FAIL. Team Obama Invites Jews to Big Synagogue Campaign Stop – Misspells Israel (Updated)

Barack Obama loves the Jewish people – He told us so.

He even said a prayer at the Wailing Wall.

And to prove his love for the Jews he’s holding a big event in a Philadelphia-area synagogue Monday on behalf of the Obama for America campaign. DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) is scheduled to appear at the Congregation Keneseth Israel in Elkins Park.

Team O even sent out invitations.
Too bad they can’t spell Israel.

Besides misspelling Israel, the campaign event at Keneseth Israel directly conflicts with an IRS rule stating that nonprofit organizations, such as religious institutions, prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign.
But, who cares?
After all, he’s Barack Obama.

UPDATE: This came from the Obama folks–

Hi Jim – I saw your post about the typo on the OFA PA invitation to the Jewish Americans for Obama event in Elkins Park, PA.

On background – we noticed the error after a few of the invitations were sent and corrected it immediately, attached is a copy of the corrected flier for your reference.

Thanks, Jen
Jennifer Austin
Obama 2012
Press Secretary, Pennsylvania

But they’re still holding their campaign stop at a synagogue.

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  • Redwine

    I grew up in Elkins Park and know Congregation KI pretty well. Avoided them like the plague. They’ve always been far to the left, being a Reform congregation with a predilection for social justice over equal justice. Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz pulled the same stunt of jeopardizing the nonprofit status of a synagogue in Florida recently.

    But then again, Mooch just did the same thing in a church.

    Do you really think that the IRS will do anything about these infringements of the tax law, especially since this criminal, unconstitutional regime is adding 16,000 jobs to their ranks?

  • dwillmore

    Always thought that lose your non-profit status because you speak was a bit south of the….you know 1st amendment in so many ways.

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  • American Woman

    I am not Jewish, so could someone please explain to me how any Jew could vote for Obama given his track record in the Middle East?

    Obama and Hillary Clinton are largely responsible for putting the Middle East in the hands of militant Islamist groups that want to annihilate the Jews. After that, they want to conquer the US from within. The Muslim Brotherhood has even documented a plan to do so. (Google it.)

    So, please explain why do Jews support Obama and give him money? They are usually so smart; so why are they doing this?

    Does anyone know if German Jews supported Hitler’s rise in Germany in the beginning? Did they give the fascist named Hitler money? Did they support Hitler’s campaign with political dinners? Did Jews sit and eat with Hitler and give him money to take over Germany? Does anyone know?

    Just asking….

  • Militant conservative

    American Woman,

    The answer is yes and he’s still alive. His name is George
    Soros. As a boy he ratted out
    His fellow Jews to the Nazis.

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  • rangerrebew

    There may have been a mispeling on the inviteighsion but with commiecrats and Obumah its the thawt that counts. Its like all the muney thats been lost on grean ennergie, the billyons lost isn’t nerly as importent as the desyre to do the write think. The desyred ends just ifys the meens and looses.

  • Matt Rogge

    I’m on your side but the word “Israel” (misspelled or not) is not showing up on my Android.

  • Joe Blow

    The Jews that still support Obama are likely willingly going to march into the ovens just as they did before. Stand up and fight for your people, turn against the group that wants to do you harm!

  • workingclass artist



  • Tim in Cali

    Barack Obama ,voted most intelligent Liberal at the mental institution.

    Four more months…”Resist we much”

    I’m shocked the Star of David was placed above his symbol/seal

    Question..Wasn’t there a time in America when the President had their own SEAL ?
    What’s up with his Pepsi logo ? looks tacky

  • Probably did it on purpose to show disrespect. Wouldn’t put it past him.

  • PAvolley

    Just like he sent Biden to the NAACP, he’s sending his best officers Allyson Schwartz and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (they certainly managed to spell that right, er copy pasters) to rile up the Jews. Promise everything, deliver Israel to Islam.

  • Robert

    This is Obama and the Democrat party using more identity politics and pandering to yet another discrete group, as opposed to calling on Americans as a whole. They always do this.

  • Perfected democrat

    Functioning as a kapo under extreme duress is pathetic enough, but for JINO’s (their Passover Seder motto, “Next Year in, Washington) to be volunteering for it in 2012, is contemptible; Screw the Soros & Co. crowd every which way possible. FYI, I’m Jewish…

  • I’M A NYC JEW.


  • workingclass artist


    From my limited observations over the years as an interested Pro-Israel Catholic.

