismissed as right wing propaganda.

    Eventually, Obama’s empire of lies will finally succumb to the internal pressure created at having to maintain the illusion despite all evidences to the contrary. As a star collapsing upon itself will also pull neighboring planets into its vortex, so will the fall of Obama pull neighboring Democrats into his dance of denial.

    Should be fun to watch, if it doesn’t get us all killed.

  • BurmaShave

    fake and phony:

    This incident is similar to how when Putin tried out scuba diving last year — lo and behold — Russia’s phony messiah discovered almost immediately a priceless ancient Greek urn over 2000 years old and yet on remarkably good condition. (Later it was revealed that it was a plant, of course.)

    Come to think of it, there are more than a few similarities between Obama and his friend Putin. There should be a contest to see how many similarities people can come up with.

  • Gnothead

    Who picked up the tab for the meal ??? Just curious….

  • BurmaShave


    I am just hoping — I hate to use that word — the election is not staged.

  • bg


    Romney did great..

    click on Show more for video..

    also be sure to check out what’s
    said starting at approx 9:13 mark..

    another link..


  • Sasja

    “Tom retried from a career in the housing industry six years ago. At the time of his retirement, Tom was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer, during a routine physical. He believes that had the Affordable Care Act – and the emphasis on preventative care – been in place a decade or two ago, he would have caught his cancer earlier and could have saved tens of thousands of dollars in healthcare costs.”

    Now let me get this straight. His cancer was discovered during a “routine physical.” That tells me he was getting checked out what, every year, every two years?” Since these are veterans, where were they going to get their physicals? VA or a private doctor? Must have been a private physician since this cancer cost him “tens of thousands of dollars.” If you had that kind of money to help with your medical expenses, be grateful. Not many people do. Or did your private health insurance actually pay the “tens of thousands of dollars?” Libs are liars, especially lib plants. He may have had cancer, but the rest of his story?


    I’ve been living in a fool’s paradise. I actually thought we could trust those we sent to Washington. Learned today, via Mark Levin, that Tom Coburn endorsed, and donated money, to Joe Manchin. Joe Manchin with a D after his name. Not even a Blue Dog D.
    I haven’t checked the votes from the tax hike on those who can ill-afford it, but won’t be surprised to see Manchin voted in favor.

  • bg


    BurmaShave #41 July 25, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    no, there’s just a lot of nasty deeds going down behind the scenes..


  • Howdy

    Not a single combat veteran among them. And wasn’t GWB mocked for being in the Air National Guard? I guess that counts as serving your country only when liberals say it does…..

  • Sasja

    On other thing to those Obama stooges, especially ole Foeller. Had you been diagnosed under Bammycare, there would not have been any treatment available for you. It would have been cost-prohibitive.

  • Sasja

    On s/b One.

  • Did the SS take away their forks first?

  • bg
  • el polacko

    there’s no such thing as a “suprise presidential visit”. the area is first secured by the secret sevice which sort of takes away any element of suprise.

  • Indiana

    Everytime I see Obama giving another speech……I imagine him as the little man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz……as phony and just as impotent.

  • Granny

    #50 July 25, 2012 at 7:21 pm
    el polacko commented:

    there’s no such thing as a “suprise presidential visit”. the area is first secured by the secret sevice which sort of takes away any element of suprise.

    Absolutely correct!

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  • Paddy

    It is too bad that Thomas Foeller does not realize that he would probably been denied treatment for his cancer if Obamacare was implemented. He is too old to be useful in our society and his treatment is too costly since his prospects for a cure are dim at best. This is what the IPAB has been busy setting up, prescriptions for death panels to determine who lives or dies based upon criteria to measure social worth.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    If you know any vet families, you’ll know that all of them are up in arms about the fact that Obamacare triples or more the cost of TriCare. Did these “veterans” at the lunch table mention that? Think Obama cares one whit about the widows living on military pensions now facing huge increases to their health care payments? Will the media ever report the truth about that? I guess not, since the only thing they report is that everyone will get free heatlhcare forever and ever, they won’t have diabetes anymore, and all the nasty rich people are going to pay for it! Hooray! Does anyone think military families are the 1%? The media just doesn’t give a damn about them because they typically love their country, sacrificed for America, and don’t vote Democrat. The Left hates those kind of people, and by the Left I mean the media.

  • bg



    dang, wasn’t slippery slope the libs
    fav 2 word combo not so long ago??

    gee, i thought for sure it would be marry your bestiality, oh wait..


  • http://www.therightscoop.com/awesome-new-romney-ad-features-naacp-members-saying-we-need-romney/………….alot folks are going to be ticked off after seeing this video

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  • bg



    redneck #57 July 25, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    thank you, already passed it on!!


  • bg
  • fiftyville

    Since this was a completely scripted theater event, I’ll put on my drama critic hat:

    The unscheduled stop covered the believability alphabet from A to B.

  • Don’t these three stooges realize what Obama and the Democrats are doing to Veterans’ benefits, especially HEALTH CARE benefits, including increasing their copay and reducing their benefits and treatment and coverage? Check ANY legitimate military or veteran blog for the conversations that are raging. I guess these idiots think John “Fraud” Kerry actually served a full tour in Vietnam and came home a “highly decorated hero”.

  • Stonedome

    Notice he’s suddenly wearing a tie again? What a fraud…everything tweaked for his current photo op.

  • Flintstone F.

    Obama: “If I cared about veterans they might look like these guys.”

    He’s done this before. Composite is another way of saying photo-op.


  • Skip B

    Supporting Obama is rejecting your oath.

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  • kato

    One of them should have been instructed to faint so that Subprime could use his “Give him room, call the paralegals” line.

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  • Breitbart’s coke dealer

    Why sweat the small stuff chumps? You can get all over this, but we put Breitbart in a box and used a crooked coroner to sell you the ‘natural causes’ line and you bought it. You’re not even worthy opposition, so easily misdirected by our puppet masters in the media, pulling the strings, and conscripting you into outrage over tribial things, all the while you miss the big stuff. Sometimes I can almost pity you people because of what’s in store for you.

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  • Fuquay Steve

    I thought manufacturing declined in the US. I guess the prez is trying to revive it one visit at a time. My outrage is not manufactured, it is real.

  • bg


    B’s c d #71 July 25, 2012 at 9:20 pm


  • Bunni

    Good grief, what a moronic ass clown.
    I bet he stuck them with the check too!

    DISGRACEFUL Liar, that’s obumbler and his cabal of cronies.

  • sandy

    Rush calls Obama Cybill because he has 75 personalities. None of which will ever admit to being wrong.

  • sandy

    #68 July 25, 2012 at 9:08 pm
    kato commented:

    One of them should have been instructed to faint so that Subprime could use his “Give him room, call the paralegals” line.


    That was hilarious. ^5

  • Breitbart’s coke dealer


    And Limbaugh is a drug addled fatty

  • Marc Johnson

    I find it interesting that these three men are from three different branches of the Armed Services. I also find it interesting that all three of them mention health care, but mention nothing about the economy. When polled the number one item that people are concerned about is the economy. Interesting that these three picked health care over the economy. Hey Obama did the same thing too. Obama has ignored the economy.

  • Patriot

    NOTICE: who is and isn’t allowed to have tableware

  • bg


    B’s c d #71 & #78 July 25, 2012

    “We should keep silent about those in power; to speak well of them almost
    implies flattery; to speak ill of them while they are alive is dangerous, and
    when they are dead is cowardly.”
    ~ Jean de la Bruyere


  • bg


    Patriot #80 July 25, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    😀 🙁


  • Nan231

    That’s what I tell everyone, Obama’s offering free check up so you can find out what’s wrong with you and then you will find out Obamacare won’t pay for it.

    I am still trying to figure out the guy who started in the service in 1966 and still has two disabled children? By my calculations he is almost 70.

    We are in a war for the hearts and minds of Americans. The left will stop at nothing to maintain power and control. Obama is such a liar, he will do and say anything!

  • Thank the U.S. taxpayer for the Internet.
    It is the only thing between us Americans and those who would control our thoughts.

  • Sarah

    Everything about this man is faux.

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  • JPeden

    #78 Breitbart’s coke dealer commented:


    And Limbaugh is a drug addled fatty

    My, but aren’t you just sooo easily led off the scent by your Dear Commie Meme Masters. Saul Alinsky sure did have the perfect measure of all of you Progressive Cult Members – all needy, deranged Infants “from cradle to grave”!

