Sir Elton John Praises George W. Bush and ‘Conservative Politicians’ (Video)

At the International AIDS conference in Washington on Monday Sir Elton John praised former President George W. Bush and “conservative American politicians” for pledging billions of dollars to “save the lives of Africans with HIV.”

The Daily Caller reported, via Free Republic:

Elton John praised former President George W. Bush and “conservative American politicians” for pledging billions of dollars to “save the lives of Africans with HIV.” He also credited hip-hop artist Jay-Z with starting a “domino effect” in the African-American community to support gay marriage.

“We’ve seen George W. Bush and conservative American politicians pledge tens of billions to save the lives of Africans with HIV. Think of all the love. Think of where we’d be without it, nowhere, that’s where. We’d be nowhere at all,” John said at the International AIDS conference in Washington on Monday.

“Thanks to all this compassion, thanks to all this love, more than 8 million people are on treatment. Thanks to people who have chosen to care and to act, we can see an end to this epidemic on the horizon.”

By objective measures Bush saved over a million lives with his relief policies.

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  • Spider

    Nice. I’m going to assume Sir Elton is a liberal? So he stays above petty politics and gives some well deserved praise to GW and team.

    Could our own libs ever bring themselves to praise Bush?

  • Amjean

    I believe it was the US citizen tax dollars that he should be praising, altho I admit that
    George Bush is the one who pledged the money.

    The US “IS” the most generous nation on earth.

  • donh

    Daniel and Levon contain biblical allusions . Levon is about a little boy who gets tired of what he is doing and just wishes he could get away but can’t. Elton is tired of what the gay culture is doing and wishes he could get away from it. Go far left and the infinity twist brings you to the far right. Gay is so normalized the old traditional closet gay secrecy of private personal torment is now to live the life of a conservative who loves Jesus…>

  • Mikey

    I LIKE Elton John. At least he tells the TRUTH. That is alien to lefties.

  • aperson

    Elton is right — Bush and Christians have done more to stop the AIDS epidemic than all the liberals combined.

    This is all the more true because liberals refuse to condemn the practices that lead to AIDS, and fight the closure of “bathhouses” (i.e. gay sex public orgy rooms), want to legalize hard drugs, etc.

    But Elton gets one thing wrong: it is not the attitude of the general public which can stop the spread of AIDS. It is only changing the behavior of those getting the disease that can stop the epidemic.

    In the mid-80s it was estimated that the average person needed to engage in unprotected anal sex approximately 500 times before you finally contracted AIDS; it’s actually not that easy to get, sexually. You could be unlucky and get it the first time, or be lucky and do it thousands of times and never get AIDS. But surveys of gay men with AIDS set the average at 500 unprotected anal sex acts.

    You might be thinking: 500? That’s crazy. But as Elton was pretty overtly implying, during the ’70s and early ’80s, there was a mass sex frenzy in the gay subculture, and people were having anal sex (receptive or penetrative) multiple times a night, every night. it was out of control.

    AIDS rate amongst nuns? 0%. AIDS rate amongst strictly monogamous heterosexual non-heroin-addicts? Close to 0%. AIDS rate amongst celibate or strictly monogamous condom-using gay men? Very very low.

    Change your behavior, and the epidemic vanishes overnight.

    Don’t misbehave and then blame others for not curing the problems you cause yourself.

  • bg


    i heart EJ

    i heart GWB

    i ehat BHO

    a bit more here & here (#12)..


  • greenfairie

    Yup…Bush’s policies helped cut the HIV/AIDS rate in Africa significantly. One of the few foreign aid programs proven to work.

  • bg
  • bigL

    So the press will say: “Elton John visits International Aids Conference, raises two clenched fists to
    Geo W. Bush” (see Photo)

  • MicahStone

    FYI: Elton John sang at Rush Limbaugh’s most recent wedding.

  • owl

    Carter ended being a very bad man who built a few houses, stuck his nose and run his mouth where they did not belong. A was a bad president and made a bad ex.

    Obama is a bad president and a bad man. He lies deliberately to his own ends. He lies. Obama will always be a bad man.

    President Bush was a good president and a good man.

  • Patty


    A House Republican introduced a bill Monday that attempts an end-run around President Obama’s approval to pave the way for construction of the northern stretch of the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline.

    The proposal by GOP Rep. Lee Terry would cover the Canada-to-Nebraska stretch, the permit for which remains under federal review.

    Obama has already approved the southern leg of the roughly 2,000-mile-long pipeline that would take crude oil from Canada and mineral-rich Western states to refineries along the Gulf Coast of Texas.

    “All I am saying with my legislation is: Mr. President, please treat the northern portion of the pipeline in the same manner as you treated the southern portion,” Terry, R-Neb., said on Capitol Hill. “You praised the construction for the southern route but keep changing the rules for the part that crosses the border.”

    The legislation would allow the northern section to be approved under the same State Department environmental impact study that allowed for construction of the southern section. Still, Obama would have to sign off on construction of the northern stretch as he did on the southern part.[…]

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  • Scott

    He said some nice things about Rush recently, too. I wonder if Elton becoming more conservative in his old age?

  • KornKing

    @15 Scott
    @9 @ 11
    Elton John and Rush are friends

  • Militant Conservative

    EJ sang at RUSH and Kathrines wedding. The left savaged Elton for this.

    EJ had his own beleifs shattered and who is compassionate and who is not.

    powder is dry

  • Jaimo

    So when do we start requiring gays to amend their behavior to stop the spread of AIDS/HIV? I mean you’re got Bloomberg taking away soda, cigarettes, salt, etc., so that healthcare costs in the future will go down, why don’t we start with other reckless behaviors that cost the insurance companies money.

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  • kato

    Yeah, the Compassionate Dope had no problem spending other people’s money, whether in war or in peace.

    You people who think this inarticulate dope was a great president are clueless. He was a terrible president, and thanks to his incompetence, the door was opened for an even worse one.

  • kato

    The Compassionate Dope has no reason to feel proud of being mentioned in that silly speech.

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  • bg


    kato #21 July 24, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    what did you think of Reagan (#54)??

    bit more here (#64)..


  • bg
  • Marisa

    Obama could not be bothered to speak at the first AIDS International Conference held in the US in decades. Just twenty minutes in the motorcade, since the conference is in DC. Why? Because, he knew he’d be BOOed.

  • Patty


    “When You Come Home”…we salute all you troopers and bless you!

  • mcc

    Running through the channels tonight, I think Elton John was repeating praise for Bush on PBS…caught the end of it, sounded like progress on AIDS w/ someone’s help — last words on subject: “so don’t judge a book by its cover..” said to lib Clair..Gloria(?) Ifel.

    January concert – great seats, a gift from son-in-law…Elton John…a fantastic show. Would never have treated myself to so much fun, good music and memories. Thanks again, J!

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