Mark Levin: “Obama Hates Israel And He’s Demonstrated It Time And Again” (Audio)

Mark Levin ripped into Barack Obama over the administration’s contempt for all things Israel. This week the administration proved it further by refusing to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Mark Levin told his audience,

“Obama hates Israel and he’s demonstrated it time and time again… I never thought I’d be living in a time to hear an administration which wouldn’t even state what the capital of an ally is.”

The Right Scoop has the full audio from Levin’s show, via FOX Nation.

And, here is the powerful anti-Obama ad “O Jerusalem” that Mark Levin was talking about on his show.

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  • pink tie Republican

    Choomboy hates Jews and Christians, and was raised a Muslim. Who is surprised by this? (David Maraniss, maybe)

  • Limousine Barry

    The fact I was raised a Muslim has nothing to do with it!

    OK, it has a little something to do with it. I hate the Jews because George Soros has me on a string!

    I am just a Marionette with my strings being manipulated by George Soros. My words are choreographed as are my actions. It sucks to be a cheap puppet!

    Once, I swindle that old Jew Soros I am going to run him down with the Campaign Bus! He will have tire tracks across his back.

    As for the Jews – I don’t care about them! Besides, they always vote for me. Why shouldn’t I take their votes and money and screw them! I have done it in the past and I will do it in the future. And, that is a campaign promise!

    If you like the way I screw the Jews then vote for me! Send me $399.99 before midnight. My campaign is almost insolvent!

    My pig of a campaign bus is running out of fuel and David Axelrod has a new scam for my California voters. It’s a variation of the Train to nowhere. I cannot go into details at this time. My campaign may suck but once I bankrupt my California donors it will suck worse. Good day.

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  • snap boy

    History will only have the democrat-clinging American Jews to blame for the destruction of Israel.

  • USMC Thomas

    No surprise, SØBama doesn’t recognize the capital’s of some of our 57 states.

  • Lightwave

    I have long said that if the United States internationally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and sole property and made it clear to the rest of the United Nations that they will do so or else, the “manufactured controversy” over this would end.

    The fact that we have yet to do so gives Israel every right to openly question our commitment to our single most important ally on earth.

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  • Stonedome

    Here is a link that may explain it…Carney is most likely forbidden to call it Jerusalem, he would have to speak of it giving deference to it’s Muslim name, Al Quds. Go to link to refresh your memory…has Obama himself ever actually said the name “Jerusalem”?

  • sandy

    Even when the US labeled the takeover of Arab States by the Muslim Brotherhood a Democratic Revolt — the Muslims continue their campaign to wipe out Israel. But then the Muslims also hate Christians. Their goal would have the entire world following Sharia laws and burkas being the dress code for women. And what about the fact that Jerusalem while being the capitol of Israel is also is also the birthplace of Christianity? In his zeal to change the dynamic in the Middle East does Obama care that the origins of other religions would be destroyed in order to give Muslims what they say they want? Because the Muslims are perpetually hungry and will not be satisfied with this little piece of land. At some point the world will have to stand up to these people — if not now when?

  • bg


    September 16, 2009

    State Department Website Panders To Radical Islamists

    [It is aiding and abetting the efforts of groups like CAIR and ISNA to
    anoint themselves representatives of all American Muslims – even
    though many Muslims want nothing to do with the Islamists.

    At a July 20th meeting on Capitol Hill with Farah Pandith, head of the
    State Department’s new office of representative to Muslim communities,
    Jasser criticized the 64-page booklet “Being Muslim in America” as an
    example of what is wrong. The publication is “like Pravda. It’s all about
    how Muslims in America are motherhood and apple pie,” Jasser said he
    told Pandith. “It’s like the Muslim community has no warts” or divisions.

    Nothing could be further from the truth, says Jasser. In presenting this
    monolithic, idyllic picture of Muslims, the State Department is ignoring
    inconvenient facts like the intra-Muslim debate over imposition of Sharia
    and Muslims’ larger relationship with non-Muslims, Jasser told IPT News.]

    a bit more (#27) of much more (#23) in connecting
    links and threads, and yes, there is still much more..


  • bg


    Stonedome #11 July 28, 2012 at 8:00 am

    re: [has Obama himself ever actually said the name “Jerusalem”?]

    yes he has..


  • bg


    re: #13 July 28, 2012 at 11:16 am bg

    Frank Gaffney & Zuhdi Jasser vs. CAIR

    scroll thread for a bit more of much more,
    and yes, again, there is still much more..


  • Path

    Great ad I hope they show it on all the stations and over and over again.

  • bg
  • bg


    who is th4e man in the clip??

    because he sure as heck looks and sounds s like
    Christopher Hitchens who passed away in 11..


  • Sarah

    Very powerful ad. Hope it is seen far and wide.

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