  • Kathy Hodges

    If you want to come and see a REAL VETERAN,come to Plymouth,MA.! I am married to one and proud of it! He is a Vietnam vet from the United States Air Force and there is nothing fake about him and I highly doubt he would let himself be “set up” for ANYONE!!

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  • Alice

    Oboma must have read Shakespeare “All the world is a stage…” and decided to read for the part of president. Since his election he and his entire cabinet, tsars and followers are acting the part they were assigned. Just watch when something big comes up that needs to be handled; there is a lot of leading from behind and let the Europeans do it.

  • Ranger81


  • TeaTime

    I wonder what Joe the Plumber thinks about this.

  • Kevin Stowell

    “Composites” seem to be a big part of Barry’s world. I remember when we used to call them fantasies or delusions.

  • Bubba Smitty

    Did anyone see TOTUS?

  • Susan Magnani

    Phony in the morning, phony in the evening, phony at supper
    time. Give me a Break.

  • Bubba

    Obama is such pathetic person.

  • torrence from florence

    that would be a F105 or a F100, thuds were used early, this guy isn’t that old.

  • gram

    Funny I know more about their past than Obama’s….

  • gram

    Funny I know more about their past than Obama’s….


    Trash fish.

  • Sfoxe

    I’m a veteran and I wouldn’t walk across the aisle to sit with Obama. I have no respect for him and can’t stand to listen to his arrogant speech.

  • bigmoe52

    LMAO… Obama is a joke. There is NOTHING real about this guy. He is 100% phony. I am surprised they could find 3 vets to go along with this charade. There are probably only 3 vets in the whole country that support him. I am a vet and can’t stand the man. He is anti-military and anti-American. He is a Marxist/Socialist narcissist! And he will be sent back to Chicago in November to pick back up his career of being a “community agitator.” With the murder rate so high in Chicago, I would say he was successful at getting them agitated.

  • bigmoe52

    LMAO… Obama is a joke. There is NOTHING real about this guy. He is 100% phony. I am surprised they could find 3 vets to go along with this charade. There are probably only 3 vets in the whole country that support him. I am a vet and can’t stand the man. He is anti-military and anti-American. He is a Marxist/Socialist narcissist! And he will be sent back to Chicago in November to pick back up his career of being a “community agitator.” With the murder rate so high in Chicago, I would say he was successful at getting them agitated.

  • Henrytyler

    He is a lying bastard………..period.

    Using Veterans as a damn prop……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barry_Solyndra

    President Gunrunner ‘U Didn’t Build That’ Solynra is doing what he had done his entire fraudulent life…exploit and lie!

  • Founders1791

    Barrack Hussein Obama Junior is DEEPLY FLAWED and DECEPTIVE PERSON. Think about what kind of person would “set up” and fake encounter with our military personal.

    The man is NOT THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF – far more like a Radical Muslim Brotherhood Plant


  • gary michalosky

    This conviently comes out the week after the military’s health care plan raised it’s rates and co-pays. Ya, Obama cares about the military!!


  • Vote out Barry O

    Obama is a complete fool, any person who votes again for this fool has some type of mental disorder. This country better wake up before it is too late, and get out and vote in 2012 to remove this bozo and his gang from the White House.

  • meeester

    This should be no surprise. Look at all the veterans groups staging shows of support for their Commander in Chief . . . . oh wait . . . my mistake . . . old videos . . . wrong Commander in Chief

  • Mookie

    Desperation must be the word inside the little man-child’s inner circle.
    They’ve rolled the dice and come up snake eyes.
    Why else would the the alleged POTUS and his disinformation team feel the need to manufacture a “random” safe meet with some vets? Bios at the ready no less!

    They could ill afford to say mosey on down to Little Creek or Coronando and take pot luck with any active member they might encounter by chance.
    Even more doubtful little Barry would want to dine with Chris Kyle or Marcus Luttrell. Such an encounter would not exactly be an ego booster for the little man-child.
    Much netter to manufacture needed ego boosts and “media events” while they stay inside stay in the safe zone bubble.
    That bubble is due to burst late in the pm on nov. 6th.

  • Lloyd McFarland

    Thomas Foeller – Why would they use Viet Nam era in the bio? Dean Dilley is also a Viet Nam era vet. I know what it means and the same applied to Bush 43. They were in during the war period but did not serve any combat time. A lot of us were in during that time frame and did not do any combat time because that is just how it worked out.

    Hey Dan Rather, here is another vet that served honorably but did not go to Viet Nam. Dust off your slime machine and try to take him out like you did W.

  • Dave S

    Is ANYTHING about this guy real? We’ve elected the Potempkin President.

  • EYE

    As opposed to these REMFs, I know a communist when I see one.


    Army Security Agency – 1965-69 MOS: 98G 4L80 – Vietnamese Voice Intercept Operator, Cryptographer, and Traffic Analyst. Top Secret/Crypto Security Clearance.

    Defense Language Institute, West Coast – Presidio of Monterey 1965-66

    Vietnam – May66-May67 – Low level voice intercept work with Det 3 of the 3rd RRU (the Lost Detachment) which became the 406th reassigned to the 8th RRU, then sent to the 330th RRC in Pleiku where worked as trick chief for mids.

    Saigon, Nha Trang, Phan Rang, Dak To, Tuy Hoa, Phuc My, Cam Ro Bay, Phu Bai, Pleiku, Phan Thiet, Kontum, and points betwixt and between.

    Served with combat units of the 1st Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division and in support of the 25th and 4th Infantry Divisions.

    National Security Agency 1967-69 with a three-month TDY to Okinawa in 1968.

  • Jon

    Military vets already have good healthcare benefits, so explain how O’care would have helped diagnose and treat a problem any faster than a regular visit to his doctor or the VA? Does anyone else find this fishy? Don’t get me wrong, cancer is a nasty disease, but current screening and treatments have been available for decades!!

  • glenp

    real vets wouldn’t give this commie loving islamofascist the time of day. they must have fought with another country

  • Jerry

    Obama is a phoney…

  • David

    Hmmm. All non-combat veterans and Democrats. Don’t get me wrong, I honor their service, since the POTUS was too good to serve in uniform.

    If he wants to talk to someone more relavent, the POTUS should talk to the combat wounded recovering at your local VA Hospital or the large number of unemployed OIF/OEF Vets.

    Personally, I don’t have anything to say to him, except via my Presidential ballot.
    I took an oath to the US Constitution, not a politician, a bureaucrat … or a tyrant.

  • Jeanette

    Looks like the majority here knows better then to believe anything this a$$ has to say about fixing anything. I’m not even convienced he would know how to fix a sandwich. But the focus needs to be, making sure the younger crowd (that voted him in) understands how bad this country is because of him. If we all dont get him out come November, the next generation has no idea how messed up their lives will be. They need to vote smart and not to show that they are “cool”.

  • Jeanette

    Looks like the majority here knows better then to believe anything this a$$ has to say about fixing anything. I’m not even convienced he would know how to fix a sandwich. But the focus needs to be, making sure the younger crowd (that voted him in) understands how bad this country is because of him. If we all dont get him out come November, the next generation has no idea how messed up their lives will be. They need to vote smart and not to show that they are “cool”.

  • neverlickthehand

    Best little WH in DC.

    Six weeks of integrity is all that’s required.

    Six weeks before election they come around
    Smiling, shaking hands Hey! I will not let you down.
    We believe the conviction it could never be hype
    To defend our way of life they will do what is right

    We believe they’re for “WE THE PEOPLE” when all else is lost
    Support and defend no matter the cost
    In the steps of our fathers, our representatives
    Then six weeks and a day their loyalty’s tentative

    Deals, the Party, lobbyists and pacs
    You sell YOUR HONOR cheap as if from a rack,
    What about the CONSTITUTION, what about the republic?
    You just sit upon high and look down on us as subjects.

    You allow our own borders to be overrun
    While to no reason wars you send our daughters and sons
    One benevolent dictator selling wars via faux wmds’
    or this “YES WE CAN” man changing WE THE PEOPLE to a Socialist society.

    They know what’s important “THE PARTY” AND POWER
    they’re not Servants of the Republic but our owners in towers
    they’re not quelled by our pleas they must do what they’re told
    the NEW adage that power go’s hand and hand with union or corporate gold

    The party does not matter an R or a D
    Fore the only security of interest to them is their job security.

    So what to do about these villains’ and cowards
    That sit upon high in the paid for by us towers
    Like our bold forefathers that gave all to give a hoot
    In 2012 we give both sides the boot.

