KA-BOOM!… Romney SLAMS BIG LIB Obama in Irwin, PA (Video)

Power Line said the speech was good…
The crowd LOVED It!
And, look kids… No TelePrompter!

See for yourself. Mitt Romney SLAMMED the Socialist In Chief today in Irwin, PA.
“Liberal Policies Don’t Make Good Jobs!”
(Hell, they don’t make any jobs!)

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  • Hoser

    I am happy with the tone Mitt took, more please.

  • WOW, MSNBC covering Romney? Who would have thought.
    Better, Mitt. Now a little more passion on your tone, and you’re there.

  • bear

    The rinos are patiently waiting for november. Then they can relax as romney begins the big sell-out of everything actual Americans hold dear. They know he’s just an ice sculpture, waiting for a long, warm afternoon.

    If romney actually believed our founders, and their principles, he would be pounding the commie-in-chief into the ground, while telling the rinos to wake up, grow a pair and finally start defending our Constitution.

  • Robodog7

    Mark Levin: ” Talk about outsourcing, this president outsourced NASA to the Russians!”

  • coolidgerules

    Friend went to the rally and said it was great. Not a huge Mittens fan, but he will have to put his finger in the dike. ABO. The great experiment of America is worth saving.

  • bg


    July 17, 2012

    If Anyone Is A Criminal, It’s Obama

    [I’m not sure which is worse: Obama’s pernicious mendacity, the people who unquestioningly accept it, or the Republican’s disgustingly vapid responses to same. Obama and his campaign have had the unmitigated gall to suggest that Mitt Romney is a felon. And, before Obama sycophants say that’s not what he said, let me point out that my statement is not ipse dixit. Obama, et al, saying that “it’s impossible to be sure Romney isn’t a criminal” is precisely the same as calling him a criminal.


    And, as long as I’m on the subject, here’s another question for Obama. Insofar as he is attacking Romney for engaging in what Obama claims amounts to criminal behavior, we should demand he tell us the circumstances surrounding both he and his wife being forced to surrender their law licenses. No lawyer surrenders their law license without cause and in every instance I am aware of a lawyer surrendering their law license it has been as a result of criminal behavior on their part. So tell us why the two of them haven’t told us the truth about why they surrendered their licenses.

    Does Obama think there’s a difference between his falsely smearing Romney and the fact that his administration includes more than 40 known tax cheats? And, it should be mentioned, that’s without Tom Daschle who could not get through the nomination process because of his epic tax frauds. And it should be further noted, that the disgraced former Congressman and governor, John Corzine is his chief campaign bundler. He is the man Obama has publicly praised on numerous occasions who is responsible for $1.6 billion in missing MF Global client funds. Doesn’t he think Corzine’s corruption and mismanagement rises to a level above that which he accuses Romney?


    Let’s have Obama explain why he hasn’t insisted that his Justice Department comply fully and without delay in the ongoing criminal investigation into the illegal, international gun-running enterprise conducted by the Federal Government.

    The lists of things Obama has to answer for is legion. If he is interested in stirring up fallacious accusations against Romney, there are plenty of factual accusations he himself needs to explain, not least of which is his demonstrably bad record while in office.

    The one thing about Romney that cannot be denied is his successful record of accomplishments in business and with Bain Capital. Obama’s record of accomplishment as a community organizer suggests only that he knew and still knows how to successfully employ blackmail, bigotry, and how to foment discord to further a divisive agenda.

    His record as president resulted in the greatest democrat losses on a state and federal level in 75 years in the 2010 off-year elections. His record is 14-plus percent factual unemployment, 23.2 million persons unemployed and $15.8 trillion deficit that has increased a trillion dollars every year during his presidency. His record as president has resulted in 63 percent of the nation standing adamant in their opinion that he is responsible for the country going in the wrong direction.

    No wonder he wants to drum up lies about someone else; he
    is terrified about being forced to explain his record and past.]

    more @ link..

    Treasury Department Officials Guilty of
    Soliciting Prostitutes, Accepting Gifts ..


  • bg


    GREAT!! just wish he’d engage a voice coach (i’m still
    hearing echoes of a kinder gentler speak so to speak)..


  • xkaydet65

    Notice how they cut away just as Romney was about to lower the boom on Obama and his cronies for the “felony” attacks.

  • bg totally agree he needs to work on his pitch ……way to low and soft …

  • befuddled

    Mark Levin: ” Talk about outsourcing, this president outsourced NASA to the Russians!”


    How about oil from Brazil? Obama was all wee-weed up about forcing America to buy Brazilian oil. That’s the ultimate outsourcing. Bash the energy sector at home, then turn around and fund and outsource it abroad.

  • Mad Hatter

    I found the full speech, it’s 29 minutes long.