    There are some Jews who do not condone Zionism (the establishment and protection of the Jewish State of Israel & Jewish culture outside of the diaspora…The modern Zionist movement preceded WWI and originated among the diaspora communities in Europe and America) Some of these theological purist folks belong to some orthodox sects that theorize the current state of Israel as anti-prophetic/anti-biblical relying on a strict interpretation of messianic passages. Their orthodox zionist counterparts are often found in those Jews who continue to build and occupy disputed settlements as a means to re-establishing the original territory of ancient Israel according to biblical outlines before 70 AD.

    There are also Jews who identify as “cultural jews” but are entirely secular.

    There are also liberal jews who buy into the fashionable fallacy that “palestinians” are not an invented political sophistry (They are Jordanians rejected by their own government after they obeyed the Grand Mufti and gave up their property) but these liberals think these are an indigenous people…or something like that.
    These liberals ignore the facts of history…

    There have always been Jews in Israel and Jerusalem…even after the Roman Holocaust of 70 AD. Their history is recorded outside of their own annals by Romans, Christians and later Arabs during the Crusades.

    Judaism….is complicated…Many sects & many traditions

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  • Sasja

    dwillmore. You are absolutely right.

    American Woman.
    As to why are Jews support Bammy, or any lefty, Norman Podhoretz has written a book, “Why Are Jews Liberal?” which will answer your questions. You may also want to take a gander at his article in the WSJ.

  • Robert

    Instead of calling themselves Jewish-Americans
    they should call themselves Liberal-JINOs.

  • workingclass artist

    Many Jews have a natural and admirable sympathy to “Oppressed Peoples”….based on the reality of their own history. Motivated by this Jews have been important theorists and activists throughout history contributing to the development of what we now call human rights. Unfortunately this cultural empathy has been manipulated to the point of confusion that places Israel in jeopardy…imho.

  • Patty

    He even said a prayer at the Wailing Wall. And to prove his love for Israel.

    I am embarrassed for him. This was nothing but a Photo Op.

  • Vote 2012

    American women. Most Jews are smart, granted. But can you really say that after a Wasserman/Shultz rant?
    Dumber than a rock with a voice like gravel & lies like her boss. Eeeee

  • dba…vagabond trader

    Useful Idiots, every last one.

  • donh

    Jewish Americans for Obama ? How about Kapos for Mien Kampf…? I see they still have DebbieWasaman doing the ” moneybagger ” salome dance for dollars..>

  • stonedome

    i like the presumptive “est 2007” with the losers “o” brand in the middle on the flyer…what a malignant narcissist. we need to put a slash through that o in november and be ready for the riots that follow.

  • way2confused

    Proof positive the ONLY requirement to work for Obama is utter incompetence.

  • stonedome

    # 12
    “I’m shocked the Star of David was placed above his symbol/seal”…it is only a matter of time for the “abomination of desolation” to stand in the temple and proclaim himself God. It is spoken of in Daniel and Matthew…it is literal as well as symbolic. Ever wonder why all aspects of life seem to be going downhill at a faster and faster pace ? ah, but then to secularists, that’s just myth and legend, right?

  • Patty

    Invitation misspelled or spelled correctly. OBAMA HAS LOST THE JEW AND PARTICULARLY ISRAEL.

  • Valerie

    #5 July 14, 2012 at 4:26 am
    American Woman commented:

    There was a lot of support among Jews for communism, at least theoretically, in this country, too. To them, the appealing part of it is “to each, according to his needs.”

    In the Torah, also known as the Old Testament of the Bible, is a long, elaborate discussion of God’s great Covenant with his chosen people. The promises He makes are essentially that, if they follow His laws, the world is not going to change, so much as their people will be able to cope with it better. The mechanism is by taking care of one another, and treating one another gently and generously. There is also an example where the actions of the government of Egypt (in the story of Joseph) saved the Jewish people during a famine.

    Jesus Christ in the New Testament upped the standard, by insisting that non-Jews should also benefit from that gentleness and generosity.

    For Jews, the command “love your neighbor” is a governmental obligation as well as a personal one. They also have a long tradition of teaching through debate, and a love of extravagant theoretical constructs. Communism is one such construct. They keep thinking that, with enough tweaks, they can make it work.

  • Patty

    Iran vows to back any nation that fights America

    Read more:

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  • Valerie

    “Socialism is a beautiful Concept”

    #5, See what I mean?