  • GlennO

    Potemkin Veterans of America for his Highness as he passes along the way.

    Who is he this week? Katherine the Great of Russia?

    Last week he was Josef Stalin pushing for confiscating our guns.

    Obama’s playbook plays both sides of the street.

  • Common Sense

    I’m surprised one of them didn’t faint on command. I guess the names of the actors were changed to protect the corrupt

  • Common Sense

    I’m surprised one of them didn’t faint on command as well. The three vets turn out to be the three obomobots who were just wandering by, and the obozo handlers just happen to have their bios in hand. No coincidence here…pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

  • JaBooty
  • billc

    #68 Wow! The only person in here that supports the ass clown in chief. You must be typing from AF1.

  • TxWrstmkr

    I’m surprised! This moron that usurped the Presidency has not told the truth, nor has he accomplished anything positive since day 1!

  • Mo Adimus

    Obama has never loaded and fired a gun, but he sure knows how to load a bong with pot. What a role model….c’mon Prezzy, tell us the story about how you used to get high out of your mind on pot and alcohol. Then tell us the story about how you never had a real job. Then tell us the story about how you hijacked America with your Hope campaign.

  • Gomer Pyle

    Wonder if Barry Dined & Dashed without paying the bill, like the ribs/ Father’s Day.
    Alligator Arms- Never reach his own pockets

  • Dave

    I am a vet and I know lots of active duty and vets. Just about everyone hates the Obama military.

  • typicalwhiteguy

    Not only was this “chance” meeting choreographed down to the most minute detail; the “concerns” expressed by the vets were carefully scripted to promote the imaginary “good” benefits of Obummercare. Wonder why the Kenyan usurper took the ham out of his split pea soup? Would it have had anything to do with his “Muslim faith”?
    I certainly hope that not only will this crook and his criminal gangsters be removed from power in Nov.; but that someone will have the fortitude to investigate them and criminally prosecute them for a number of crimes up to and including treason and accessories to murder for the “Fast & Furious” scheme.

  • Joe the Plumber

    I wonder if any one of them was once a Navy Corpse-man or maybe they served with Obama’s uncle when he liberated Auschwitz.

  • Quigley56

    U notice that none of these guys are combat vets eligible to join the VFW? Some of their stories are full of holes. Genuine combat veterans get fairly good medical care from the VA as I do. Retired & active duty service members & dependants are covered by Tri Care from the government. It ain’t free, eh? Obama’s policy is to raise the cost of medical care to service members and reduce the things covered. Why don’t Obama include the up to 26 years old dependants in to Tri Care? HE could do that with a stroke of HIS pen? Also, The VA is swamped with all the new veterans from Bush & Obama’s wars. There is a big back log to get into the system. Yet, Obama who hired thousands of IRS Agents to punish Americans under Obama Care the VA cannot hire anyone. Obama has the VA in a hiring freeze. It causes the vets to have to wait for months to get an appointment. The VA cannot even replace medical care providers when the retire or quit. Obama ain’t no friend of the American Veterans. How a real veteran could support Obama is beyond me?

  • Vito

    How did he ever find three vets in the same place that support him? That is almost a miracle.

  • Don Derflinger

    Another big lie orchestrated by Obama and his administration, why are we not shocked anymore? At least this go around we’re getting information about Obama’s lack of morals and dirty tricks. BTW, did he tell the owner of that diner “you didn’t build that”?

  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    The Flim-Flam man.

  • minfxbg

    and Obama probably left them to pick up tab, along with a request to donate money to his cause. What a swell guy.

  • Don Derflinger

    So, did Obama tell the diner’s owner “you didn’t build that”?

  • ReachRenee

    Remember when Moochelle snuck away from the WH to shop at Target and the press just happened to be at the same Target at the same time!

  • heather stevenson

    Obama’s not the president. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up. Most comments online are financed with our tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, an actor posing as president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

    Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled last year? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin isn’t in this race and won’t be at the RNC because too many people now know the truth.

    Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the BIGGEST cover up in world history before it disappears forever.

  • Vuil Uil

    Nothing with the Dark Doofus is a coincidence.

    The only thing he and Axelpeen are good at is planning these high publicity events.

  • That’s ok… They were just another one of Obama’s composites.

  • fear the voices

    Well, these 3 more vets to add to the only one I know of that support 0bamao.

    There’s nothing that this clown does that isn’t set up.

  • DAVID888888

    Is there ANYTHING real about this administration???? No surprise here.

  • FedUp

    Just more of the same lies and smoke that this administration has done more of than the last 5 put together. IF this country is so stupid as to actually vote this Joker back into office, then we deserve what we get, namely, this no longer looking like the United States anymore.

  • MissyT

    How can these veterans be partners with Obama in this deceit? Where’s their code of honor…down the drain with our economy? They should be ashamed of themselves for tarnishing the good name of all the other veterans who uphold their code and bring honor to those in service.

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  • Voxhalyn

    Big surprise they are all old timers and REMFs to boot. Scaring the elderly has been page 1 of the Democrat play book for decades. If Obama had “chanced” upon a group of combat veterans he would have received a VERY different reception.

  • D’ohbama

    You bitter clingers are behaving stupidly because you didn’t build that in these 57 United States protected by the Marine Corpse.

  • Jim Olson

    If Obama were in North Korea he could get away with such actions. However, his staged shows just don’t fly here!!!!

  • john gotti

    Disgusting. As a veteran I am ashamed that the three stooges would allow themselves to be used by this military hating marxist punk. Disgusting.

  • deanh

    this “surprise sit down” was as staged as Mr. Burns campaign dinner with the Simpsons.

  • Peter

    Obama=Our own version of a Kenyan latter day Hitler

  • RDavid

    The scary thing is that there are millions of empty headed dems and libs who just eat this stuff up and refuse to see the truth waving it’s arms and screaming out for them to see.

    You just can’t fix stupid.

  • Deandre Andres

    Hey, Americans are too stupid to know better, right? They couldn’t pull of a Sherlock Holmes and figure out that if Obama has the bios in hand and one of the guys just happens to be an official Obama guy that this was a setup. Nope. Americans can’t even build their own businesses, so they’ll never see this for the setup it was. Okay, at least in Obama’s eyes. Come November, Obama will learn he’s NOT the smartest guy in the room and that his presidency has been officially declared a disaster by Americans who believe in America…by Americans who will have voted to take their country back from the socialist seeking to destroy America as we know it. Obama admits that so far that plan is working, and unfortunately he’s right. November is America’s last chance to stay America.

  • Jim Olson

    Right on John Gotti!!!! I’m also a veteran. All present and ex-military brothers from all services need to join forces in November and turn Obama out of office! I wonder if the overseas ballots will be screwed with as they were during the last election? It’s amazing that dead democrats can come out of the grave to vote while soldiers fighting overseas don’t get their vote counted!

  • Greg

    There is nothing about Obama that is genuine.
    His life story is a total fabrication.
    God help us if he can con enough people to reelect him.

  • John thomas

    Everything about this clown is set up and fake from the numbers the media reports and what he states he has done. Total BS. Can’t want until he leaves.

  • Nobody should be surprised about the fraud and deceit coming out of this administration. This is 100% Chicago style thuggery politics and this president will do anything and I do mean anything to get back in that mansion they live in.

  • BlogMagog

    I wish somebody would have grabbed Obama’s toast and redistributed it to the other diner guests.

  • Liberalsarefunny


    Obama knows his constituents; these idiots will fall for this like an egg from a tall chicken.

  • Ty

    Reminds me of when he hired actors to pretend to be doctors to endorse Obamacare

  • Please read this. I wrote it awhile back. Sadly, it is all true.

    On August 6, 2011, a U.S. CH-47 Chinook helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan, killing everyone on board. It was the worst single-incident loss of American life since the start of the war, with 30 American service members killed, 22 of them Navy SEALs.

    Three days later the bereaved families gathered at Dover Air Force Base for the solemn Dignified Transfer of remains, “to honor those who have given their lives in service of our country” upon their final return home. Regarding media coverage, the families together, as per SECDEF policy, reached a decision and notified the Pentagon they did not consent to having media present, and that no images be released or made public. The Pentagon delivered their decision to the president himself…who then disregarded it.

    In fact, President Obama had photographer Peter Souza accompany him and had reelection campaign pictures taken of himself saluting caskets…that he would exclude.

    As documented, President Obama used the offending image at least twice, making it a White House Photo of the Day, despite the controversy and public outcry then. And last December, he used the same “Saluting Obama” image — taken for caskets containing the remains of those who died in Afghanistan — and inserted into a campaign video he calls “Ending the War in Iraq: A Promise Kept”. It appears at the 2:08 mark.