    Romney nails Obama on his “they didn’t build it” Friday night remarks.

    Romney finally lays out his five point plan to get the economy back on track.

    Second video in the link.


  • bg


    befuddled #11 July 17, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    hmm, i thought it was the Islamists??


  • Mad Hatter

    That speech was in Irwin Pa. Interesting article in Real Clear Politics stating that Romney sees an opening in Pennsylvania. Obama’s negativity rating in Pennsylvania is with Independents is at 54%.

    There’s also a lot of shale oil in Western Pennsylvania, something that Obama is against. If Romney plays his cards right, he could put Pennsylvania in play.


  • bg


    re: #13 July 17, 2012 at 4:06 pm bg

    forgot the ‘/O’sarc/ tag..

    Former NASA Director Says Muslim Outreach Push ‘Deeply Flawed’



  • bg


    Mad Hatter #14 July 17, 2012 at 4:08 pm

    not to mention Sharia Law (#46)

    scroll for much more..


  • donh

    I would LOVE for Romney to prove me wrong about him and THIS is a winning performance. Romney Mimics Obama’s stage craft of seating loyal supporters behind him….but these real americans don’t need a flashing applause sign to clap like trained zoo seals…….

    Pittsburg…A great location too…but I got a better one…Scranton PA…Take the message to the home town of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton , and Senator Casey….The bankrupt city that just got hit with an Obama tractor trailer carrying 30,000 pounds of bananas…> http://youtu.be/8NNwOScmSQk

  • Teddy

    Romney Channeling Reagan. It’s a winner!

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  • mcc

    Can hardly wait to watch/hear —

    Right now taking time out with YouTube:

    Ella “and her fella” —

    Mitt don’t disappoint — so next up:

    “Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love!”

  • Redwine

    Wonderful speech. Very happy to hear it.

    BTW – This video is from 2010. It deserves to go viral right now:

  • mcc

    FABULOUS. Listening now…

    And who was begrudging him those few days off..?

    Preparing for this, most likely..

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  • donh

    #22 ” And who was begrudging him those few days off..?”

    I was begrudging Mitt time off…because he just took a week off over the 4th…Obama’s speech in VA insulted me and millions of hard working Americans…It is a huge opportunity for Republicans …..to see Romney fail to sieze upon it….. taking more time off made matters worse….Reports were Romney was going to be lounging by the lake til Teusday, but he made a great press appearance Monday and Teusday he’s giving a powerful attack in the heart of bankrupt Coal country PA. …..So maybe Romney decided to step it up over the weekend after getting complaints…..Its our duty to speak up when Romney appears slacking because Romney is surrounded by a clusterf*(& of wimpy rino establishment types giving him the same rules for cowards loser advice they fed John McCain….being a partisian sycophant yes man cheerleading nothing but praise even when things are going wrong does not help Romney win.

  • Patty

    Romney Doesn’t Have a “Bain Problem,” But the Media Invented One

    RUSH: Let me see if I understand this. On the one hand, we have over here “Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” who has (with the help of his party, the Democrat Party) unleashed untold damage on America, particularly the private sector economy. We have somebody who’s created a new entitlement, which is going to fundamentally forever change the relationship between citizen and government in a way never contemplated by the Founding Fathers of our country.{…}


  • mcc

    #25 — donh —

    I was thinking of Laura Ingraham (she was blistering) when I wrote that and only later remembered you and a few others posted similar thoughts —

    I’m glad you all made the noise you did…it probably did make a difference. Because he’s a different man, it seems. I thought it was energy he might have gotten being with family…

    I hope upset/criticism won’t be needed for the rest of the campaign…but if he seems to lag again, I may very well join you guys — Something changed the man!

  • Vicky Hernandez

    Yeeeeeeeees! Especially the part where the gov’t built roads with We The People’s moolah!

    Look ma, no teleprompter. Oh, yeah.

  • Jeff

    I like what I am hearing!

  • Flintstone F.

    Great comment about Obama’s mark for unemployment. Twice as high as is usually productive and he didn’t achieve his goal. It was a low goal post and he muffed it.

    Romney’s tone will work fine because of his ability to speak extemporaneously. It come with the territory of knowing what you’re talking about.

    Mad Hatter #14

    These are his disapproval numbers in swing states. Rasmussen today has:

    Job Approval: 46%
    Head to head: 47% Romney, 44% Obama (Romney picked up a percent from yesterday).
    Job Approval index: -17.

    But the best part (disapproval 50% and above):

    Obama Job: Approve: 46 — Disapprove: 49

    Obama Job: Approve 43 — Disapprove 54

    Obama Job: Approve 45 — Disapprove 51

    Obama Job: Approve 45 — Disapprove 50

  • When Romney’s butting heads with “Chicago Government Thugs” he needs to take on the role of Elliot Ness!