FAIL. Team Obama Invites Jews to Big Synagogue Campaign Stop – Misspells Israel (Updated)

Barack Obama loves the Jewish people – He told us so.

He even said a prayer at the Wailing Wall.

And to prove his love for the Jews he’s holding a big event in a Philadelphia-area synagogue Monday on behalf of the Obama for America campaign. DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) is scheduled to appear at the Congregation Keneseth Israel in Elkins Park.

Team O even sent out invitations.
Too bad they can’t spell Israel.

Besides misspelling Israel, the campaign event at Keneseth Israel directly conflicts with an IRS rule stating that nonprofit organizations, such as religious institutions, prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign.
But, who cares?
After all, he’s Barack Obama.

UPDATE: This came from the Obama folks–

Hi Jim – I saw your post about the typo on the OFA PA invitation to the Jewish Americans for Obama event in Elkins Park, PA.

On background – we noticed the error after a few of the invitations were sent and corrected it immediately, attached is a copy of the corrected flier for your reference.

Thanks, Jen
Jennifer Austin
Obama 2012
Press Secretary, Pennsylvania

But they’re still holding their campaign stop at a synagogue.

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  • Redwine

    I grew up in Elkins Park and know Congregation KI pretty well. Avoided them like the plague. They’ve always been far to the left, being a Reform congregation with a predilection for social justice over equal justice. Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz pulled the same stunt of jeopardizing the nonprofit status of a synagogue in Florida recently.

    But then again, Mooch just did the same thing in a church.

    Do you really think that the IRS will do anything about these infringements of the tax law, especially since this criminal, unconstitutional regime is adding 16,000 jobs to their ranks?

  • dwillmore

    Always thought that lose your non-profit status because you speak was a bit south of the….you know 1st amendment in so many ways.

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  • American Woman

    I am not Jewish, so could someone please explain to me how any Jew could vote for Obama given his track record in the Middle East?

    Obama and Hillary Clinton are largely responsible for putting the Middle East in the hands of militant Islamist groups that want to annihilate the Jews. After that, they want to conquer the US from within. The Muslim Brotherhood has even documented a plan to do so. (Google it.)

    So, please explain why do Jews support Obama and give him money? They are usually so smart; so why are they doing this?

    Does anyone know if German Jews supported Hitler’s rise in Germany in the beginning? Did they give the fascist named Hitler money? Did they support Hitler’s campaign with political dinners? Did Jews sit and eat with Hitler and give him money to take over Germany? Does anyone know?

    Just asking….

  • Militant conservative

    American Woman,

    The answer is yes and he’s still alive. His name is George
    Soros. As a boy he ratted out
    His fellow Jews to the Nazis.

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  • rangerrebew

    There may have been a mispeling on the inviteighsion but with commiecrats and Obumah its the thawt that counts. Its like all the muney thats been lost on grean ennergie, the billyons lost isn’t nerly as importent as the desyre to do the write think. The desyred ends just ifys the meens and looses.

  • Matt Rogge

    I’m on your side but the word “Israel” (misspelled or not) is not showing up on my Android.

  • Joe Blow

    The Jews that still support Obama are likely willingly going to march into the ovens just as they did before. Stand up and fight for your people, turn against the group that wants to do you harm!

  • workingclass artist



  • Tim in Cali

    Barack Obama ,voted most intelligent Liberal at the mental institution.

    Four more months…”Resist we much”

    I’m shocked the Star of David was placed above his symbol/seal

    Question..Wasn’t there a time in America when the President had their own SEAL ?
    What’s up with his Pepsi logo ? looks tacky

  • Lrod

    Probably did it on purpose to show disrespect. Wouldn’t put it past him.

  • PAvolley

    Just like he sent Biden to the NAACP, he’s sending his best officers Allyson Schwartz and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (they certainly managed to spell that right, er copy pasters) to rile up the Jews. Promise everything, deliver Israel to Islam.

  • Robert

    This is Obama and the Democrat party using more identity politics and pandering to yet another discrete group, as opposed to calling on Americans as a whole. They always do this.

  • Perfected democrat

    Functioning as a kapo under extreme duress is pathetic enough, but for JINO’s (their Passover Seder motto, “Next Year in, Washington) to be volunteering for it in 2012, is contemptible; Screw the Soros & Co. crowd every which way possible. FYI, I’m Jewish…

  • reliapundit

    I’M A NYC JEW.


  • workingclass artist


    From my limited observations over the years as an interested Pro-Israel Catholic.

    There are some Jews who do not condone Zionism (the establishment and protection of the Jewish State of Israel & Jewish culture outside of the diaspora…The modern Zionist movement preceded WWI and originated among the diaspora communities in Europe and America) Some of these theological purist folks belong to some orthodox sects that theorize the current state of Israel as anti-prophetic/anti-biblical relying on a strict interpretation of messianic passages. Their orthodox zionist counterparts are often found in those Jews who continue to build and occupy disputed settlements as a means to re-establishing the original territory of ancient Israel according to biblical outlines before 70 AD.

    There are also Jews who identify as “cultural jews” but are entirely secular.

    There are also liberal jews who buy into the fashionable fallacy that “palestinians” are not an invented political sophistry (They are Jordanians rejected by their own government after they obeyed the Grand Mufti and gave up their property) but these liberals think these are an indigenous people…or something like that.
    These liberals ignore the facts of history…

    There have always been Jews in Israel and Jerusalem…even after the Roman Holocaust of 70 AD. Their history is recorded outside of their own annals by Romans, Christians and later Arabs during the Crusades.

    Judaism….is complicated…Many sects & many traditions

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  • Sasja

    dwillmore. You are absolutely right.

    American Woman.
    As to why are Jews support Bammy, or any lefty, Norman Podhoretz has written a book, “Why Are Jews Liberal?” which will answer your questions. You may also want to take a gander at his article in the WSJ.