    When asked about public distribution of the image, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said the picture was carefully taken so that it did not show the cases containing remains. In other words, President Obama — wanting that picture of himself for both his legacy and political campaign — doubled down on his abject disregard for the military and wishes of the bereaved families by making the image public and using their CASKETS AS PROPS.

    My opinion follows… As an American, I cannot fathom a Commander-in-Chief acting or even thinking like that. In my humble opinion, I find what President Obama did to be morally repugnant and absolutely disgraceful.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.


    an American citizen and U.S. Navy Veteran

  • Cpo

    I am a retired CPO and wouldn’t sit at the same table with this crew

  • Dobey

    As long as the media chooses what to print/air and what not to print/air, the regular public will never know the truths behind every calculated or orchestrated exhibition by the destroyer of the Democrat party.

  • Brassia

    It is soooo obvious the whole “surprise visit” was staged. I am very doubtful those three stooges are even veterans, they must have been working on the supplied script for couple days prior to the premier of that pathetic play! “costumes ” provided at our expence !
    As the election day nears and his numbers plummeting due to obvious signs of resession (our economy is already flatlined for some time) as well as escalating food prices due to drought and gas prices Obama will get even more desperate …There is no say to what he is capable of in order to hold on to the presidency….watch for developements in middle east and north Africa!

  • Publius Marcus Antonius

    These three Vets are traitors if they support Obama.

  • Brassia

    How many $$$$ millions that “surprise visit” cost the taxpayers? That is what I want to know?
    Every time he wants to open his &*^$%%*)( mouth and utter a statement of any sort it has to be done in a different state/city with millions spent on security/travel!!!

  • poorhardworker

    Of course it is set up! There are concerns that Obama cannot be trusted “talking off the cuff” because he lets us know exactly what he thinks when he does…and leaves too big of a pile for his spin doctors to clean up.

  • Truth Hurts

    Does any one think we would believe that the fraud in the White House would take the chance of meeting up with Joe The Plumber again.What are the odds of running into 3 retired vets in restaurant?

  • Mark Carlton

    Did any of the “veterans” claim they are better off now than they were four years ago?

    Even the professional liars can’t spin that one.

  • David

    If they are vets why don’t they go to the VA? Or don’t they like that government health care?

  • Big Tom

    As a vet myself, I am ashamed of these three phonies being part of a ruse with the phony- in -chief.
    Are they not aware that Obama wants to bestow the Medal of Freedom on” Hanoi Jane” Fonda, who caused the death of American soldiers and he has also supported our enemies and thrown our allies under the bus.
    This was absolutely staged like every thing else this anti-American president has done.

  • walkingman717

    I think this is the same “impromptu” lunch where NO ONE PAID for the food and the restaurant was “stiffed”. Anyone not recognizing what a second term will bring this country is a fool.

  • shipley130

    So, all of the sudden, people are going to start going to the doctor on a regular basis, just because there is some sort of a fine/tax/penalty if you don’t have healthcare insurance? Totally absurd claim by this guy.

  • Tiatainiumman

    Don’t these ignorant non combat vets realize that Obama floated the idea of our war wounded vets paying for their own hospitalization?
    Obama will eclipse another failed democratic president in the next election Jimmy Carter.
    Why would Obama who has been reported to be spending more money than he is taking in spend money to campaign in Washinton and Oregon,?States that are supposed to be in the bag for him?

  • BigBoa

    According to an interview with one of these tools, O’Bozo had half a cheese sandwich, and “skipped” the ham in his soup.

    Has anyone actually ever seen this clown eat pork? Yes, he technically shouldn’t be eating the soup with pork in it, but you know the muslim way,,, push the fraud as far as possible. He probably figures just as long as he doesn’t actually eat the pork itself, he’s ok…

  • eat it tards

    Libtards are out on their fat, useless asses! It’s about time. A bunch of whiny retarded children with too many plans for other people’s money.

  • joe

    You can’t hide bankers and politicans From God…He already knows your plans…..

    REV 6:15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

    This really is the time when even silver and gold will not be able to save people from the Wrath of God.

    Hiding in “dens and in the rocks” will be of no use because these openings will close up from the earthquake. Men will seek death, but death will not come, Rev. 9:6.

    REV 6:16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

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  • Citizen KK

    just another fraud perpertrated by the Odrama Administration

  • Immortal_Rabinowitz

    This will not help Obama. Americans are not stupid and they will vote Republican.

  • joe

    I remember when this snake was pushing 0bamacare they passed out white jackets to make people think that doctors were all for 0bamacare.everything this snake does is phony….

  • SpendusMaximus

    Just another truckload of C R A P.

  • Matman

    Obvious plants…take a close look at the photo…silverware around all….if it wasn’t staged the SS would have cleared any possible weapons in the diner, silverware included…..and the fraud continues………

  • Texas JaCK

    After he walked on check with servicemen in DC and left them holding bag…ONLY people paid by him would sit with the Liar-in-Chief

  • mahakala

    Everything Obama does is a fraud. On a side note, I think I saw those three vets walking in the gay pride parade in San Diego yesterday. It was on the news. Not Kidding. They were walking with the sailors who were in uniform, walking hand-in-hand.

  • more BS political theater, who cares, sorta like arguing over the steaks in a dead rotting cow.


  • Everything Obama does is staged and accepted by his willing accomplices in the media. Only the true morons haven’t figured it out yet.

  • teleprompter tom

    Where do they put the teleprompter when he has these discussions? Do they have to go with the earpiece and the man in the booth??

  • gator

    Sorry, guys. No cigar! No real veteran sworn to support and defend the Constitution would allow himself to support or even sit with this phony, and no real vet would be as ignorant of the changes in medical coverage in effect as a result of Obama’s contempt for the America’s Military. I can hardly wait for the breath of fresh air when this POS leave Washington in Jan 2013.

  • Richard

    Fear not. This guy is done. Nothing is going to change in the next few months and he’s on a glide path to win about four states.

  • Our president is not only a fraud, he’s got big plans for the United States and they don’t include the United States. Just as he would like to see Israel wiped off the map, he desires a similiar fate for America. His wife is right by his side.

  • guinnessman

    @bg see you get it. Non-profit orgs are being funded by US grant dollars pushing their agenda tax free and with out US tax payer knowing what they are funding and how they are orginanizing together. You are missing the Ford Foundation, they are in the back room in all deals

  • Mark

    Hey. That one dude looks like Wilford Brimley!

  • Mark

    Yep. Actors. Because that one dude looks like Wilford Brimley!

  • I’m Loving It


  • Bob

    Keep America free….Buy Ammunition

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  • spysea

    Even our country’s war veterans can be stupid

  • Danny

    Nothing new. Just more lies from the Obama camp. Luckily, my employer doesn’t tolerate liars. Lie and you get fired.

  • Harry Dingey


    How would you like to totally pay off the National Debt without costing the American People one penny?

    How would you like to Abolish the Internal Revenue Service?



    If the money supply goes up you create INFLATION and prices goes up.

    If the money supply goes down you create DEFLATION and prices goes down.

    If the money supply remains CONSTANT. Prices tend to trend lower.

    1) First we Abolish the Federal Reserve established in 1913..

    2) Then we Abolish the Internal Revenue Service established in 1913 along with the Federal Reserve, which serves as the collection arm of the Federal Reserve to pay itself Annual Interest for money we borrowed from ourself.

    3) Then We take “fractional reserve banking system” away from all banks and go back to “100% reserve banking system”.

    4) Presently the Federal Reserve allows all banks to legally print $10 new Dollars for every dollar they hold on deposit (this is really counterfeiting). This increases bank profits and the Money Supply by a factor of tenfold for every new dollar printed by the Treasury Department and also causes Inflation.

    5) This year the Federal Government will borrow and print $1.5 Trillion Dollars.

    Eventually this money ends up deposited in a bank. The Banks just like a magician are allowed to take that $1.5 Trillion Dollars and turn it into $15 Trillion Dollars, this will Increase the Money Supply by total of $15 Trillion Dollars.

    Wait a minute!!! Ain’t that the same amount we need to pay off the entire Federal National Debt?

    We must take “Fractional Reserve Banking System” (this should be called CONTERFITING ) away from the banks and force them to use “100 % Reserve Banking System”.

