O’Reilly: “How Can President Obama Attack Romney For Outsourcing When He Did Exact Same Thing?” (Video)

Bill O’Reilly slammed President Obama tonight on his outsourcing double-standard.
Team Obama has been attacking Mitt Romney for outsourcing jobs while doing the exact same thing with taxpayer dollars.

FOX Insider reported, via FOX Nation:

During The O’Reilly Factor’s Talking Points Memo, host Bill O’Reilly revealed the truth behind the president’s claims that Mitt Romney outsourced jobs during his tenure at Bain Capital. O’Reilly reported, “According to analysis by FactCheck.org, Bain Capital under Romney did invest in companies that did outsource. But that’s not unusual — so did the Obama administration.”

“How can President Obama attack Romney for outsourcing when he did the exact same thing?” wondered O’Reilly, who added that, “The Obama administration has continued to make billions of taxpayer dollars available to the General Electric corporation, mostly through loans but there were some grants for green energy projects. GE employs about 300,000 people. Fewer than half – 131,000 — are working in the USA. Let me repeat, less than half of GE’s workforce are employed in America.”

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  • valerie

    Slam? What slam? He’s just asking a highly pertinent question.

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  • StrangernFiction

    Go figure Bill. Why would a good man, a good family man, a good father like Obama do such a thing?

  • StrangernFiction

    Slam? What slam? He’s just asking a highly pertinent question.

    Any actual slamming of Obama would offend Bill O. But our host likes to exaggerate from time to time.

  • snap boy

    It’s not just GE. GM has built factories in China and Mexico – using taxpayer borrowed money. Maybe ten days ago there was news that the US was “investing” millions of dollars in Africa to kickstart solar industries there (evidently buoyed by the success of such investments in this country). Obama has used taxpayer dollars to finance jobs in India, China, Finland, Mexico, Africa, Brazil, and Colombia. And then of course there are the “contributions to the IMF to fund government overspending in Greece and Ireland, Spain and Italy. I don’t see the US making a profit on the “investments” made by Obama; Romney did bring home the bacon for the Bain investors.

  • I’m not a racist; I don’t like Biden or Pelosi either

    hey, at least he’s asking some pertinent questions, which is a lot more than the rest of the MSM does.

    My email campaign to FNC continues, perhaps it’s starting to pay off! I think I sent 8 over the weekend, and I’d suggest others on this list do the same. I tried to post 11 email addresses for FNC anchors & hosts the other day, but I don’t think the post came through on GP. A couple of good ones are [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    factually Bill, he did a lot worse..

    January 12, 2012

    No, Bain Did Not Get a ‘Bailout’

    [Left-wing blogs and Mitt Romney’s presidential-primary rivals – and
    who can tell those apart this week? — have charged that Bain &
    Company, the firm Romney once headed, was the beneficiary of not
    one but two bailouts: one from the FDIC, and one from the federal
    Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. These allegations are nakedly

    May 14, 2012

    The Hypocrisy of Obama’s Bain Bundler

    [As Katrina reports, Mitt Romney left Bain Capital in 1999 to manage the
    Winter Olympics, two years before GST Steel declared bankruptcy. But
    that hasn’t stopped President Obama from blaming him for the company’s
    2001 collapse. In a new Obama campaign video, ex-steel workers criticize
    Romney for being “out of touch” with the “average working person.” Left
    unmentioned (and blameless) is Jonathan Lavine.

    Lavine, according to the Los Angeles Times, is a top Obama bundler and
    a managing director at Bain Capital. Lavine, who has raised over $100,000
    for the president, was at the firm when GST Steel declared bankruptcy.
    So according to the Obama team’s logic, Romney, who had left Bain, is
    responsible for GST Steel’s demise, but Lavine, who was there, is not?
    Expect to hear more about this connection.]

