Nice. Far Left Comedian Chris Rock Tweets “Happy White People’s Independence Day”

Nice. Far left comedian Chris Rock posted this holiday tweet today.

“Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks”

Unfortunately, the far left still don’t seem to understand the meaning of Independence Day. Without the Founding Fathers, the Constitution and Declaration the United States would be a completely different country today.
Sadly, Chris Rock would probably be much happier someplace else.

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  • SpideyTerry

    What exactly makes Chris Rock an expert on something that was abolished a century before he was born?

    “Chris Rock would probably be much happier someplace else.”

    Doubtful. Hate infests you wherever you go. Besides, Rock couldn’t find work anywhere else.

  • Militant conservative

    Happy independence day


  • Ghost

    Chris Rock first attracted the hip, white crowd with this joke admonishing his black friends about two rappers who were murdered in the 1990s:
    “They wasn’t AS-SASSS-IN-NATED! MLK and X, THEY! was assassinated, Tupac and Big E was just a coupl’a ——- ‘dat got shot!”

    I loved that joke, I really loved that joke, I really, really still love that joke

  • Economan

    I think he’s desperate to get in good with Hollywood. He wants to make another movie for another paycheck from
    White Americans.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    You still aren’t free you bought off rich progtard.

  • old glazier

    Meh. I’ve lived in worse neighborhoods than this soft little twinkie. He’s just trying to be relevant like any other has been. We know you grew up in the suburbs Chris, stop posing.

  • Militant conservative

    LOL ,

    The lil boy wants to be

    noticed. Sorry u still a muffin.

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  • Nelle

    Too bad this undereducated actor (oxymoron alert) doesn’t know that free blacks fought alongside whites to win indendepence from England. Just as free blacks fought to help free the enslaved ones in the Civil War. Maybe if we could just once in a while focus on the contributions of the early free African Americans to the evolution of the US from part-slave to freedom for all, we’d have a more complex and accurate view of history.

  • chris rock is a racist, that makes him popular in liberal america.

  • Remco Kimber

    “Happy White People’s Independence Day”

    Why, thank you.

    And if that’s the game you want to play, how’s about yo’ be gettin’ me a Mint Julep?

  • Oldflyer

    Who is Chris Rock? Should I care what he says?

  • FurryGuy

    This is nothing new from the man. He was just as outrageously racist when he was doing the narration for his TV show “Everybody Hates Chris”. Bashing Bush, Republicans, and anyone who wasn’t a Democrat Plantation House Slave was done quite regularly.

  • FurryGuy

    #9 July 4, 2012 at 7:36 pm
    Nelle commented:

    Simply amazing how most (all?) Leftists “forget” the first casualty of the American Revolution, at the Boston Massacre, was the freed slave Crispus Attucks.

  • vityas

    He was not a positive addition to the cast of that last Lethal Weapon movie.

  • Meximom

    he’s a wannabe cool dude, and no, nobody cares about anything he says. Hence the need to appear “outrageous”.

    Must be a slow news day for this dingbat to be given a platform.

    Too bad he’s never bothered to check out his beloved Dem’s track record on civil rights:

  • smells like hypocrisy

    chris rock….hmmmm…..wasn’t he the one who pointed out the difference between ‘black people’ & N*gg(rs??

  • dwillmore

    I actually see his point. To most black men, women, and children at the time being a subject of the king would have been a major step towards freedom.

    That said, maybe he and his like should visit the sites of fallen Union soldiers and Lincoln’s statue every January 1st. Strange I see no such celebrations.

    Or maybe he should visit President Eisenhower’s library and celebrate every September 9th….PS you will notice wikipedia makes no mention of the presidents name when looking up the 1957 civil rights act and goes so far as to place saint hood on LBJ.

    Or maybe he should send thank you cards to the RNC every May 9th for their role in forcing LBJ to sign the 1960 civil rights act.

    No…he is ignorant of history, ignorant of who has fought and died for his freedom/ his person hood. He is racist seeing only skin and not the good vs evil people involved in the slavery issue.

  • Lucky one

    He’s a slave to the liberal plantation.

  • Who is Chris Rock?


    Welcome to our

  • Mad Hatter

    People like Chris Rock are jealous of the greatness of our Founding Fathers. He’ll never be 1/10 of the man they were.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Chris Rock is the guy in 1792, sitting in the shade drinking mint tea on the vast PORCH at a Georgia peanut plantation, whose “task” it is to convince all the REAL POOR-A$$ WORKING BLACK SLAVES IN THE FIELDS that “Massa Democrat is nice to us! We must all continue to support Massa Democrat. If we refuse to continue picking and plowing, it will be MUCH, MUCH worse for us!”