    Then tell the Treasury Department to print up $15 Trillion Dollars of non-interest bearing Treasury notes (dollars) and buy back all the Interest bearing Bonds (Our Total National Debt).

    This will not increase the Money Supply by even one penny because we will destroy all the interest bearing Bonds we just purchased.

    WOW.. we just paid off the entire $15 trillion dollar National Debt by printing non-bearing interest Treasury notes (dollars) and did not cost the American people one penny.

    We totally eliminated the National Debt, eliminated annual interest payments on the National Debt, eliminated paying Federal Income Taxes and created a positive surplus of $2.6 Trillion dollar in the Social Security trust fund,

    Every time I go through the calculations I think of other benefits.

    Some National Debt Facts:

    • Social Security trust fund is $2.6 trillion in the black (IOU’s).
    • Social Security trust fund in 2010 ran a $68 billion surplus.
    • Only $1.2 trillion is owed to China.
    • $10 trillion is owed to American people.

    When we pay-off the National Debt as I have suggested we automatically create a Positive Social Security Trust Fund of $2.6 trillion dollars that I suggest we separate this Trust Fund from the General Account.

    Presently we are paying about $400 Billion Dollars every year interest on the National Debt (money we borrowed from ourself). But, if interest rates starts going up because of Hyper-Inflation and that’s exactly what the Price of Gold is telling us right now. This interest we are paying on the National Debt could easily grow to an amount larger than the total Federal Gross Income tax receipts.

    This is a very Powerful Monetary Tool and this gives you an idea of how the banks has been given this sweetheart deal by Congress back in 1913 which has allowed the Banks to literally rob the American people out of trillions of dollars. The Federal Reserve has already screwed the American People out of $150 Trillion Dollars since its inception.

    This will force all the American Banks to go back to a Fair Banking System of “one hundred percent reserve banking system”.

    What happens if we do NOTHING?

    The alternative is to let the Federal Reserve continue screwing the American people out of TRILLIONS of DOLLARS year after year?

    Do you understand what is going to happen when the Feds are forced to start increasing the interest rates to stop the coming Hyper-Inflation?

    Back in the 1980s Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker was forced to increase Interest rates because of run-away inflation and the Interest rates jump to around 20%. If that was to happen now we could easily see the Annual Interest Charged on our National Debt jump to around $2.8 Trillion Dollars a year. That my friend does not include the projected Annual Budget short fall of another $1.6 Trillion Dollars.

    This is exactly why the Price of Gold has increased from $300/oz. to $1,800/oz., a six fold increase. Gold is trying to tell everyone something but no one is listening as usual?

    We could end up paying more annual interest on the National Debt than the Internal Revenue Service collects in annual gross Income Tax receipts?

    That is called Absolute National Bankruptcy.

    The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is just another privately owned organization setup by the Rockefeller Family to benefit all the large drug Companies and the Medical establishment. The Pharmaceutical Industry, AMA and FDA are Endangering Your Health for Profits.

    Please copy and post if you like this idea.

    Harry Dingey


    Here is how to create 13.68 million JOBS in the USA over night..

    Submitted by Harry Dingey on Thu, 03/22/2012 – 23:25. Permalink

    I retired after working thirty years as an Industrial Engineer at Rockwell International in Newark, Ohio.

    So, please trust me, these are Real International Trade numbers to back up everything I am saying.

    Did you know that America can create 13.68 Million good paying Jobs almost overnight by Pulling out of NAFTA and the WTO right now?

    But, most of our American Politicians are in the pocket of the Globalist and they will never let that happen without a bitter fight.

    Here is how to create 13.68 million jobs in the United States almost overnight:

    “Based on the U.S.Department of Commerce estimates that 22,800 jobs are created for every $1 billion in merchandise produced for Import or Export.”

    Go to the following location to check out this statement if you like.



    Total USA Imports in 2011 = $ 1,900 billion.

    $ 1,900 billion X 22,800 = 43.320 million jobs lost to Imports from China, India, Japan & Mexico.


    Total USA Exports in 2011 = $ 1,300 billion.

    $ 1,300 billion X 22,800 = 29.640 million jobs created from Exports.


    If USA Pulls out of NAFTA and the WTO right now here is what the numbers say:

    USA could possibly lose 29.640 million Jobs from EXPORTS.

    However, I am sure many countries will still import some items from the USA because they are not available in other countries. That would of course create even more JOBS gained than I have estimated.

    The USA would absolutely create 43.320 million Jobs by closing the doors to NAFTA and the WTO and producing these items in the USA.

    So, 43.320 minus 29.640 = 13.68 million NET JOBS Absolutely GAINED.

    The Manufacturing JOB LOSS is increasing each and every year. I calculated this JOB LOSS in 2006 at 10 million JOBS LOST in 2006.

    My calculation means an ABSOLUTELY net gain of 13.68 million Jobs gained if the rest of the world did not buy one single penny of USA EXPORTS.

    BY: Harry Dingey

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  • simplecaveman

    what a loser

  • Pingback: Michelle Malkin » An accidentally-on-purpose, unscheduled but pre-planned encounter with the president()

  • Dale

    And the fools in the media KEEP covering for this fraud!!!! This is soooooo slimy, what are we, a banana republic now?

  • Matman

    Are these the three that won the $3 lottery to have a meal with ole Barry?

  • mr_bill

    Sounds like the set-up to an obama joke:

    Obama goes into a diner and three veterans happen to be there….

  • Michael

    These three ‘plants’ must surely have been lobotomized. No self-respecting vet with a scintilla of a brain would embrace Barack for any reason. Only a FOOL would support this man!

  • HeddBanger

    The THREE STUPIDEST VETS in the entire nation.
    Obamacare guts medical care for seniors, and Obama has devastated our military with over a a TRILLION dollars in cuts…and here are the only three senior veterans stupid enough to vote for him.

  • Regarding the news that the “surprise” Veterans the president lunched with yesterday turned out to be plants, it is my understanding that “plants” were also told to line up early along his motorcade route, get on their knees, limit their drooling, and bow as he floated by (no fainting allowed).

  • AuntieMadder

    @ JoeKidd #162: “As an American, I cannot fathom a Commander-in-Chief acting or even thinking like that. In my humble opinion, I find what President Obama did to be morally repugnant and absolutely disgraceful.”

    For any citizen to do what he did was morally repugnant and absolutely disgraceful.


    It could happen?

  • whocaresanymore.

    Staged and contrived.No teleprompter? Strange.

  • d t kehn

    I’m sure they were a composite veteran, representative of “real” people in the prez’s life….

  • Tonk

    Does anyone (that is not a bitter, platitude spewing, useful idiot liberal asshat) believe anything that comes out of this moron’s mouth?

  • NoFear

    Not only are they obvious plants but NONE of them saw any combat.
    Guam. Japan.
    What did they do? Drink beer and and hunt for nookie.

    Obama can KMA!!

  • butch Mackson

    “We’re painting the roses red”

  • Justavet

    am a Vietnam combat vet and I can tell you by my interaction with other vets, these three non-combat useful idiots are not reflective how the average veteran feels. The military is even more against another four years of this guy. This kind of display turns my stomach…chance meeting, just dropped in….it shows what kind of lying POS this guy is

  • NoFear

    You couldn’t find 3 combat veterans that would support 0̸bama

  • warren wilson

    More proof Obama is a liar and a fraud.
    This guy has to go… hopefully November will give Washington DC a big fat ENEMA.
    If Obummer doesn’t declare Martial law… which he’ll do if his people stuffing the ballot box doesn’t look like it’s going to work.

  • The slimeball media would be all over this story if anything remotely close to this were to happen to a republican.

    Remember what happened to joe the plumber? Remember how they went to great lengths (even illegal ones) to dig into his personal life?

    I wonder if the media will do the same to these obama supporters?

    I think we know more about joe the plumbers personal life and history than we ever will about this president.

  • Dan001

    That’s the thing. These liberals have this mob mentality and it’s all about acting. They act like they care about this and that, they act like they get offended by the most innocent actions that may or may not cross what they are acting like they agree with. The only thing they do know, is that they do not like anything that has gotten us this far. It’s some sort of unrational desire or quest for change, any change! Even if that change has been proven to fail.

  • Me

    You can tell when Obama’s lying. HIS LIPS MOVE!

    He has got to be the most underhanded politician ever.

    4 more years? ROTFLMAO!!!

  • Might want to rethink that shirt …

    just kidding … still trying to combine the words “veteran” and “teleprompter” so i can describe the props more accurately

  • Sam

    Wow, Portland, Oregon had three liberal vets? I am shocked.but why did he not campaign in Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington? No libs there huh?

