Romney Adviser: Sarah Palin Will Not Be Speaking at GOP Convention

Sarah Palin and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney campaign in O’Fallon, Missouri Sept. 1, 2008. (Reuters)

The Romney campaign has not invited former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to speak at the Republican convention in Tampa. The Romney folks have not even invited her to attend the party’s premier event.
The Daily Beast reported, via Free Republic:

On the day that Mitt Romney formally announced his run for the presidency last year, he found himself competing with a stiff New Hampshire wind, which stood his hair on end and played havoc with his microphones. What blew in later was even more distracting: the red, white, and blue bus bearing Sarah Palin on her “One Nation” tour. Palin stole the headlines, and Romney’s buzz, that day (“Coincidence,” she said), and beyond. Through much of the summer, she hovered at the edge of the Republican primary campaign as a shadow candidate, once predicting that she could not only beat Romney, but President Obama, too, before finally declaring herself out of the race last fall…

[T]he Romney campaign has not asked Palin to speak at the convention nor contacted her about even attending the party’s marquee event in Tampa. Queries to the Romney camp about any possible Palin role at the convention meet with a stony silence. Palin does not seem surprised. “What can I say?” she responded in an email from Alaska, when asked by Newsweek about the convention, just before heading to Michigan to deliver an Obama-thumping speech. “I’m sure I’m not the only one accepting consequences for calling out both sides of the aisle for spending too much money, putting us on the road to bankruptcy, and engaging in crony capitalism.”

Romney was the choice of the party’s elites, whom Palin has regarded with open disdain ever since her rough treatment during the 2008 campaign. They are some of the same people who anonymously disparaged Palin as a clueless bumpkin, and some of them are now helping to run Romney’s campaign. When unnamed Romney aides tell reporters that Romney will likely go with a “safe” choice for vice president because of the 2008 “disaster,” Palin notices.


The Romney camp will not comment on Palin, or on plans for the convention, but one adviser associated with the campaign suggested that Palin would be prohibited from speaking at the Republican convention by her contract with Fox News. “It’s true I’m prohibited from doing some things,” Palin says, “but this is the first I’ve heard anyone suggest that as an excuse, er, reason to stay away from engaging in the presidential race. I’m quite confident Fox’s top brass would never strip anyone of their First Amendment rights in this regard.” (Fox says her contract would not prohibit speaking at the convention if she sought permission.)

If this is true it would be a major mistake by Team Romney.

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  • P. Aaron

    Those ‘top’ Romney advisers? Or, is this a distraction from HOPENCHANGE?

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  • Flintstone F.

    It’s Palin!!


  • Toddski

    As much as I like Palin……She had a big mouth for a long time……She was against Romney, and I wouldn’t invite her either…..After what she pulled during these primaries, I never feel the same towards her again !

  • mg4us

    Hopefully Romney will seek the TEA Party Support . . if so, he really should have Palin speak. . and have her articulate Obama’s Incompetence and Failure.

    Palin Rocks. . .

  • Dale

    Agreed!!! Attention Romney, INVITE the Barracuda, she can electrify the base!!!

  • idesign

    I’m done with Romney…

  • stonedome

    romney is the elites choice and it’s all we have…they do it to us every time, don’t they? well, we did drag w away from amnesty and other things, but we have to have some slash and burn tactics from day one or we’re in for many decades of floundering economically. palin could help us towards that goal

  • vamoose

    Please don’t let McCain speak. In fact, don’t tell him where the convention is. Give him directions to Charlie Crist’s house instead.

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  • regularguy

    It’s not critically important that Palin speak, but it is imperative that several articulate, true conservatives speak and set the tone.

  • Jeannie

    every person who he ran against should be invited to speak. THOSE are who should be his top advisors.

    compared to even Palin, Romney is just a metrosexual pansy.

  • Ace

    After Romney’s disastrous week of begging “Obama” to play nice, having a strong female conservative at the convention would make him look more effeminate than he already does.
    Wise decision.

    Brian Terry is dead Milquetoast Romney, and you ask his killer to play nice.

  • davidt

    Team Romney knows that Palin would outshine Romney, just as she did McCain.

    Can’t have that.