    He is rewarded quite well for his service to the Democrat Slaveowners.

    There was a term for such a person, back in the day.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Chris Rock:

    “Massa Democrat provides us with food, and shelter, and just enough to get by! We must never quit working Massa Democrat”s fields [in the voting booth]!”

    Meanwhile we conservatives, as always, want to see black Americans become prominent scientists, biologists, mathemeticians, fighter pilots, and much, much more.

    Democrats want Blacks to remain “in their place”, and have done a marvelous, evil job of it.

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  • CV1

    Chris Rock is obviously stupid and a part of our racism problem.

  • tony clifton

    pookey the crackhead needs to head into any ghetto city in America and drop in on a BBQ with his people , ya know the ones with the stolen shopping carts are used as the grill, and he’d be robbed raped pillaged plundered faster than you can swipe an EBT card @ a klondike bar® on hot day


    Where ‘White People’ go –

  • Patty


  • Robert

    On this day, the racist Chris Rock chooses to make a racist statement, separating the people. And he shows the hatred he has for the very people who have given him such success. Remarkable, and more so if those people continue to grant him that success.

  • obama is a mole

    He should go and live in Kenya with his true roots. But leave the millions you made off white Americans. Oh and by the way they STILL do not have a universal language over 3000 dialects–I’d call that advancement.

  • kato

    Who gives a sh-t what the subprimer thinks about anything?

  • Patty

    Chris Rock – Racist or What Tell you something about Obama as well.

    The party: “The sh*t got blacker and blacker”…
    “As the party went on, the sh*t got blacker and blacker,” Rock said, though he notes “there were like official white people there, like Geithner and the Vice President.” What began as a picnic dinner in the Rose Garden soon got wild, Rock said, thanks to DJ Cassidy: “Then just when I thought it couldn’t get no blacker, this motherf**ker played ‘Crazy in Love’…”

    “Me and Jay looked at each other and we’re realized…we’re never going to do shows here, man, they’re never going to have me,” Rock said. “The President’s never going to go ‘yes, Big Pimpin’…how’d you like that? Yes Big Pimpin’ was amazing,…next year Jay’s gonna do Money Cash Hoes’…It’s never going to happen…let’s just be glad we’re invited.”—racist-or-what-tell-you-somthing-about-obama-as-well/question-2518617/


    The next paragraph I can post it is so nasty, go to site. But he makes fun of everyone and for him, he thinks it is comedy. I suppose. But, he really feels the way he does. IMO

  • USMC Thomas

    163 years after the emancipation proclamation, GET OVER IT!

  • CT

    So the little negro doesn’t like white people my my my.

  • ant

    If I didn’t know this quote came from a has-been, no-talent, I gotta be vulgar to get a laugh, attention-seeking whore, ….. I would swear it came from an influential reverend/politician and ‘news commentator’ named Al not-too-Sharpton.

  • Patty

    With Chris Rock who needs the Black Panther Party. He is his own party.

  • MKS

    If one claims that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are to be set aside because some of the Founding Fathers owned slaves, then should not the Quran be disregarded, since Mohammed the prophet owned slaves?

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  • jdawg

    Chris Rock wasn’t the only moonbat bashing Independence Day.

  • west1890

    Obummer’s other “son”. Apples not fallin’ far from the tree.

  • pst314

    I’d be happier if Chris Rock were someplace else, too. How about Pakistan? Or North Korea?

  • Hugh

    Then he should leave–he should move. Why would he want to live in such a HORRIBLE place? Pack your crap and leave–GTFO. He is a little pointy headed snipe—living off the fat of the land–making lots of cash peddling his appalling and utterly meaningless garbage. What a gross out. I am sick and tired of idiot gross-out entertainers like Chris Rock who take the liberty we enjoy in the country for granted. An utter hypocrite and a completely disgusting human being. He really needs to go take up residence in some other country–because we don’t want him either. The Middle East is calling your name Chrissie–get on it!

  • Joanne

    The problem with Chris Rock is behind his money, he is just a skinny, ugly troll….and he knows it.

  • l

    Obama is a Mole #31 said:

    “If one claims that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are to be set aside because some of the Founding Fathers owned slaves, then should not the Quran be disregarded, since Mohammed the prophet owned slaves?”

  • rangerrebew

    If he keeps supporting Obama and liberalism, he may get the chance to celebrate re-enslavement day. What difference is it if you are a slave to a government or an individual?