  • [email protected]

    Staged just like the funeral procession of old Kim Jong Ill. About as realistic as Ed Woods horror movie……Commies all have a tendency to react the same way.

  • LeRoy

    I wonder if zero ate anything. It’s a sin for Muslims to eat before sundown during Ramadan.

  • Wow, how hard did the Obama campaign have to look to find three vets that actually like this Godless, socialist bozo?

  • DLouise

    Y’all will forgive me if this has been broached, but, CAN the President make a surprise visit, anywhere? Wouldn’t everyone in the establishment have to be checked out for weapons, contraband, background checks…etc beforehand? So, based on that theory, hearing he made a “surprise” visit, would certainly be a “surprise” to me…..just thinkin’ out loud here…

  • MadCharles

    Their are a lot of remf’s out there that will sell their soul.
    Nam 70-71

  • James Robinson

    As a Vietnam Veteran and 8 year veteran of the USAF I thank each of those men for their service to their country. And I defend their right to support any politician, party, or position they want. They earned it. However I would like to know how they like being played by a person of no character or integrity?

  • penny frost

    Another “I fooled you trick”. Those men are old enough to know better. Guess the lying age is their age. Shame on you vets to aid and abet a dishonest politician. Win at any cost right?

  • jack

    These comments amount to a Right Wing Nut Circle Jerk.

  • tonyg10

    This guy is a big a phony as Clinton was when on the 50th anniversary of the Normandy landing he found a stone to skim into the water. Sams BS different participant.

  • 5pennies

    Surprise visit hah. This president shakes aside security? Now you want me to believe anything.
    Oh please stop the crap, isn’t everyone yearning for a tiny bit of honesty?

  • 5pennies

    Jack, what the heck did your comment mean? Were you at the Gateway too?

  • James

    In my opinion, if you aint seen active duty, you aint no veteran! That’s how I’ve always seen it.

  • Kris

    I just love watching total morons like these help out the President. They are too stupid to realize they are being used by a man who smiles to their face & says all the right things, but secretly inside seethes with hatred for them. Are they stupid enough to think that this President actually appreciates their service? He despises them. He will be the first to tell them to just take a pain pill & wait to die instead of that surgery they need.

  • Ben

    Everything about Obama is a lie – Everything

  • efred

    I hate to tell these “coincidental” Obama Vets in the diner, but under Obamacare, they would all be given aspirin and counselling on how to end their life, since they have “served” their purpose in society, and are now a burden and need to die.

  • DavosSherman


  • Russ

    Yeah like OBAMA is gonna risk another “Joe the plumber” scenario…….just sayin’…

  • Sure hope nobody had the ‘audacity’ to ask these American Vets for a photo ID before this drop-in, casual visit….. Nah, the SS wouldn’t do that …. oh wait, they had whole resume`s didn’t they….

    Ahh well…. last couple of years I haven’t been able to figure out if I was reading George Orwell (1984) or Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland)

    It’s strange on this side of the looking glass……

  • Pingback: So Obama DOES support manufacturing…PhotoOps « A Moral Outrage()

  • RickyP

    What is the probability of finding three veterans who all support Obama? Assuming that the nubmer of veterans supporting Obama is around 30%, the probability of finding three at a table is (0.3)(0.3)(0.3)= 0.027 or 2.7%….hmmmm……..

  • Kris

    This man believes Obamacare would have meant he would have caught his cancer sooner. Dude, you are a grown man. Take responsibility for your own health. No insurance company can force you, or for that matter keep you from, getting a colonoscopy.

    Rhetorical question: Is every single solitary Obama supporter just a pathetic, hopeless, helpless whiner?
    Answer: Yes

  • buckeyejim

    veterans surprised……# 1 thats a joke………….and # 2 I’m a Vet and have numerous vet buddies and NONE of us would sit with Barry Obozo. So whats the deal on the two clowns sitting with Barry, are they still shell shocked after 40 tears………Was barry going to pick up the check……………did you sell out for a couple of flapjacks , boys??? Shame on you for giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

  • Bill in Houston

    You can fool some of the people some of the time, and all of the Democrats all of the time (with apologies to Abraham Lincoln).

    Most of Obama’s kneepad-wearing, kool-aid guzzling supporters will eat this up and believe it to be true.

    Obama’s whole life is a staged sham. Why should this be any different?

  • Concerned Mom of 5

    Obama is a con though and through… schooled in Chicago corruption and extortion. And he thinks the rest of us are so naive and gullible to buy into his lies and posturing. This man us a sociopath, little different than the Colorado shooter.

  • Bippy Bellito

    About how I figured it: 3 vets per state voting for The Traitor. Amazing how he found The Portland Three. Who picked up the check? How was the tip?

  • Inigo

    Potemkin Village.

  • Pingback: Politics : The silly season()

  • As a veteran I would love to ask our illustrious Commander-in-Chief, “How Sir” did you ever get a security clearance? If you attempt to deceive in your application for a security clearance that is grounds for charges as per falsifying an official document.
    Oh I forgot—you have to first have a valid social security number, school transcripts, selective service card, etc. Yes “I’am Bad”— I am one those “people”.

  • ellie lightt


    OBAMA IS : “one who hides ones past has a need to conceal the
    truth from ones peers truely has fear of deceit in ones heart”

    a truly sick, hateful, racist president. — yes and one that
    feels the need to hide and conceal his past by sealing his
    records personal & educational — love that transparancy
    there OBumbles —

    OBAMA = “one who hides ones past has a need
    to conceal the truth from ones peers truely has fear of
    discovery of deceit in ones OWN heart”

  • ellie lightt


    OBAMA IS : “one who hides ones past has a need to conceal the
    truth from ones peers truely has fear of deceit in ones heart”

    a truly sick, hateful, racist president. — yes and one that
    feels the need to hide and conceal his past by sealing his
    records personal & educational — love that transparancy
    there OBumbles —

    OBAME = “one who hides ones past has a need
    to conceal the truth from ones peers truely has fear of
    discovery of deceit in ones own heart”

  • RufusVonDufus

    Obama, that miserable POS, will have to “create” a whole lot more than three old fools who have been D’s their entire life before I or any of my friends would even think about voting for him. His campaign is just as phony this year as it was in ’08 but most people are no longer falling for all the bullsheet!

  • Hambone Johnson

    What do you expect from the most insincere and fraudulent administration in American history?

  • Jim in Frankfort

    I’m an 11-year non-disabled veteran of the US Navy, I was proud to serve and gained as much out of my service as I gave in return, I do not feel the country or the military owe me anything … nor do I feel I have a “more valued” opinion on veterans issues, or any other issue … so it really bothers me when other non-disabled veterans are paraded around for political gain as “veterans”. The term ‘veteran’ has no bearing on the topic they were discussing and by bringing it up it does a great disservice to the many veterans who have suffered life-changing or life-ending injuries in the line of duty.
    I am eternally wary of creating the impression that my country owes me anything as a veteran because there are so many veterans who gave so much more than I did, and I think it is shameful that President Obama would hold these three out as veterans when the topic of discussion was entirely unrelated.

  • Pingback: Anonymous()

  • Nevadan

    All I can say is HOLLYYYYYWOOOOOOD!

  • Spikehb

    This shouldn’t be a surprise. Just what part of this presidency hasn’t been a con job?

  • Simon says

    If you enlist in the army because you’re too stupid for high school or college, this is what happens to you: useful idiot tool discarded within three seconds of this photo op.

  • mzaz

    Our LIAR IN CHIEF at his best. ALWAYS LYING

  • MichaelH

    Another one of Obama’s surprises, eh?

    Just like when his folks had a bunch of supposed “Doctors” (complete with stethoscopes and white jackets) ready to vouch for his health care initiative before democrats rammed it through in the middle of the night.

    This guy isn’t just dishonest…that can generally be forgiven…there are two kinds of such liars…regular ones and damned liars. He’s in the second category.

  • Plants? No way. The Chosen One would never adopt such tactics.

    Example 1: “An Honest Health Care Debate?: Are We Really THIS #*&@ Stupid?”

    Example 2: “The Stagecraft President Stages More Political Kabuki”

  • Buck Sargent

    I’m a veteran. Somehow I don’t think that Obama would like to talk to me … let alone hear what I would have to say to him. Then again, of course, I don’t have any pro-Obama affiliations.

    Obviously Obama needs to have his interface with the public carefully choreographed and scripted. Forbid the notion that he might otherwise have any more Joe-the-plumber moments.