  • liberalsRsupid

    Not much different than the Germans of 1932 having a “We love the Juden” Party… About as trustworthy too…

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque


    Replacing “OBAMA” with “STUPID” would probably describe the event a little more accurately…

  • Bunni

    Why is this not surprising.
    Oblamer hates ISRAEL! Anyone of Jewish descent ( or ANY descent, but esp. Jewish) who votes for this creep really needs to read the Bible, as well as get their head examined.

  • Marty Modance

    As a Jew, I can say without a doubt that most Jews in this country loathe Conservatives more than they love America, or Israel, for that matter.

    It’s that simple. I am even convinced that if Farrakhan ran for President as a Democrat, most Jews would support him over a Republican.

    If I never get a chance to vote for a Jew for President, seeing as 95% are Leftists, I could not care less!

  • Flintstone F.

    #3 dwillmore

    I agree with you on that. Does receiving funds from the federal government make one a proxy extension of the federal government? No. Universities receive fed. money and their free speech isn’t limited. Maybe I’m missing a distinction.

    It’s one thing for a non-profit to risk IRS punishment for speaking their minds, in defiance for what could be unconstitutional requirements. But, it’s quite another thing to have the CIC, casually disregard the laws (he demonstrates almost daily that the oath of office are merely words).

    It demonstrates a lack of ethical sense, a willingness to compromise principles by picking and choosing which laws are to be paid attention to. This is certainly nothing new to Obama, it’s the SOP, that’s why he has a “lawman” like Holder to watch his back.

    #18 workingclass artists

    The ancient language that became Hebrew was spoken in the region 1,500 years before the existence of islam. Hebrew was the only language that survived continuously in the region from all the Canaanite languages.

  • sandy

    Jews are very smart people but they have one failing and that’s that they cannot see the danger in being who they are. In Germany they said that they were Germans first and they fought for the Germans during WW1 so they had nothing to fear from the wave of Anti-semitism If you read Jewish history you will see a pattern. Wherever Jews settled they made a life and then some enemy arrived — took their land and cast them out. One would think after 5,000 years of this they would become a bit more cynical.

  • sandy

    22 July 14, 2012 at 7:57 am
    workingclass artist commented:

    Many Jews have a natural and admirable sympathy to “Oppressed Peoples”….based on the reality of their own history. Motivated by this Jews have been important theorists and activists throughout history contributing to the development of what we now call human rights.
    A Jewish friend of mine says Being Jewish Means You Have To Be Born With Your Bags Packed. Jewish people founded the NAACP with the best will in the world but the odd thing about helping those oppressed is that they end up hating you for accepting your help.

  • Francesca

    #9: ‘Israel’ is on the right side where the location is announced.

  • Buffalobob

    Isreal a fantasy country surrounded by puppy-dog loving neighbors.

  • Francesca

    I would think people would proofread before putting out an invitation, but that’s just me. Maybe none of them knows how to spell it, or maybe they are just lazy.

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  • sandy

    The misspelling of Israel is a sign to those who hate Israel — I’m just doing what I have to do to get elected — don’t worry about it I’m with you guys.

  • Scarlett

    Somebody turn this meeting into IRS! So illegal to host officipolitical event at synogue.

    And, didnt BHO tell JewishAmericans his name derived from “Baruck” ? These guy will say anything.

  • AuntieMadder

    It would be easy enough to write this one off as nothing more than a mistake – a typo – except that these otherwise simple mistakes have been made too consistently and constantly by Kenya Boy and his peeps. These are jabs as Israel and at Jews.

  • obama’s racists

    And just to think these people are running our country? OMG—this is too much. How dumb can you get? I guess as about as dumb as the VIEW! wow.

  • GotFreedom

    . . .”the campaign event at Keneseth Israel directly conflicts with an IRS rule stating that nonprofit organizations, such as religious institutions, prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign.
    But, who cares?”
    “After all, he’s Barack Obama.”

    This may be exactly why MO, “in a speech the First Lady delivered to African Methodist Episcopal Church in Nashville, Tennessee . . .told parishioners that there’s “no place better” to talk about political issues than the church.”

    “Legally, churches are restricted from delving too deeply into the political schema. While they can address the issues of the day, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations forbid pastors and faith leaders from endorsing candidates from the pulpit. Many conservative and liberal leaders, alike, rail against these regulations, claiming that they are unfair and that they hamper free speech.”

    The above quoted article, from July 2, 2012 asks, “So, does Obama agree with these critics?”, in other words, does he feel not being allowed to engage in politics in church “hampers free speech”(all he cares about is it hampering “his” free speech–to heck with the rest of the country) and obviously, this gathering at Keneseth Israel shows his blatant disregard for the law (and is supported by his wife’s comments).

