Charles Krauthammer ripped Barack Obama’s loopy Roanoke speech on business owners.
“Spoken by a man who never created or ran so much as a candy store.”
Via Special Report:

Barry Wonka – maker of the “$5 Trillion Dollar Bar”

The Yes We Can-dy Man




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  1. The only thing that Obama has run is his mouth.

  2. What do you mean??

    He ran a successful business that sold tens of thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels!

  3. ++

    DEJA VU, not the first time he’s said that
    (believe he says it at least once a year)..

    [“Some of them are saying to themselves,” Krauthammer argued,
    “‘We just picked the wrong candidate, maybe it should’ve been Hillary
    [Clinton].’” He noted that this allowed them to continue to think that
    “it isn’t that liberalism is wrong, but we just have a lousy leader…
    gave a good speech, but never ran a candy store.” Those that were
    still loyal, he posited, believed “it is all the fault either of acts of God…
    or, of course, of those nasty terrible Republicans who held America
    hostage, held a gun to its head.” With that kind of split, Krauthammer
    predicted, “if the election were held tomorrow, they would be destroyed.”


  4. Obama Sucks! Romney Sucks! Thank you so called conservatives!

  5. Krauthammer Rips Obama’s Business Speech: “Spoken By A Man Who Never Created Or Ran So Much As A Candy Store”

    Why didn’t the Kraut speak like this during the 2008 campaign? Why did Kraut continue to claim that the Indonesian Imbecile was “obviously intelligent” (LOL) for years and years? Frankly, I have little use for Krauthammer. He’s always a few years too late, talking about things after they’re already apparent to everyone with even half a brain.

  6. Atta Boy Charlie! Keep at em!

  7. I’ve always liked Krauthammer (disagree with him some of the time…), but I also like Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    This is totally on topic (not):

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse will present “indisputable proof” the Obama birth document released by the White House is a forgery, according to the posse’s lead investigator.

    The press conference will be held Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. [Local time will be 2:30 p.m., as Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time].

    That’s tomorrow!

  8. The roads in the US existed long before government came and seized them through Eminent Domain. And since government doesn’t have any money of it’s own, PRIVATE CITIZENS payed for them.

    Does Obama owe his political success to the roads and bridges? Collectivists like him do not acknowledge the existence of ‘individual excellence’ until they start talking about themselves.

    Was the bad economy really the fault of George W. Bush? Maybe it was the fault of the government safety net……that network of roads and bridges……that workforce of unionized teachers and over-paid government employees that shape the entire existence of everything in the country. How could it be anything else?

    And after dumping literally billions of dollars in our “crumbling infrastructure”, WHY is it still crumbling???? Isn’t government doing it’s job?

  9. #5 Do you really think that Krauthammer is talking about the past? Well, if he is, then it’s because dear little Commie Obommie is so hopelessly mired in the PAST glory days of the Kremlin, collective farms, and the Politburo.

    It’s Obama who’s hopelessly out of touch and so old fashioned as to think that the US would want to go backwards into socialism.

    Get ‘em Charles. He who comments on what is put before him.

  10. #10 July 16, 2012 at 11:06 pm
    Teddy commented:

    #5 Do you really think that Krauthammer is talking about the past?

    No. I’m commenting on Kraut having been wrong for so long and now FINALLY coming around. Go back and read what he said about the Dog-Eater during the campaign – when it really counted. Go see what Kraut had to say about Palin, something about staying out of the room – when Palin has been one of the only people actually taking the Indonesian on from the start and saying stuff like what Kraut is now saying.

    Krauthammer is fine … eventually. But you have to wait a long, long time for him to realize what the situation really is and it’s usually too late at that point. So he’s something now that people have been saying for over FOUR years, already. Great … Impressive. It’s been obvious since the beginning that Barky has a room temperature IQ but Krauthammer still hasn’t come around to that. Give him a few more years.

  11. Running a candy store takes as much business acumen as running any other kind of store. The Hammer was too nice to Comrade Barry. Actually, even a 6-year-old has more business sense than he’ll ever have to run a lemonade stand.

  12. Love Charles Krauthammer. Damn, that man is smart and quick. Love his dry wit. So worth suffering through listening to Obama for one whole minute to get to CK’s one liner!

  13. the point they all seemed to miss is that gov’ts wouldn’t exist without people & companies who pay taxes. ALL politicians (both sides) seem to forget that the gov’t does not “make money” — they just spend ours. Obama says “you didn’t build your business yourself”; I say you (gov’t) didn’t build roads & bridges by yourself. You built them with OUR money.

    In other words, yes, you did build your business yourself — and along the way, you paid for all the infrastructure, schools, etc that Obama is taking credit for.

    It’s one of those statements that seems to make sense until you actually think about it. Radicals have mastered the art of phrasing things to sound believable, even practical, but in fact are anything but.

  14. #8 FF: OT / Sheriff Joe’s press conference Tuesday

  15. Ooops, hit enter by mistake before I was done

    I sure hope Sheriff Joe has an actual smoking gun this time. The media et al did a really good job of discrediting him after his last announcement.

  16. If you take Obama’s argument and look at the economy and state of this country when he took office, then we can safely say it was his fault as well. Seeing that a persons successful business was because of so may others, then the failure of that persons business was not the individuals fault, but the fault of others. Same as the economy he inherited, it was not bushes fault, it was his and all of the corrupt senators and representatives.

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