  • donh

    There are lots of morning to mid afternoon time slots . It doesn’t have to be prime time. This is not the diplomatic behavior of a would be leader looking to build coalitions and collect votes. Romney could lose this if just a faw thousand Tea Party voters are pushed away in Virginia to vote Virgil Goode. Thank you Sarah for all that you do to put this party on the right path.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    If this is true it would be a major mistake by Team Romney.

    Not if you stop to think about it. He’s not an actual conservative (contrary to what’s lettered on the side of his buses), so asking Palin to speak would run the risk of her saying things that he doesn’t exactly support, and the leftist press would certainly hammer him over them repeatedly afterward.

  • Sasja

    Was just about to seal the envelope containing Ann Romney’s request for a contribution and my reasons for not sending one just now. I will add this as one more reason I am going to hold onto my meager funds. I want Bammy out of Washington so will vote for Romney. However, am more than disappointed, and somewhat concerned, at his seeming pettiness which is not attractive in someone wanting to be President of these United States.

  • Drunk Rick Gardasil Perry

    Why should she be invited to speak? After bashing Romney the whole primary season for being a RINO (Which he is) but endorsing flaming RINOs like Juan McRino and Orrin Hatch, she’s nothing more than a hypocrite.

  • dunce

    The convention is a republican establishment event and Palin holds them in more contempt than they fear her but she can not be pushed off the national stage or kept out of the national debate. There has been some talk of generating enthusiasm but that is not needed to win or get out the vote in this election. The vast majority will go to the polls grimly determined to get rid of the bumbling hateful idiot. Palin is still young as a politician and might be appointed to Romney’s cabinet or in two years seek a senate seat in some state.

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  • artsykr

    Not a smart move imo, hd has to put his ego aside and show that he in fact hear everyone’s voice, she speaks for many of us and he did not have the support initially of many of us. He should be so forceful against obie…

  • checktuthepower

    Romney Sucks!!

  • American Woman

    Many people were hoping she’d throw in her hat up to the very end, but she didn’t. In hindsight, her bus tour was nothing more than a distraction that took the focus off people that stepped forward to grab the golden ring.

    I like Sarah and even admire her, but she wasted much political capital on her tease of a bus tour. She needs to step back now and let Romney have his day in the sun, before they brand her a spoiler.

    She was largely responsible for the Republican take-over of the House last election; I hope she will continue to throw her weight behind good Conservative candidates and that she will continue to grow her resume.

  • I’m not a racist; I don’t like Biden or Pelosi either

    maybe she’s not speaking because she’s the mystery female VP pick 🙂

  • MtnMan

    Palin done enough damage to the Republican brand this year. She has a nack for picking them… first Rino McLame, and then the unelectible blowhard narcisist Newt (who who ragged on Ronald Reagan, and secretly worships Bill Clinton). And after clearly showing her hatred and religious bigotry toward Romney, why would they invite her.

  • Wesley

    Dear Romney apologists.. Exactly what makes you think snubbing the 2008 VP nominee is a classy thing to do? Quite the contrary, it was tacky and juvenile. You think this is because maybe, just maybe, Palin didn’t think Romney (the godfather of American mandated health care) would be the right choice in this election? She voiced her opinion and now you think it’s proper that her own party snubs her for it? In that case, should everyone who didn’t kiss Romney’s ring from the start get snubbed? What about his primary competitors? Where does it stop, and how small is this convention going to be?

    Lose the arrogance, Romney supporters. It’s quite off-putting.

  • lizzy84
  • sybilll

    Lighten up people, the source is The Daily Beast. I will believe it when I hear it from Romney or one of his spokespersons.

  • Jim

    This is what I’ve been afraid of. That Romney and his RINO-Establishment folks are now going to do everything to distance themselves from those dirty little peasants in the Tea Party and those who like Sarah Palin.

    I’ve accepted Romney will lose to Obama because Romney is following the Mike Murphy/Meg Whitman strategy.