  • Don Cheadle came to Rocks defense and tweeted to me “he was telling a joke” which is about the same as saying he’s a comedian!


    Obama is a Mole said at #31:

    “If one claims that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are to be set aside because some of the Founding Fathers owned slaves, then should not the Quran be disregarded, since Mohammed the prophet owned slaves?”

    I am sick and tired of these racists like Chris Rock destroying the constitution with his evil twittering about the fact that blacks were enslaved by our founding fathers, because Muslims did it too.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    Does this whiny little dolt not know that slavery was a fact-of-life all throughout history? Does Chris Rock not recall that, for instance, the Jews were slaves (Remember? Moses told Pharaoh “Let my people go”?) Hey, Chris, once the Jews were free, they started BUILDING A CIVILIZATION which has prospered for 4000 years. Having a cultural history in which “your people” were once enslaved doesn’t give ANY group a “hardship pass”.

    So, Chris (and Sharptongue and Jackass, not to mention each and every professional complainer in the Congressional Black Caucus, plus Holder and Wright and Farrakhan and all the rest – you know who you are): When are you gonna shut up and stop bitching that 150 years ago your great-however-many-times-grandpa was a slave? So what ? That was then, this is now. You’ve been emancipated. You have all the same rights (and ALL THE SAME RESPONSIBILITIES– a notion that seems to have been overlooked) as any other citizen of the USA. Get down off your soapbox and go do something USEFUL.

    PS– Don’t any of you wonder why Jesus didn’t condemn slavery? Try this on for size: “Life isn’t fair. Everybody is born into a particular time of history, and into a different set of cultural norms. Additionally, everybody has different physical, mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Your ‘outward circumstances’ aren’t the point. The point of life is to OVERCOME YOURSELF.” [So, you race-baiting vipers, when I say “Get over yourself”, I intend it in the kindest, most loving and supportive way possible…]

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  • bigL

    Kind of going after those that might buy tickets or watch tv shows he is appearing.
    Seems short -sihted for HIM.

    So let us resolve that from now to the election ,we won’t watch tv shpws with the ledftie clowns whatever show they may be
    Oh and consider carefully a purchase froM Obama Motors- the two of them

  • Gail

    I apologize for not remembering or noting the commentor/owner of these remarks that I copied to my Word documents this morning . I found them so compelling and poignant that I wanted to save them and read over and over again. So who ever you are, thank you for your awesome comments! AND NOW…….

    To the NOT so GREAT Chris Rock!

    Never forget the white people that made you free, that did not go along
    with the others that enslaved you. Never forget the white people that
    died in the war, to set you free. Never forget the white people that
    marched with you and were killed by the KKK along side of you. Never
    forget that Blacks actually formed The Texas Republican Party to get rid of the racist Democrats, Never forget that Democrats passed the Fugitive slave law, Never forget that when Lincoln proposed freeing the slaves 100% of the Republicans voted for it and only 23% of Democrats voted for it, Never forget in 1868 when they passed the 14th amendment EVERY Republican voted for the bill EVERY Democrat voted against it. Never forget in 1872 Congressional hearings, the Democrats admitted to starting The KKK so they could stop the spread of the Republican party because at that time all blacks were Republican.
    Never forget between 1870 and 1875 Republicans in congress passed many
    civil rights laws for blacks, the the Democrats took over in 1892 and
    REPEALED ALL the civil rights laws, which enabled the Democrats to pass
    the Jim Crow Laws. It was Roosevelt who turned blacks into Democrats by
    giving money, housing, food, clothing and jobs to them. With government
    handouts he bought their votes. Now obama is trying to do the same
    thing. Why is it, I know more about black history than most blacks? I
    didn’t just look it up and find it, although I did use google to be
    accurate on the exact dates. I learned this when I went to school, They
    do not teach this any more in schools, I wonder why.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Sadly, Chris Rock would probably be much happier someplace else.

    I’d be much happier too, if he were someplace else.

  • MVH

    Thus speaketh a historian and statesman of great reknown, Chris Rock.

    Too bad he forgot about James Armistead Lafayette, and the almost three quarter of a million deaths suffered in the Civil War. Most of those “white people.”

    Here are a few “retorts” to the learned, Mr. Rock:

    Jeff Schreiber [email protected]
    @chrisrock Slavery existed for 2000yrs before America. We eradicated it in 100yrs. We now have a black POTUS. #GoF**kYourself
    7:05 AM – 4 Jul 12 via Echofon · Details

    13h ginaR [email protected]
    @AmericasRight @chrisrock All of our ancestors were slaves in one regime or another.For America, we look to a future of promise & liberty.

