Busted… Team O Plants 3 “Surprised” Veterans at Out-of-the-Way Diner to Speak With Obama – Then Releases Their Bios

What a coincidence! Obama just happened to find three friendly veterans in a booth at a Portland diner this week.
It was a “surprise stop.”
At least, that’s what local King5 told us.

Oregon Live also covered the “unscheduled stop” at the diner.

PORTLAND, OREGON – June 24, 2012 – President Barack Obama visited Portland Tuesday greeting diners Mark Peterson, center, and Thomas Foeller, right, at the Gateway Breakfast House in an unschedueld stop on the way to fundraisers at the Oregon Convention Center. Michael Lloyd/The Oregonian.

But then the truth eked its way out—-
The three veterans were not regulars.
They just happened to be sitting in a booth at the diner when Obama popped in.
Victoria Taft has more, via Orbusmax:

“No, they were not regulars.” The waitress who served President Obama, Mary, told me the veterans with whom the President discussed “health care” were not regulars. “Well, maybe one of the guys came in here before…”

In fact, the Obama Campaign even had a copy of their bios on hand.
And, one of the veterans just happens to be an Obama for America volunteer!

The roundtable participants, as provided by the campaign:
Dean Dilley from Portland
Dean enlisted in the U.S. Army 1972 when he was 20 years old. He served for three years, from 1972-1975 as a supply specialist. He retired from American Honda Motor Company in 2009, where he worked as a stock and material handler and is currently a volunteer for Obama for America.

Dean says that health care is the issue that is most important to him, particularly as he is getting older. He is also focused on veterans-related issues and says he is grateful for the President’s commitment to supporting veterans like himself.

Mark Peterson from Portland
Mark is a retired veteran. He served in the Air Force and Air National Guard for 27 years, from 1966 – 1993. In the Air Force, he was rated as a Navigator and flew B-52s as an Electronic Warfare Officer and in the Air National Guard he was a Weapons System Officer in F-4s and F-101s. Following his service he worked as a CPA, and retired around 2006.

Mark is focused on health care and foreign policy. He is thankful for his military benefits and Medicare coverage, but as the father of two disabled children, he knows a lot of people who have had problems with coverage, so he knows how important it is to have access to quality, affordable health care.

Thomas Foeller from Oak Grove
Tom is a retired Vietnam War era veteran. He enlisted in the Navy Reserves in 1967 during his junior year at Portland State University because he wanted to serve his country. He left the Navy Reserves as a lieutenant in 1976. He served for a total of nine years; four of those were active duty. He was a member of the Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit and spent six months stationed in Japan, then six months in Guam while on call to deploy to Vietnam. His unit never received the call to deploy.

Tom retried from a career in the housing industry six years ago. At the time of his retirement, Tom was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer, during a routine physical. He believes that had the Affordable Care Act – and the emphasis on preventative care – been in place a decade or two ago, he would have caught his cancer earlier and could have saved tens of thousands of dollars in healthcare costs.

What a complete surprise.
It was all manufactured – just for Obama.

UPDATE: Dan Riehl has more on this manufactured media story.

UPDATE: Reportedly, the veterans declined to go on the air today with a conservative host.

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  • Joanne

    If people haven’t noticed, the airways are filled with the news of the massacre in the theatre, while no news is being reported about Sheriff Joe’s findings that Obama’s self endorsed long- form birth certificate is a bloody fraud. Is this just a coincidence? Does anyone actually think Obama’s administration wouldn’t use someone this off the wall to do their dirty work? Look at the facts.

  • Joanne

    Just another coincidence….yah….sign.

  • Joanne

    I meant ‘sigh’.

  • ebayer

    Who says they were actually veterans?

    Anybody can make that claim.

  • Remco Kimber

    EVERYTHING, BUT EVERYTHING, with this guy is staged.

    There are no chances.

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  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg
  • anti-bho

    Cut off one of this hydra-headed groups heads and another head pops out of its a$$ and pulls the same illegalities..
    More typical obamanationism crap!, sick to my stomach of these crooked mfs shenanigans.