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  • I don’t know if this decision to NOT invite Sarah is a final verdict or not.. I suspect it isn’t b/c it would be a DEATH BLOW to the already tenuous relationship between the grassroots tea-party movement and this WEAK GOP nominee. I will say this, if he has a brain, he better do everything he can to get Sarah in his corner, because blood is BOILING .. and I foresee a mass exodus from the GOP after November. Perhaps BEFORE November if he keeps this up (to the Libertarian Gary Johnson). Sarah has not endorsed Mitt (bravo for her), so maybe that’s the thinking behind their decision.. but endorsement or not.. if they don’t get her onto that stage in Tampa, their ratings will PLUMMET, the grassroots movement will cease defending this waffling buffoon.. and you can go ahead and plan for another 4 yrs. of O. WE TRIED TO TELL YOU GOP .. TOO BAD YOU WOULDN’T LISTEN TO REASON.

  • miguel cervantes

    Which one, Madden who made a big deal of the wardrobe issue, Brian Jones, who covered up
    Schmidt’s failure, Murphy, who bad mouthed her on an open mike, along with Peggy Noonan,

  • Lynda Armstrong

    Mitt I am a Palin supporter…when you the elite GOP diss her you are dissing me and hundreds of more voters….at the TP event Sat. she pulled in more people than you every do…do believe the one report of 400 people there….just look at the pictures of the crowd….I talked with people that were there and they said the field was full….I sure you had people report back to you…..I will hold my nose and vote….It is time now for a third party and good person to run….GOPE have said we cannot have a third party … it has not been the third party that lost it was the fact that we did have a Sarah Palin to run….Good luck and do not think that every vote is yours….

  • jainphx

    Just when I was beginning to think maybe he wouldn’t be so bad, it does something dumb like this. Why do we continue to form the circular firing squad. and open fire. Could Romney be this dumb. I sure hope this isn’t true, if it is well?

  • C-Christian Soldier

    and we are supporting a elitist R —that is romney- BECAUSE !??!!!–
    have we not had enough!

  • Metoo
  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Why do we continue to form the circular firing squad.

    Who exactly is “we”?

  • jainphx

    The “we” is our supposed leaders, those “elites” that have pushed Romney on us. They aren’t as smart as they think.

  • Jack

    Surprised? Not really. Those Romney ‘advisers’ are the ones who are trashing ( and lying about Sarah Palin) even during the 2008 election.

    “Former Mitt Romney presidential campaign staffers, some of whom are currently working for Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin’s bid for the White House, have been involved in spreading anti-Palin spin to reporters, seeking to diminish her standing after the election”

  • Conservative to the Core

    Na ga ha pen. Romney won’t be upstaged. The surprising thing is that this wreck of a campaign is still smoldering at all.

    Hit the reset button with a brokered convention!

  • sarah2012

    Romney needs Palin & the Conservative/Tea Party vote more than Palin needs Romney. Without Palin, McRINO-establishment-Romney (w/ his lame Condi Rice VP who voted for Obama &dissed IsraeL) will not only give Obama an electoral advantage, but he also hurts all the Congressional candidates on the same Repub ticket. If conservatives are ignored than they will just stay home & not vote for anyone on the ticket.

    Sadly, Romney is looking more & more like Obama-light & fed-up Constitutional conservatives are sick of being shut-up. Call Palin names, but she represents many spirited Americans who admire who courage & unabashed love of country & out-spoken conservative ideals.

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  • kathteach

    This is a huge mistake on the part of the Romney team. If they have not yet purged their staff of the likes of Nicole Wallace and any of the other McCain campaign staffers……we are doomed.

    I am 100% positive that this GOP convention needs Sarah as a speaker.

    Kevin Madden – you better listen hard and good to this. I’m from Wisconsin and – trust me – we know how important Sarah has been to our victories at the ballot box.


  • Pleasance

    #39 July 16, 2012 at 1:10 am
    Multitude commented:

    Why is it impossible to disagree without resorting to schoolyard language?

  • Brad

    Is this really any kind of surprise? Come on now, this is the Massachusetts Moderate we are talking about. God help the GOP insiders who foisted Romney on us, if the Romney campaign self-destructs and Obama is reelected, for the vengeance of regular Republicans against the insiders will be terrible.

    Make no mistake. I will vote for Romney in order to get rid of Obama (even though such a vote is pointless in blue-state California). But sadly I anticipate a rerun of the GHW Bush mess from Romney and his circle.