    If America would only listen more carefully to what these people say–they will, over, expose exactly who they are and what their intentions are towards “fundamentally” changing America and will break the law every chance they get it that’s what it takes for them to implement their agenda.

  • mcc

    Wonder if it’s well-attended or has a disappointing turn-out…

    Thanks to all who’ve given us more insight into the Jewish people. Cannot tell you, though, how sad this made me:

    As a Jew, I can say without a doubt that most Jews in this country loathe Conservatives more than they love America, or Israel, for that matter. (Marty #39)

    As a Conservative Christian, my love for Israel and her people is deep. I’ll never forget the young Jewish man (my daughter was dating and I hoped would marry) who left me stunned when he asked me about Christians not liking Jews…

    I hope I disabused him of the notion. But he’d grown up in a very liberal California community and is probably still a Democrat today. Hmmm…maybe it’s best she didn’t marry him…

  • billy sol

    Is(he for)real? probably doesn’t how to spell America as well . . . . . .ends with a C, not a K barry!

  • lynno

    She is a liar,commie,I don’t understand the jewish vote, obama thinks he above the law,he is a commie,marxist,liar. His response is “WHAT” do as i say not as i do. His insults to all people who love this country is over the top, A nice pair of handcuff’s for obama and holder would be a saving grace for our country and our true ally Israel.

  • dunce

    Letter reversals are a symptom of a brain flaw called dyslexia, all dyslectics are not liberals but all liberals have flawed brains.

  • Lamarlamar

    Get these SCHMUCKS out of here!!!

  • jim gallagher

    I guess the traitorous Jews, you know like George Soros. He the guy that ratted out where his fellow Jews were hiding to the Nazi’s, they’ll be there. Every group has its element of lowlifes.

  • Dogwood

    Hey, Obama thinks there are 58 states, and he can’t pronounce “corpsman” (that’s because he’s a Marxman, har har har!); it’s not surprising that he can’t spell “Israel”. By the way, that Trinity Church where Obama was a leader, headed by Obama’s mentor Rev. Wright; Wright and the church was actively organizing boycotts of and disinvestment from Israel. Wright’s literature (it was posted on their website until they pulled it down as Obama rose to prominence) proclaimed Zionism to be racism, and Israel an apartheid state. And yet the majority of Jews trip over each other to support this S.O.B. What is wrong with our people?

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  • We’re a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your web site offered us with useful information to work on. You have performed an impressive job and our whole community might be grateful to you.

  • Bill G.

    I always thought — since George W. Bush campaigned at my Catholic college, as did Sarah Palin — that as long as the venues are open to both candidates it is not a violation.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    The new message states that “Debbie Wasserman-Schultz will share her message with the entire Gewish community.”

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  • JD

    Hillary’s part Jewish, she said so if I remember correctly, just before she ran for the senate in New York state. I think she said she was 2% Jewish, the same percentage Bill said he was black, 2%%. Kind a like my grandfather always said everyone’s a fifth scotch.

  • waitforflash

    LOL… Obama tells “paralegals” to dispense first-aid. Maybe they can also hand out “breathalizers” to asthmatics and supply “CORPSmen” for Marine funerals.

    Romney will only be President of 50 states… Maybe you liberal DemocRATS can move to one of those other 7 states and anoint the Mulatto Moron as Dear Leader 🙂

  • Jonny Underagga

    Obama’s goose is cooked, as it should be. Thinking, rational, Jews will vote against him and many Democrats this November. Beyond that it will be back to business as usual I think.

    If we don’t get a hard-cap 15% balanced budget amendment with fair tax reform legislation passed in the next four years, the country will be doomed. The next neo-communist push will finish the republic.

  • Tanker

    How did it happen that a group of people who suffered through alienation, separation, pogroms, and the holocaust are so willing to support and protect Jew haters? These same well intentioned Jews that protect Neo Nazis (via the ACLU) and KKK members “civil rights,” to organize and spew the most virulent hatred also support Barack Hussein Obama. This is the same administration that is doing it’s level best to isolate Israel by giving tacit support towards Israel’s destruction. Arab spring be damned, yet another excuse for the Islamists to control the dialog and work to ultimately denude the “Jewish State” of any leverage. Let’s be clear that this so called Jewish state has welcomed multiple races and religions, in so doing has become more ethnic, religious, and racially diverse than their neighboring states. Screw Wasserman/Shultz and her liberal ilk that would have probably done a great public relations and advertising campaign for Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

  • doc

    Anybody can make a spelling error, but why on earth would any Jew vote for Obama after all the anti-Jewish crap he’s done? But, I’m guessing the majority of them will, go figure?

