Outstanding!… Here It Is – ‘Hey Obama, We Built This!’ – The Video

You Must See This Video—–

President Obama’s attack on small business owners revealed a petulant and resentful socialist, who values the collective over the individual and sees the productive class as vampires feeding on the weak and the downtrodden. As Michael Walsh said, “It was a ‘Kinsley gaffe’ for Barack Obama when he inadvertently blurted out the truth.”

Now small business owners across America are standing up, speaking out and fighting back.
Here is their response to Barack Obama…
“I Built This” – the video.
Via the Ulsterman report:

I built this. Americans show us the businesses their blood, sweat, tears, and years have built. They invested and they sacrificed for their businesses.

Read their stories and see more prosperity that Americans have built at http://www.patheos.com/blogs/bristolpalin/2012/07/i-built-this-mr-president/

UPDATE: Then there’s Obama.

He built this.

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  • Pete_Bondurant

    Hopefully Romney will make Obama choke on his “you didn’t build that” quote all summer long.

  • Patty

    It is nice to see these businesses making it. And no thanks to Obama. But he may use this in a speech to tell his people that businesses are thriving. Cause that’s the sort of guy Obama is.

  • snap boy

    Bristol Palin? I’m impressed!

  • wtd

    Way to go, Bristol! Palin done good!

  • http://Gateway fightinggranny

    This is what we do, build. Thank you for your stories, and way to go Bristol! Job well done!

  • Dittogirl

    Wow Jim, Im impressed that you follow Ulsterman..wish you would report more of his articles! We really need to put the pressure on the libs, and he sure does!

  • StrangernFiction

    Obama couldn’t care less about the collective. He cares about himself and he cares about power. He wants the masses to believe in the collective sure, but that doesn’t mean he does.

  • Limousine Barry

    Um… it’s hard for me as a Harvard graduate to comprehend what you are trying to say. [Whisper… whisper]… um, Jay says that you’re tying to say you did actual build it.

    I still find that hard to believe given my Administration’s enormous “red-tape” squad, high taxes and high gas prices.

    Well, maybe it’s possible. But, if you build it I will just bankrupt it! …like the coal fired electric plants. I have never met a job I did not mind killing!

    If you like the way that I have strangulated the American economy – then vote for me! Send me $30.00 before midnight.

    My bus, that somebody built, is running out of fuel and David Axelrod has a new scam for my Union donors. It’s the old Milk the Cow Dry before it goes belly-up scam. I cannot go into specifics at this time. Besides, the Unions always vote for me. I say screw the Unions and take their money! Sure, my campaign sucks but it will suck worse after I screw the Unions! Good day.

  • Sparky

    Well, Milquetoast Mittens is going to need all the help he can get because he is as exciting as watching grass grow!

    It appears if Obama is going to be thrown from the throne, every day citizens are going to have to take this election into their own hands. God help the US if the election is left to the lacklustre Republican campaign.

    PS: Thank God for the Palins because only they can excite and motivate voters!

  • http://dustinstockton.com/ bg



    a breath of fresh air..

    almost seems nostalgic..


  • donh

    NOOO……Black slaves built it all 150 ago for nothing and YOU STILL OWE !

  • billypaintbrush

    i was in tears all the way through that. Thank you

  • Taqiyyotomist

    OT, and again, not really:

    Speaking for the great number of fair-minded persons in America and around the world, we demand to know what the acceptable levels of racism are. We demand to know why the black racist, socialist, negress Jehmu Greene is given carte blanche to insult viewers and other Fox News contributors with impunity.

    Perhaps Megyn Kelly can tell us what is inappropriate behavior for her show. Just days after giving Greene a pass for calling a white male guest a racist epithet, Kelly harshly condemned a white male guest when during the interview he referenced Joe Biden as a buffoon.

    If a Fox News contributor were debating an issue with Kelly about, oh, let’s say, Sharon Bialek, let’s say the Fox contributor became frustrated with Kelly because she refused to clearly explain her relationship with Bialek when they were both in Chicago. Let’s say the Fox contributor, in the heat of the moment, called Kelly a name or names that referenced the old rumors of her being less than the cherubic paragon-of-virtue program host she pretends to be. Let’s say the Fox contributor referenced in monosyllabic terms that her promo shots were more suitable for Playboy than they are for a professional journalist. And let’s allow that said Fox News contributor could be male, female, black, white, Asian, or whatever.

    Would Fox News frown upon that? Would Kelly offer up a tepid apology for the person who dared use those points as part of the discourse? My point is, we demand to know where the line of unacceptable racism and/or insult is, because it is clearly viewed differently for black racists like Jehmu Greene than it is for white males.

    MUCH More at Mychal Massie’s Daily Rant:


  • RefudiateObama2012

    I’m curious as to why the Ulsterman Report didn’t give proper attribution to Bristol Palin’s blog for the video. At the end of the video, it shows that it was created by her, but in his intro, he could have made it clear that it was her work.

  • Alvin

    They built their business DESPITE government. Well done.

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    donh #12 July 21, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    not true, white slavery came first, not to mention
    blacks were both white and black slave-masters..

    another problem with people’s perspective “these days” is, the US
    population was approx that of what Canada’s is “these days” back
    in “those days”..

    just scroll & click, or click & scroll, it’s all there..


  • JR

    Didn’t Stalinist Russia have roads and bridges? Doesn’t North Korea have roads and bridges, just like South Korea? Maybe there’s something else in free societies that makes the difference. Maybe it’s the freedom from too much government intervention.

  • GerryMaine

    Wow!!!! I’ll bet there are thousands upon thousands of stories like that. MORE, MORE!!

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