  • The Tea Party cannot take out the Rhino party elites now and risk splitting the party and hand Obama another term in a way Perot voters gave Clinton his first term as a minority President receiving far less than 50% of the vote. Now is not the time to aim at the top target. Help Romney win and defeat him in the Primaries next election. Build a base first. Focus on taking local elections now and in the midterms. Then run a viable candidate at a time when there is less danger of a split electing the next American Idol candidate the Democrats run.

  • Skinner

    The MENSA gang is commenting again…

    Palin can stay home – she was no fan of Romney four years ago, and McCain picking her made her millions – she has zero reason to support Romney – Obama is her cash machine.

    Y’all stay the hell home on election day and suck you thumbs – multitude, that includes you you useless American – your vote means nothing anyway.

  • Greg

    Wellll… is Mitt better off with her not on the podium or with her in the Fox news commentators booth. If he will not include her he has no input as to what message she gives as a newsee

  • Conservative to the Core

    Glad we’re not pretending that Romney is a viable candidate any longer.

  • Mama Grizzly

    I agree with #1 & # 48.

    Lots and lots and lots of manipulation by Dems here on this story.

    The strategy: divide and CONQUER. Make the base as angry as possible at Romney. Call him names. Diminutize him. Cast doubt and fear. FEAR. FEAR.

    Romney has to run a clear campaign. Palin has been effectively skewered by the Left. The people would be confused if Romney hangs out with Palin. And Palin has dissed Romney quite a bit, so that would also be confusing to voters and make Romney look desperate.

    All this nonsense is designed to divide support and to keep the O-Beast in office.

  • Gary Ogletree

    Ship of Fools, the Mitt boys will suceed at dispelling enthusiasm for their guy.

  • BurmaShave

    The RINO elitists — Romney’s base — does not want Romney in apposition with Sarah Palin’s dynamism and magnetism; she would weaken Romney.

  • Sasja

    I think we need to keep our eye on the ball, so to speak, and that is to get that evil pos out of the WH come November. Whether Palin goes to the convention or not, invited or not, is not of paramount importance. I did have a negative knee-jerk reaction last night to this news. Now, in the clear light of day, I realized I let my “feelings” get in the way of rational thought.

    I like Sarah, but she does seem to have a need to be in the spotlight; her showing up in New Hampshire was not a “coincidence.” She likes the attention and it is probably one reason, if not the reason why, knowing she was not going to vie for the nomination, she strung people along through the is she, or isn’t she, babble for months.

  • Kissmygrits

    Maybe FOX should send her to Tampa to be a commentator for the event. That should draw record ratings. She could be sitting there in front of a camera giving advice and picking apart the speakers every time they open their mouths. Take that elites!


    Isn’t Palin under contract with Fox News??
    If so, then she should not ‘speak’ @ the Convention.

  • Jack

    It was Sarah Palin (and not Romney) who for the past three years has worked tirelessly to fight Obama ‘s policies and elect conservatives.
    She rallied the opposition to President Obama during a time when opposition seemed impossible and basically spearheaded the 2010 victory with her endorsements and rallies all over the country.

    Also we must not forget that since the 2008 election Romney’s surrogates have trashed Sarah Palin many times.

    Even during the 2008 electon they trashed Sarah Palin.

    “Former Mitt Romney presidential campaign staffers, some of whom are currently working for Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin’s bid for the White House, have been involved in spreading anti-Palin spin to reporters, seeking to diminish her standing after the election.”

  • Magnolia

    Since this article is from the Daily Beast, I take this with a grain of salt. She’ll be there. Conventions are all about the base.

  • Blue Hen

    BurmaShave commented:
    “The RINO elitists — Romney’s base — does not want Romney in apposition with Sarah Palin’s dynamism and magnetism; she would weaken Romney.”

    Ironically, you just justified Romney’s decision. We’re trying to get someone other than Obama elected in November. We’re not going to get ANYONE out of that convention other than him who has a chance of winning. There are some here that think a brokered convention will produce a viable candidate!?! Obama has a basement figure of 46%. And a media that turns a blind eye to black panthers at a polling place, dead border patrol agents and campaign money grabs from wedding gifts. That’s what we have to beat. Anything and anyone that imperils that one chance must be excluded. Does that mean that I like it? No. If Perry had managed to debate half a damn (and if Republicans stopped agreeing to having Democrat operatives “moderating” debates) then we wouldn’t be here now. But we are.