  • What an abomination for this man to place his hands on the wailing wall. He has been successful in deceiving some Jews — but, he cannot deceive the God of Israel.

  • Rick O’Shea

    I’m constantly amazed at the support Obama gets from lthe people who are hurt the most by his idiotic policies.

  • Jeff Davis

    Hey, Ob*ma…

    If you REALLY want to support Israel, then GO THERE!

    Romney’s going at the end of the month!

  • Beast watch

    Theman of lawlessness. IS REAL.

  • Agent Provocateur

    This event is open to all self-hating Jews…. after all, if you love Obama then you can’t possibly support Israel.

  • M Grey

    Don’t think for a moment that Jews will change their mind about Obama based on his policies esp toward Israel. Most Jewish Americans are liberals and socialists as most come from eastern Europe (Socialism’s cradle) and came to this country immediately found their place in the liberal/union folds of NY. The conservative Jew is a rare but growing breed. Only hope this cycle is to convince Jews that he’s not what he promised and is doing more damage than good. I’m hoping for Jewish Dem turnout of 60% – means a Romney landslide.

  • Joe E in the IE

    No big thang. One phone call to Nancy Pelosi and even a typo will be blamed on the failed policies of the previous administration.

  • mmilesll

    Any Jew that votes for this ass must hate Israel

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  • Charles Miller

    Everything about Barack Hussein is so patently false, deceitful and ignorant, HOW can any sane and honest person support or vote for him, I ask you? Well, there’s my answer right there… Obama supporters are NOT sane or honest. They’re just as fraudulent and ignorant as their candidate.

  • MinniePearlJam

    Obama can see ISREAL from his front porch.

  • Yaspar Kyashred

    How revolting it is to see that communist’s filthy hand on the foundation wall of the sacred Temple, built by Solomon, the son of the David! In a yarmulke, no less!!

  • James Dean

    I am not Jewish, so could someone please explain to me how any Jew could vote for Obama given his track record in the Middle East?

    #5 I AM Jewish and I’ll tell you why. Jews fear a “preferred”/national religion for obvious reasons. It seems the Dems and liberals are more apt to keep religion out of public schools, etc.

    But to me, this is really a minor issue. I have no fear the US will turn autocratic and Jews really do have to thank the many Zionist and pro-Israel christians out there. If it wasn’t for you, Israel would not have succeeded. There are plenty Ron Paulites and Pat Buchananites who would let the jewish state fail in a 2nd holocaust.

  • Idontcare

    I have no idea why Israel support even matters, since when were jews so important in American life. Supporting Israel doesn’t help America it just drags us into more war. He’ll win without zionist support.

  • Ted West

    You gotta wonder which is worse, misspelling Israel or posting an entire story with a picture that doesn’t show the misspelling?

  • spoofproof

    § All Democrats and the Democrat Political Party are enemies of life, liberty and We The People. Democrats are against life; they endorse abortion & partial birth abortion. Democrats are against liberty; they conceived, passed, endorse & defend Obamacare. Democrats are against We The People; Barack Obama, leader of the Democrat Political Party openly violates our Constitution and scoffs at those who criticize his lawlessness. There is nothing democratic about any Democrat anywhere anytime. There is no way to be a Christian Democrat. Democrats have gone beyond the pale. Democrats are no longer worthy of serious consideration as anything more than enemies of Life and Liberty. Shun & repudiate every Democrat and everything for which they and their evil party stand. Despicable Democrats.

  • Ted West

    Oh, THERE it is!

  • Socialist Pig

    “Isreal” is a well-know derogatory term used by Israel-haters to question the Jewish state’s legitimacy.

  • mikeb

    Why do we continue to support Obama (I, personally, think he’s a piece of dreck, so I’m speaking collectively)?
    Lemme ask y’all a kwestun (Obama spelling).
    People think we Jews are so smart, but think of this: How smart can a people be if they wander in circles for forty years in the wilderness and still wind up in the only place in the Middle East without oil?
    Levity aside, many Jews have abandoned traditional Judaism for Progressive faith, thus the misguided adherence to the left-wing ideology of the Democratic Party. It’s a warped and dangerous interpretation of our concept of social justice which does NOT preach continuous dependence on others.
    By the same token, I take issue with this self-destructive attitude on the part of too many of my co-religionists who support the left-wing gun control agenda. The Talmud contains a concept known as “din rodef” (the law of the pursuer) which requires a Jew, when he’s attacked (“pursued”) or sees an innocent person being “pursued”, to take action, including lethal, to preserve the life of the innocent. In other words, Judaism does not oppose self defense by any means necessary.