  • Ratbuster

    Actually I was too “stupid” for college UNTIL I joined the Marines. All I needed was a little discipline to get me through the college curriculum. Maybe more of you should try it.

  • Geechee

    Love how the third guy’s resume’ says he joined the Navy in 1967 because he wanted to serve his country.
    Most folks who joined the Navy in ’67 were doing so to avoid being drafted and having to serve in combat in Vietnam.

  • This is so outrageous! Obama is getting deeper and deeper into lies and deceptions!

    Mitt Romney… A really good honest successful businessman…. HE CAN FIX WHAT OBAMA HAS RUINED.

  • Who says these three guys who are shills for Obama are actually veterans ? After all the new law from the SCOTUS allows anyone to say they were a soldier in the Armed Forces and a decorated hero even if it is a lie. So these htree guys must be like me who has been awarded 6 Purple Hearts and three Congressional Medals of Honor.

  • N Danielson

    Dilley “served” for 3 years. That makes him a “veteran”. A veteran after THREE years? Had Dilley served for 20 years and had he been an actual VETERAN, he’d have a lifetime of “free” healthcare via the VA, with some of the best available medicine in the world, and healthcare…for “free”…FOR LIFE. He AND his wife, AND children of legal age…He would have had PX, and commissary privileges on any military base in the world for LIFE. Imagine that. Only he would have had to EARN it first. Imagine THAT.

  • slickzip

    Just more of ODUMBAS dirty tricks and shows how low some people will go to get a free meal sham e on those three ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  • Mary S

    He is just so full of himself. I can’t believe a word he says unless someone cuts out the TOTUS and he has to wing it. Then the truth comes out.

  • Stephen Schlein

    I’m very sorry for the man’s colon cancer. But please be real. You can go to any CVS/Walgreens and get a colon cancer screening kit for under $20.00 – But it takes BHO, 1 trillion plus in health care spending to “save money”. This is not only stupid but moronic. Or at best massively misinformed. In addition, BHO is and has been CUTTING healthcare benefits to retired and active duty service members and thier families, NOT increasing coverage. Again, either stupid, misinformed, or most likely self serving political propoganda. I’m embarassed grown men and retired duty service men would allow themselves to be used and pawns or shills in this debate. Just goes to show you that political beliefs trump evidenced based truth. How sad for our country. How sad….

  • Oh come on, I could swear that’s Wilford Brimley in the top picture. Obama hired professional actors.

  • Keith

    So anybody he talked to who isn’t a “regular” had to be a plant. Is it that unusual that others eat at a diner besides “regulars”? How hard would it be for a staffer to interview each of the men after their campaign and get 8 sentences of information? That would take 5 minutes.

    one was an Obama volunteer! omg, how unusual, those are so rare! Especially in Portland. Seriously, half the country was an Obama volunteer in 2008. it’s not like they were in Idaho, where you might have a point.

  • Denise

    Wow. What were the odds that he just wandered into a diner and ‘found’ 3 vets to talk with. Pretty damn good, I’d say. The word is ‘plant’.

  • Keith

    @DLouise. Yes, he does make surprise visits to places, ALL THE TIME. He’s famous for it in DC, zipping off to burger joints on the spur of the moment. (Ray’s hellburger, Ben’s Chili bowl, etc)

    that’s one trick the Secret Service uses to keep him safe. If no one knows he’s coming, the crazies don’t know to show up. they zip in and out before it makes the news.

    Please try to be informed next time

  • Rational Db8

    Wait a second… how does the one guy wind up serving only 3 years? Isn’t the minimum enlistment term four years? Was he dishonorably discharged or what? Or in the early 70’s was it possible to enlist for only 3 years?


    Those Vets that support obama need there head examined.
    The one that stated with proper care he could have caught it sooner. Shame on Him. He was entitled to VA health care, they would have found it. You have to sign up to get it


  • H8Unions

    I’m a Vet, I know a lot of Vets, and these are the only three Obama supporters I know that are Vets.

  • To the commenter”Simon”# 262— Since you used that old tired canard of being so stupid “he joined the military”, I question whether you are prior service. I suggest you also read that those vet’s opinions were shaped by health care issues. Once the reality of the Obama Care nightmare is upon them, millions more health care users and limited facilities and health care providers—Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc, will be history and Obama will have a lot more elbow room at that diner.

  • Coincidentally

    These guys were plants? Yeah, right. And I suppose all those people who are constantly fainting at Odrama events are plants, too? (sarcasm)

  • mac

    Did he tell these 3 vet’s their grand kids will be supporting the new influx from the dept of aa education assistance? more entitlements paid for by the taxpayers not the sloffs!

  • Bob Vedari

    Is there anything – ANYTHING – that Obama has done that is honest? If I gave a rip about his wife, I’d be telling her to take another look at their marriage license, as it’s probably phony. I’ve never seen a genuine emotion from this guy, other than his disdain for all things American. The man is our national nightmare, and November is our opportunity for all of us to wake up! Of course, I expect a lot of “down twinkles” from liberals everywhere. Idiots don’t realize just how stupid their group-think-talk-act looks to any normal person.

  • Bob Vedari

    @#283 – They probably don’t support him either. I’m guessing they were paid off, or they are union guys who were given marching orders by their union bosses.

  • As pgh

    The jockey who flails the most is the one who is losing.

    This stunt has so many holes in it the count isn’t worth starting. Veterans? The Supreme Court just said it’s OK to fib about uniform achievements, Obama would break bread with such liars without flinching. “Just happened to be there”? Nothing the Tele-Prompter in chief does is off-script unless he is stuttering (the bios of these three were broadcast soon as the scene unfolded).

    Real veterans know Obama by his words and deeds, he cannot escape that and with this senior play vignette he is only trying to collect favor from those who have no military record but like to publicly say they are “for” veterans and the military.

  • Steve

    Regarding “Tom retried from a career in the housing industry six years ago. At the time of his retirement, Tom was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer, during a routine physical. He believes that had the Affordable Care Act – and the emphasis on preventative care – been in place a decade or two ago, he would have caught his cancer earlier and could have saved tens of thousands of dollars in healthcare costs.” Isn’t a routine physical part of “preventative care”? Diagnosed 6 years ago, but if ACA were around a “decade or two ago” he would have caught his cancer earlier. Didn’t he get routine physicals every year like most plan allow? He could have “saved tens of thousands of dollars”. I think that’s his gripe; he wants everbody else to pay for his healthcare costs!!!!

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  • terry gee

    Everything Obama says or does is based on lies.
    With Axelrod running his campaign I would,nt expect anything truthful or honest.

  • Glenn

    You can’t blame him for staging “candid interviews” – his last unscripted public meet and greet was with Joe the Plumber and we know how that went…

  • Ms. Liberty

    Well, I see the racists and the haters are here today spewing the venom they have been told to repeat by Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

    Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh have been inciting violence against minority communities for years; the brutal murder of little Trayvon Martin and the Aurora theater shooter are the predictable result.

    The gun-owning white supremacists posting here need to crawl back to their Bibles and AM radios and leave the rest of us alone.

  • Dog

    Any veteran worth his salt would have got up and walked away….Staged – for sure

  • Professor

    The guy is worried about health care because ‘he is getting older.’ Perhaps he had not hear of Medicare that is breaking every State. Or how about VA benefits? Medicaid in a pinch. This guy is a liar, like the President. I will be paying for this drones health care with or without Obamacare. Jack ass.

  • ella funt

    Reminds me of the song, “Send in the Clowns”.

  • Glenn

    Yeh – Rush is a real racist. Snerdley his radio producer and screener is black. He is good friends with Justice Thomas, several black reverends and a host of black football players (football is his passion).

    The voices on the right are against liberal ideas, not skin color. Don’t think that can be said on the other side.

  • Trent

    I am absolutely disturbed at the number of “veterans” on here who show blatant disrespect for the Commander-in-Chief. That’s treason. You might not like him, but the American people elected him, and if you value this country at all, you respect him and defend him. What you do in the voting booth is your own decision, but to publicly spout garbage about how you won’t defend him and how you don’t respect him and how you wish he would die is treasonous and it undermines everything you’re supposedly about as a veteran.

  • Hugh Betcha

    Hopefully the treasonous lying Marxist phony from Kenya is kicked to the curb on election day.

  • Glenn

    Excuse me, I’m a Navy veteran and while Obama should receive the respect of office, through his actions he does not deserve personal respect. He has done more to undermine that which is America than any one else I can remember, even the peanut farmer.