  • Blue Hen

    Kissmygrits commented:
    “Maybe FOX should send her to Tampa to be a commentator for the event. That should draw record ratings. She could be sitting there in front of a camera giving advice and picking apart the speakers every time they open their mouths. Take that elites!”

    Yeah. That’s the best way to defeat obama. Send Palin in to attack the elites. Of the Republican party. At their convention. So she gets to be featured in Obama’s commercials in September and October.

    You’re supposed to kiss the grits. Not snort them.

  • Patty

    Between a rock and a hard place.

  • KornKing

    Mountain out of a molehill.
    Harold Stassen won’t be there either.

  • Patty

    Mittens Throws The Election…. Report: Mitt Romney Bans Sarah Palin From GOP Convention

    Now, everyone knows Sarah and what she stands for but to ban her, that is a BIG NO, NO.

    Put your foot in hit a bit here, Romney.

  • Nancy

    Why do you give Free Republic any recognition, they have turned into an anti-Mormon-anti Romney site….their anti-mormon rantings are truly evil.

  • Finrod

    Apparently Mitt Romney wants to fight Barack Obama with one hand tied behind his back.

    Snubbing Palin will resonate among the base to his detriment, they’ll still get him elected in 2012 but they will be watching him like a hawk and will not hesitate to throw him out in the 2016 primaries if he governs like a moderate/liberal.

  • Patty

    Governor Palin Talks To Newsweek; Hasn’t Been Invited to Speak nor Attend GOP Convention

    Palin is keeping the dates open in late August, just in case. In any event, she says, she plans to be politically active between now and November, starting with a Michigan Tea Party appearance, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. “No matter the Romney campaign strategy,” she says, “I intend to do all I can to join others in motivating the grassroots made up of independents and constitutional conservatives who can replace Barack Obama at the ballot box.”

  • Jerry C

    @ #47 Skinner-“The MENSA gang is commenting again… Palin can stay home – she was no fan of Romney four years ago, and McCain picking her made her millions – she has zero reason to support Romney – Obama is her cash machine. Y’all stay the hell home on election day and suck you thumbs – multitude, that includes you you useless American – your vote means nothing anyway.”

    Hey skinner, s^*% for brains commenting again, Palin is not a fan of Romney because the RHINO elites are forcing him upon us. She wants a real conservative who values our Constitution; not some pansy RHINO puppet.

    As far as McLame’s running-mate, Palin was the sole reason he came as close to LUITPOS in the ’08 election. And years later, it was RHINO McLame who was one of the Co-Sponsors of the Indefinite Detention of American Citizens Bill. You just hate her ’cause you’re a lefty-troll who cannot stand the fact that your DemonRat/RHINO-DemonRat-lite party is being challenged.

    How about you stay home and don’t vote. You’re the useless American; probably illegal to boot.

    Hey skinner, just shut up and leave cleaning this LUITPOS mess up to the adults. Palin has done more to fight LUITPOS and his leftists media whores & RHINOs friends than Romney will ever do. POS you are; just like your buddy in office, the LUITPOS.

    P.S. Since you’re nowhere near MENSA mentality, LUITPOS=Lying Ursurper-in-Thief POS.

  • rhonda

    How stupidy. the most popular republican on the planet and he doesn’t want her. doubt to many people will watch him and pawlenty.

  • owl

    IF this is true………………………………it is one of the biggest mistakes of all time.

    It seemed that Palin supported every candidate except Romney during the primary. So what? Forget payback and think. I am a Palin supporter, she carried it too far but so what?

    Romney needs Palin. Romney needs to FIRE anyone that tells him differently. Do not walk but run. Now, FIX this NOW. This is bigger than “etcha and not a tax”.

    Do not insult your base. Your base is not the elite Parker/Noonans but more the Rush/Trumps. We do not want you to take the hign road to failure like McCain & crew.

    We voted for Sarah Palin or against the DEM. We did not vote for McCain. Got it?