  • Yusuf in Obamastan

    I am a Jewish former Democrat (and became more libertanrian/conservative over 25 years ago) based on my first hand observations of the massive waste and damage that comes from interfering with free markets. In essence, there are historical reasons why Jews tend to be liberal in the US. But those reasons for being liberal/progressiveare failing the test of time. And Obama is accelerating the trend to jews no longer being lock step Democrats because it so obvious that Obama’s bigger government, higher taxes and more regulation are destroying the middle class where most American jews are. As well as the America Jews were previously more comfortable with. This article explores the details.

    PS Many free market economic thinkers were jewish: including Ludwig von Mises, Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Murray Rothbard. Mre Jews should read the Torah (and whole Tanach) and the writings of these thinkers, and of course go to

  • LibSick

    Separation of church and state for thee but not for me. This hypocrite must go!

  • edwardo

    That is awful, misspelling by demonrats!!!! holly guacamole! that is the worst sin for them, they love to pick misspellings up for conservatives, claims it detracts from the argument, or disqualifies the argument, but for them to do it, is heresy! shame on you.

  • Frank

    Debbie Was-a-man Schultz didn’t know how to spell Israel either! She is not really a Jew

  • Rwinger

    What’s next, another photo op at the Whaling Wall?

  • Yonaton

    It is beyond my belief that any sane jew could vote for this man. He is in NO WAY a lover of jews or Israel. He will say anything to get someones vote. Jews/non jews that knew him at harvard law school have written that he was a narcissist to the extreme. The democratic party is the party of hate – and that certainly includes hating Israel and jews at this point. Only self hating jews that are more communists than jews will vote for him – and every jew that does support him should be put into herem.

  • A. Gabe

    What a phony obama is—praying at the wailing Wall when everybody knows he hates the Jews and came out and said he would stand with the muslims if it came to taking sides. Man, this guy is evil.

  • A. Gabe

    If any Jew votes for the lying doink named obama, that jew is a pure idiot!

  • no mo yo

    Load, aim at foot, FIRE!

  • TuraNarEl

    Marty Modance said the following:
    “As a Jew, I can say without a doubt that most Jews in this country loathe Conservatives more than they love America, or Israel, for that matter.

    It’s that simple. I am even convinced that if Farrakhan ran for President as a Democrat, most Jews would support him over a Republican.

    If I never get a chance to vote for a Jew for President, seeing as 95% are Leftists, I could not care less!”

    Without taking any position on the discussion here, except a respect for actual facts, I have to point on that ALL exit polling over the last decades shows that, with minor ups and downs, about 40% (yes, that’s 4 out of 10) of American Jews voted predominantly Republican, until George Bush II, when that number went to about 30%, and although I don’t have the exact number for the mid-term 2010 elections, is rising again. It has been at least half a century (or more) since Republicans got less than about a third of the Jewish vote, and at times close to half. This makes the statement above an attempt to just spew “facts” in the hope that most people will believe it without doing any checking.

  • LibSick

    Hitler was legitimately elected by the German people, and many Jews voted for him. Many of those same Jews blindly went off the the concentration and death camps, still believing the lie that they were being relocated for their own protection.

  • JBlooze

    What a bunch of hateful ignorant comments. You guys are so full of crap. Obama bad, anything else good. Sheep! Loud obnoxious full of crap sheep. Obama Ba-aa-aaad. I hope we never have to suffer under the America that would exist if you guys were fully in charge. Enjoy your hatefest. I’m sure you’ll all go to heaven and get a gold star.

  • A. Gabe

    obama (will never capitalize the jerk’s name) is such a narcissistic, hateful, arrogant, miserable, anti-American puke that we know for sure that he deliberately misspelled the word because tht is a way of insulting Israel. I say we should all misspell obammar.

  • DaninCA

    This is one of many Jews that will not vote for obama.

  • TuraNarEl

    as far as Jews voting for Hitler, even the following is a simplification, but it’s better than the ridiculous garbage being spewn in most of these comments:

    Most German Jews were patriotic Germans, especially the families of those who fought in World War I. Berlin had tens of thousands of Jews living there in the 1930s, and some Jews undoubtedly supported NSDAP candidates.

