City officials called the Secret Service after an anti-Obama float made it into a parade.

It’s an Obama world.
FOX13 News reported, via FOX Nation:

A parade entry portraying President Barack Obama and using the term “Obamanation” has made some angry, and others upset at the negative attention.

It happened in the city’s annual Fourth of July parade.

The float showed a person dressed as President Obama with one sign that read “Huntsville Welcomes Obama’s Farewell Tour?” On the back, another sign said, “Ask about our assault gun plan. Call Eric Holder.”

On one side of the issue, people are saying the float was disrespectful and had no place in a patriotic parade. The other side says it was all in good fun.

Huntsville Mayor Jim Truett and City Council member Laurie Allen say the entry doesn’t reflect the views of the city. They say it was entered at the last minute, not through usual protocol and they would not have approved it if they had seen it.

“I don’t think we would have allowed it, in fact I know we wouldn’t,” said Allen. “We just don’t want that. It’s a family-oriented celebration.”

Weber County Sheriff Chief Deputy Klint Anderson told Fox 13 News his department contacted the Secret Service after some residents expressed concern the float was a threat to the President.




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  1. Did that sheriff never hear of Freedom of Speech? It applies EVEN when there is a parody of the pos “president” in the parade

  2. So Bush beheading sign… no comment. Obama parody… “residents expressed concern the float was a threat to the President” who wasn’t even there.

    Sooo… Have you noticed how quick Democrats are to demand police enforce imagined rights to restrict the free speech they don’t like?

  3. Anyone who thinks that was a threat to the president is either an idiot or completely uninformed about Fast & Furious, or both. Either way, it’s frightening that there are people like that out there, and that they will be casting votes. Calling the Secret Service on that float is on par with the SWATing terrorism that has been going on — intimidation of any who dissent or express a different opinion. Gee… remember when dissent used to be patriotic?

  4. “On one side of the issue, people are saying the float was disrespectful and had no place in a patriotic parade. The other side says it was all in good fun.”

    It is true that Obama has no place in a patriotic parade.

    Still it was funny.

  5. A whole lot of hubbub over nothing. Here is why.


    The Supreme Court last week ruled, rightly in our view, that wearing unearned U.S. military decorations may be despicable – “contemptible” in the court’s words – and in some cases illegal, but it’s not unconstitutional.

    The First Amendment says harmless lying is protected speech; those who have embellished a resume, exaggerated a mediocre high-school athletic career and served in Kabul from their mothers’ basement are safe from the law.

    Read more:

    Therefore Harmless fun in the parade.

    And then this: Concealing Records in Fast and Furious.

    So, freedom of speech seems to be appropriate or is that just good for some and not others.


  6. The Mayor and the Sherriff need to be fired for being such dumba%%es! Call the Secret Service over something like this? This is flat out intimidation to silence our people!

    Now they will have to have the Mayor’s approval for any floats in the future? Run him out of town, he is punk thug too.

    Such immaturity in our gutless leaders! Utah needs to demand that their First Amendment rights are much more important than these useless idiots in office.

    November we can take care of the useless idots in DC.

  7. ++

    oh good grief..

    are they serious??

    how soon they forget (#19)..


  8. If making fun of presidents was a reason to contact the Secret Service (or SS), then they must be flooded with calls after every SNL broadcast when a Republican is in office.

  9. Shortly after I posted a parody of Obama on my Facebook page (called “The Most Arrogant Man in the World”) it was hacked and replaced with a picture of Hitler, and the word “HATER” across the bottom … so I had to remove it from my page.

    Anyone who thinks free speech still exists here is mistaken.

  10. Dear Secret Service,
    I took the name of our lord, barack obama in vain….repeatedly. And I didn’t capitalize his name OR his pronoun.
    So I’m turning myself in.

  11. Never saw them pop up after Maher when he was bad mouthing Palin and McCain or W.
    Bunch of thin skinned mo-fos if you ask me.

  12. Quite frankly, I don’t go to parades to see a bunch of political stuff … and that includes both sides.

    Also, I don’t go there to see a bunch of politicians and/or candidates, either.

    In short, give it a rest. Some of us would like a break from politics for an hour or two.

  13. Also think it’s time for that county to elect another sherrif.


    Secret Service now hearing confessions….. after they are done with a night of drinking, gamblining and having whores over for a healthy night of cheap fun.

  15. So will the Secret Service be called if anyone has a bumpersticker like: KICK OUT OBAMA,
    Vote Out TAX & Spend Obama, Obama The Outsourcer in Chief, Stop Race Baiting Democrat Voter Fraud, or Obama Sucks?

    Guess the secret service will be called if you have a Romney bumpersticker on your car or yard sign too. In Huntsville, it sounds like you can’t trust the obviously Democrat police or mayor. They have their left wing extremist agendas.

    Now I can see why so many are saying the National Guard is preparing for martial law.

  16. It’s time to get a new Sheriff……any authority figure that would choose to throw gas on the fire rather than mediate differences….soothe tensions….or bring any sense of calm to the situation…..should call Jerry Springer. Save us the bogus hysteria.

  17. I don’t see them getting upset if and when the DIMS had pulled such a stunt.

  18. “his department contacted the Secret Service after some residents expressed concern the float was a threat to the President.”

    In their defense, it was shaped like a huge cake, and it had the following inscription: “eat me”. There were also reports of people looting the Food King.

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