  • rhonda

    The only person who brings ANY excitement to the republican base is left out. I don’t think this will go well for him. I thought he would have the sense to get Sarah on his team. He needs her. I guess he can’t handle thousands of people showing up at his rallys shouting Sarah, SARAH!

  • Muddywood

    Maybe it’s just me. but that picture is just messed up.
    Look at it again.

  • Shaw Shae

    Try to pay attention people and think about strategy ,not just your first emotional response

    Palin is positioning herself from outside the Romney campaign

    Having Palin and Romney appear to be one and the same, does not help win the Presidency or any other seat

    Palin can now hammer Obama from her position Romney hammers him from his
    Whoever becomes the VP, will be hammering Obama from his/hers.

    If Palin led the convention , then the media would use her to distract from Obama’s failures, andthey would have one target instead of two
    They can’t successfully hit Romney by way of Palin and viseversa

    This is all strategy We are going for the Whitehouse, a more conservative House and control of the Senate.
    We are not just trying to win a beauty contest

  • Militant Conservative

    #70 July 16, 2012 at 10:56 am
    Muddywood commented:

    LOL, the angle of the dangle is perpendicular to the fall of the ball.

  • owl

    Sorry, that won’t wash #71. Sounds like BS to me and still a mistake.

  • Colo Kid

    …when Romney shuns Palin I’m through with him. FINIS!

  • Jim W

    #71 Couldn’t agree more!

  • Tim

    The GOP is making a serious mistake if they don’t invite Palin to speak. She is good at firing up the base.

    Sarah Palin is the last VP nominated by the party and the first woman nominated on a national ticket by the party.

    She went to bat and delivered the House to the party in 2010!

    By this time in the ’80 cycle, Reagan had reached out to everyone, to unify the Party. Mitt doesn’t. Romney expect everyone to come to him. That’s not leadership, it’s entitlement.

  • royroyo

    Sarah Palin PAC pays for space in Tampa (Woo Hoo!)

    The PAC also paid $4,500 to reserve space at Channelside Bay Mall in Tampa, Fla., near the site of the Republican National Convention, suggesting that Palin plans to have an independent presence at the event separate from the formal proceedings.

    Run Sarah Run

  • owl

    Romney must clean up this one. If his team reads this, they must show it to him.

    Rick S showed what a sore loser he could be and I will try NEVER to vote him as a dogcatcher. Yep, until my dying day. Would I vote for him over Obama? Of course, but will I ever, ever like him? Not ever. He poluted his nest.

    Sarah needs to remember stuff like Rick and get over her dislike of Romney. Meet him halfway.

  • socon

    Diss Sarah Palin at your own peril, Mitt Romney. You will regret pissing off the Tea Party.

    Bet on it.

  • Here she goes again,the dried up old twat is a loser,insane,trailor trash that fleeced her dumber then her followers out of millions to live a life of luxury. Thats the only thing she is smart at. Her looks will go and so shall she. What does that say for you people on this board that are in love with her. She does not give a rats as- about anyone but her and her white trashy family and thats the honest truth. I don’t care who wins in 2012,their all a bunch of crooks and war mongers, warmongering profiteering its called, and many young people think they are fighting for the good old corrupt USA. Obama did not want a war in Iraq he did not vote for it . You people Republicans hate him because he’s smart decent, and a black man in the White House I BETCHA

  • Canda

    I just wonder who started this little tidbit of let’s bash Romney again. Palin is a loud mouth, but she’s a Republican loud mouth, and one way to split the group is to see her being picked on by the Romney team. The Obama folks will love to go off on this for as long as they can. Palin’s responses are typical of her. I still say she caused trouble during the primaries to insure her job with Fox. With Obama gone what would she talk about? Moose hunting?

  • BarbaraS

    #80 You are seriously delusional. Better get your meds pronto before it is too late. You can BETCHA all you like but seriousely…. a decent good man? Obama is a flaming communist who is doing his best to destroy this country. And you like him? You support him? Gads, how self destructive can you get?

    #81 Make up your mind. Either Palin is an asset or she is not. First you say she is a republican and we should support her but OTOH she is amoneygrubbing troublemaker. Are you serious or are you a dim shill sowing doubt wherever you can? What Palin will talk about after the election…no matter who wins… will be about conservative issues as she is doing now. If you think the mess this country is in now will be straigtened out in the near future, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

  • Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr.