    However, by 1933, Jewish professionals were boycotted, and the Nuremberg laws of 1935 deprived them of the vote. In any case voting in Nazi Germany became meaningless after the rise of Hitler. The Nazis, in particular, would not have wanted any connection with the Jews.

    A few Jews, however, served and won honors fighting for Hitler, notably Erhard Milch (FM Oberkommando der Luftwaffe) and Emile Maurice (Schutzstaffel party #2 Begleitkommando/Leibstandarte). There were members of the Wehrmacht who were either Mischling or full-blood Jews who held the Ritterkreuz (Knights Cross- the Wehrmacht’s [Heer, Luftwaffe, and Kriegsmarine] highest military award for gallantry in battle), some upgraded with swords and oakleafs.

    German Jews Between the Wars
    Many practising and non-practicing German Jews had assimilated into German culture fought gallantly and bravely during the First World War. Some were awarded the Blue Max – the Pour Le Merite. In the process, roughly 12000 Jewish Germans died fighting for the Kaiser and Germany. After the war, many of the veteran German Jews identified themselves as German nationalists, and were disheartened by what they perceived as an unfair and unjust punishment cast on Germany in the form of the Treaty Of Versailles as well as the French/Belgian occupation of the Ruhr in 1923. During the interwar years, the Weimar era, Germany was in a state of anarchy. Various groups fought and vied for power. Communists clashed with Socialists, Nationalists clashed with Communists and Germany experienced hyper-inflation.

    Most Germans chose sides, with many of the Jewish WW1 veterans siding with the Nationalists who eventually morphed into the National Socialists. Great War Veterans were a proud group of patriots, comprised of veterans from all walks of German life. During this time, the Freikorps arose and was like wise comprised of many WW1 vets, including many Jews. The Friekorps were mostly Germans who identified themselves as patriotic nationalists, and were comprised of Germans representing all religions : Lutherans from Prussia, Roman Catholics from Bavaria and Jews from the various states in the Weimar Republic. Many members of the Freikorps (but not all) went on to side with the Workers Party which eventually gave rise to the National Socialists (it must be understood that the FreiKorps and Ehrhardt did not support Hitler and Ludendorf during the “Beer Hall Putsch” (Hitler-Ludendorff-Putsch) and the subsequent events which transpired at the Mareinplatz). Although the early National Socialists preached moderate anti-semitism (something that Jews had experienced for centuries in Europe), many patriotic Jews threw in their support to the “cause”, believing the anti-semitic rhetoric was nothing more than what they had experienced in the past, and believed this rhetoric to be innocuous. The German Jewish Veterans Association worked to ease some of this anti-semitism through campaigns to convince the German public they identified themselves as culturally German, not culturally Jewish.

    Germany was a powder keg during the Weimar era. The NSDAP was successful in capturing seats in the Reichstag because the German citizenry were scared by the social unrest, were upset by the Treaty of Versailles, and Germans believed the Nazi Party would offer the ability to regain German pride, and restore order in the country. Counted among the citizens who voted for the party were many Jews. It wasn’t until 1935 and the Nuremberg Race Laws were enacted did the Jewish population as a whole realize what was actually happening. The SA bullied Jews and the 1938 Kristallnacht cemented the future of what was to come in Germany. Still, German Jewish veterans believed that their association with Nationalism (and their heroic service during the Great War) would be considered and they wouldn’t be victimized by Nazism and the Nuremberg Laws.

    So many German Jews supported the NSDAP in the early days. And a number of full-blood Jews remained in the service of the Reich, holding positions in the Wehrmacht high-command, and other positions in government even in spite of the Nuremberg Laws. Mischlings (which literally translates to half-breed) often practiced aspects of Judaism as well as Roman Catholicism/Protestantism and were active in all forms during the Reich. The vast majority of German Mischlings were exempted from the Nuremberg laws and persecution. However, it would be remiss, and a complete distortion of historical fact not to explain that in the occupied regions of the Sudetenland, Annexed Austria, occupied Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, and the Western Soviet Caucasus, Jews, regardless of religious affiliation and regardless of their status as Mischlings, were subject to the Holocaust. Non-Jewish spouses of Jews (Roman Catholics, etc.) in the occupied areas were viewed by the Reich as “Jewish”, as were Mischlings of any percentage, and again subject to the Nazi pogroms. A distinction existed during this tumultuous time between German Jews and Mischlings as opposed to Jews and Mischlings of other nationalities. This was another example of the endemic sickness of German National Socialist policy.