  • MVH

    Wonder how does Rock feels about black slave owners? And what about the Africans who sold people to the European slave traders? Hugh Thomas’ book, The Slave Trade, covers the Atlantic slave trade quite well. This book caused reactionary outrage when it first came out. But when Thomas’ research was verified, the hubbub died down.


    he is not funny, all level headed americans can see this guy is racist, i’ll save my money.

  • AuntieMadder

    Choke on your bitterness, Chris Rock.

  • Tim in Cali

    Calling Chrissy Rock three-fifths of a man isn’t accurate..

    You see Chrissy,you’ll never be a man..

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  • Shawn

    It’s ok for black folks to be racist. The lib media is trying to make beimg white a guilt trip,you can see right through these clowns.

  • Gary

    Nelle 9

    Sorry I have to take issue.

    The Civil War wasn’t fought over whether or not states could have slavery. It was over whether or not states could secede once they joined the union.

    ”My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it; and if could save it by freeing all the slaves, I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving the others alone, I would also do that.” — Abraham Lincoln

  • Gary

    also, just nit-picking, but “undereducated actor” is a redundancy, not an oxymoron

  • Gary

    I think the main thing to summarize Chris Rock (and a few other comedians) by is how prominent their racial identification. I’ve listened to an hour of Chris Rock’s routine. It’s “white folks” “black folks” over and over and over.

    I just can’t imagine somebody asking me to describe myself and I immediately say “well, i’m white…”

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  • owl

    Don’t we all just love that funny, funny racist routine by a tiny little spoilt racist? Yeah, he is a hoot.

  • crackermike

    RE#1. Rock and all the racist blacks feel they have a “right”, in perpetuity, to denigrate and hate people as they wish. Chris Rock demonstrates the worse caricatures of black people. He is, essentially, a minstrel show, a coon, of the worst order. Hey Rockhead, you might as well just roll your eyes and throw in a few marse’s and massa’s as you shuffle off to empty Obama’s chamber pot……… I just can’t imagine the embarrassment that hard working, decent Black Americans must feel at your minstrel show.

  • Mekan

    At one time I agreed with your point of view, but have learned more history after my college indoctrination.

    Yes, the Civil War was actually an illegal act by the Union to force states from exercising their right to secede. Their secession however was done as a confederation of states whose great unifying tenet was the ownership of slaves…of black slaves. This was done in direct response to the election of Lincoln and the power imbalance created between slave and non-slave states.

    Political work had been at work to abolish slavery for decades, much like political work is afoot today to abolish abortion for reasons other than saving a mother’s life. Eventually that political action would have triumphed and the Confederate states took action against it. It was the South that attacked the Union first.

    Time Line of the Civil War

    This was not a war between industrial and agrarian cultures. It was not a war of multiple political differences. It was a war about slavery, and it would never have happened if the US never entertained slavery in its borders in the first place.

    You see, great sin has great consequences, just as our great sin of abortion on demand will eventually end in the same type of consequences.

  • noway

    don’t worry about chris rock. just make sure you do view nothing he is in where he can make a dollar or two from hbo, live audience or the movies.

  • Soapy Johnson

    Note to Chris Rock — Who’s more racist, white people or black people? It’s white people! You know why? …

  • RS

    300,000 Union soldiers died for the liberty of your ancestors, Mr. Rock.

    If they had known it would lead to idiots like you, they probably would have stayed home.

  • The Zodiac

    LOL! One comment and White people are pissed! Albeit a true comment, 2012 Whites are pissed. Yet, these same people believe Trayvon Martin was in the wrong, believe a Republican Abe Lincoln would represent the same Republicans of today who hate Mexicans (c’mon now), and well…watch any YouTube comment who’s video subject features a Black person. White guilt is something.

  • Geo

    During American slavery:
    People went out to eat. Eating at a restaraunt must be a white persons leisure.
    People went to the toilet. Going to the bathroom must be a white mans to-do.

  • Geo

    Hey Zodiac, since you deal in absolutes and 100%’s, how about this. One comment by “White people” about a “Black person” (people) and they lose their job and face a lawsuit. But a “Black person” is just making a(n) (apparent) “true comment”.

    You must also be a comedian.

  • owl

    #71………I agree with #70. Most of us are sick of watching guilt trips that we had nothing to do with and no longer valid. If the Congressional Black Caucas did not cure us, Obama did. They are the racists and racism is not pretty. Never was and it does not look any better when they wear it.