    He has and will keep doing all he can to bring our country to European status. Is there any military in Europe that we would want to emulate?

    It is the duty of the military to uphold the constitution. Mr Obama does everything he can to circumvent it. Only in 3rd world dictatorships does the military follow the leader blindly.

    I don’t want him dead, I just want him gone.

  • Ariel

    Ms. Liberty commented:

    Well, I see the racists and the haters are here today spewing the venom they have been told to repeat by Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

    Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh have been inciting violence against minority communities for years; the brutal murder of little Trayvon Martin and the Aurora theater shooter are the predictable result.

    The gun-owning white supremacists posting here need to crawl back to their Bibles and AM radios and leave the rest of us alone.
    #294 July 26, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    Thread winner! For the most ill conceived, idiotic comment yet. That is unless Ms. Liberty can back up her hateful allegations with a single shred of evidence. However, I’m sure we’ll be given nothing but more hysterical rants in the future like the one she just posted, which of course had nothing to do with the topic at hand.

    Go back to you momma’s basement, troll. Your ignorance is stultifying!

  • Joey Dern

    OK wow you have to admit thats pretty crazy stuff dude.

  • RealityCheck

    Still trust ObamaSnare? Alrighty then. Try googling ‘TriCare lawsuits’ and read about the multi billions these ‘providers’ hope to blitzkrieg from each other in court, to be named Obamacare mil and nonmil providers.

  • RussRamey6

    Talk about a new low…gentlemen thank you for your military service. But, this was a dispicable dis-service to your family, your friends, and your country. Obama is a total political whore…and you helped him do it…

  • Patty
  • Patty

    Great News: Clinton aide Huma Abedin tied directly to Muslim Brotherhood and the “Godfather” of Al Qaeda… after 9/11


    …Huma Abedin’s late father, Dr. Syed Abedin, was also intimately involved with Islamists. He led the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs based in Saudi Arabia. It is backed by the Muslim World League and is an entity of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, a very extreme Islamist group. The Institute also published Mrs. Abedin’s book. Huma herself was an assisstant editor of the Institute’s journal as far back as 1996 and as recently as 2008, which means she was there when it published her mother’s extremist book. This screenshot from September 2008 shows that Huma, her mother and brother were all simultaneously editors of the journal.

    Furthermore, Walid Shoebat has now provided ironclad proof that McCain and the other apologists for Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood were dead wrong (PDF).

    Saleha Abedin is Vice Dean at Dar El-Hekma College in Saudi Arabia, Saleha was also one of the institution’s founders, along with Yaseen Abdullah Kadi—a designated terrorist by the U.S.—and members of the bin Laden family…



    much more

  • Patty

    Sorry, those last post….off topic

  • whtnationalist

    The left seems full of fishy “coincidences” of late. Consider the odds of these being coincidences:
    – Gun Ban Bloomberg’s former head of NYC police Intelligence, Dan Oates, is chief of police for little Aurora, Colorado.
    – Chief Oates has a perfect gun ban shooting in his town. His town out of all the towns in the country.
    – The shooting happens just before voting on ratification of a UN gun ban treaty.

  • Patty
  • Patty

    #309 July 26, 2012 at 6:22 pm
    whtnationalist commented:

    For sure coincidences. But Obama plan for one world order…NOT SO MUCH!

  • Patty

    White House Won’t Name Capital Of Israel


    From the podium press twerp in charge.

  • Patty


    But there is more of the same liars and cheats.

    “Holder Scared Everyone There”: Attorney General Scolds Republican Intern For Taking Notes During Lecture


  • Patty

    Crooks and Cons

    In 2008 a Convicted Felon in Virginia Registered to Vote With Form Sent By Far Left

    This is a follow up to yesterday’s post about the far-left voter registration outfit Voter Participation Center. Today we learned that a convicted felon in Virginia registered to vote with a form sent to her by that group, and then voted in the 2008 election. She was prosecuted for voter fraud, and the prosecutor believes…


  • Practical Jane

    He thinks we’re stupid. Really, really stupid.

  • Limousine Barry

    What’s wrong?

    That is why we call him AstroTurf Axelrod! He is the best guy to choreography one of my “unscheduled stops” in front to the TV cameras!

    When I lie I like my lies to be Big, almost believable and well disseminated. But mostly my lies should be Big! And AstroTurf Axelrod is the man to do it!

    If you like the way that I lie to you then vote for me. Send me $35,800.00 before midnight. My campaign is running out of money!

    My nose is growing longer and AstroTurf Axelrod has another scam for my donkey donors. It involves the “big lie” scam. I tell my donkeys a lie so big they will believe for a moment – just enough time to get their money. Then I am gone with the cash. I cannot answer any more questions. My campaign sucks but once I milk my donkeys dry it will suck worse. Good day.

  • Pingback: » Busted… Team O Plants 3 “Surprised” Veterans at Out-of-the-Way …()

  • fred

    These bozos degrade themselves and dis-honor the sacrifice of all veterans,
    by hiding their personal motives, and being dishonest in supporting Obama, under cover of the Flag.

    Shame on them.

  • Jamie D

    And all three by coincidence were concerned with health care; the one cause Obama has been fighting for the most. All three were white and veterans; the exact group he is drastically behind with in votes. Sad and shows you exactly how low this man will go to keep his cushy job. So many things have gone wrong during his term that had NOTHING to do with what Bush had done. It amazes me that some do not realize that!

  • Joe

    Ebayer Who says they weren,t-I like millions of real patriots believe he probably did stage the event at the diner,Lets say it,s like the first landing on the moon. But because he (ovomit) is a pathological liar there is no reason to believe otherwise,and it will be a glorious day when the fraud usurper is exposed to everyone,fools or better yet to clear the air,left wing liberals will still deny the truth.It,s so sad when i see people clapping and cheering the biggest phony ever to walk on this earth,he sends 148 million dollars to repair mosque buildings,almost 1 billion dollars of our tax dollars to rebuild his birth place Kenya in Africa,not the USA,we no longer have free speech if your hynAss can hear your comments, and tomorrow he will use the UN to try and abolish our 2nd amendment.I would go on with plenty more facts,because every time your president opens his mouth nothing but road apples come out,maybe i wasted my time expressing my opinion,but if i can just get one person to see the truth,i have done my job. Vietnam vet 1969-199th LIB….Joe

  • Pingback: PLANT: Obama meets 3 vets in ‘surprise’ diner stop; WH then releases their bios… « Star Talk()

  • bg


    Joe #320 July 26, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    Thank You!!

    It Has Always Been The Soldier

    It is the soldier,
    not the President who gives US Democracy.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Congress who takes Care of US.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Reporter who has given us Freedom of Press.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Poet who has given us Freedom of Speech.

    It is the soldier,
    not the campus [community] Organizer who
    has given us the Freedom to Demonstrate.

    It is the soldier,
    who salutes the flag;
    who serves beneath the flag,
    and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
    that allows the protester to burn the flag.

    ~ Father Dennis O’Brien, US Marine Corp. Chaplain

    God Bless America!

    God Bless Soldiers everywhere for putting THEIR
    lives on the line to protect us ALL from terrorism!


  • Glenn47

    It may be me, but I am having a really hard time believing these guys are real veterans and they have absolutely no problem with the 500B cut in the military.
    Is this the concern people hold for fellow military members?
    They sound like, I got mine and my only concern is me me me and you are on your own.

    Sorry, it smells.

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  • Harley

    Seems to be very similar to every BIG event. They released the Bio of all the 9-11 terrorist’s within hours also as I recall.

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  • How could anybody not vote for a guy that’s so good at hiding the truth? After all don’t the majority want to believe in fairy tales?

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  • This is a page taken directly from the Soviet and North Korean playbooks.

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  • Milton

    President Obama in Roanoke Virginia July 13, 2012 ‘If You’ve Got a Business — You Didn’t Build That. Obama to Joe the Plumber, “I want to spread the wealth around.” Obama: “I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students, the foreign students, the Chicanos, the Marxist professors.” ~ Barack Obama (Dreams From My Father.) Obama, Commie mother, commie father, commie grandparents, commie mentor, commie friends …… commie Barack. Not too difficult to figure this out.
    Election2012 Capitalism or Socialism. Your choice.

  • Billy Bob Greene

    As a tax preparer and CB, I do not know any CPA who is stupid enough to be for Obama because the accounting profession and professional is conservative. As a vet I cannot believe any vet, except Kerry (and he doesn’t count) could be for this ass hole.

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