    This issue has caused historical debate for decades since the war. It’s also an issue which is uncomfortable for many to discuss. For a better understanding of what transpired in this complex issue, the curious are encouraged to consult the historical research by Mark Rigg and Ian Kershaw. There are autobiographies of Germans who served the Reich : Milch, Speer and so forth.

    Read more:

  • Irving Schwartz

    The Jews who collaborated with the Nazis and turned on their own were known as Judenrats. Obama was born a Muslim, schooled in a Muslim school in Indonesia, his father was a Muslim and the murderous “religion” dictates is that once a Muslim, always a Muslim. Violators get their throats slit. So the new Judenrats are those who want to support a Muslim dressed in Reverend Wright clothing, a close associate of Jew Hating Jesse Jackson (remember Hymietown?) as well as the hyperbolic Jew hater Brother Farakan. So follow Judenrat Wasserman Schultz to the ovens. Any Jew who votes for Hussein Obama is a collaborating Judenrat. When will we ever learn?

  • Margaret Doocey

    American Woman wonders: “I am not Jewish, so could someone please explain to me how any Jew could vote for Obama given his track record in the Middle East?”

    The same reason so many Catholics continue to ignorantly pull the Democrat lever: Purely irrational, obstinate habit inherited from their families of origin.

    Obama has made anti-Consititutional incursions into religious liberty that would have any thinking religious person kick him out of office. But the problem is, that Jews, like Catholics, are most often Jews in name only. Apart from religiously participating Catholics, what constitutes the largest religious denomination in the USA? Lapsed Catholics. Jews are a minority religion, nevertheless, the majority of Jews are (actually) lapsed Jews. Although Jews, unlike Catholics, who are not religious don’t see themselves as lapsed anything, they are.

    Bottom line: Both groups act out a particularly destructive bad habit when they vote Democrat.

  • JoeMama

    Interesting the IRS sees something amiss…nevermind that AIPAC is a foreign entity…controlling our Congress, President and every low run politician accross this great land…nah…they don’t notice that

    But why should they? The IRS is illegal entity in and of itself

    Formed 1913, the same year as the FBI and Federal Reserve

    America was great before the Fed, IRS and FBI…why don’t we just eradicate these departments?

  • LibSick

    Thank you for posting the Wiki article about Hitler. We all know that Wiki is the ultimate arbiter of truth on every subject.
    My family lived in Germany for many years, and we have many friends there.
    I believe that the hundreds of stories we have heard from our German friends are most likely more accurate than the copy you have posted here. Many Jews did vote for Hitler, whether you like it or not.
    Thanks for playing.

  • Yonaton

    Most of my religious friends HATE obama and everything he stands for – yes there are sane jews that are not liberal morons. As hated as Obama is – so to the disgusting ways of George ( the kapo ) Soros – we religious jews are conservative – we are buying guns – and are ready to stand up for freedom in this country. Please don’t think we are all the same.

  • John

    Hmm…Schiklegruber (Hitler’s Real Last name) & company killed an estimated 6,000,000 plus Jews in NAZI Germany and other countries simply for being Jewish. One of the major planks of the Nazi Party was confiscatory gun control (lot easier to kill folks who are unarmed) Given that history and the Democrats hostility and downright contempt for the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution, why would any person of Jewish descent support the party that wants to leave American defenseless against government tyranny?

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  • BritCapitalist

    Wake up! That wet stuff falling on your head every day is NOT rain. The guy with the fraudulent birth certificate is a self confessed Muslim. Out of his own mouth >

  • Pingback: ‘Joe the Plumber’ under fire after tying the Holocaust to gun control – - Give Truth A Chance()

  • AntiLaJollaHoyaSaxa

    A remarkable video narrated by Carl Gallups explaining why Jews still Vote Obama, despite the fact that he is the most anti-Israel President in history – he bows to the King of Saudi Arabia, he snubs Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in the White House, and he finally visited Israel Mar 21, 2013 – President Barack Obama is in Israel this week, marking his first presidential trip to the country since taking office in 2009.! Executive Producer, political analyst and author David Rubin, an American-Israeli and the former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel demystifies the baffling bent of Jews to keep voting themselves into potential oblivion. David has been interviewed often by perplexed conservative talk show hosts and has written extensively about this president’s relationship with Israel. Rubin explains that the recurring question of American Jewish support for Obama has become the question that he can no longer avoid. Is President Obama really hostile to Israel? If he is, why does he still have massive Jewish support? David answers these questions and more in this “must see” video. David Rubin also covers this and more in his book, “The Islamic Tsunami: Israel and America in the Age of Obama.”

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