  • Gary

    Mekan 67

    Sorry, but the facts are non-negotiable.
    Slavery was the excuse for the war, not the reason. The reason, multi-faceted as it was, was pure politics. The south was slowly gaining power after being the poor half of the union, and despite the fact that (as you mentioned) slavery was already winding down as a result of the efforts of people both in the North and the South, it suddenly became untenable to have slave states. Never mind all those slaves that were shipped to the South from Boston and other northern port cities.

    Anyway, abolishing slavery was a quick and easy way to put a financial hurting on the south and affect its political influence. If, as you suppose, the war was about ending slavery, then why did it take a full 100 years after the Civil War to give blacks all the same rights as whites?

    The short answer, because that isn’t what the New England states were really after.

    And again, you can’t refute that Lincoln himself was willing to drop the issue of slavery altogether to preserve the Union. That tells the whole story about what was important.

  • ant

    Zodiac, you got it all wrong…see, we’re not pissed or angry, we just feel sad for the pathetic, angry Chris Rock…we feel pity for all those who identify themselves and live their lives through the constant prism of skin-color. And then there’s the fact that our home, the greatest Country in the world, is insulted by a buffoon who’s made fame and fortune in said ‘bad America’without even having a real job (or being entertaining at the one he does have). Pity and offense at tearing down America, that is all. We’ll leave angry to the blacks and browns and libtards that can’t get past skin color.

  • Kingslayor

    Chris Rock sees a real racist every time he looks in the mirror!!!! By the way why don’t you come down on the BLACK AFRICAN TRIBEL CHIEFS that sold their natives as slaves???

  • Ken

    Pretty nifty…A black man that has taken full advantage of this land of opportunity and now collects a HUGE paycheck (from a white man) and is not smart enough to understand that the Africans practically invented slavery by selling their own families and captured rival tribesmen into slavery…no wonder we have the “N” word. Chris Rock is the personification to it, and while (according to Liberals) only a Caucasian can be racist, as a group, the “African-Americans” (who ought to be happy as hell they are not in Africa at the hands of their genocidal brothers) are the most racist group I have experienced! I wonder what Rock has done for his “brothers” given his tremendous wealth? Probably donated a full $300 to charity, just like Joe Biden!

  • kingslayor

    If Cris Rock wasn’t a racist comedian he wouldn’t have a job!!! I am sure he would be standing around with his hand out like you owe me for being BLACK.

  • Bill Poole

    Everybody, please calm down. SLAVERY comes in may forms, especially these days. Aren’t we all SLAVES in that respect? He’s just a comedian, folks. Would you take TED NUGENT this seriously? Of course not because he, like Mr. Rock, is an ENTERTAINER! Let’s deal with getting AMERICA on task to REALLY become Number One in: Education, Job Growth, Spiritual Growth and other more important issues.

  • Greg Independebt

    When Chris Rock and others stop thinking of themselves as “Black-Americans” or “Afro-Americans” then we can start moving forward as a country. Until then, these black “spokesmen” keep having us dumb-down America and lower the bar for blacks; keeping blacks as the little children of America, and assuming they are unable to take care of themselves and not be held responsible for their actions or their own well-being. Get over it, Chris. It was the blacks of Africa who sold their own brothers into slavery for a few beads

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  • J.Chapman

    The issue isn’t who sold the slaves. Every shade of people participated – That goes without saying. How the slaves were treated for several hundreds of years is what the issue is, All of the tortures, the beatings, the rapes, being treated as not being human. All this went on even after July 4 1776, and the when slavery “officially ended” around 1863, whites still found ways to keep blacks in their place through lynchings, intimidation, humiliation, segregation for another 100 years until the civil rights act came into law. So if you really think about it, black people being free and celebrating independence didn’t happen until after 1964, which in historical terms is still pretty recent. This is what’s at the core of Rock’s joke, the irony in it. Not saying we should dwell on the past because we all should try to move on make our country the best it can possibly be. However, we shouldn’t forget about the past either and make sure that kind of awful history that has stained our country for generations is never repeated. That I’m sure we can all agree on, whether you are offended by rock’s joke or not.

  • Ultimate Peace will come not only when people stop fighting wars, but also when we end racism, and when people do not remain silent when they witness injustice. Live for Ultimate Peace.

    The sad thing is, people really COULD get along peacefully with each other, if they stopped to think about how similar we really are as humans, with really very little difference in what are the basic traits of humanness, when you really get right down to it. Life is short. Find peace.

    Justice. Peace. Awareness. Freedom.

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