    If I were Sarah Palin (I’m not) I would not take this personally, but would not be surprised in the least if this were true. I would turn the GOP down flat if asked to attend & speak if I were her. Palin does not need the GOP. The GOP need Palin. After all the bashing & condescending attacks on her by her own party since the ’08 election the GOP do not deserve the rallying she would provide to get the conservative base energized to vote for the man (through his surrogates) who is most responsible for a lot of the personal attacks she & her family have had to deal with over the last four years. If asked Palin should tell them to go pound sand. Mitt Romney is not worth her efforts. America is worth her efforts, but Romney & the GOP are not. A viable conservative alternative to the GOP is needed. Now.

  • fadera

    Personally, I’d love to see Sarah there and set an example to Romney & the GOP by lighting her hair on fire.

    So what’s the rill dill here? It’s got be a conspiracy against the teabaggers! First President Obama refuses to call Sarah and THEN he refuses to call Bristol and they are STILL waiting by the phone. Not even Glen Rice will call. And now this??? What a slap in the face lol!

  • BarbaraS

    Palin shouldn’t be too upset about a non-invite. The GOP didn’t invite W in 2008 either. So she’s in good company. A sitting president, no less. I wonder if they will invite him this time. They did, after all, not complain at any time when the left trashed him at the inaugeration. The GOP have a reputation for rolling over for the media and the dims unceasingly and they want to humiliate both Palin and W..

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  • John

    Should Romney invite the following person to speak at the convention:
    2008 Republican VP candidate
    Gave the best speech at the 2008 convention
    Keynote speaker at CPAC in 2012
    Keynote speaker at RightOnline in 2012
    Most important endorsement in 2010 election for Kelly Ayotte, Nikki Haley, Suzanna Martinez and many others!
    Key endorsements in 2012 primary for Ted Cruz and Deb Fisher

    This should be a no brainer. Wake up Romney campaign!

    This is another example of the small tent rino romneycare mutts.

    Reagan embraced everyone today’s GOP rinos, no conservatives need apply, especially blue collar conservative woman.

  • bitterclinger

    Willard puts me to sleep. That said, I hope there’s a livestream of whatever she’s doing at that space she’s got reserved, ’cause that, I’ll watch!

    Sarahcuda 2012! Take it in a brokered convention, baby!

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  • creeper

    Let me tell you just how big a mistake it would be for Romney to keep Palin out if the convention. If she’s not there, I’m not there. I think there are tens of thousands of people just like me who are willing to swallow their misgivings and vote for Mitt as the lesser of the evils but the truth is, if he gets away with pulling this crap he’s no better than Barack Obama.

    I do not trust the man as far as I can throw him. I believe he will cave on overturning Obamacare and enforcing our immigration laws. I also believe the “former CEO” will govern by executive fiat, just as Obama has done.

    The Republican party elite made a huge mistake in nominating Mitt. It will cost them what should have been a sure thing election.

    And they deserve to lose.

    No Sarah, no creeper. Your call, Mitt.

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  • Feliciena

    She has never had anything good to say about Romney so why should she be invited? She doesn’t support him & she has really turned me off by her attitude. Mitt is a very good man with a great family & he is a conservative, not an extreme one. Palin didn’t run because she knew she would never win & didn’t want to be humiliated. She supported Newt but wouldn’t come out with it for the same reason. Coward.

  • JimBear

    Only the Rhinos would ban one of their most of the GOP most charismatic politicians. Sarah Palin help give these ingrates a majority in the House by tirelessly campaigning for conservatives. By the way she helped them win all over the country. I watch these insipid Sunday morning shows and both parties laugh at the mentions of her name but ignore how popular she is and the crowds she draws, Santorum and Newt are very good on the stump and should speak too. Who are the Rhinos going to send out ? Wimps like John Boehner, Eric Cantor who are bores and can inspire anyone. The GOP convention is supposed to motive the base not divide it. This is an incredibly dumb move by the Romney crowd if they do it. They need to maximize turnout not depress it. You win Independents in the debates not the convention.