    July 2, 2012

    Obama’s new attacks on Romney and outsourcing

    [(Our colleagues at FactCheck.org have also offered their own analysis
    of the Obama outsourcing ads and the issues raised in The Post’s article,
    saying “some of the claims in the ads are untrue, and others are thinly
    supported.” The Obama campaign did not dispute the details of their
    analysis, except to once again claim that Romney had an active role in
    Bain after he left to run the Salt Lake City Olympics in 1999 — a claim
    that FactCheck.org quickly debunked. We came to the same conclusion
    in January. There is no evidence that Romney played a role in Bain
    decisions after he left to run the Olympics.) ]

    July 8, 2012

    Obama’s Outsourcing Far Worse Than Romney’s

    [Now let’s talk auto industry. Obama’s Department of Energy gave nearly
    $6 billion in taxpayer-guaranteed loans to the Ford Motor Company, which
    is expanding its business outside the U.S. Obama gave General Motors $50
    billion and GM started building cars in China and Mexico to save on labor;
    later, Obama gave GM $45 billion in tax breaks so GM did not have to pay
    a dime in income taxes after making a $7.6 billion profit.]

    July 12, 2012

    Editorial: Obama’s crony capitalism and
    new regulations drive jobs overseas

    [Before he died, Apple CEO Steve Jobs reportedly told President Obama
    to adopt more business-friendly policies, because “regulations and
    unnecessary costs” had made it difficult to build factories in the United
    States. If he didn’t change course, Jobs warned, “You’re headed for a
    one-term presidency.”]

    more to come..


  • Jeannie

    O’Reilley makes me think of the movie, “Field of Dreams”. There out on the field has been playing the dream team of baseball and James Earl Jones (who doesn’t play himself, thank goodness, but someone we DO like) is there going on about glorious American tradition, while the brother in law is beside himself defending all the bankers and people telling Kevin Costner’s character to get rid of this ball field and straighten up and arrange everything to sell off to someone.

    One small daughter nearly chokes on her hot dog, out from his fantasy walks Burt Lancaster (who we like as this character AND as an American) , saves the day and suddenly brother in law ‘gets it’.

    O’Reilley, it’s as if the clouds have finally lifted from your eyes and you’ve taken your lips off of O’s derriere. You and La La Noonan are a little late to the game, but better now than never.

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    re: #7 July 16, 2012 at 9:11 pm bg

    Obama Gives Chrysler To Libya & Muammar Gaddafi

    June 6, 2010

    Follow The Money

    [BP wanted a big deal with Libya, and Libya wanted its nonsick Lockerbie terrorist in exchange for a HUGE contract (Britain doth protest). Obama didn’t stand in their way; he just told Libya not to celebrate too much. Though 190 Americans died in the terror attack, Obama said nothing about them.

    BP gave Obama a lot of money during his campaign.

    Obama seems friendly with Qadafi: Obama devised a plan to give Qadafi $2.5 million recently. Obama’s mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, along with Louis Farrakhan, met with Qadafi in Tripoli. Qadafi called Obama a “Muslim brother.” Qadafi is also linked to Odinga for whom Obama campaigned in Kenya (illegally, in violation of the Logan Act (watch video).]

    of course there’s much more to it, like the ceo of BP (one of Obama ‘s biggest supporters) selling his shares in the company just prior to the accidental oil rig explosion.. :roll:

    scroll for more here (#8) here (#12) in connecting links & threads..


  • Jeannie

    To “I’m Not a RAcist”…the time to ask pertinent questions were during his two interviews with O, which most of the media (aside from media ‘light’ Letterman, The View, Katie Couric, Robin Roberts and Anne Curry) didn’t get to have.His questions were only barely less pap than Couric’s ‘fierce’ interview when she asked President wannabe Hillary Clinton which cookies she and Chelsea baked in the kitchen.
    Bill is just as much of a beltway Irish cafeteria Catholic black/wealth apologist as the rest of ’em.

  • Jeannie

    Fox news is half owned by a very wealthy Dubai gent. Good luck with your campaign. There is no trust to be placed in ANY cable. It’s up to us to keep the FCC’s bloodstained hands off our internet.

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    re: #9 July 16, 2012 at 9:21 pm bg

    May 8, 2009 (WaPo :roll:)

    Under Restructuring, GM To Build More Cars Overseas

    [“More significantly, it raises fundamental questions about the purpose
    of bailing out these big companies. If GM is going to do more of its
    production overseas, then why exactly are we saving GM?”