    Taxpayer watchdog calls on IRS to probe re-branded Texas ACORN branch | Fox News



    Decorated LTC Dr. Terry Lakin spent 5 months in Leavenworth and lost EVERYTHING but his family and friends, for asking the Kenyan to show his Birth Certificate http://www.OfficersOath.com

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    #5…your right, they can’t be honest about anything.

  • coolidgerules

    Can’t even take unscripted questions from real Americans. What a fraud. I guess to just sit with 3 freaking people and listen to their concerns is just too much to ask the leader of the free world.

  • cal rifkin

    Just so much like the Marxists’ Potemkin villages…check absolutely everything this mfin’ bunch says and does…lying, distorting, misleading, all’s fair…, and ‘the end justifies the means’ – All from Alinsky and the campaign’s “How Can We Fool ‘Em Today” playbook. And they’ve got 90% of the media in their back pocket. This republic’s never, ever been this close to losing a wheel, and going over the edge of the road.

  • http://biggovernment.com redneck

    Couldn’t find any real vets who wanted to photo with this fraud had to use bring in props, about right coming from this regime, nothing is really what it seems its all straged….. .Only people who don’t want to disclose the truth,people with something to hide……Obama’s words…….

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg




  • American Woman

    The Progressives love theater and so they manipulate people and their environment any way they can. This is what their hope and change looks like.

    It is especially disturbing, because Obama’s policies have been very hard on both active and retired military personnel. Those who have sacrificed for their country have been pushed to the back of Obama’s bus.

    Let’s follow the train of thought that this news initiates. When Obama takes questions from audience members at other venues, how many of those people are plants? How many of his televised interactions with what seems like typical Americans is scripted so Obama can spread his Socialist fascist views?

    I increasingly believe that everything we hear and see from this administration is a lie that nothing is based on reality or truth.

  • http://GatewayPundit Cutlers Bad Thumb

    How come Obie is the only one with a place setting and a menu in front of him ?

    Hey Obie the least you could do is buy these guys a meal after you interrupted the nap they were taking on their card board boxes beneath the bridge…..

  • Redwine

    I was listening to local radio this morning here in the Greater Seattle area. People were really pissed off at Comrade Barry’s huge motorcade closing off 3 major highways for hours during the morning rush. Security also closed off the airspace in the area which includes the major international airport and local airports, from Boeing Field to Seattle to the Eastside last night where the Tyrant-in-Chief had a fundraiser at the home of one of the founders of Costco. Some people complained about the huge “carbon footprint” of the motorcades and the huge cost in providing extra security that Seattle/WA taxpayers will have to pay. Others suggested that the entourage should have used helicopters to ferry the A-hole around, which would have been cheaper and not have caused greater traffic congestion. One guy in Portland called and said that airspace was blocked there at the same time it was blocked in Seattle. Portland is 3 hours away from Seattle!

    There’s something very weird going on with all of this excessive “regal” security.

  • American Woman

    We should have realized how Obama would lead, when he received the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing. It didn’t embarrass him; he thought he deserved it for breathing.

    On the other hand, I’m sure the Progressive-leaning Nobel Committee is very pleased with Obama, given Obama’s reconstruction of the Arab Middle East into a total Islamic Fascist hellhole. It is the kind of “peace” the Progressive’s crave, total enslavement of the human spirit by a fascist ideology that is not a religion but a political ideology.

    He can’t be bothered with “regular folk”. He doesn’t care what we think or believe or do. He works to destroy our way of life for his ideology, because in his mind we only exist to be governed by him and those who agree with him.

  • Oldrathergate Redneck

    Those are probably the only three veterans who are willing to talk to Obummer.

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    anti-bho #8 July 25, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    OBAMA’S UNACORN (#21) is every freakin’ where..

    they have over 360 orgs under their umbrella, and
    the umbrella they’re under leads back to 3 biggies:

    Columbia, Tides & Joyce Foundations.. most likely connected to the Rockefeller Foundation, like everything else, one way or another..