    Take, for example, the Chevrolet Spark, a tiny car that GM sells in South Korea and elsewhere in Asia. In the next few years, the company plans to send some of those cars — which are built in Changwon — to the United States for sale.

    But since only about 5 percent of the car’s market will be in the
    United States, the manufacturing will remain in South Korea.

    Analysts who study the auto companies and their global operation
    warn against allowing political passions to obstruct GM’s efficiency.

    “If we start making political decisions with the auto industry, we’re
    going to be in tremendous trouble,” said Michael Robinet, vice
    president of global vehicle forecasts at CSM Worldwide.]

    i hear butterflies, humming birds, and crickets, you?? /s/


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “How Can President Obama Attack Romney For Outsourcing When He Did Exact Same Thing?”

    I will assume this is a rhetorical question…?

  • coolidgerules

    C’Mon Bill, you can do it. You’re almost there. It’s not so tough. We all have been saying this since the Dem primary in 2008.

    It’s on the tip of his tongue, but he soesn’t have the gall to say it on TV……..yet.

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    Jeannie #11 July 16, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    not a Dubai agent, Mr. “thank you for saving my butt” Prince Alwaleed,
    the same guy who tried to bribe NYC Mayor, at the time, R. Giuliani, also
    one of Obama’s numerous sponsors boss (bit more here (#40) & here)..


  • American Woman

    Obama’s stimulus money was outsourced. Speaker John Boehner wrote about it on his Congressional website:


  • saveus

    o’reilly is wrong again

    obama used taxpayers $$$ to outsource jobs

    romney used his own money to create jobs

  • progressoverpeace

    “How can President Obama attack Romney for outsourcing when he did the exact same thing?”

    The Dog-Eating Retard never did “the exact same thing” as anyone who has actually worked for a living, let alone someone who built a business. Barky did drive American jobs overseas, but it wasn’t the “exact same thing” Romney did … not even close.

    I get tired of these comparisons that even attempt to paint the Indonesian Imbecile as being close to any normal, working American. Barky is un-American and has done everything in his power to kill America (which he has been pretty successful at, since destruction takes no talent or aptitude). He’s taken other people’s money and used it to illegally feather the beds of his union thug supporters and pay off foreigners, but it’s not even in the same universe as anything Mitt has done.

    O’Reilly is a tool. I stopped watching him right after he admitted on air that he was taking it easy on the America-hater because he ‘wanted him to succeed’. Well, the destroyer of America has succeeded. I hope O’Reilly is happy with himself. He’s a total piece of sh!t, just like the little Jakarta street kid with the taste for Poodle.

    Barky has killed American jobs. Period. He has used the full force of the feral government (and then some, as he has violated the Constitutional limits of the office over and over) in order to force stagnation on us while funneling money overseas to help the people he ran around the world “apologizing” to on his World Traitor Tour – for which he should have been impeached and unceremoniously tossed out of office.

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    #18 July 16, 2012 at 10:06 pm

    he’s only doing what the elite powers that be
    groomed him to do
    , and probably then some
    (#13, scroll up/down for more)..


  • Jeannie

    Thank you, BG. I dated somebody in the jet set world for a couple of years and they do indeed operate on a different plane and their understanding of politics is remedial. NOBODY tells them ‘no’ and they have a definite belief of themselves as rarefied. Often charm is abundant in them. Not terribly charming however when they are in a hurry and response is not rapid enough or subservient enough for their sense of entitlement.
    We came to an end because my American tendency to treat EVERYBODY the same way, which he had initially thought so charming, turned out to be offputting when he was on his high horse and decided I needed to avoid talking to ‘those people’.
    To this day friends shake their head that I broke up with a bonafide uber rich over something so silly as class snobbery. :-)
    Oh, and if one is NOT a shopaholic and cannot be bought it’s MAJOR frustration because it doesn’t work as leverage for them when they’ve behaved badly and want a quick ‘forgive’ by offering a shopping spree.